Supreme Uprising Chapter 891

Chapter 891 A Sword That Could Stop Millions

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There was only one word to describe the 12th Sword: Obliteration!

A Heavenly Venerate could control nomological laws, while a Yuan Venerate could create nomological laws. Although there were destruction paths amongst all the laws, Yuan Venerate Wanlius destruction method was obliteration.

Utter obliteration wherever the sword pointed to!

This was also the sword with the strongest killing intent amongst the Sky Feather 13 Swords. Long ago, Yuan Venerate Wanliu had relied on this move to completely obliterate a cosmos in the endless chaos that belonged to the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Now, although Luo Yunyang had only used one sword form, his terrifying aura actually made this boundary, which had a Great Cosmos at its core, shudder violently.

The pillar of light flowing out of the Sky Feather Mountain had already turned black, yet the energy flowing out of that pillar of light flashed with a splendid golden luster.

Luo Yunyangs body felt as though it was ripping apart in the face of that magnificent power.

Very fine cracks appeared on the four sky bells created by the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique.

Although these cracks didnt mean that it was going to come apart immediately, Luo Yunyang knew very well that if he couldnt control this crazily-surging energy, all this power would inevitably collapse.

Only Luo Yunyang, who had an attribute regulator, could be absolutely unrestrained and add his other attributes to his Constitution.

Luo Yuyang: Power: 627, Speed: 341, Constitution: 632, Mind: 817, Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 265, Speed: 141, Mind: 214, Constitution: 241

Under the current circumstances, Luo Yunyangs body didnt require Power, Speed or Mind. After all, everything was dictated by Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

Thus, with a mere thought, practically all of Luo Yunyangs attributes were added to his Constitution.

Each Yuan represented the most ordinary unit of a Heavenly Venerates power. Now, the attribute points of Luo Yunyangs Constitution amounted to 2,658 Yuan.

The sensation of his body falling at any moment was reduced by half by this powerful Constitution.

Although he still felt the tearing sensation, it didnt really affect him much right now.

Even so, Luo Yunyang understood that this was probably his limit. Even if he added more points to his Power, he still wouldnt be able to persist by using the 13th sword.

The might of the 12th sword had caused the falling sacred mountain to hesitate.

The reason for this hesitation was the threat of utter obliteration emanated from the 12th sword.

However, the falling sacred mountain only paused for a brief moment before picking up speed. Clearly, Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, who was controlling this sacred mountain, didnt believe Luo Yunyang could unleash the 12th sword.

After all, the power and nomological law intent contained within the 12th sword simply werent something the body of a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate could bear.

Even certain mythical creatures would be disintegrated by this power, let alone a being from the Human Race.

Stop! A shout rang out as the 12th Sword continued to be conjured in the void.

The figure of Yuan Venerate White Crane appeared.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubbles eyes flashed with a glimmer of hope when he saw Yuan Venerate White Crane. Right now, only a Yuan Venerate could save him and the entire Rising Sky Feather Sect from this crisis.

Without a doubt, Yuan Venerate White Crane was a being that could save them all.

Luo Yunyang stopped his sword play. Although he didnt continue to use this move, the power pouring out of the Rising Sky Mountain didnt weaken.

Yunyang, return with me! Yuan Venerate White Crane said, I can help you take your sister away.

The entire area fell silent when this was said.

Nobody spoke or made any noise. Everyone, from the people of the Rising Sky Feather Sect to the others, turned their attention to Luo Yunyang.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others all had heavy hearts. It could be said that this would determine their fate.

Yuan Venerate White Crane leading Luo Yunyang away was akin to him taking away their last hope.

However, they also knew how much harm the 12th Sword would cause to Luo Yunyang. It was rather possible that Luo Yunyang would be killed by the 12th Sword before he could even unleash it.

Yan Chijian, Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake, and the others hoped not to face the variable that was Luo Yunyang. They had already been very afraid when Luo Yunyang had coordinated with Yuan Venerate Wanliu to release the 11th Sword.

If Venerate Lord Yuan Yi had not borne the brunt of the 11th Sword, all of them would have already chosen to leave.

Now, a Yuan Venerate had appeared and asked Luo Yunyang to leave. In the eyes of these ninth-level Heavenly Venerates, Luo Donger wasnt a big deal. Some people even felt that Venerate Lord Yuan Yis greatest mistake was capturing Luo Donger.

If he hadnt captured Luo Donger and implicated Luo Yunyang, perhaps Luo Yunyang would have chosen to back off upon realizing that he was no match.

