Supreme Uprising Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Returning To The Sky And Earth

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The sacred mountain made of concentrated earth essence was already unbelievably sturdy. Even steel couldnt compare to it. Furthermore, a divine rune of Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher was still added to it.

This was something that even ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerates would find difficult to escape from, yet Luo Yunyang had actually shattered it.

Luo Yunyang floated in the sky with the huge bronze bell, looking particularly indomitable.

At that moment, anyone looking closely would discover that the giant bell formed with the power of Luo Yunyangs four universes had many cracks on it.

He broke the seal of the sacred mountain. How How is this possible? a Heavenly Venerate exclaimed in both astonishment and delight.

Great Heavenly Venerate looked shocked, yet his expression was filled with hope all of a sudden.

Although they didnt know how to evaluate Luo Yunyangs combat ability, it was clear that Luo Yunyangs ability probably wasnt inferior to a ninth-level Heavenly Venerates.

If a ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerate pleaded for their cause, the Rising Sky Feather Sect could possibly avoid this plundering.

After all, Luo Yunyang was still a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He didnt care about the gazes on him. Right now, his eyes were firmly locked onto Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher actually had a haughty look on his face as he glanced at Luo Yunyang. However, Luo Yunyangs piercing gaze made him feel hesitant.

He was hesitant indeed!

As wild thoughts started to run through his mind, he heard Luo Yunyang speak leisurely. The Life Extinguishing Rune is really impressive.

These words made Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher stiffen up. Although Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers cultivation base wasnt ordinary, that bell, which looked like it was falling apart, put him under a lot of pressure.

This pressure made him feel apprehensive.

Before Great Heavenly Venerate could say anything, Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness condensed into a corporeal form and struck the fourth-level bell heavily.


The bell rang once again. This time, the bell wave was released towards Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher had already prepared himself for Luo Yunyangs attack. As the bell wave blasted over, his two hands quickly formed hand seals and a Yin Yang Circle shielded his body.

However, the bell wave struck as the Yin Yang Circle took shape, causing it to instantly crumble.

As this Yin Yang Circle crumbled, half of Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers body turned to fragments too. Although this wouldnt cost Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher his life, the destruction of half his body also meant a vast reduction of Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers power.

Luo Yunyang appeared happy when he saw the state Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher was in.

Now, the best option was to throw out the most powerful strike of the Sky Bell 18 Strikes: the 13th strike. Although Luo Yunyang hadnt yet used the 13th strike before, he was confident about killing Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher with the 13th strike.

However, Luo Yunyang couldnt unleash the 13th strike, the reason being that the mind power required was too much and the large ancient bronze bell he wielded could no longer support it.


The moment Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher started backing off, the giant bronze bell above Luo Yunyang shattered.

The shattering of this giant bronze bell made Luo Yunyang feel as though his internal universes were in upheaval. Although there was no Qi Deviation, this still felt extremely unbearable.

Luo Yunyang rapidly utilized the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique to regulate the injuries in his body while gathering power in his physical body to be ready to deal with any sneak attacks.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher glared at Luo Yunyang. If gazes could kill, Great Heavenly Venerates death stare would have killed Luo Yunyang many times over.

However, Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher couldnt determine Luo Yunyangs limits. He could only bear with this discomfort silently. Luo Yunyangs previous attack had instilled a sense of massive fear in him.

He didnt know what else Luo Yunyang had up his sleeves, so he didnt dare make any moves on Luo Yunyang.

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake heaved a huge sigh of relief. He knew that he wouldnt have been able to take Luo Yunyangs attack, which had destroyed Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguishers physical body. Even if he had managed to survive, he would have been left with considerable injuries.

Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake backed away while rejoicing. He no longer needed to take center stage now that Yuan Venerate Wanlius death was imminent. After all, there were several powerhouses amongst these ninth-level Heavenly Venerates.

For example, Yan Chijian and Great Heavenly Venerate Red Phoenix!

After utilizing the Chaotic Yuan Bell Technique, the four internal universes in Luo Yunyangs body stabilized. Although the fourth-level bell was still weak, it was at least capable of being used.

You are Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher. I wont forget you. Luo Yunyang stared at Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher, who was backing off, as he spoke indifferently.

Great Heavenly Venerate Life Extinguisher wasnt someone who liked losers. Thus, he glared back at Luo Yunyang and scoffed. So what if you remember me? I too shall remember you, Luo Yunyang.

The two mens gazes were locked, but neither of them had any intention of making a move.

Thunderous booms continued to echo in the void and a gale started to pick up. Many people found this green feeble wind rather enjoyable.

Colorful droplets of rain fell while Purple Qi reflected light and dazzled them. Countless images of all sorts of bears appeared in the void too.

Everything seemed to be beautiful and full of joy.

Golden birds were close to the sun, and the twelve moons that shouldnt appear at the same time hung high up in the sky.

Everything had gathered because Yuan Venerate Wanliu was dying.

Dazzling pillars of light shot upwards from the Sky Feather Mountain. These colorful pillars of light turned into the purest origin Qi and dispersed in all directions.

A Celestial Domain-Grade martialist that breathed in a mouthful of this origin Qi could immediately become a peak Universe-Grade existence in an instant.

There were even some top geniuses around whose cultivation base increased multifold because they breathed in some of this Origin Qi.

This is returning to the sky and earth! This is returning to the sky and earth! someone shouted.

The martialists afraid of Yuan Venerate Wanliu, who were further away from the Sky Feather Sacred Mountain, rapidly converged towards the mountain.

The process of returning to the sky and earth had started. In many peoples opinion, this meant that Yuan Venerate Wanliu was definitely going to die and would no longer be able to cause any major waves.

There was no longer a need to concern themselves with Yuan Venerate Wanliu, who was like this.

Rise! At practically the same instant that all this started, the sword-wheel sacred image of Yan Chijian started to descend towards the Rising Sky Feather Sect.