Supreme Uprising Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Yuan Venerate Vast Glass

Chapter 894: Yuan Venerate Vast Glass
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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sacred lightning containing obliterating power rapidly fell apart all around Luo Yunyang. However, even though these lightning strikes seemed very close to Luo Yunyang, they simply couldnt harm him at all.

Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

Although the sacred lightning struck in seemingly close proximity to Luo Yunyang, it simply didnt hurt him.

This was the power of Close, Yet Worlds Apart.

Even though the sacred lightning had no way of striking Luo Yunyangs body, it still made Luo Yunyang feel immense pressure. Cracks appeared on his body, which was enveloped by the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique and the Black Yellow Supreme Blood.

Luo Yunyang felt like his body was a ball being crushed by a vast power, ready to collapse at any moment.

Endure, endure, endure!

Luo Yunyang could sense that the sacred lightning filled with obliterating power simply wasnt something he could take.

Without the Close, Yet Worlds Apart technique, Luo Yunyang would easily have been buried by just one strike of this sacred lightning.

Therefore, he now needed to maintain the sword form of Close, Yet Worlds Apart no matter what.

The Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates eyes glowed coldly when he saw that his hundreds of lightning streaks couldnt blast through Luo Yunyangs 13th Sword.

If Luo Yunyangs defense couldnt be broken, then all his painstaking preparations would have been for naught.

He had already revealed his identity, so he would be surrounded by the various great Yuan Venerates of the Human Race in mere moments.

Although he wouldnt go so far as to fall in the Human Races domain, he would definitely have to pay a hefty, miserable price to escape.

Wind, Lighting, Break!

Amidst what sounded like an immemorial voices words, a giant green-and-violet ax flew forth from above the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates head. The vast wind and lightning power were like two long dragons hurtling along with the ax towards Luo Yunyang.

This strike had a power that was akin to splitting apart heaven and earth.

The nomological laws formed by the Close, Yet Worlds Apart technique seemed like they were being forcibly cut by this giant ax. Meanwhile, a premonition welled in Luo Yunyangs heart.

Although this giant ax was considerably inferior to the ancient bell fragments or half the Great Obliteration Millstone, Luo Yunyang still believed that they were probably items of similar grades.

The law boundaries formed by the 13th Sword actually had difficulty stopping the cleave of this giant ax. Once this ax reached him, Luo Yunyang would be lucky to even leave behind a spiritual mark!

Instantly, Luo Yunyangs eyes glowed. Besides maintaining the Close, Yet Worlds Apart sword form, Luo Yunyang rapidly searched in his mind for a countermeasure.

However, even though he had countless ideas, these ideas werent of any use. The sword form of Close, Yet Worlds Apart was still breaking down.

This is an ancient ultimate killing treasure that originally contained the ability to break down nomological laws. I would even face problems if I encountered such a thing at my peak state. Prepare yourself. All we can do now is fight to the very end! Yuan Venerate Wanlius voice sounded a tad excited.

Indeed, he was excited. Excited to find a match!

Luo Yunyang didnt have the same inclination as Yuan Venerate Wanliu. The only thing he wanted was to survive.

Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, you are courting death! Yuan Venerate White Crane finally recognized the origins of this Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate when that giant ax appeared in the void.

His voice was filled with anger. However, despite this rage, his heart was fraught with worry.

Worry welled from the depths of his heart!

Luo Yunyang had already used the 13th Sword. It could be said that this was Luo Yunyangs limit. Would Luo Yunyang be able to deal with this giant ax that contained wind and lightning?

This was an ancient ultimate killing treasure after all.

The old fellow that had originally been holding Yuan Venerate White Crane back looked anxious. Although he had been itching to see Luo Yunyang die previously, right now, he absolutely didnt want Luo Yunyang to die at the hands of a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse.

However, even though he was fast, he wasnt quicker than Yuan Venerate White Crane and naturally was helpless to stop the crazily-cleaving Wind Lightning Break.


A power that could split the sky and earth struck the sword form of Close, Yet Worlds Apart. That insane power made Luo Yunyang feel like his entire body was being ripped apart mercilessly.

Then, a jet-black pillar of light flowed furiously into Luo Yunyangs body. Within this pillar of light were many strange markings that were like tiny twisting and turning dragons.

These marks struck fear in peoples hearts.

Luo Yunyang already had no other choice. Besides channeling this inflow of energy to maintain the 13th Swords form, he also made every effort to stabilize his body and prevent it from crumbling.

The Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique was used to the extreme. The power in Luo Yunyangs body alongside Yuan Venerate Wanlius power were channeled into the fifth-level Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell.

