Supreme Uprising Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Crumbling Spirit Consciousness Splitting Millstone

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The jet-black millstone was revolving slowly. Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness, which was sparkling like a diamond, began to crack further before collapsing entirely after another revolution of the millstone.

If a spirit consciousness collapsed, it would mean death for many people.

However, Luo Yunyang had long prepared for this. Thus, the moment his spirit consciousness collapsed, he quickly gathered what was left of his consciousness to conjure the technique from the Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture and form another spirit consciousness in the void.

A spirit consciousness that was fairly similar to the one that had collapsed.

However, even so, the newly-formed spirit consciousness still acted like it was going to collapse again under the revolving force of the ancient-looking millstone.

After another revolution, the newly-formed spirit consciousness collapsed once again.

It began to feel like a cycle that repeated itself, as Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness continued to temper itself during the cycle and sparkled much more brilliantly than before.

However, even though that was the case, Luo Yunyang still felt that he was in a perilous state, as he felt utterly powerless and helpless each time the millstone rotated.

It seemed as if he had become a solitary traveler under the engulfing sky and earth.

This feeling was extremely discomforting, but Luo Yunyang knew that he had to endure it no matter how uncomfortable it was.

The sun would rise again after the darkness!

When Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness was crushed again, the Great Obliteration Millstone that had been revolving forward suddenly changed direction again.

“Ha ha ha! It was the Supreme Spirit Fluid last time. I wonder what it’s going to be this time?” The 1st Mysterious Demon’s spirit consciousness illuminated as brightly as ever. Although his mind power was way more superior than the mind power of ordinary beings, he still couldn’t help howling at the sky.

After all, the endless darkness was very oppressive. Even though he had managed to reduce the crushing force of the Great Obliteration Millstone by 90% with the aid of the secret technique, he still felt very tormented during the process.

On the upside, this endless oppressive feeling was coming to an end, so he couldn’t control himself as he chortled with emotion.

A wave of golden misty clouds dashed towards him. When those misty clouds entered his spirit consciousness, they transformed at once into a large amount of spiritual mind power that caused his spirit consciousness to improve at a rapid speed.

Any elites reaching the 1st Mysterious Demon’s level of cultivation usually required a painful, long duration of cultivation to improve one’s spirit consciousness. It could be said that the items that could improve their level of spirit consciousness were extremely precious.

“What is this? It actually improved my spirit consciousness rapidly. My spirit consciousness was doubled in the blink of an eye.”

“If I hadn’t lost that 90%, then…”

The 1st Mysterious Demon felt the pinch in his heart intensifying when he thought of the lost 90%, even though he knew clearly that no one’s spirit consciousness would have been able to survive that long inside the Great Obliteration Millstone with any external help.

While quietly enjoying the benefits of the golden mist, the 1st Mysterious Demon began to think about what techniques could be used to retain this Great Obliteration Millstone for his own race.

He knew that the Great Obliteration Millstone was a great risk to one’s constitution and mind improvement. After all, even though he had the incantations, there weren’t many people in the Mysterious Underworld Race that could utilize the Great Obliteration Millstone to improve.

Furthermore, there had to be a limit to how much the Great Obliteration Millstone could improve one’s cultivation and mind. For example, he needed to know whether the unknown golden mist that he was currently enjoying was limitless.

If it was, the Divine Incarcerate Race would become the overlords of everything.

The 1st Mysterious Demon smirked as these thoughts ran through his mind.

Although he could not go back on his promise, this did not mean that he could not pull other tricks.

Luo Yunyang’s speed while he absorbed the golden mist was much faster than the 1st Mysterious Demon’s.

Although his spirit consciousness did not seem like it was growing, it still sparkled like a hexagonal crystal.

His spirit consciousness was improving at a rapid pace. It was so fast that Luo Yunyang even felt his spirit consciousness undergoing a qualitative change.

Although his mind power had already far surpassed the mind power of ordinary Heavenly Venerates, so much so that even ordinary sixth-level Heavenly Venerates were not comparable to him, the unique barriers of each level of Heavenly Venerate were still making it difficult for Luo Yunyang to break through. Even though his mind power was strong enough, the unique barriers were still tough for him to freely break through and gain the Mystic Abilities that a Heavenly Venerate should have.

Now, it seemed like the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate barrier blocking his cultivation was about to be broken too.

