Supreme Uprising Chapter 88

Chapter 88


Although Luo Yunyang felt that this source armor was a little forced, it was still the mark of a second-grade martial master.

After enduring this for another three minutes, he dispelled the armor surrounding his body. He just couldn’t maintain it any longer.

Time had trickled by while Luo Yunyang had been muttering to himself, so he suddenly realized that he was extremely hungry.

“Ha ha ha! You are really awesome, Brother! You are an extremely rare, high-quality assistant. One day, your value is going to exceed that of giant pandas before the apocalypse! Ha ha ha!”

Xu Zhong’s thundering voice floated over once more as he gazed at Luo Yunyang passionately. “Come on over and give me a hug, Mr. National Treasure!”

The guy was really asking for a beating. How could he just hug someone he wasn’t close to? As he thought about how ridiculous this sounded, Luo Yunyang charged towards Xu Zhong and punched him hard.

However, this time around, when Luo Yunyang flexed, he didn’t use any of his three source cores. As a result, Xu Zhong, who hadn’t put up any defence whatsoever, landed on the ground like a piece of rock.

“Ow! You are really vicious, Yunyang! You didn’t even use a source power. Why did you even bother hitting me? To think that I have always treated you like a younger brother… Come on, use some source power and hit me properly!”

Xu Zhong kneaded his hurting shoulders as he smiled at Luo Yunyang.

As Luo Yunyang stared helplessly at Xu Zhong, who really needed a spanking, he was left almost speechless.

“I know you are hungry, Brother. Come on, let me take you out to eat. Ha ha ha!” Xu Zhong, who suddenly seemed to remember something, stopped annoying Luo Yunyang and tactfully changed the topic.

Luo Yunyang saw a hint of a smile on Xu Zhong’s face. He could faintly guess what was up.

Meanwhile, Nie Yunxin was moving his arms about leisurely in an unnamed ancient tower. As his arms moved, layers of azure blue rays of light appeared and surged like billowing waves.

“Very good, very good. The Soaked Garb Technique in combination with the power of a grade-two water-based source core would definitely compose an unrivaled defence. No martialist from the eight armies’ youngest generation will be able to compete with you!” a tall middle-aged man said as he laughed heartily.

Nie Yunxin didn’t believe him. He could see clearly that the man was trying to suck up to him, so he wasn’t interested in what he had to say.

“There’s no need to be skeptical, Yunxin. We have received information about the source core that Luo Yunyang awakened.”

Nie Yunxin’s calm, clear expression changed. He now gazed at the middle-aged man with a grave expression.

“He awakened a grade-one source core. Less than 10 grade-one source cores emerge in the Da Alliance each year!” The corners of the middle-aged man’s lips curled up. “He awakened a wood-based life source core! That means that any person he hits will receive boundless vitality, which will certainly help raise the cultivation base of his target.”

The middle-aged man threw his head back and roared with laughter. “Isn’t it funny? How could such a source core be used to face an enemy?”

Nie Yunxin shook his head with a sigh before gazing into the distance.

“You don’t have to feel pity for him, Yunxin. His value has already increased many times over. Although he can’t hurt others, his ability to raise the cultivation base of any source core still has many uses. The clan believes that they should win him over. Your second youngest sister is pretty ordinary, so it’s about time that she contributed a little to the family. They want to get her to marry Luo Yunyang!”

The normally proud Nie Yunxin suddenly looked as if he had swallowed a dead fly. He stared in shock at the middle-aged man’s moving mouth. Why did he all of a sudden feel like giving him a good whack?

In the end, Nie Yunxin didn’t say anything.

“Eat up, Yunyang! This is B-grade dire beast meat, damn it! I can only get this once a year!” Xu Zhong picked up a piece of snow-white dire beast meat as he yelled loudly at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang’s mouth twitched. Among all the dishes Xu Zhong had ordered, only the snow-white dire beast meat had come from a B-grade dire beast. All the others were C-grade and D-grade dire beast meat.

“After forming a source core, one can absorb the nutrients of these dire beast meats even quicker. You should know that B-grade and higher grade dire beasts can form source stones within their bodies. Absorbing the energy of those source stones would allow us to cultivate even faster.”

“Oh, I forgot! The energy of a source core can only be tempered and used. You have to decide on a style of cultivating techniques quickly.”

Xu Zhong chuckled as he stuffed his face with food. “You don’t have to worry about any of these things, though. In a few days, people will be delivering a bunch of secret cultivation arts. Who asked you to become our respected National Treasure?”

F*ck! When he heard the words “national treasure” again, Luo Yunyang recalled the sort of silly, harmless-looking creature that he had seen while using his computer.

“Instructor Xu, actually I…”

Xu Zhong waved his arm around, not letting Luo Yunyang finish. “Alright, Brother. I know you feel a little indignant, but think about it. This actually isn’t a bad thing. This way, your safety will be guaranteed. You don’t have to be like us and get sent on all sorts of missions.”

“Your promotion and your performance during the Eight Army Meet have earned you quite a lot of points. You can exchange them for a lot of good stuff.” As he spoke, Xu Zhong stuffed the last bit of dire beast meat into his mouth and stood up.

“You have plenty of points, so this meal can be your treat. You are welcome! I shall make my move first! Ha!”

As he watched the bald man hum on his way out, Luo Yunyang really felt like beating him up ruthlessly.

He wouldn’t use his wood-based life core. He wanted to use his fire-based and ice-based powers instead and let this fella thoroughly enjoy a fiery, icy hell.

Just as Luo Yunyang was seriously contemplating this, Qin Feifei and the others rushed over to him. They all had a complex expression on their faces as they looked at him.

“Big Brother Yunyang! Congratulations on awakening a grade-one source core! I knew that only you would be able to awaken such a source core!” Sun Miaomiao said first, her tight little face filled with honesty.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “You guys have also awakened your source cores, right? How was it? What sort of source cores did you awaken?”

“I awakened a grade-five earth-based source core!” Chen Yong was the first to report his status.

Although a grade-five earth-based source core wasn’t considered high-grade, it was still a medium-grade source core, so he would make a lot of progress in the future.

“Big Brother Yunyang, I awakened a grade-six wind-based source core!” Qin Feifei said softly.

The others also reported the type of source cores they had awakened. Among them all, Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli’s source cores were the best.

The two of them had awakened a grade-three lightning-based source core and a grade-three metal-based source core!

When everyone had finished reporting on their awakened source cores, the atmosphere became slightly awkward. Even Chen Yong, who was pretty eloquent, didn’t know what to say.

Based on their expressions, Luo Yunyang could guess what they were thinking. In this precarious age of strong heroes and powerhouses, a high-quality assistant sounded very impressive. However, this meant that he would find it very difficult to climb to a position at the top of the pyramid.