The golden pagodas formed by the power of his bloodline had already started to form divine markings that were inscribed on the ancient sky bell. Meanwhile, the black markings of Yuan Venerate Wanlius power made the sky bell stabler.

The Wind Lightning Break struck continuously. Luo Yunyang felt as if a massive hammer struck his body each time. He felt like an egg that was suffering a battering of a 1,000-ton hammer.

Once, twice, thrice

At first, Luo Yunyang could still rapidly sense the variations in the strength of the Wind Lightning Breaks giant ax. However, as it continued, Luo Yunyang could no longer care about any of this. Only one word was repeated in his mind over and over.

Endure, endure, endure!

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others were just watching everything quietly. The current circumstances were already out of their league. All they could do was watch Luo Yunyang with frightened expressions.

After all, even though they werent unfamiliar with the Mysterious Underworld Race, none of them had dealt or even seen a Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate before.

Now, a Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate was actually trying to slay Luo Yunyang.

Luo Donger had already returned to Heavenly Venerate Nongyues side, and her fists were gripped tightly. Although she knew that her master wouldnt know much more than her, she still couldnt help but ask, Master, will my brother be alright?

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue could understand her disciples sentiment. Even though she wasnt sure and didnt know what exactly Luo Yunyang was going through right now within that gold-and-black glow, Heavenly Venerate Nongyue still comforted Luo Donger. Donger, you have to believe in your brother. He has the Patriarchs help, so he should be fine.

Heavenly Venerate Nongyue continued to intently watch the violet-green lights clashing with the gold-black lights in the void. Deep in her heart, she prayed for Luo Yunyang and hoped that he would survive this.

That would be a good thing for both Luo Yunyang and the sect. However, if Luo Yunyang were to die, Heavenly Venerate Nongyue really couldnt think of how much the Rising Sky Feather Sect would change.

Although Yuan Venerate White Crane was very fast, despite the frantic pursuit, he still couldnt help but feel a little sad.

Yuan Venerate White Crane knew very well that even though Luo Yunyangs cultivation was extraordinary, it would still be very difficult for him to stay alive.

There was a possibility that he would only be able to collect Luo Yunyangs body by the time he rushed over. After all, it would be difficult even for him to deal with Yuan Venerate Vast Glass Wind Lightning Break giant ax.

However, when Yuan Venerate White Crane arrived at the location where they were clashing, he saw that Luo Yunyang was still holding out. Even though he could no longer discern Luo Yunyang clearly underneath the black lights and the golden bell, he knew without a doubt that Luo Yunyang was still alive!

Deep Green Sword, go! Yuan Venerate White Crane shouted before a dark green sword-light shot towards the Wind Lightning Break ax like a lightning bolt.

A glimmer of craziness flashed across the six eyes of Yuan Venerate Vast Glass. He didnt hesitate in the slightest before making a really profound hand seal on top of the Wind Lightning Break Ax.

As this hand seal landed, the glow of the Wind Lightning Break amplified tenfold. The two twirling intertwined streaks around the Wind Lightning Break seemed to unleash an immemorial roar.

The Wind Lightning Break started to shatter the void and cleave towards Luo Yunyang as this roar rang out. A large portion of the 13th Sword that was already under immense pressure fragmented.

If the 13th Sword crumbled completely, then Luo Yunyang would die. Right now, he could no longer care about anything else. He just wanted to survive.

Although it was very difficult to escape the assassination of a Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate, he still had to dodge it.

He instantly utilized the tri-colored bracelet on his wrist. This tri-colored bracelet, which had been given to him by Yuan Venerate Wanliu, could launch three full-force attacks of Yuan Venerate Wanliu and was a means of life preservation.

Luo Yunyang hadnt used this tri-colored bracelet so far, but he utilized all of it at once.

Three gorgeous sword-lights instantly appeared in the void.

12th Sword, 12th Sword, 12th Sword!

The 12th Sword was unleashed three times.

The might of the three 12th swords was many times more powerful than the 12th Sword that Luo Yunyang had unleashed before. In an instant, the three 12th Swords were already shooting towards the Wind Lightning Break.

There was no collision of lights. The overwhelming Wind Lightning Break cut through these three sword-lights completely.

In terms of time, the three 12th Swords only bought Luo Yunyang three split seconds.

These three split seconds allowed the Yuan Venerate to close the distance between himself and Luo Yunyang by half. However, Yuan Venerate White Crane still needed three more split seconds so that his Deep Green Sword would stop the Wind Lightning Break.