Supreme Uprising Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Life And Death In Harmony Fourth Level Heavenly Venerate

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Luo Yunyang was still keeping track of how many revolutions he had gone through after boarding the Great Obliteration Millstone formed by the Mysterious Qi.

However, due to the increasing pressure, Luo Yunyang slowly forgot how many revolutions had passed.

He just felt his muscles tightening, and he could no longer see the 1st Mysterious Demon sitting opposite him.

Outside the millstone, Luo Yunyang’s body had become the size of a golden pea. Even from a distance, he looked just like a grain of soybean that was constantly being ground by the gigantic millstone.

On the other hand, the body of the 1st Mysterious Demon opposite Luo Yunyang had not changed much throughout the process. Instead, there was now a crazy look in his eyes.

Obviously, the 1st Mysterious Demon found it too difficult to endure any further pressure from the huge millstone.

He might not even have endured the first revolution of the millstone without the technique given to him by the Divine Incarcerate Race.

From his position, the 1st Mysterious Demon couldn’t see Luo Yunyang, who had become the size of golden peas.

Presumably, Luo Yunyang must have already been crushed into powder by the gigantic millstone.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon believed that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t die that easily, he still couldn’t help feeling delighted that his opponent had been crushed.

Luo Yunyang, who could be considered one of the most top-ranking opponents he had encountered before, was a considerable pain to deal with.

It would have been very tough for him to deal with Luo Yunyang if it hadn’t been for this big millstone.

He would be able to escape from the millstone as long as he could obtain the supreme technique mentioned by Tian Yuzi.

However, he was still slightly hesitant to hand the Great Obliteration Millstone to the Divine Incarcerate Race at this point in time.

Although he had vowed to do so, the Divine Incarcerate Race would improve tremendously if they were handed the Great Obliteration Millstone, which was already really powerful despite unleashing only a minute amount of aura. This was not something the 1st Mysterious Demon looked forward to.

However, if he chose not to hand it over to the Divine Incarcerate Race…

As the 1st Mysterious Demon was pondering hard, the two millstones that seemed like heaven and earth inched much closer to one another again. The pressure coming from the millstone further intensified the pain on the 1st Mysterious Demon’s body, making him feel like he was going to be crushed.

The technique he was executing had already reduced the pressure on him by more than 90%, but the last 10% still made him feel like his body was on the verge of being torn apart.

“99 Divine Millstone, life and death in harmony!”

A voice filled with boundless divine might was ringing in the 1st Mysterious Demon’s ears as the two millstones, which could crush everything into powder, suddenly changed direction.

While reversing, trails of golden luster filled with vitality crazily poured towards the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The 1st Mysterious Demon’s body was immediately enveloped by a golden sphere of light when the luster appeared.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon had used countless treasures before, he still felt his cultivation growing rapidly when the golden sphere of light entered his body.

A great amount of obliteration power was hidden in the Great Obliteration Millstone. This power could also produce an infinite amount of vitality when it moved in a reversed direction.

This sort of vitality, that was similar to primordial chaos, was considered very precious by the Mysterious Underworld Race and was called the Supreme Spirit Fluid. The value of a drop would even make the 1st Mysterious Demon feel the pinch.

He used to receive seven or eight drops during critical moments of his cultivation. However, this Supreme Spirit Fluid was actually flowing freely into his body. He didn’t even have to pay for it.

His cultivation would rise to a higher level once he was able to absorb all the Supreme Spirit Fluid.

He might even become a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate!

Each of the nine levels of the Heavenly Venerate realm would be a considerable improvement for the 1st Mysterious Demon. Therefore, with every level advancement, the 1st Mysterious Demon would suppress his cultivation so that it would solidify his foundation before soaring to greater heights.

The 1st Mysterious Demon had just broken through to the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate when he’d entered the Primidoral Sacred Battle Ground. One could say that he had not intended to break through to the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate in such a short time.

However, the Supreme Spirit Fluid that poured into his body simply contained too much power. His cultivation would suffer greatly if he did not break through.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was slightly regretful as the power surged into his body. Gains and losses were relative.

As he executed the technique given to him by the Divine Incarcerate Race, the gigantic millstone was still in motion and greatly reduced the pressure he was facing. He also lost 90% of the Supreme Spirit Fluid that was available.

He felt his heart ache at the thought of losing 90% of the Supreme Spirit Fluid. However, he knew it would be impossible to resist the grinding force of the millstone, no matter how tough his body was.

No one below a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate should be able to withstand it. Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would not have died under the millstone.

