Supreme Uprising Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Great Mill

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The 1st Mysterious Demon was very hesitant at the moment. Although he was very confident in himself, he didn’t doubt Luo Yunyang either.

After all, Luo Yunyang had already proved himself adequately.

Both of them would suffer if they were to go head-to-head. Although there were still plenty of remarkable elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, the death of the 2nd Mysterious Demon had left the Mysterious Underworld Race without a formidable presence that could intimidate the other races.

It was very plausible that others would take advantage of the situation and benefit from it if both of them were to suffer significant losses during their clash.

Luo Yunyang was having similar thoughts as the 12 Yuan Underworldlings were putting a lot of pressure on him.

He had a hunch that the 12 Yuan Underworldlings used by the 1st Mysterious Demon were probably only a small display of what he was fully capable of doing. He was afraid that he might not be able to stop the 12 Yuan Underworldlings if the 1st Mysterious Demon were to really use them to the utmost.

The main reason was that his cultivation base was insufficient.

The two men looked at each other calmly for an instant before a tacit agreement was formed gradually between them.

The towering 12 Yuan Underworldlings that covered the sky and the gigantic bell above Luo Yunyang’s head returned into the bodies of their respective owners.

“Let’s go!” The 1st Mysterious Demon shot a glance at Luo Yunyang and before marching towards Meru Mountain.

Meru Mountain was the place where the final battle would take place. Almost all the treasures obtained by the other races had come from Meru Mountain.

According to the calculations of the other races, many treasures from the time of the divine occurrence were buried in Meru Mountain. Unknown to everyone, whenever the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground appeared, a new treasure would surface.

Meanwhile, the other treasures remained hidden within Meru Mountain.

Some people did, in fact, have ideas against Meru Mountain. Some of them even suggested splitting Meru Mountain directly by using force.

However, in the end, all these stupid schemes were useless.

The hidden power within Meru Mountain was simply too strong. Even a Yuan Venerate Almighty might not be able to split Meru Mountain, let alone a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

In fact, some people even considered Meru Mountain the most precious treasure on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

The 1st Mysterious Demon marched forward in strides as the Mysterious Underworld Race and the other elites of their allied forces followed quickly.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Venerates from the Sky Crystal Race and the Meta-Spirit Race were keeping a close eye on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded at Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise before walking towards the golden passage of Meru Mountain.

Although the passage wasn’t very wide, when Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon proceeded inwards side by side, the path suddenly acted as if it had consciousness and widened silently.


Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon looked towards the same spot at practically the same time. In that spot was a jade blade sparkling with a glistening purple luster.

Although the jade blade wasn’t too big, the trails of marbled patterns on the blade’s body gave off an overwhelming murderous intent.

The 1st Mysterious Demon shot a glance at the jade blade as a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

The 1st Mysterious Demon didn’t really care too much for this jade blade.

Luo Yunyang also did not pay much attention to the jade blade. Although the grade of the jade blade was pretty good, it was still way more inferior than the Minor Feather Sword that he had.

However, this was the first treasure they had encountered after entering Meru Mountain. Both of them wanted to use that jade blade to probe out each other’s end game.

“Our Mysterious Underworld Race wants this blade!” the 1st Mysterious Demon declared in an unassailable tone.

Luo Yunyang looked at the 1st Mysterious Demon and smiled slightly. “You can have this blade, but the next treasure will belong to us, regardless of what it is.”

“No way!” the 1st Mysterious Demon responded stiffly.

Xuantian Zhaoxing immediately felt the surrounding atmosphere tense up. Everyone else knew that this wasn’t the time to speak up and hence remained silent.

“Each side will send one person to fight for it, and the winner will get the jade blade.” Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise suggested.

Neither Luo Yunyang nor the 1st Mysterious Demon had any objection to this suggestion. However, Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise added, “The people who take part won’t be allowed to take part in the next 15 rounds.”

This suggestion was meant to impose a restriction on some of the stronger powerhouses to prevent them from competing too much. Although it sounded as though it was disadvantageous for the Human Race Alliance, it was actually targeted at the elites and top leaders of the Divine Incarcerate Race.

“Great!” The 1st Mysterious Demon wasn’t going to start a fight with Luo Yunyang before seeing the Great Obliteration Millstone. Hence, he hastily agreed after reviewing the conditions.

“9th Mysterious Demon, come over!” After agreeing to the suggestion, the 1st Mysterious Demon barked out his order.

The 9th Mysterious Demon was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, but the majestic awe exuded by him when he walked sent a chilling cold down the spines of the people around him.

