Supreme Uprising Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Yuan Venerate Acts Close Yet Worlds Apart

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Nobody cared too much about Great Heavenly Venerate Green Woods move. However, in their opinion, Great Heavenly Venerate Green Woods judgment couldnt be any more wrong.

Still, all these people were more than happy to see Great Heavenly Venerate Green Wood consume some of Luo Yunyangs power.

Yuan Venerate White Crane had already been implicated. Even though one couldnt say that his hands were tied, he couldnt act as he pleased either.

Although the fact that Luo Yunyang had killed Venerate Lord Yuan Yi had come as a surprise to Yuan Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, it also meant that Luo Yunyangs safety was now out of his hands.

In the past, Yuan Venerate White Crane might have still been able to say something. However, now, he realized that he couldnt say anything regarding this.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was rather indifferent about Great Heavenly Venerate Green Woods challenge to Luo Yunyang. In his opinion, Great Heavenly Venerate Green Wood was simply courting death.

Anyone that could become a ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerate wasnt mediocre. However, Great Heavenly Venerate Green Wood seemed different.

As Yuan Venerate White Crane was casually watching the show, the Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate hidden inside Great Heavenly Venerate Green Woods body suddenly attacked!

This attack was extremely vicious. The instant the attack was launched, nomological laws filled with death, desolation, and obliteration intent enveloped Luo Yunyang.

Yuan Venerates created laws.

Basically, only a Yuan Venerate could withstand the created laws of another Yuan Venerate. Someone like Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, who was rather reputable, wouldnt have the strength to resist such laws created by a Yuan Venerate either.

Its a Mysterious Underworld Being! someone shouted maniacally.

If Luo Yunyang were to be killed right now, it would be a considerable loss for the entire Human Race.

However, the moment Luo Yunyang was slain by a Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate in front of so many people of their own, the entire Human Race would become a huge laughing stock.

Yuan Venerate White Crane immediately rushed in Luo Yunyangs direction.

To a Yuan Venerate Almighty, space and time basically werent a problem. If the person who attacked Luo Yunyang had been a Heavenly Venerate, Yuan Venerate White Crane could even have reversed time and warped space to pull those two before him.

Unfortunately, the person attacking was similarly a Yuan Venerate level existence.

Reversing time and warping space was simply impossible. There were limitations to space and time control. This problem appeared because the opponent was a Yuan Venerate too.

Making it in time was impossible!

Yuan Venerate White Crane was Luo Yunyangs guardian. Therefore, he immediately acted when he saw Luo Yunyang facing this assassination attempt by the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The old fellow that had been obstructing Yuan Venerate White Crane also appeared at an expanse of space in a flash.

Although he didnt make a move, his eyes burned with a murderous, maniacal desire. The place he was at was a crucial location for that Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate.

Later, he would give that Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate a taste of his strongest attack.

In the eyes of this old Yuan Venerate Almighty, Luo Yunyang was already beyond saving. Thus, rather than wasting time, he chose to seize a decisive opportunity.

Yuan Venerate White Crane and that unknown old man no longer gave Luo Yunyang any support. Right now, Luo Yunyang could only rely on himself.

A Yuan Venerate Almightys attack was already very overwhelming. Furthermore, that Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate wanted to turn Luo Yunyang into dust with one strike.

There was no mercy or hesitation. This overwhelming method struck fear in many peoples hearts.

Luo Yunyang felt really insignificant at the moment. His own Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique and the Great Obliteration Millstone didnt seem capable of providing him with enough strength.

These methods werent sub-par. Instead, his cultivation of these techniques was still far too lacking compared to what he was about to face.

Even the attribute regulator didnt seem to be of any use. After all, the gulf between him and this Yuan Venerate Almighty was just too huge.

They could be likened to an ant and a huge dragon. The difference between them was as large as the gulf between heaven and earth.

What should I do? Resign myself to fate?

Countless thoughts cycled through Luo Yunyangs mind rapidly. Every single thought he had was useless to him, yet all these thoughts piled onto the increasing despair in his heart.

Yunyang, looks like I have implicated you this time. Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice was heard in Luo Yunyangs mind.

Luo Yunyang might be desperate, but he still retained the most basic judgment criteria. When the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate made his move, Luo Yunyang reckoned that he was probably targeting him.

Although the benefits of the Rising Sky Feather Sect probably played a part, the main reason was probably Luo Yuyang himself.

Perhaps, the 1st Mysterious Demon might even have played a part in this.

This isnt your fault. He should have originally set his sights on me, Luo Yunyang said gravely.

