Supreme Uprising Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Borrowing Strength To Fight A Venerate Lord

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Even some peak Universe-Grade entities wouldnt know what the title of a Venerate Lord signified.

The old Heavenly Venerate that had already retreated 100,000 miles saw the perplexed look on his disciples faces and explained unhurriedly, Venerate Lords are kings amongst Heavenly Venerates.

To put it simply, they are entities that have surpassed the nine levels of Heavenly Venerate but are unable to enter the Yuan Venerate realm. Entering the Yuan Venerate realm is extremely difficult. On top of enlightenment, chance and opportunities are required as well.

Some powerhouses are absolute geniuses. Unfortunately, without chances or opportunities, they still find it difficult to become Yuan Venerate Almighties. Thus, unresigned, they walk a different extreme path.

The old Heavenly Venerate then lamented. A Yuan Venerate can create Origin Source Laws and make nomological laws change as they please.

They can reverse the flow of time, for example, or make a sharp divine weapon turn to dust in the face of their laws

The old venerate looked a little envious when he talked about Yuan Venerates.

The many disciples of the old venerate had expectant looks on their faces. Although they had never seen a Yuan Venerate, they were really looking forward to watching a Yuan Venerate turn to dust.

If they could become Yuan Venerates themselves, then

The limit of a Venerate Lord is using the power of Origin Source Laws to the extreme. Take Venerate Lord Yuan Yi as an example. It could be said that he has already given up his own body and allowed himself to become a part of the Origin Source Laws in the sky and earth.

Master, are you able to tell what sort of Origin Source Law he has become a part of? a disciple asked curiously.

How would I know? The old Heavenly Venerate chuckled. How would someone like your teacher know such a secret?

The old Heavenly Venerate wasnt enraged by this question. Actually, he was smiling slightly.

Unlike the people who were looking forward to this plundering, the Rising Sky Feather Sect looked miserable and sorrowful.

They could clearly feel their Patriarchs spirit essence returning to the world from the Sky Feather Mountain they were on. Everyone felt their own cultivation base rapidly improving when this spirit essence spread.

However, no one looked pleased about this rapid improvement. On the contrary, many of them had looks of sorrow on their faces. They felt sorrow about being helpless against the enemy.

What made them even more aggrieved was that their fellow disciples that had been entrusted with their hopes were all restrained within the void by those sky steles.

Although the fellow disciples couldnt say anything, they all knew that the caught disciples were already like lambs awaiting slaughter.

This prospect was driving them crazy.

Junior Sister, Im coming to save you! a young Galaxy 9-Grade martialist suddenly shouted before shooting into the sky.

He was calling out to Yu Wenqing, someone Luo Donger was rather close to.

Yu Wenqing had assumed that she would escape this predicament, yet she had never imagined that a powerful force would actually drag her away from her clans paradise and bring her back here just as she was adapting to life away from the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

Her clans old Patriarch, whose words were always the law, hadnt dared do anything in the face of the person who had snatched her away. The old patriarch had even spoken humbly.

Yu Wenqing had naturally been sacrificed. Although she was filled with resentment for her family, she could only keep it in her heart.

She quietly watched the Sky Feather Mountain, which was shrouded in lustrous purple Qi, feeling a pang of sorrow in her heart. This sorrow wasnt just because of the Sky Feather Mountain, but also because of her own fate.

Yu Wenqing was a little moved when she saw that silhouette rushing over. However, the sight also made her feel a little miserable.

The moment she felt this way, the figure rushing over to her seemed to get stuck in a massive bog.

Not only had his speed become extremely slow, but he also felt his entire body being pressed by something as cracks appeared on it.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue watched the disciple that had rushed over. Just as she was about to fly up as well, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble grabbed her.

Dont be impulsive.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue felt only utmost respect for her master. However, when she heard this, she said softly, Master, if I dont act impulsively now, then I fear there wont be any more opportunities to be impulsive in the future.

She then shrugged away Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles hand on her shoulder and got ready to fly.

Suddenly, the light pillar shooting into the sky from the Sky Feather Mountain appeared even brighter and rose even higher.

If the Sky Feather Mountain had been considered a divine land originally, then it was about to ascend and become a rare divine realm now.

Even the most ordinary weeds started to grow frantically, and all sorts of special fruit started to ripen.

However, the wondrous images of Yuan Venerate Wanliu returning to dust were like the Rising Sky Feather Sects last hurrah.

