Supreme Uprising Chapter 873

Chapter 873 If The Heavens Want To Punish You

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Veins of energy continuously appeared and undulated all around Heavenly Venerate Navagraha. These veins converged to form streaks of hallowed light.

From every angle, this made Heavenly Venerate Navagraha look as though he was an extremely powerful sacred crystal.

“No wonder Heavenly Venerate Navagraha dared to actually challenge the 1st Mysterious Demon. He has obtained the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal!” a martialist that looked like he was from the Divine Incarcerate exclaimed.

However, many people present could detect the eagerness in this martialist’s tone.

Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal?

Information regarding the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. This was an absolute treasure that would only appear when an origin universe was created and was considered to be amongst the absolutely most powerful treasures. While the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal had many uses for most martialists, it also couldn’t be considered something crucial.

As far as the Sky Crystal Race was concerned, however, the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal could refine their constitution and be cultivated into what was known as the timeless, indestructible Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body.

It could even be said that this let their bodies become just like the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal that could not even be scratched.

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha had the confidence to challenge the 1st Mysterious Demon right away because he could rely on the Absolute Beginning Sacred Crystal.

The 2nd Mysterious Demon was all smiles as he stood aside. It seemed as if he hadn’t even noticed the Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body that Heavenly Venerate Navagraha exhibited.

However, some of the members of the alliance with the Mysterious Underworld Race started to look apprehensive.

Although Luo Yunyang sensed the constantly-flickering energy coming from Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, he remained calm. Even though Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body felt indestructible, Luo Yunyang could sense that it was still a little weaker than his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique.

“It is said that the Origin Unbreakable Heavenly Body is timeless and indestructible. Today, I shall see whether it has an undeserved reputation!” The 1st Mysterious Demon’s six arms moved as he said that.

Each of the six arms of a Mysterious Underworld Being was extremely nimble. A technique could be unleashed in a shorter time through the coordination of these six arms, making the Mysterious Underworld Race superior in this aspect.

“Break!” A gray palm-mark smashed towards Heavenly Venerate Navagraha.

This strike wasn’t flashy, nor did it feel capable of causing any waves. However, as it flew out, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha frowned.

He moved his hand, forming a fist with his left hand and striking out at the gray palm-mark.

In an instant, palm-mark and fist-mark collided soundlessly in mid-air.

The 1st Mysterious Demon remained cool, composed and unmoved. Meanwhile, the sacred glow belonging to Heavenly Venerate Navagraha became even more dazzling.

The states of those two seemed to alternate between rising and falling. However, everybody, including Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise and the others, watched Heavenly Venerate Navagraha with worried eyes.

Many rays of light flashed all over Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s body. At the moment, he looked like a supernatural entity illuminating all directions in a seemingly eternal way.

The faintly discernible energy veins around him had become substantial. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was entirely wrapped up in a huge crystal.

On the other hand, the 1st Mysterious Demon’s aura was gradually becoming milder.

Suddenly, a ringing sound was heard, as if a leather ball had been punctured. At the same time, the energy veins around Heavenly Venerate Navagraha vanished completely and a few clear cracks appeared on the supposedly indestructible body.

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s body was being fragmented by these cracks. Moments later, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha vanished completely from the void.

“What… What is this?” Heavenly Venerate Navagraha finally spoke as his body disappeared entirely.

The serene 1st Mysterious Demon said leisurely, “This is Heavenly Punishment!”

The 1st Mysterious Demon had said these words haughtily. Clearly, he had full confidence in his Heavenly Punishment technique.

Heavenly Punishment… If the Heavens wanted to punish someone, that person would naturally destroy themselves!

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha still wished to say something. Unfortunately, his body, which had already dissipated like dust, wasn’t able to say anything.

The martialists from the Sky Crystal Race, the Meta-Spirit Race, and the Human Race had looks of absolute disbelief on their faces.

Right now, Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s death was the biggest blow to the moral of the three allied races.

“Brother Yunyang, it wouldn’t be easy even if we tried to retreat now,” Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise told Luo Yunyang.

Heavenly Venerate Navagraha was the pillar of the Sky Crystal Race. Now, the majority of the Sky Crystal powerhouses were in a mess because of his death. The only person Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise could discuss with was Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise and said, “Treasures are right before our eyes. I fear that we won’t be able to answer to our race leaders if we run away without putting up a fight.”