The golden mist, which was getting denser, eventually condensed into a golden fluid.

Luo Yunyang was not intending on breaking through the Mystic Abilities Barrier, as he felt that it was better to let it achieve a change on its own.

Accumulation, accumulation, accumulation!

After some time, the Heavenly Venerate barrier holding up Luo Yunyang’s cultivation suddenly broke as Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness directly entered the fifth level of the Heavenly Venerate.

In other words, even though Luo Yunyang only had four internal universes, he could now execute One Mind One Realm freely.

It did not stop there. The golden mist that was entering Luo Yunyang’s body suddenly surged in amount as if it had sensed the breakthrough of his spirit consciousness.

The spirit consciousness that had just entered the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate suddenly reached the peak stage in a quarter of an hour.

Just as Luo Yunyang was wondering whether his foundation would be too unstable to break through to the sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, the golden mist suddenly slowed down.

Luo Yunyang felt some pity after sensing the weakening golden mist. However, he had received a large mind power improvement already.

After all, he believed that it was more important to break through that barrier than receive a boost in his cultivation base.

The jet-black millstone began to shudder in the void once the golden mist dissipated completely.

A trail of black light shot out from the middle of the millstone as it shuddered in the void. It was unclear what the black light was exactly, but Luo Yunyang could sense that it was certainly formidable the moment it appeared.

Just as he was about to dash towards the black light, it directly split itself into two parts. One part was headed towards Luo Yunyang, while the other shot in the opposite direction.

What was the black light? Why had it split?

The black light entered Luo Yunyang’s mind while he was pondering what was opposite of him.

Great Obliteration Millstone Technique!

As the black light entered Luo Yunyang’s mind, a small black millstone appeared in his mind, along with something called the Great Obliteration Millstone Technique.

The Great Obliteration Millstone Technique was a technique that mainly crushed a spirit consciousness. Luo Yunyang actually sensed that it could crush everything in existence.

However, something was off. Why did it seem like the Great Obliteration Millstone Technique was lacking?

Luo Yunyang shifted his gaze towards the opposite direction while he was comprehending the Great Obliteration Technique. He had the impulse to dash towards the other part of the black light, which was headed in the opposite direction.

As soon as he looked forward in that direction, a pair of murderous eyes stared back at him.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was enraged. Although the offensive technique he had received was very powerful, it was also incomplete. The point was that this Great Obliteration Millstone Technique was incomplete as well.


While the two of them were preparing to make a move at the same time, the huge power that had just crushed their spirit consciousness split apart in the void, forming two jet-black millstones that rushed towards Luo Yunyang’s spirit consciousness and the 1st Mysterious Demon’s spirit consciousness.

As a result, when the two jet-black millstones shot over, the jet-black millstone in Luo Yunyang’s mind and the bottom millstone became real while the millstone on top turned into nothing.

The complete opposite happened to the millstone in the 1st Mysterious Demon’s mind.

Before the two of them could comprehend the uses of the two millstones, a deafening, crushing sound resonated again and both Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon rushed out of the millstone formed by Mysterious Qi at the same time.

Their auras had become much more extravagant than before, and the hostility between them had intensified greatly.

Both of them swung their fists at the same time. They wasted no effort in having a conversation before crashing head-on against one another.

The moment their fists came into contact, an immense repulsive force erupted forth from Meru Mountain.

The force sent both Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demon flying away at the same time. They were flung tens of thousands of miles away in mere moments.

Practically everyone impacted by the repulsive force was also thrown off their feet and sent flying backward from their position.

“Luo Yunyang, I will kill you!” The 1st Mysterious Demon finally understood what was going on as he bellowed in a murderous rage.

Luo Yunyang glared back at the 1st Mysterious Demon, as he had also only received half of the spectacular Great Obliteration Millstone.

Without a doubt, the other part had to be in the hands of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Although Luo Yunyang did not know how the 1st Mysterious Demon had been able to survive the crushing pressure of the Great Obliteration Millstone, he knew that the conflict between him and the 1st Mysterious Demon could no longer be reconciled.

He would never give up the Great Obliteration Millstone.

“Same here!” Luo Yunyang said in dissatisfaction as he locked eyes with the 1st Mysterious Demon. “I will be victorious, and you shall die the next time we meet!”

The repulsive force cranked up another notch just as Luo Yunyang completed his sentence. Then, he felt his body get thrown out of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground in the blink of an eye!