It wont be of any use if you go. Let me go. Luo Yunyang waved his hand at Heavenly Venerate Nongyue, who immediately returned to the ground.

When Luo Yunyang waved his hand, Heavenly Venerate Nongyue felt like she was just a baby. She didnt have any strength to resist whatsoever.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Heavenly Venerate Nongyue before calling out towards the void. Come!

Many people found his manner of speaking strange. However, as Luo Yunyang spoke, the pillar of light pouring into the sky suddenly changed direction and the light washed over Luo Yunyang.

How vast was the power of a Yuan Venerate Almighty Even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate could only absorb this power from the fringes and not directly into the pillar of light that was scattering all the energy. They too wouldnt dare absorb the pillar of light containing a Yuan Venerate Almightys power and comprehension into their bodies.

Although they all had nine internal universes, many people would think that such an action would cause a disaster.

Luo Yunyang suddenly let the pillar of light that was expelling majestic power enter his body directly.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was currently chatting with someone. The two of them were a great distance away from the Sky Feather Mountain, but their eyes could pierce the void and they were watching the scene unfolding in the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

Luo Yunyang is courting death! Yuan Venerate White Crane stood up immediately.

His eyes burned with fury when he saw the choice Luo Yunyang had made. In his opinion, Luo Yunyangs choice was unacceptable.

However, as he was prepared to make a move, the energy rushing into Luo Yunyangs body became even more majestic.

Its too late. If you were to cut the energy pillar, you would suffer the backlash of Yuan Venerate Wanlius power and Luo Yunyang would suffer even greater injuries.

The old man standing by Yuan Venerate White Crane said, He has some guts if he actually borrowed the power of a Yuan Venerate returning to dust. If anything goes wrong, this power will destroy his physical body.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu already has no options. Why did Luo Yunyang have to bother?

Yuan Venerate White Crane huffed and stared at the void exasperatedly. Venerate Lord Yuan Yi is a little too much. The stuff he does is really despicable.

Anyone that could piss off a Yuan Venerate would definitely be in deep trouble. However, the old man standing beside Yuan Venerate White Crane said, He didnt go against the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, so you cant do anything.

On the contrary, if you really made a move, you would be giving them an opportunity.

The three Hall Masters oversee everything. Although the Human Race works as one, you also know that with so many people come all sorts of thoughts and inclinations. Furthermore, amongst those fellows are people who think that their own cultivation base isnt weaker than the three Hall Masters cultivation base.

At such a time, it is even more important that rules are not broken. After all, everyone abides by the rules when it comes to dealing with such matters. The first to break the rules will suffer the most intense backlash.

The old mans tone became astonished as he continued. How impressive! His body can actually endure this powerful energy.

Luo Yunyang, who was oblivious to this conversation, was currently bearing the intense, ripping pain of this power.

This magnificent power was like a massive ocean battering and pouring into his body.

If his body was likened to a large vat, then the energy flowing into his internal universe would be a large lake.

A vat couldnt hold so much water. This much water would just make a vat burst.

If there had been any other way, Luo Yunyang definitely wouldnt have allowed his body to reach such a state. However, this had been his own choice.

Ever since Venerate Lord Yuan Yi had revealed that he had captured Luo Donger and other members of the Milky Ways Human Tribe, Luo Yunyang had been prepared to go all out.

Just as he was about to make a move while experiencing that tremendous pain, the spirit consciousness of Yuan Venerate Wanliu that was returning to the world popped into his head.

Luo Yunyang had a very low chance of defeating Venerate Lord Yuan Yi given his current cultivation base. It could even be said that he had no hope.

Right now, the only thing that gave Luo Yunyang any hope of coming out victorious was that he could absorb Yuan Venerate Wanlius power.

Letting Yuan Venerate Wanlius returning power flow into his internal universe and allowing Yuan Venerate Wanlius power to awash his internal universe would give him enlightenment and comprehension regarding the Yuan Venerate realm and allow him to use the Sky Feather 13 Swords to face the opponent.

This scenario was extremely dangerous.

The possibility of it succeeding was low, and there was an extremely high chance that he would die.

If he were the slightest bit ineffective, only death would await him.

However, upon hearing Yuan Venerate Wanliu say that the greatest danger was the intensity of the body, Luo Yunyang calmed down.

As he was enveloped by a massive energy and glowed with a hallowed golden shine, Luo Yunyang glared at Venerate Lord Yuan Yi and his fighting spirit soared!