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise was also worried about this. Although the Meta-Spirit Race hadn’t suffered too many losses on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, returning empty-handed would result in some reprimands, especially since she was in charge of the Meta-Spirit Race this time and couldn’t shirk from her duties. She was just talking with Luo Yunyang to find an additional excuse.

Luo Yunyang’s reply made Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise feel very uncomfortable. She had actually hoped that Luo Yunyang would choose to retreat, yet Luo Yunyang appeared unwilling to propose escaping.

Even Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, who had been fully confident in his abilities, had been killed. All these treasures wouldn’t mean a thing if they couldn’t save their lives.

While Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise was feeling pissed, the 1st Mysterious Demon turned his attention to Luo Yunyang. “The 7th Mysterious Demon died in your hands. Today, you shall die here.”

“All of you will also die in this place.” The 1st Mysterious Demon pointed at Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise as well as at the elites of the three races behind her.

Xuantian Zhaoxin gripped his halberd as his eyes burned with his intent to battle. Although he knew he wasn’t a match for the 1st Mysterious Demon, the hatred and fighting spirit in his bones couldn’t go away.

“Bring it on!” Xuantian Zhaoxin shouted.

“Ha ha ha! Brat! What I like the most are brave yet foolish fellows!” the Divine Incarcerate powerhouse standing beside the 1st Mysterious Demon said, “You are mine!”

As the Divine Incarcerate martialist set his sights on Xuantian Zhaoxin, Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise was also being targeted by a few top martialists that were by the 1st Mysterious Demon’s side.

Based on their status, these people should be powerhouses of the various races that had allied with the Mysterious Underworld Race.

“1st Mysterious Demon, since you have already killed that Sky Crystal brat, why don’t you leave this one to me?” The 2nd Mysterious Demon chuckled. “He foiled my plans, so he deserves some punishment.”

The 2nd Mysterious Demon was slightly shorter than the 1st Mysterious Demon. While he spoke, he had started strolling towards Luo Yunyang.

Yin Yang Zongzi and the others had solemn expressions on their faces. They had originally thought that they would still gain considerable benefits as long as they had Heavenly Venerate Navagraha and the others on their side.

However, no one had imagined that Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, who had gained a rare opportunity here, would actually be killed by the 1st Mysterious Demon right away.

Without Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, the Mysterious Underworld Race’s alliance was clearly much stronger than their own. Now, there was even a possibility that the humans would be thoroughly defeated.

Although Luo Yunyang was strong enough, could he be able to escape from the grasp of the 1st Mysterious Demon and the 2nd Mysterious Demon?

“Yunyang, let’s fight our way out and leave this place. They probably wouldn’t pursue us too relentlessly because of the treasures on the Meru Sacred Mountain.”

Luo Yunyang ignored Yin Yang Zongzi’s voice transmission and turned to the 2nd Mysterious Demon who treated him like a caged bird, saying nonchalantly, “Although I didn’t know that I foiled your plans, I would still enjoy destroying you and your plans.”

“Die!” the 2nd Mysterious Demon shouted before his six arms moved and six large specters appeared around him.

Each of these specters had a complete universe behind it. Furthermore, a sense of abstruseness was contained within the universes of these specters.

Usually, sixth-level Heavenly Venerates could conjure up six universes. However, the 2nd Mysterious Demon, whose cultivation base was at the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, had some special means to conjure six universes.

Luo Yunyang, who could sense how dangerous these six specters were, surveyed the Mysterious Underworld, the Divine Incarcerate, and the other race powerhouses preparing to charge at Xuantian Zhaoxin and the others. He knew that he couldn’t wait any longer!

If this dragged on for too long, his comrades might all die.

Therefore, the moment these specters appeared, Luo Yunyang decided on his course of action and a huge golden bell appeared above his head.

Although that golden bell only had three bell-shadows, the six specters behind the 2nd Mysterious Demon seemed to encounter an impediment and rapidly backed off when the golden bell appeared.

Some of the specters even unleashed low growls.

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise shook her head slightly when she saw the large bronze bell containing three bell-shadows appear over Luo Yunyang’s head.

Although this huge bell was decent, it still wouldn’t save the three races from the predicament they were in. Without Heavenly Venerate Navagraha, they no longer had any more hope.

“Listen to my bell first!” Luo Yunyang told the onrushing 2nd Mysterious Demon as his spiritual consciousness struck the bell hard.