Supreme Uprising Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Wanliu Will Die 100 Days Later

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On a vast land filled with primordial chaos within Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the three Hall Masters and the Divine Elder were looking grim as they sat on their thrones.

The 100,000 fire candles burning around them had dwindled to just 1,000. However, each of those fire candles was burning ardently.

Obviously, the owners of those candles must have obtained great benefits from the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

However, the Divine Elder and the three Hall Masters didn’t look very good.

“Heavenly Venerate Navagraha of the Sky Crystal Race has died!” the left Hall Master said worriedly, “Heavenly Venerate Navagraha’s cultivation should have been one of the strongest our Three Race Alliance sent to the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground this time.”

“His death could allow the greatest opportunity in there to fall into the hands of the Mysterious Underworld Race.”

“We have to make preparations, as the most dangerous times have arrived.”

The Hall Master seated in the middle added, “Do you know what treasure appeared this time?”

“It’s the Great Obliteration Millstone!” The Divine Elder coughed lightly before saying in a grave tone, “Although we have not seen the millstone before, according to the ancient records, the ancient Divine Incarcerate Race relied on this Great Obliteration Millstone to kill many top-notch existences.”

“It is the same level as the Divine Creation Disc but it should be superior in terms of offensive abilities.”

The value of a treasure that was better offensively than the Divine Creation Disc was unimaginable.

The Right Hall Master chimed in. “We would still have a fighting chance even if the Great Obliteration Millstone were to land in the hands of the Mysterious Underworld Race.”

“The Divine Incarcerate Race might even start a war with the Mysterious Underworld Race because of it.”

The Divine Elder sighed softly. “Let’s hope that’s the case. However, if the Mysterious Underworld Race’s potential continues to increase, then it is…”

The four of them did not continue, but their silence was interrupted as the remaining candles illuminated the space brightly all of a sudden.

“Alright, they’re coming out. Send Yuan Venerate White Crane to receive them!” The Hall Master on the left hesitated for a moment before looking at the middle Hall Master. “Are we going to follow the previous rule we had and not question them on the sort of opportunities they received?”

There had always been a rule for the people that entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. No one could question them on the spoils of battle obtained on that battle ground.

This rule had been put in place to safeguard the Heavenly Venerates that had obtained certain opportunities on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

The Hall Master in the middle pondered this for a second before finally coming to a decision. “Our rule will remain the same. It will not be broken this time.”

The Right Hall Master, who wasn’t satisfied with the answer, objected. “Although the rule will protect those that entered the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, it will not benefit us when it comes to redistributing our resources.”

“Once, a Heavenly Venerate was lucky enough to obtain a supreme treasure. However, because he did not receive enough resources, not only did he fail to bring out the brilliance of the treasure, but he actually damaged it.”

The Right Hall Master was a little bitter as he added, “Wouldn’t this be a waste of a good opportunity? It could be completely avoided. We should reflect on this.”

The Left Hall Master and the Divine Elder stayed silent. It was obvious that they were hesitant about this matter too. After all, anything that appeared on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground was a precious treasure.

It would be very distressing if there was a jewel in the dust, but it would also be unfair for the Heavenly Venerates that had experienced countless life-and-death situations in the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground to cough out their loot so it could be redistributed.

“Enough, we’ll stick to our rule,” the Hall Master in the middle muttered, “It will be unfortunate if there is really a jewel in the dust, but he has gone through so much. Isn’t it delusional of us to ask about it?”

“The consequences of our actions would be more severe in that case.”

The Hall Master on the right wasn’t happy with the response he received. However, he did not argue.

The Hall Master in the middle waved his sleeves and a passage appeared above the sky of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. After the passage opened, 20 or so figures emerged shortly from it.

Luo Yunyang surveyed his surroundings after landing in Hong Meng Sacred Hall and realized that there were 23 people around. In other words, a dozen or so members of the group sent by Hong Meng Sacred Hall had died on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

This was considered a relatively high percentage of survival compared to the 1,000 or so Heavenly Venerates returning when 100,000 were sent in.

However, one had to consider the quality of the Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. The dozen or so people that had died were, in fact, a considerable loss.

“Everyone return to rest and reorganize. You have 30 years!” The faint voice spoke in the ears of Luo Yunyang and the other Zongzis.

Although Luo Yunyang did not know who had spoken, he could sense how formidable that person was. Hence, most of them cupped their fists in respect before returning to their residences.

Luo Yunyang’s display of overwhelming power was a huge stimulation to Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others, especially when Luo Yunyang’s bell wave had destroyed the 2nd Mysterious Demon. This had given them a sense of urgency, and they believed that they would never catch up to him if they did not start right away.

