Supreme Uprising Chapter 895

Chapter 895 The Left Hall Master Arrives At A Critical Juncture

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Three split seconds might be an extremely short time for an ordinary person, but Luo Yunyangs fate could be determined in the space of these three split seconds.

He would be able to receive support from Yuan Venerate White Crane if he could hold out for these three split seconds. Only death would await him if he failed to do so.

Luo Yunyang didnt want to die, no matter what.

Although he possessed some methods and treasures, all this was still a far cry from the 12th Sword he had just used three times a moment ago.

The three strikes of the 12th Sword had merely held out against the Wind Lightning Breaks giant ax for three split seconds, so could his other methods hold out for another three?

With this thought in mind, Luo Yunyang instinctively unleashed all the techniques he hadnt yet used.

Samsara Palm, Life-Death Resounding Fate!

These two powerful techniques were rapidly unleashed by Luo Yunyang. However, they werent even a little useful.

The Samsara Wheel created by the Samsara Palm only delayed the Wind Lightning Break for half a split second. Although the Life-Death Resounding Fate appeared to be broad and powerful, it didnt have any effect.

His other methods didnt seem to affect the Wind Lightning Break either.

It was approaching. The Wind Lightning Break had already broken the majority of the nomological laws of the Close, Yet Worlds Apart technique and was already in front of Luo Yunyang.

"Go!" Knowing that he had already reached a crucial juncture, Luo Yunyang couldnt hold back anymore. He just threw whatever he had towards the Wind Lightning Break.

This time, he threw out the small silver tower.

This small silver tower had always been very important to Luo Yunyang, not only because of the training facility it contained, but also because it allowed him to travel to the various Great Cosmoses for missions.

However, could Luo Yunyang still care about whether this small silver tower would get damaged? What use would all these treasures be of if he couldnt preserve his own life?

The small silver tower swelled up many times and appeared between him and the Wind Lightning Break. Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, who was controlling the Wind Lightning Break, didnt pay any attention to this small silver tower.

In his opinion, that small silver tower would collapse the moment the Wind Lightning Break swept through it.

However, as he was full of confidence, he watched the small silver tower get sliced in half slowly by the Wind Lightning Break.

Two split seconds!

The time it had taken for the small silver tower to be cut was two split seconds. This was already a very short time. However, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass had found these two split seconds too long.

He had already used up two and a half split seconds of the three split seconds that Yuan Venerate White Crane needed to close the gap between them.

There was only half a split second left to kill Luo Yunyang. Although it was too short a time, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass definitely couldnt give up now.

In just an instant, the Wind Lightning Break was almost touching Luo Yunyang. Without the support of Close, Yet Worlds Apart, Luo Yunyang could only face this immense pressure.

"Luo Yunyang, I hope you can live on!" A faint voice rang out in Luo Yunyangs mind. The owner of this voice was Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

A wave of the purest power poured into Luo Yunyangs body like a raging tsunami.

If the immense pressure coming from the Wind Lightning Break outside hadnt existed, the pure power pouring into Luo Yunyangs body would definitely have killed him immediately.

However, this power, which should have burst Luo Yunyangs body apart, flowed into Luo Yunyangs fifth-level Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell furiously due to the pressure he faced from the Wind Lightning Break.

The originally-bronze bell and black energy intertwined and fused completely, forming a layer of ash-gray energy.

This ash-gray ancient bell was struck hard by the Wind Lightning Break.

At this clash, Luo Yunyangs body was sent hurtling down to the ground like a gray meteorite.

Once all this was over, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass didnt hesitate. He immediately shot off into the distance.

His speed was exceptional, so he was gone in an instant.

However, Yuan Venerate White Crane and that old-looking Yuan Venerate made their moves simultaneously. A technique that contained the power of two Yuan Venerates crashed towards Yuan Venerate Vast Glass like a raging ocean.

Yuan Venerate Vast Glass simply could not resist such an attack. Even though his body was riddled with cracks, there was a smile on his face.

At that moment, he had already ripped apart the void as his body quickly bore through it.

A large split had already appeared on Yuan Venerate Vast Glass body. However, the split had immediately started to close rapidly and Yuan Venerate Vast Glass was prepared to rip a hole through the void again.

