Supreme Uprising Chapter 890

Chapter 890 12th Sword Obliteration

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The 36 Sky Steles were the source of Venerate Lord Yuan Yis power. He didnt just possess a strength that exceeded a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. Under the effect of the 36 Sky steles, he could also utilize Origin Source Laws to perfection.

It could be said that the 36 Sky Steles gave him the superiority to crush all other Heavenly Venerates.

However, cracks had started to form on the Sky Steles that were basically Venerate Lord Yuan Yis vitality after being enveloped by the sword-light of Luo Yunyangs 11th Sword.

Each of the 36 Sky Steles was a divine stone with the name of a Great Cosmos inscribed on it. Furthermore, with Venerate Lord Yuan Yis refinement, it could be said that even the strike of a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate wouldnt be able to leave a mark on the steles.

However, Luo Yunyangs attack actually caused the Sky Steles to crack.

This damage was difficult to rectify.

Why is Venerate Lord Yuan Yi only defending himself and not retaliating? a puzzled disciple of the old Heavenly Venerate asked his master after they retreated far away.

The old Heavenly Venerate was stumped. He didnt know the answer either.

He couldnt understand why.

It is very simple. Luo Yunyangs sword technique is actually now able to create its own nomological laws. A cold voice came to the rescue of the old Heavenly Venerate who was watching the battle.

11th Sword, Silent Extinguishing Sword! All the spaces enveloped by this sword-light will be extinguished. All of you will die for sure, but even your master would die if he got hit by this sword-light.

Many people turned to look at the speaker. The old Heavenly Venerate had a hint of fear in his eyes when he saw who it was.

Greetings, Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu! The old Heavenly Venerate knew the origin of this person, but this person did not really know anything about the old Heavenly Venerate.

After all, the gap between these two was really huge.

Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu gently nodded at the old Heavenly Venerate before saying faintly, Skip the formalities.

After he said that, his gaze was fixed on the 36 Sky Steles, which seemed increasingly likelier to collapse at any moment. He then lamented, Although some people dislike Venerate Lords, we still have to admit that these guys are extremely strong.

The old Heavenly Venerate was probably someone in his twilight years who wouldnt want to cause too much trouble before he died.

Both Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu, who explained to them what had happened, and the Overeater Lord who was battling against Luo Yunyang were people that he couldnt offend.

He was far too inferior compared to these two.

Sir, does this mean that a Venerate Lord would only be at the mercy of a Yuan Venerate? one of the old Heavenly Venerates disciples asked Great Heavenly Venerate Chengqiu.

Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu smiled slightly, obviously pleased with the question asked by the disciple.

However, the disciples question made the old Heavenly Venerates heart beat violently for a few moments. He felt that this disciples seemingly harmless action was simply going to get him killed.

He didnt dare comment much. After all, Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu had given his own disciple a look of approval.

Youre right. Although a Venerate Lord seems overwhelming, one would still take a severe beating when facing a Yuan Venerate.

Great Heavenly Venerate Chenqiu lamented again, Who would willingly allow themselves to merge with the Origin Source Laws if they had other options?

Although they could suppress all other Heavenly Venerates by doing so, they could also become a part of this endless world.

Even though Chengqiu seemed like he was lamenting emotionally, his eyes were actually fixed on the battle that was occurring in the void.

The cracks in the Sky Steles were a good indication that the current situation wasnt very good for Venerate Lord Yuan Yi. However, Luo Yunyang wasnt Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

What an 11th Sword! Venerate Lord Yuan Yis voice rang out again. Then, the power of Luo Yunyangs sword began to dissipate slowly in the void.

This meant that Luo Yunyangs seemingly aggressive sword couldnt deal with Venerate Lord Yuan Yi.

I know that Yuan Venerate Wanliu has a total of 13 swords. Given my current cultivation base, I can at most take the 11th!

Venerate Lord Yuan Yis voice reverberated. I cant deal with the 12th or 13th Sword.

You could also say that either the 12th or 13th Sword would kill me where I stand. However, are you able to execute either of them? Can you use them?

Venerate Lord Yuan Yis gaze fell on Luo Yunyang once more. You are very good if you can shoulder such a powerful force.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall has nurtured a rather exceptional prospect this time. Unless Im mistaken, you might really become one of the top beings in this world after one Yuanhui.

You have already experienced the power of the 11th Sword. You should know what will happen if you continue. You have a bright future. Why should you die here?

