Supreme Uprising Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Life Extinguishing Rune Endless Multiplication

Chapter 885: Life Extinguishing Rune; Endless Multiplication
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Not only could a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate create objects out of nothing, but they could also rely on the sacred image connecting countless spaces to draw on the vast spatial energy to create stuff.

In just an instant, Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Sky had already formed a humongous sacred mountain.

This sacred mountain reached all the way to the sky, while its glowing luster seemed capable of suppressing everything around it.

As this sacred mountain was formed, many people sensed the majestic, boundless power within the sacred mountain as well as the ripples of energy it gave off.

If this sacred mountain was linked to the ground, it could definitely become a paradise that even top sects would want to make their base.

However, this mountain had been used to trap a person.

The sacred mountain floated in the void. While many people were in awe of Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snakes technique, the sacred mountain started to shake.

As it shook, cracks started to appear on the exterior of the sacred mountain.

"He He is going to come out!" Many spectating martialists felt fear and shock upon seeing Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snakes astonishing technique.

Now, Luo Yunyang, who was sealed inside, was actually going to break out. Such a situation was inconceivable.

How was it possible? How could he come out after being sealed by a sacred mountain formed by a convergence of earth essence?

Something that many sixth-level Heavenly Venerates found unimaginable had actually happened before their eyes.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyues gaze was firmly locked on the swaying mountain. Right now, she had a look of anticipation and hope on her face.

Come out. You definitely have to come out!

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble was also full of eager anticipation. If he had been trapped by such a method, the possibility of him breaking out would have been rather tiny.

However, he was actually hopeful that Luo Yunyang would break out.

The cracks widened and Luo Yunyang, who was situated within the sacred mountain, could already be seen through the cracks.

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snakes eyes flashed. As he made a couple of hand seals, the projection of a massive Soaring Snake descended on the sacred mountain.

The Soaring Snake projection wrapped nine times around the sacred mountain and the ripples of energy that were moving out seemed to be contained.

Inside the sacred mountain, Luo Yunyang had already started to sense the restraining power all around him increasing. Although this level of power wouldnt pulverize his body, it had already become somewhat difficult to free himself from this power and escape.

Immediately, Luo Yunyang started to use the Black Yellow Supreme Blood within his body. An 18-story pagoda congealed outside Luo Yunyangs body in an instant.

The moment this pagoda appeared, it started to expand at a tremendous rate. Within seconds, it caused many cracks to appear in the earth essence that was pressing down on Luo Yunyang.

The top of the pagoda had already pierced the top of the sacred mountain and protruded out.

Thanks to the condensed powers of his four internal universes, Luo Yunyang had already reached a shocking level among the entire Human Race.

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake, who had also sensed the changes to the sacred mountain, frowned involuntarily as he watched that huge pagoda.

At the moment, he felt like he couldnt cope with Luo Yunyang.

"He he Hes so young, yet he actually dares to be insolent!" An indifferent voice rang out.

This voice was accompanied by a figure that appeared in the void. The figure made a tap with his finger and a black-and-white rune appeared and descended upon the sacred mountain Luo Yunyang was trapped in.

"Its him!" Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble exclaimed with a flicker of fear in his eyes.

Every entity that could become an eighth-level Great Heavenly Venerate was undoubtedly exceptional. Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had become a disciple of Yuan Venerate Wanliu, which showed that he wasnt ordinary. However, there was currently a look of fear on his face.

He was undoubtedly afraid.

This fear welled from the depths of his heart.

"Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher, you and my master have had some friendly relations in the past. How could you" Great Heavenly Venerate soared into the sky and growled through gritted teeth.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher had the appearance of a young man in his twenties. His eyes also had different colors. One was black and the other white. When his eyes flickered, people felt as though their fate lay in this persons hands.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher glanced at the bellowing Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble but didnt say anything.

This action showed his disdain and gave off a sense of haughtiness!

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake smiled when he saw the rune descending on the sacred mountain and thus cupped his hands in the direction of Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher. "Thank you, Brother Life Extinguisher."

"I am not helping you. If you had not been useless, would I have had to make a move?" Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher scoffed with clear disdain.

There was a flash of anger in Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snakes eyes when his cajolery backfired and put him in an awkward position. However, he very quickly suppressed his fury.

