Supreme Uprising Chapter 889

Chapter 889 10th Sword Splitting The Long Sky

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What a lunatic! How dare he actually do something so suicidal? Does he think hes a Yuan Venerate? Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake scorned as he watched Luo Yunyang.

However, even though he had said such sarcastic words, he was still retreating quickly.

He didnt know how much of Yuan Venerate Wanlius power Luo Yunyang could use, so he quickly retreated because he was not prepared to use his own body to bear the brunt of Luo Yunyangs wrath.

Yan Chijian and the other ninth-level Heavenly Venerates were also retreating.

What remained in the void were the 36 sky steles of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi. Meanwhile, the body formed by the convergence of divine markings within the 36 sky steles was laughing heartily.

He wasnt looking at Luo Yunyang. Instead, he was looking at the Rising Sky Feather Sect Mountain as he muttered provocatively, So this is your most desperate act, Yuan Venerate Wanliu? You have really disappointed me!

What sort of figure was Yuan Venerate Wanliu? Even though he had suffered a major injury and his cultivation base was being dispersed, he still hadnt lost the identity of a Yuan Venerate.

Generally speaking, everyone had to be respectful enough when facing people like Yuan Venerate Wanliu, regardless of who they were.

However, the hatred between Venerate Lord Yuan Yi and Yuan Venerate Wanliu made Venerate Lord Yuan Yi disregard that unspoken rule.

He intended to spit on Venerate Lord Yuan Yis reputation in front of many people, so he hoped that Yuan Venerate Wanliu would at least never be able to lift his head again.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu did not respond at all, as if he was unwilling to take notice of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, yet also as if a massive restriction prevented him from speaking.

Well done, lad. You actually dared to let the spiritual essence that should have returned to the sky and earth flow into your body.

You know what? Venerate Lord Yuan Yi looked at Luo Yunyang and said hysterically, Youll eventually implode after your body can no longer withstand the frenzied amount of energy pouring in.

Are you furious? Do you think I am abominable?

Venerate Lord Yuan Yi stared at Luo Yunyang as though he was teasing a small animal. Come on, arent you trying to kill me?

Your heroic demeanor makes you seem like a formidable figure, but you are actually useless. The difference between you and me is too great.

Luo Yunyang slowly raised the sword in his hand. His body felt very uncomfortable, like a balloon that had been blown up excessively.

He felt that there was a great power in his internal universe, and the extremely mysterious markings that coordinated with this power were also being channeled into Luo Yunyangs mind along with the power.

Luo Yunyang was delighted about these markings.

He had gained a lot of insight into the Sky Feather 13 Swords. Now, content concerning the Sky Feather 13 Swords flowed into his body, which he found really beneficial.

Luo Yunyang had originally felt restricted and extremely uncomfortable. However, he no longer needed to be polite to Venerate Lord Yuan Yi if he had actually dared to speak to Luo Yunyang in such a manner.

Luo Yunyang hated Venerate Lord Yuan Yi to the core. He wouldnt have taken such drastic measures if Venerate Lord Yuan Yi hadnt used his sister to threaten him.

Die! Luo Yunyang roared angrily as a razor-sharp sword-light was emitted from the Minor Feather Sword and shot straight towards Venerate Lord Yuan Yi.

At first glance, this sword appeared incomparably simple.

However, one would be able to discover upon closer inspection that the focus of the sword was not the razor-sharp edge that was approaching.

Instead, the focus was on the sword intent that relied on the sword-light to cut across the long river of time and space.

This sword was called the Splitting Long Sky in the Rising Sky Feather Sect, which was the name of the 10th sword of the Sky Feather 13 Swords. Some people just called it the 10th Sword.

Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, who stood coldly in the middle of the 36 sky steles, scoffed when the 10th Sword was executed.

He did not take Luo Yunyangs sword move too seriously. He was also unwilling to retreat due to his hatred for Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

Therefore, the moment the sword technique fell towards him, he smirked and muttered, That ignorant fool doesnt know his limits.

Venerate Lord Yuan Yi made a grabbing motion towards the void and a flowing river of nomological laws appeared around the 36 sky steles, surging to meet Luo Yunyangs approaching sword-light.

The strips of nomological laws crumbled as it collided with the sword-light in the void. However, when the last nomological law was cut off by the sword-light, the sword light was also weakened by 90%.

Finally, the sword-light that cleaved everything in its path crashed onto a massive sky stele. While the sky stele remained mostly unscathed, the sword-light dissipated completely.