Although Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the disciples of the Rising Sky Feather Sect hated Venerate Lord Yuan Yi deeply, they had to agree that what Venerate Lord Yuan Yi said wasnt unreasonable.

Luo Yunyang had a great future ahead. Dying there wasnt worth it.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly in response to these remarks. I can overlook this matter if Venerate Lord releases the disciples of the Rising Sky Feather Sect and leaves.

Luo Yunyangs words caused the murderous intent Venerate Lord Yuan Yi radiated to intensify. His previous provocations hadnt been sincere. He had merely spoken in such a manner to goad Luo Yunyang into not resisting anymore.

Yuan Venerate Wanlius final desperate act would be pointless as long as Luo Yunyang stopped resisting. Although Venerate Yuan Yi knew it would be costly to take on Yuan Venerate Wanlius 12th Sword, the chances of the 12th Sword executed through Luo Yunyangs body succeeding were basically zero.

However, he still didnt feel at ease!

Hence, he tried to attack Luo Yunyang psychologically, in hopes of creating a barrier between Luo Yunyang and Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

Yunyang, you really cant execute the 12th Sword! Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice echoed in Luo Yunyangs mind as Venerate Lord Yuan Yi had a murderous glint in his eyes.

Not only does my 12th Sword require the power of the vast heaven and earth, but the nomological law markings may also be inscribed into your body. You cannot take this risk even if the Rising Sky Feather Sect is going to fall.

Luo Yunyang could feel the helplessness of Yuan Venerate Wanliu. Although he had great confidence in his attribute regulator, he could not disregard Yuan Venerate Wanlius opinion either.

Since Yuan Venerate Wanli had said so, there would definitely be dire consequences if he unleashed the 12th Sword. However, Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment and made a decision.

His sister was in the hands of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, and the two of them were already at a point of no return, no matter what happened.

He would lose the support of the Rising Sky Feather if he chose to leave right now and his reputation would also plummet.

Thus, Luo Yunyang made a decision after considering his options and told Yuan Venerate Wanlius consciousness, I am confident about my circumstances. Transfer the power for the 12th Sword to me!

If I kill this fellow, I believe that even ninth-level Heavenly Venerates will have to give way when it comes to matters of the Rising Sky Feather Sect in the future.

Luo Yunyangs words made Yuan Venerate Wanliu fall silent again. Naturally, Yuan Venerate Wanliu wanted to keep the Rising Sky Feather Sect, which he had built with his own hands.

However, he also knew that if he indeed went ahead and transferred the power of the 12th Sword to Luo Yunyang, the damage would be

After all, his body was far weaker than a Yuan Venerates body.

Although his body had reached the fourth level of the Heavenly Venerate and he seemed to have a top-level body-refining technique, one could not say that there were no dangers.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu, if you dont make your move, then dont blame me for what happens next! The silhouette of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi began to form seals with its hands after seeing both Yuan Venerate Wanliu and Luo Yunyang remain motionless. Countless markings started to appear on the 36 Sky Steles.

These divine markings converged and instantly transformed into a huge sacred mountain that smashed towards the Sky Feather Mountain heavily.

The sacred mountain formed by the divine markings seemed to contain an infinite amount of power. The moment it descended, the surroundings of the Sky Feather Mountain started to shudder violently.

Amazing! Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake hissed. He cultivated Earth nomological laws that also partly dealt with gravity. However, when he saw the sacred mountain conjured by Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, he felt that his method of forming a mountain with a wave of his palms was way more inferior compared to that.

At the very least, the gulf between him and Venerate Lord Yuan Yi was considerable.

Now, Yuan Venerate Wanliu has two choices. One, he can wait and watch silently as the Sky Feather Mountain crumbles. Two, he can use the 11th Sword! Yan Chijian said indifferently, However, although the 11th Sword can deal with the sacred mountain, the consumption will be equally huge. Such a large amount of power would result in Luo Yunyang and Yuan Venerate Wanlius death.

Most people agreed with Yan Chijian. However, some people couldnt help but ask, What if Yuan Venerate Wanliu uses the 12th Sword?

The 12th Sword? How is that possible? I dont know if Yuan Venerate Wanliu can conjure such a powerful force. However, even if he can, Luo Yunyangs body will not be able to withstand that large amount of power.

As soon as Yan Chijian said that decisively, Luo Yunyang lifted the Minor Feather Sword in his hand slowly.

12th SwordObliterate!