If Yuan Venerate Vast Glass was allowed to cross the spatial tear, it wouldnt take long before he fled this Great Cosmos.

Luo Yunyangs fate was unknown. As Luo Yunyangs protector, Yuan Venerate White Crane couldnt permit Yuan Venerate Vast Glass to escape, no matter what.

Yuan Venerate White Crane, who wasnt going to stop his pursuit, ripped the void and appeared within an expanse of starry space.

The old-looking Yuan Venerate also took advantage of this opportunity to form a hand seal.

A huge golden net filled with nomological laws flew towards Yuan Venerate Vast Glass.

However, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass wasnt going to await death helplessly. Just as that vast golden net was about to envelop him, one of his arms suddenly split from his body.

This arm shattered, turning into a blood-colored ocean that met the vast golden net.

"Die!" The Deep Green Sword pierced the void and hurtled toward Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, who sacrificed another arm before using two of his other palms to forcefully wedge the mighty blade of the Deep Green Sword.

Losing two arms would cause a massive fall in power for Yuan Venerate Vast Glass.

Although this loss in ability could be regained through cultivation someday, he would never escape if he remained there any longer.

As he ripped open the void once more, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass looked delighted. Although Yuan Venerate White Crane and that old-looking Yuan Venerate were very fast, they could no longer stop him at the moment.

"I will still return!" Yuan Venerate Vast Glass announced complacently. As long as he stepped into the next expanse of void, the turbulent flow of time and space would help him escape with his life.

However, just as he was prepared to enter the spatial tear, a huge gray bell barreled towards Yuan Venerate Vast Glass.

The angle it came from was blocking him from the spatial tear.

Yuan Venerate Vast Glass didnt really care much about this huge bell. He immediately formed fists and prepared to smash this huge bell to smithereens.

However, as he was about to counterattack, he suddenly realized the power contained within this gray bell wasnt any weaker than his power.

As his fist struck the huge bell, the power within the huge bell knocked him back dozens of steps.

A distance of ten steps could be covered in a split second. However, the distance he was pushed back made him feel a little afraid. He suddenly felt that it would be difficult to cover that distance and escape.

A Yuan Venerates perception was generally accurate. At the moment, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass felt slightly desperate.

He didnt have the time to bother striking that huge bell. Instead, he rushed frantically towards that spatial tear.

As long as he could pass into the next expanse of void, he would be able to evade and hide until he reached another cosmos. However, as he prepared to go through the spatial tear, he saw a silhouette blocking the entrance of that spatial tear.

Although it was the figure of a human, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass couldnt clearly see the persons appearance. The person in question glowed brilliantly, as if nobody could oppose him in this realm.

The Yuan Venerates heart sank the instant he saw this person. He knew that the appearance of this person had already made escaping an impossible task.

"Left Hall Master!" the Yuan Venerate hissed.

"Indeed!" the Left Hall Master said icily, "I never imagined that a Yuan Venerate Almighty would actually hide in the Human Races domain. He he This is really great!"

The Left Hall Masters words made Yuan Venerate Vast Glass spirits fall to an all-time low. Although he had never crossed paths or dealt with this person, he knew about the Left Hall Masters reputation.

Escaping had practically become impossible now that he was being stopped by the Left Hall Master. However, he still had a look of unwavering determination on his face.

"I never wanted to expose myself, but I had no choice but to do so," Yuan Venerate Vast Glass said as his cold gaze landed on Luo Yunyang. "If it had not been for you, I would have escaped a long time ago."

Luo Yunyang was currently standing in the void. However, he seemed to be in very bad shape. His entire body was riddled with scars and cracks, and he looked like a porcelain sculpture that could fall apart at any moment.

"You came and ambushed me. How could I let you leave so easily?" Luo Yunyangs eyes were cold.

Yuan Venerate Vast Glass looked at Luo Yunyang before throwing his head back and roaring with laughter. "I thought that I didnt manage to complete my mission. However, looking at you now, my mission should be considered completed. Ha ha ha!"

"I might have believed that it wasnt worth it previously, but looking at things now, it has been very worthwhile indeed."