After all, nobody would put their lives on the line to fight for a sect that didnt belong to them.

Mister Yunyang, take Donger and go! Heavenly Venerate Nongyue suddenly stepped forward and shouted. The Rising Sky Feather Sect disciples cant mess with your life over our fate. Furthermore, the odds of such a gamble are far too low.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble looked hapless upon hearing his own disciples words. Although he didnt fully agree with what his disciple had said, he had to admit that these words had saved the dignity of the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

The Rising Sky Feather Sect could be exterminated, but they absolutely couldnt lose their backbone!

As he was about to speak, Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice echoed in the void. Yunyang, leave. You have already done your utmost, and I am very grateful for that.

However, you have an extremely high chance of dying if you try to use the 12th Sword. Forget it.

Luo Yunyang sensed a sort of calmness in Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice. He sounded as calm as though he was accepting his death.

Could he leave? Leaving was simple. If he really couldnt change anything, Luo Yunyang would have definitely left without any hesitation.

However, he was rather confident in himself. He knew that the power of the 12th Sword definitely wouldnt kill him.

Yuan Venerate, I would like you to step forth and preserve the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Luo Yunyang then announced, The Rising Sky Feather Sect can give you the Sky Feather Mountain and leave without taking anything.

Luo Yunyang stared at Yuan Venerate White Crane with a hint of urgency in his eyes.

Yuan Venerate White Crane couldnt help but frown. He knew that the conditions Luo Yunyang had proposed were really generous, but they went against the course of action Yuan Venerate White Crane had been pursuing.

The members of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, especially the Yuan Venerates absolutely couldnt participate in any disputes that Hong Meng Sacred Hall had already stipulated in the rules.

After a moments hesitation, Yuan Venerate White Crane shook his head. Yunyang, I cant agree to this.

He then sighed.

After Yuan Venerate White Cranes rejection, a voice reverberated in the sky. Brother White Crane, we still havent finished our game of chess.

The speakers voice was tranquil, but his tone was unquestionable.

Yuan Venerate White Crane glanced at Luo Yunyang with a firm look.

Luo Yunyang understood Yuan Venerate White Cranes intent. Deep down, he wasnt willing to let himself become a great hero.

Although his cultivation base had reached the Heavenly Venerate, he had always done stuff that had been mostly safe for him.

There was only one reason for his fusion with Yuan Venerate Wanliu, and it was that this matter involved his sister.

However, he was well aware that he had enough energy left over and wasnt in any danger. Luo Yunyang realized that he couldnt stand aside and watch as his allies sent themselves to their deaths.

Therefore, he said with a steely voice, Thank you for your kind intentions, Yuan Venerate. However, I shall slay a Venerate Lord to establish my might.

Although Luo Yunyang said this rather casually, Venerate Lord Yuan Yis face turned dark and his eyes burned with a murderous intent when he heard this.

In his eyes, Luo Yunyang had already become a huge threat. If Luo Yunyang was allowed to develop further, he would become a major problem for him one day.

Killing Luo Yunyang right then and there would be in his best interests.

Thus, he shouted, What a stubborn, wretched fellow! You are really seeking death by rejecting Yuan Venerate White Cranes kind intentions.

As he said that, the huge sacred mountain formed by the 36 Sky Tablets flew over at Luo Yunyang faster than before.

Everyone present could see Venerate Lord Yuan Yis intention, and most of these people supported Venerate Lord Yuan Yis actions.

Right now, Yuan Venerate White Crane was already being obstructed by a fellow Yuan Venerate on his side. What was important was to take decisive action.

Killing Luo Yunyang or letting the magnificent energy of Yuan Venerate Wanliu cause Luo Yunyang to implode were both very good choices.

As the Sacred Mountain crashed down, the Sky Feather Mountain shook wildly and many peaks were pulverized.

While Venerate Lord Yuan Yi made his move, Luo Yunyangs 12th Sword continued to be conjured and a crazy obliteration intent started to pervade the surroundings.

However, in the face of this terrifying sword intent, Venerate Lord Yuan Yi and the others were extremely confident that Luo Yunyang definitely wouldnt be able to use this sword.

They were waiting for the moment Luo Yunyang would shatter.

However, as they were all eagerly anticipating this, a supreme sword law filled with obliteration intent enveloped the region above the Sky Feather Mountain.

Everything became deadly silent in an instant!

The 12th Sword had already enveloped the Sacred Mountain and the 36 large Sky Tablets that had conjured up the Sacred Mountain. It had also enveloped the projection of Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, which was formed by energy ripples.