The Mysterious Underworld Race Yuan Venerates cultivation isnt inferior to mine. Even at my peak, I would only fight to a draw with him, Yuan Venerate Wanliu said, Its a pity I can no longer use the 13th Sword.

The 13th Sword!

Luo Yunyang only had a vague impression of the 13th Sword of the Sky Feather 13 Swords. However, he knew that under the current circumstances, unleashing the 13th Sword would give him a chance.

Use the 13th Sword! Luo Yunyang said in an unquestionable tone, I would rather risk it all on the 13th Sword than die at the hands of this Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate.

Who knows, perhaps a path of survival can be forged.

Yuan Venerate Wanliu firmed his resolve after hearing Luo Yunyangs words. He believed that he had implicated Luo Yunyang, but he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually take on the responsibility himself. This made Yuan Venerate Wanliu feel really touched.

He was roused upon hearing what Luo Yunyang had said. You are right. Since we are both going to die, why not go crazy one last time and show this Mysterious Underworld b*stard that we arent easy to deal with?

While Yuan Venerate Wanliu was saying all this, the inflow of the light pillar into Luo Yunyangs body became extremely furious.

It could even be said that the power Yuan Venerate Wanliu was pouring into Luo Yunyangs body increased 100 times more than when the 12th Sword was used.

Even a Venerate Lord would find it difficult to endure such a degree of power and might possibly combust and explode right away.

As this energy flowed into his body, Luo Yunyang raised his Constitution to the maximum. At the same time, he channeled the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique while diverting the nomological laws Yuan Venerate Wanliu created in his body into the Minor Feather Sword.

Black sword-light flashed and the Minor Feather Sword crumbled instantly. However, a wave of spectacular power caused the fragmented bits of the Minor Feather Sword to reform in the void.

This reformation surpassed time and space.

By the time its formation was completed, multiple fine cracks had already appeared on Luo Yunyangs body. Black light was pouring out of these cracks.

This black energy was naturally the power of the 13th Sword that Yuan Venerate Wanliu had channeled into Luo Yunyangs body.

Mustnt crumble, definitely mustnt crumble.Crumbling would only result in death.

As Luo Yunyang used the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique, he suddenly noticed a wave of energy breaking through the barrier and allowing his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique to ascend to the fifth level.

However, regardless of whether this was a fifth-level or fourth-level Sky Bell, it was already completely intertwined with the 13th Swords power.

Luo Yunyang didnt know what would happen when his cultivation power was combined with the 13th Sword.

All he knew was that he couldnt back down in the slightest. He had to gather all his power and try and force the 13th Sword, which was basically unusable.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The originally-bronze ancient bell now glowed with a golden black luster. The color scheme seemed really strange yet harmonious, making the bell appear even more ancient and simpler.

However, Luo Yunyang simply didnt have any time to pay attention to these changes. He didnt notice that the bloodline within his body was surging crazily either. Tiny golden pagodas had already started to appear on every inch of his skin and muscle, making him look like a godly entity.

The golden pagodas and the now golden ancient bell were like layers of golden hoops that bound Luo Yunyangs body, which had been about to explode and crumble.

As the crisis his body was facing was averted, the 13th Sword was unleashed by Luo Yunyang. The sword-light this time was extremely tranquil. However, when this sword was unleashed, the distance between the fist mark that was about to touch his body was suddenly widened.

13th SwordClose, Yet Worlds Apart!

This was Yuan Venerate Wanlius most powerful technique. Although things seemed to be close, they were actually worlds apart.

The Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate that was hurtling towards Luo Yunyang had a baffled look on his face. He had never imagined that this insignificant being that would definitely die in his grasp would actually use such a technique.

This was impossible!

However, the truth had been laid bare. Even if his strike contained boundless obliteration intent, it would still be very difficult to strike the opponents body.

Although it was very difficult, the Mysterious Underworld Being definitely wasnt willing to give up. His current encounter with this young powerhouse named Luo Yunyang made him realize that this person had exceeded his expectations.

Luo Yunyang was very dangerous.

Who knew if he would become the strongest enemy of the Mysterious Underworld Race?

Therefore, with that thought in mind, the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate rapidly formed hand seals. Streaks of purple light shot forth from his hand and flew straight at Luo Yunyangs sword-light.

It would be difficult to break Luo Yunyangs 13th sword by relying on the creation of laws. Thus, the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate chose to break it with sheer power.

After all, this was the simplest and most concise method he could use.

He wanted to exert a powerful pressure that Luo Yunyang couldnt bear and completely pulverize him in the void.