Although both of them were Great Heavenly Venerates, Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake knew that his own congealed sacred image was still a far cry from the one congealed by Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher.

If the two of them were to have a match, he might even fall to Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers feet right from the beginning.

"Life Extinguishing Rune, endless multiplication!" The old Heavenly Venerate that had already been relegated to being a supporter lamented as he watched this unfold millions of miles away.

He recognized Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher, as he had even had some past dealings with him. However, those past ties had already weakened.

Seeing an old friend become this powerful made the old Heavenly Venerate feel a little envious and slightly bitter.

"Master, is this Life Extinguishing Rune very powerful?" a disciple of the old Heavenly Venerate asked courageously.

"Shut up!" The old Heavenly Venerate berated the disciple. However, upon seeing the frightened expression on his disciples face, the old Heavenly Venerate sighed. "This Life Extinguishing Rune is the great mystic ability of Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher. Not only can it freely control life and death, but it could allow power to multiply endlessly."

At this point, he also lamented while glancing at the gradually-shrinking cracks in the sacred mountain. "Luo Yunyang isnt simple either."

"The fact that he pushed these two ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerates to such an extent shows that he is clearly extraordinary! Make sure to stay far away if you encounter this person in the future. Got it?"

Although Luo Yunyang appeared to be tied-up, everyone present couldnt help but feel admiration for him. After all, his opponents were two ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerates.

Luo Yunyang was well aware of the power of this Life Extinguishing Rune. This endless multiplication was like a ceaseless energy supply that caused the Pagoda formed around Luo Yunyang to struggle.

Luo Yunyang, who had yet to use his attribute regulator to convert his other attributes to Power, pondered this and quickly made a decision.

Since relying on his bodys strength wasnt enough, Luo Yunyang would have to use the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell method. While using this technique, Luo Yunyang couldnt use several other techniques.

Under the circumstances, he was forced to use this exploit of a method.

Luo Yuyang: Power: 627, Speed: 341, Constitution: 632, Mind: 817, Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

Luo Yunyang grinned when he saw the various numbers.

He wanted to unleash the Sky Bell 18 Strikes, which would require a great deal of mind power. Given the mind power of Luo Yunyangs body, he could only use up to the 8th strike of the Sky Bell 18 Strikes.

The power generated from the 8th strike could shake an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate.

However, when all his attributes were added to his Mind Attribute, Luo Yunyang could unleash the 12th strike of the Sky Bell 18 Strikes.

Luo Yunyang didnt know how much power could be generated from the 12th strike, but he knew that he too would have to pay quite a hefty price for unleashing this technique.

In the past, Luo Yunyang hadnt been willing to use the Sky Bell 18 Strikes. However, now, he had no other choice but to use it.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar rang out. As the thunder roared and lightning formed in the sky, people didnt seem fearful. Instead, they seemed as if they welcomed it.

"Everything is ready. Once these thunderous booms are over, boundless spirit essence will flow into the sky and lands. This spirit essence is the lifetime accumulation of a Yuan Venerate. Dont fight for it in the center. Instead, absorb it from the side."

Many Heavenly Venerate powerhouses passed down instructions to their disciples.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble also gave an order. "Absorb as much of that spirit essence as possible when the Patriarch falls. Although we will die in the end, we can deny them as much spirit essence as we can absorb."

Even though these small gains werent of much use to top powerhouses, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble gave this order all the same.

A massive bell suddenly appeared above Luo Yunyangs head. As the massive bell appeared, the sacred mountain that had trapped Luo Yunyang shook violently.

Three bell chimes rang out of the belly of the mountain. The chimes made the sacred mountain shudder even more.

However, Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher, who had heard the sound, muttered to himself coolly, "A speck of dust dares to struggle. Really"

Before he had even finished speaking, six more bell chimes rang out and reverberated throughout this area.

Following these nine chimes, the Life Extinguishing Rune that had the power to restrict the sky glowed very brightly in black and white. The entire void lit up as though it was daytime.

The black and white glows in Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers eyes alternated. As they alternated, they formed a huge yin-yang fish.

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake had a grave look on his face. Meanwhile, countless cracks had appeared on the body of the sacred mountain.


A shout echoed out of the sacred mountain. As that happened, two more bell chimes were sent flying.

The sacred rune was crumbling. The mountain was crumbling too!