They had also received considerable opportunities on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. Most of them felt that they would climb to higher levels as long as they were able to completely comprehend the opportunities they had obtained.

They could even surpass Luo Yunyang!

Luo Yunyang immediately checked out the changes that had occurred in his body the moment he entered his cave residence.

His body had broken through to the fourth level of the Heavenly Venerate, and he was utterly delighted. He knew that his breakthrough was mostly attributed to the Great Obligation Millstone and the Supreme Spirit Fluid.

His body alone could now withstand the attack of a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, which was already a considerable improvement to his combat abilities.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t believe his eyes when he turned on his attribute regulator and saw the numbers displayed.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 827, Speed: 341, Constitution: 632, Mind: 817, Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

His Power and Mind had both risen greatly.

Even the bloodline containing Black Yellow Blood was nearing 10. Luo Yunyang could sense that all the golden pagodas in every drop of his blood had become extremely condensed.

He even felt that a drop of his blood could be refined into a defensive treasure by an ordinary martialist.

However, most importantly, all his attributes were starting to catch up to eighth-level Heavenly Venerate Cen Tianlong.

It had to be said that Cen Tianlong was a top-notch existence amongst eighth-level Heavenly Venerates.

After feeling delighted, Luo Yunyang shifted his mind onto the jet-black millstone that was hidden inside his head.

The Great Obliteration Millstone Technique could transform the sky and earth into a great millstone with a thought and crush everything in its way. It was considered extremely tyrannical and overbearing.

However, Luo Yunyang’s biggest regret was that he still had to share the Great Obliteration Millstone with the 1st Mysterious Demon in the end.

Who knew when the next time both of them met would be. The other half of the Great Obliteration Millstone would be much stronger if it landed in the hands of the 1st Mysterious Demon than if it landed in someone else’s hands.

Given the improvement of his cultivation base and the stuff he had obtained on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, there were too many things that Luo Yunyang had to get familiar with. Hence, his 30-year training in seclusion passed very quickly.

Luo Yunyang opened his eyes 30 years later, looking as calm and tranquil as a deity, yet his mediating posture exuded a domineering pressure.

He stood up from the jade seat and arrived outside of his residence with a single step.

“Yunyang Zongzi, this letter is for you.” A Hong Meng Sacred Hall servant greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully.

It was nearly impossible for the outside world to contact the people in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, a letter could be sent to Hong Meng Sacred Hall in case of an emergency and it would be handed over to the receiver subsequently.

It was quite inconvenient to send a letter, but it was the only way the outside world could contact the people in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang, who had never expected a letter, gently tapped on it to view the contents.

The sender was the Rising Sky Feather Sect!

The Rising Sky Feather Sect was definitely one of the sects that had a close relationship with Luo Yunyang now. Although Yuan Venerate Wanliu wasn’t Luo Yunyang’s master, Luo Yunyang was still indebted to his previous lessons.

The Rising Sky Feather Sect had its motives for seeking out Luo Yunyang and hadn’t hidden it. Luo Yunyang had also accepted their request.

One had to accept the consequences that came with accepting benefits. It wasn’t news anymore that Yuan Venerate Wanliu was going to die after one more Yuanhui.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu had chosen Luo Yunyang to protect the Rising Sky Feather Sect, hoping that Luo Yunyang could become a pillar of support for the Rising Sky Feather Sect after he became a Yuan Venerate.

Hence, the Rising Sky Feather Sect had provided an astronomical amount of Chaotic Origin Fluid, and Yuan Venerate Wanliu had also provided Luo Yunyang with a lot of benefits.

The Rising Sky Feather Sect had accepted many disciples from the Milky Way’s Human Race after Luo Yunyang had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Thus, it could be said that Luo Yunyang and the Rising Sky Feather Sect had a very close relationship already.

In Luo Yunyang’s opinion, the Rising Sky Feather Sect shouldn’t face too many problems with Yuan Venerate Wanliu at the helm. Nothing good would come out of provoking a Yuan Venerate that was about to die.

Plus, Luo Yunyang was fully confident about becoming a Yuan Venerate after one Yuanhui. By then, it would be very easy for him to protect the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

“Yuan Venerate Wanliu is about to die!”

Luo Yunyang’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the contents of the letter. He could clearly feel that a crisis was about to descend on the Rising Sky Feather Sect based on those few words.

The reason Yuan Venerate Wanliu’s death had been expedited was because he had just suffered an ambush from two unknown Yuan Venerates a few days ago.

Although the ambush had not cost his life, it had expended a great amount of his capacity.

Wanliu was going to die in 100 days!