However, the 1st Mysterious Demon, who considered himself infallible, did not know that Luo Yunyang, who he thought was already dead, was frantically absorbing the Supreme Spirit Fluid into his own body.

A boundless amount of Supreme Spirit Fluid was like an ocean. A part of it had entered Luo Yunyang’s body, while the other was channeled towards Luo Yunyang’s internal universe.

The Supreme Spirit Fluid that poured into Luo Yunyang’s body quickly rejuvenated all the parts of his body. The battered body, which seemed like a dried-up river after being obliterated by the millstone, was also absorbing the Supreme Spirit Fluid rapidly.

The surging Supreme Spirit Fluid made Luo Yunyang feel that the withered blood in his body had regained its vitality.

The other portion of the Supreme Spirit Fluid that entered Luo Yunyang’s internal universe transformed immediately into a boundless sea of energy.

This energy caused Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base to improve rapidly, while the completed third-level universe instantly reached its peak stage after a quarter of an hour.

Then, the large amount of Supreme Spirit Fluid, like a mighty torrential wave, crashed through the barrier of the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate as if there weren’t any obstacles.

Yet another level of internal universe was born in Luo Yunyang’s body. After the birth of the fourth universe, Luo Yunyang began to execute his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique to turn his fourth-level universe into yet another level of Sky Bell.

The fourth-level Sky Bell condensed very quickly due to the effect of the Supreme Spirit Fluid. Along with the completion of the fourth-level Sky Bell, Luo Yunyang also managed to clear up some doubts he’d had while comprehending the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique.

Luo Yunyang also had to constantly transform the Supreme Spirit Fluid that was pouring in into power for his own body.

This was a very joyous process as, after all, the energy required to open up a level of an internal universe was massive.

When Luo Yunyang reached the peak stage of the fourth level, the crazy influx of Supreme Spirit Fluid finally stopped. Although Luo Yunyang felt that, as long as he was willing, he should be able to break through the fifth level of Heavenly Venerate.

However, the foundation of such a breakthrough was not very stable. Even though his state of mind had reached One Thought One Realm, there would still be some complications.

Was the millstone going to continue revolving and send forth another wave of endless Supreme Spirit Fluid? Upon thinking of the Supreme Spirit Fluid, Luo Yunyang suddenly became rather eager to face the devastating, gigantic millstone.

However, as he was looking forward to it, he suddenly felt a huge force tug on his spirit consciousness, pulling it directly out of his body.

The massive force struck fear in Luo Yunyang’s heart. When he tried to control his spirit consciousness to see where it had gone, he suddenly realized that his spirit consciousness had appeared under two jet-black millstones that were filled with a deep green aura.

The millstones were as vast as the heavens and as boundless as the sky.

Luo Yunyang grew a little sentimental when he saw the gigantic millstone, as he knew that this was the true Great Obliteration Millstone.

Was it going to exert torturing pressure on his spirit consciousness again now that it was drawn into the Great Obliteration Millstone?

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to put up a trace of resistance, the jet-black millstones began to rotate.

After having his body ground up last time, Luo Yunyang was extremely calm now. His spirit consciousness had already far exceeded the spirit consciousness of his peers. Therefore, when the millstones rotated, he controlled the smaller figure that was formed by his spirit consciousness and made it sit calmly on the jet-black millstone.

Luo Yunyang did not feel any discomfort after the millstone completed a revolution, yet his spirit consciousness had begun to feel a small amount of oppression.

The jet-black millstone continued to revolve slowly at a constant speed, but the power exerted by the millstone had increased.

When the millstone completed the second revolution, cracks started to form on the humanoid figure formed by Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness. Then, when the millstone completed the fifth revolution, Luo Yunyang sensed that his spirit consciousness was unable to endure any longer.

Naturally, he did not know that there was a technique that could reduce the pressure while one was facing the gigantic millstone.

Judging by his experience of having his flesh ground by the millstone, Luo Yunyang could activate his attribute regulator again to increase his Mind Attributes.

Although his spirit consciousness didn’t react like his physical body, which excreted impurities during the grinding process, the revolutions of the millstone still made his spirit consciousness condense more than before.

So much so that, in the end, Luo Yunyang sensed that his spirit consciousness had condensed into a pearl that illuminated brightly in the void.

After an unknown number of turns, as well as transferring all his available attribute points to his Mind Attributes, Luo Yunyang began to feel that he could no longer hold out.

Hs spirit consciousness was on the verge of crumbling!