Supreme Uprising Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Who Can Lend A Hand To Stop The Sky From Falling

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That day, Purple Qi came from the east; that day, blue clouds shrouded the sky; that day, the sun and the moon were overlooking the sky; that day…

Many eyes were set on the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

However, in the face of all this, the entire Rising Sky Feather Sect was completely silent! As far as the elites of the Rising Sky Feather Sect were concerned, they were now facing a huge crisis. Many people had already set their sights on the Rising Sky Feather Sect!

Yuan Venerate Wanliu was returning to dust. The Rising Sky Feather Sect wasn’t just going to lose its position as one of the top sects. The inheritance left behind by Yuan Venerate Wanliu and the massive amount of resources within the sect also tempted many people.

Naturally, most people eyed the Rising Sky Feather Sect like a piece of fat meat lying on the table without any form of resistance.

The Rising Sky Feather Sect had been very calm for the past 100 days. One could even say that the huge Rising Sky Feather Sect was like a still ocean without a single ripple or wave.

Even the rivals of the Rising Sky Feather Sect in the past would have been wary and given way when dealing with the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

That’s right. They would have yielded!

Regardless of what conflicts occurred with the disciples of the Rising Sky Feather Sect, their choice would be to back down and yield, no matter the circumstances.

This sort of surrender made the higher-ups of the Rising Sky Feather Sect feel like they were in the midst of a looming storm.

Almost everyone knew that their opponents were waiting for the right opportunity to launch a head-on strike.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble still had the same old expression, but his eyes contained a slightly depressing intent.

As an eighth-level Great Heavenly Venerate, Great Heavenly Venerate Ribble would be considered a powerhouse anywhere he went. However, even though he was powerful, he still couldn’t suppress his fate in the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

“Master, I’ve heard that Bitter Bamboo Fisher has arrived!” Heavenly Venerate Nongyue floated gracefully behind Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble nodded and said, “Yes, he’s here.”

Then, he said solemnly. “I have already arranged a place for you. Why haven’t you headed over?”

“My entire life was spent on the Rising Sky Feather Mountain. It’s been so many years. What harm is there if this disciple is buried in the Rising Sky Feather Mountain?”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s voice was a little coarse as she said, “Didn’t Master and the Patriarch agree to send those ordinary, inconspicuous disciples away during the discussion?”

“After all, only people beneath the Heavenly Venerate who do not make others feel threatened are most likely to survive.”

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble shut his eyes gently as memories of him and Heavenly Venerate Nongyue replayed like a film in his head. For example, when he had been a newly-advanced Heavenly Venerate, he had picked up a baby happily. For example…

In the eyes of Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble, Heavenly Venerate Nongyue was just like his own daughter. It was already difficult for Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble to leave behind any offspring at his level of cultivation, but he also had no intention of leaving behind any descendants he had purely focused on during his cultivation.

“You… Why bother?” Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble said helplessly, “Forget it, your character wouldn’t allow you to stand the humiliation of being bullied by those scumbags even if you escaped.”

“Since you want to go down with us, then I won’t stop you.”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue smiled gently and did not speak. However, she looked slightly relieved.

“Has the arrangement for Luo Dong’er been settled?” Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble paused for a moment before changing the topic to Luo Dong’er.

“She has already left. Although the girl didn’t want to leave, they were still sent back to the Divine Union Void after I insisted.” Heavenly Venerate Nongyue grinned. “Her brother is a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. No one should try to make things difficult for her.”

“Alright, that’s good. She is, after all, our hope for the revival of the Rising Sky Feather Sect,” Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble said gently.

“The Rising Sky Feather Sect will be revived as long as her elder brother becomes a Yuan Venerate.”

That faint figure appeared in Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s eyes. She was well aware of what her sect was planning.

Both Yuan Venerate Wanliu and her master had hoped to consolidate a direct relationship between Luo Yunyang and the sect through a marriage alliance.

Although Heavenly Venerate Nongyue was reluctant, she had also accepted it for the sake of her sect. However, what Heavenly Venerate Nongyue couldn’t accept was that, even though she was clearly the one that had suffered this indignity, he had not accepted the marriage.

“Master, can he really become a Yuan Venerate Almighty?” Heavenly Venerate Nongyue asked softly after hesitating for a moment.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble mulled the answer over before nodding and saying, “Luo Yunyang returned from the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground safely and also obtained a considerable opportunity this time.”