Although it seemed like Luo Yunyang had the upper hand with his sword-light, the damage on Venerate Lord Yuan Yi was still very insignificant.

Thus, the silhouette of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi that had formed around the 36 sky steles said coldly, This sword appears a little mighty, but it is still far from being able to kill me.

You can only muster up so little strength, even though that was your final plunge. Yuan Venerate Wanliu, dont you feel that sore?

Come on, try something stronger. I know you still have gas left in your tank. Would you dare to use all your power?

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble burned with rage. He knew that sarcastic words were useless when it came to figures with a cultivation base like his masters or Venerate Lord Yuan Yis.

However, Venerate Lord Yuan Yi was still provoking his master with these words. Thus, he knew very well what Venerate Lord Yuan Yi was plotting.

Venerate Lord Yuan Yi wanted to vent all his hatred through such means. Although Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble despised such methods, there was nothing he could do while facing Venerate Lord Yuan Yi.

He wanted to do something but he knew that he would be killed instantly by Venerate Lord Yuan Yi before he could even cause any significant impact.

The gulf between him and Venerate Lord Yuan Yi was really huge.

Luo Yunyangs heart felt very tranquil. Although Venerate Lord Yuan Yis provocations werent very pleasant, Luo Yunyang knew very well that this sort of provocation wasnt targeted at him but at Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

If Yuan Venerate Wanliu wasnt angry, why should he be?

The might of the 10th Sword that cut a swath across the void exceeded Luo Yunyangs expectations. He believed that this sword technique would even have a 50% chance of killing a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate instantly. However, it merely left a mark on Venerate Lord Yuan Yis sky stele.

While Luo Yunyang was preparing to build up his power, the voice of Yuan Venerate Wanliu echoed in his heart. Lad, can you still use the 11th Sword?

The 11th Sword!

Yuan Venerate Wanliu had been a domineering figure thanks to his Sky Feather 13 Swords. Even Hong Meng Sacred Hall had a dedicated palace hall for the Sky Feather 13 Swords.

Luo Yunyang still had some understanding regarding the first nine swords of the technique but he simply did not know what the remaining four swords were about.

Unleashing the 10th Sword that day had already made Luo Yunyang feel that he had gained quite a bit. Now, Yuan Venerate Wanliu had actually brought up the 11th Sword.

How much power is needed to execute the 11th sword? Luo Yunyang asked Yuan Venerate Wanliu, even though he felt that it wouldnt be a problem.

Youll need a five-fold increase in power and a comprehension ten times greater than the 10th Sword. Yuan Venerate Wanliu had no intention of hiding anything.

His body would no longer be able to hold on if he were to take in five times more power, regardless of whether he had a peak fourth-level universe, Black Yellow Supreme Blood, or the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique.

Luo Yunyang believed that he might be able to withstand that amount of power.

Fortunately, he had the attribute regulator. Hence, after hearing what Yuan Venerate Wanliu had said, he replied firmly, No problem.

Yuan Venerate Wanlius chuckle rang out through Luo Yunyangs mind before a surge of power came pouring into Luo Yunyangs body, powering up his internal universe furiously.

As this power was beginning to materialize, traces of memories about the 11th Sword floated in the surging waves of energy.

Although Luo Yunyangs perception was already very strong, the divine inscriptions that poured into his mind still baffled him.

However, the divine inscriptions acted like a force was guiding them and allowed Luo Yunyang to execute the terrifying 11th Sword.

The Minor Feather Sword emitted a loud shriek and the aura on Luo Yunyangs body intensified.

The sword-light condensed by the Minor Feather Sword began to get more incisive and burn more intensely.

Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, who had been provoking Luo Yunyang a lot, now had a solemn look on his face.

Luo Yunyang looked at Venerate Lord Yuan Yi and snorted. Since you want to see more, I shall grant your wish.

The brilliant sword-light dazzled for a moment before returning to its calm state. However, its sudden return to a calm state was accompanied by an irreversible nomological law.

This nomological law did not belong to any of the laws in heaven and earth but it had been specially created by Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

Although Luo Yunyang did not know how to describe this nomological law, the name of the law was firmly etched in his heart.

11th Sword, Silent Extinguishing Sword.

When the 11th Sword was unleashed, everything that was enveloped by the sword light started to burst. The sword light did not sweep toward the 36 heavenly steles, yet cracks appeared nonetheless on the steles.

The silhouette of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi between the 36 stone steles, which had no power to resist, dissipated because of this power!