When Luo Yunyang saw the 9th Mysterious Demon walking out, he turned to Yin Yang Zongzi and said, “Yin Yang Zongzi, you’re up.”

Heavenly Venerate Elegant Wise and the other Heavenly Venerates of the Sky Crystal Race did not put up any resistance when they heard Luo Yunyang’s command. They clearly knew they had no other choice than to listen to Luo Yunyang’s orders right now.

Yin Yang Zongzi and the 9th Mysterious Demon did not exchange many words before fighting head-on. Although their fight could not be compared to a battle between Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon, it was still quite dangerous for the two participants.

The 9th Mysterious Demon was extraordinary cultivation-wise. His moves were executed in an overbearing, unrivaled manner, while Yin Yang Zongzi executed his moves in a tactical, smooth fashion.

Although he did not attack the 9th Mysterious Demon at the same time, every shot he made was directed at the 9th Mysterious Demon’s vital spot.

The two of them fought for a quarter of an hour before, eventually, Yin Yang Zongzi’s Treasured Cauldron made the 9th Mysterious Demon suffer a loss and he obtained the jade blade for the Human Race.

The jade blade was not very valuable, but this was the first victory between the two sides after all. Hence, when he was defeated, all six eyes of the 9th Mysterious Demon sparkled with bloodthirsty intent.

However, even though he was filled with dense murderous intent, he could only suppress the feeling in his heart.

A loss was a loss. Although he was fuming due to the result, he dared not break any rules.

After the battle for the jade blade, the process of ascending Meru Mountain became much more normal. Although many good things constantly appeared en route, certain elites from other races were also killed by unknown lifeforms after accidentally walking into random places. Still, in general, there wasn’t much conflict between the two great powers.

On the summit of Meru Mountain, the huge black millstone was becoming more and more condensed. It actually looked as if it was turning into a real thing.

Although the millstone stood between the sky and earth, it gave off a vast, ancient vibe. However, the more one looked at the huge millstone, the greater the chilling sensation they received was.

Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon climbed to the summit of Meru Mountain almost at the same time. The huge Meru Mountain peak was as smooth as a mirror and as empty as the void.

The leader of the Divine Incarcerate Race had a look of lingering unwillingness on his face after seeing the empty summit of Meru Mountain. Although he had not made any moves, he had been waiting for action after accumulating powers for so long.

The Great Obliteration Millstone before him was a treasure that would boost the strength of the Divine Incarcerate Race. He had to bring the Great Obliteration Millstone back at any cost.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon and Luo Yunyang would never allow him to take the gigantic millstone away without putting up a fight, he had long prepared himself for a huge battle.

However, the top of Meru Mountain was empty. The Great Obliteration Millstone formed by the condensation of Mysterious Qi was not of great use at all.

Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon, who had been watching out for each other all along, both frowned as they noticed the situation in front of them.

They would undoubtedly be able to strengthen their abilities if they could get their hands on the Great Obliteration Millstone. However, they might lose a great deal while competing with each other in a bid to get the Great Obliteration Millstone.

As both parties were silent, a message emerged from the Great Obliteration Millstone that lingered in the void.

“Great Obliteration Millstone. One reincarnation in one revolution. If you want a great mill, you must enter the mill first!”

If you want a great mill, you must enter the mill first!

Both Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon already treated the Great Obliteration Millstone as their own possession. They frowned at the same time when they saw the strange message, as entering the giant millstone was nothing to be happy about.

After all, it meant that this was both an opportunity and a great danger.

The Divine Incarcerate Race leader, who was tall and strong, looked carefully at the Great Obliteration Millstone, his eyes lighting up.

He turned and told the 1st Mysterious Demon, “My Lord, I have a way to help you seize the Great Obliteration Millstone. However… this great millstone should go to the Divine Incarcerate Race.”

The 1st Mysterious Demon glared at him in return.

Although the leader of the Divine Incarcerate Race was afraid of his reaction, he continued to meet the 1st Mysterious Demon’s gaze.

“Why don’t you enter the Great Obliteration Millstone yourself since you have the means to obtain it?” His cold tone sent shivers down many people’s spines.

“I lack the mind power for it. I will only lose my life after entering the Great Obligation Millstone despite having the means to do it.”

The leader of the Divine Incarcerate Race continued explaining. “However, my lord, once you obtain the technique, not only will you obtain the Great Obliteration Millstone, but you will even comprehend a supreme technique that is embedded in the Great Obliteration Millstone.”

“That technique will bring great benefits to you, my lord.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that there’s no one in the Divine Incarcerate Race, I would never have offered this technique to anyone.”