“Based on this aspect, it is very possible that he will become a Yuan Venerate Almighty. However, such things are unpredictable, especially as far as becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty is concerned.”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue looked at the depressed, worried expression lingering on Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble’s face before whispering, “Master, I should have been allowed to enter the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground. I might have benefited from it and…”

“You? More than 100,000 Heavenly Venerates went in and only less than 1,000 returned.” Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble stared at his disciple with reproachful eyes. Just as he was about to chide him, he suddenly thought of something. “You might have really found a good opportunity if I had allowed you to enter.”

Both Master and disciple fell silent. In fact, both Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and Heavenly Venerate Nongyue knew that this was only wishful thinking on Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s part.

The possibility of Heavenly Venerate Nongyue coming out of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground alive was very slim.

The reason Heavenly Venerate Nongyue was able to stay behind was because Yuan Venerate Wanliu had finished assigning the allocated quota that he had.

Suddenly, a bursting sound echoed, as though the sky was falling apart. Then, a huge hole appeared in the eastern sky.

An infinite amount of Purple Qi and a divine radiance shot towards the huge hole as cracks began to extend towards the sky in all directions from the epicenter of the impact.

The sky would fall!

Although Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble was prepared for such a catastrophe, he still sighed ruefully.

“Who can stop the sky from falling?”

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue did not say anything, yet pearls of tears could be seen forming at the edge of her eyelids.

She understood what it meant for the heavens to pour and she also knew that some people could prevent that from happening. However, those people just would not take action.

As the two of them were watching the scene unfold, Heavenly Venerate Nongyue suddenly saw a lighted silhouette shooting toward her. She could see the silhouette clearly but couldn’t determine exactly what it was.

There weren’t a lot of things that Heavenly Venerate Nongyue couldn’t see with her fourth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base. Hence, the troubled thoughts in her mind intensified when this happened.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble, who also looked at the silhouette, was shocked when he saw who it was.

His shock turned into hope instantly, but that hope quickly dimmed and turned into disappointment as his heart grew a little heavy.

“Why did he come?” These words confused Heavenly Venerate Nongyue, and it was at this moment that this startlingly quick figure slowed down.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue finally saw who this figure was.

Luo Yunyang! Why had he come? Heavenly Venerate Nongyue did not feel the weight in her heart lifting when she saw Luo Yunyang. Instead, her heart felt heavier. In Heavenly Venerate Nongyue’s opinion, many people could stop the sky from falling apart. However, the person who had just arrived was not one of them.

Even though Luo Yunyang’s status wasn’t low and he was already someone that ordinary beings couldn’t compare to, even though…

Luo Yunyang arrived in front of them while she was still overwhelmed by all these thoughts. Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble stared at Luo Yunyang before chiding him a little. “You should not be here at a time like this. It isn’t good and it would also adversely affect you.”

Luo Yunyang looked at Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and Heavenly Venerate Nongyue before replying with a chuckle, “Although you have entrusted me with a task and I will be able to repay your kindness in the future, I just couldn’t watch all of you die helplessly, especially when I clearly have some abilities now. Thus, I came. ”

The words “Thus, I came” were said rather casually by Luo Yunyang, as if this was a very simple thing for him.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble exchanged a glance with Heavenly Venerate Nongyue before Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble took the lead and said, “So you invited a Yuan Venerate of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. If it’s true, then who is it…”

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble couldn’t complete this hopeful sentence, as he suddenly realized that he had said nothing.

After all, the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall would never be broken simply by a mere Zongzi like Luo Yunyang.

“I came by myself.” Luo Yunyang grinned.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble shook his head gently. “Yunyang, go home. You are a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. They wouldn’t blame you even if they found out.”

“The crisis of the Rising Sky Feather Sect cannot be solved in any way without the intervention of a Yuan Venerate Almighty. However, I’d still like to thank you for coming.”

After saying that, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble looked at Heavenly Venerate Nongyue and added, “If you really want to help me do something, then please take Nongyue away and find her a place around Hong Meng Sacred Hall so she can cultivate for some time.”

“Master, I…” Heavenly Venerate Nongyue had never expected that her master would still think of her at a time like this.

“Silence, Nongyue. You must remember that it requires more courage to live than to die when a crisis that concerns the fate of the Rising Sky Feather Sect occurs!” Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble snapped gravely.