Supreme Uprising Chapter 896

Chapter 896 A Black Hand Ripping Through The Void

Chapter 896: A Black Hand Ripping Through The Void
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The Left Hall Master was furious at Yuan Venerate Vast Glass for trying to assassinate Luo Yunyang. What Yuan Venerate Vast Glass had done had challenged the sanctity of the Human Race.

However, upon hearing what Yuan Venerate Vast Glass said, the Left Hall Master looked at Luo Yunyang, his eyes flashing with coldness.

"You deserve to die!" The Left Hall Master growled at Yuan Venerate Vast Glass through gritted teeth.

Yuan Venerate Vast Glass roared with laughter.

The Left Hall Master exhaled sharply and raised a hand in the direction of Yuan Venerate Vast Glass. A vast suctioning force spread out of his sleeve and enveloped Yuan Venerate Vast Glass.

Luo Yunyang hadnt seen the Left Hall Master. However, he had a bad feeling upon hearing the exchange between the Left Hall Master and Yuan Venerate Vast Glass.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang still hadnt felt what had happened to him. He had a feeling that whatever problem he had was probably very severe.

Furthermore, this problem might be related to Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt think about the problem that had befallen him. His attention was already focused on the Left Hall Masters move.

The suctioning force coming from the Left Hall Masters sleeves made Luo Yunyang feel as though nothing could resist it. Everything would only fall into the sleeves.

As the suctioning force enveloped him, Yuan Venerate Vast Glass used his Wind Lightning Break giant ax as if his life depended on it. However, that giant ax didnt seem to be of any use as it flew with Yuan Venerate Vast Glass towards the Left Hall Masters sleeve.

"Its the Universe Within Sleeve!" The Yuan Venerate flew over as he said this when he noticed Luo Yunyang staring intently at the Left Hall Masters robe sleeve.

Universe Within Sleeve? Although this was the first time Luo Yunyang was hearing the name of this mystic ability, he sort of understood the rationale behind it.

However, Luo Yunyang knew that reaching the level of the Left Hall Master was extremely difficult.

"He he Left Hall Master, how can capturing me be that easy?" Yuan Venerate Vast Glass shouted with a maniacal look in his eyes.

As he howled, his body started to crumble. A turbulent blood mist immediately shot out thousands of miles away.

Yuan Venerate self-implosion!

A martialists last-choice method would be to collapse their internal universes. Yuan Venerates were extremely powerful, so they could employ many extreme measures that would result in an unimaginable final outcome.

Even the Yuan Venerates face went rigid when he saw the vast energy shooting into the sky.

Yuan Venerate White Crane knew that if Yuan Venerate Vast Glass was allowed to release this self-imploding energy, then at least half of the Great Cosmos he was in would be destroyed.

After all, this energy was really powerful.

The Left Hall Master only scoffed when he faced this implosion method. He stuck out his arm and all the energy shot towards his sleeve.

The Left Hall Masters actions seemed extremely simple, yet Yuan Venerate White Crane couldnt help but feel apprehensive.

After all, a Yuan Venerate Almighty was imploding.

When about half of that turbulent energy flowed into the Left Hall Masters sleeve, a glimmer of black light shot out of the energy and instantly ripped open the void.

"Are you trying to escape? Get back here!" The Left Hall Master scoffed. Clearly, he had already been prepared for such an event.

As he said that, a violet ray of light shot over at the black light and enveloped it.

The moment that violet light shrouded the black light, Luo Yunyang saw clearly that the violet light was actually a cover entirely made out of violet crystal.

The black light seemed to be afraid of this purple cover. It seemed as if it had encountered a natural predator.

"Left Hall Master, enough!" An icy voice reverberated around the void. A black palm tore through the void and appeared as the violet cover was about to hit.

No sound or aura came from that black palm. Although everyone could see it, they couldnt sense its existence.

Luo Yunyang felt his heart tighten when he saw the black palm. He had a feeling that this black palm contained a power that couldnt be seen.

Attribute regulator!

Luo Yunyang, who couldnt see or figure anything out about the extent of this black palm, immediately thought of the attribute regulator. He wanted to use his attribute regulator to take a look at this black palm and see exactly what it was.

Using the attribute regulator to examine some unknown, powerful existence carried some degree of risk. However, Luo Yunyang was really curious about the mysterious black palm that had just broken through the void and appeared.

Therefore, he wanted to discover the origins of this black palm.

What he found surprising was that the examination of the attribute regulator only produced a question mark that was reflected in his mind.

This meant that his attribute regulator couldnt determine the various attributes in that black palm right now. This was the first time Luo Yunyang had actually experienced this ever since he had acquired the attribute regulator.

While Luo Yunyang was feeling baffled, a finger of the black palm flicked at the violet barrier of light.

The violet light barrier shattered immediately.

This simply wasnt a collision or a case of too much energy flooding out. Everything seemed to happen as though it ought to.

While the violet light barrier shattered within the void, that black palm seemed like it didnt want to stay for long. It grabbed the black light before ripping through the void again.

The black palm had appeared and departed in a few short moments. However, that black palm alone had completely suppressed the Left Hall Masters might.

Although Luo Yunyang and the others didnt really understand what sort of existence it was, upon seeing someone like the Left Hall Master being suppressed, they could roughly guess what sort of level the owner of that black palm was at.

The Left Hall master turned to Luo Yunyang, Yuan Venerate White Crane, and the older Yuan Venerate before saying, "Youre on your own."

As soon as he said that, his figure immediately vanished into the void. However, before he left, Luo Yunyang sensed the Left Hall Master casting a glance at him. That glance made Luo Yunyang feel really uneasy.

Yuan Venerate White Crane turned to Luo Yunyang after the Left Hall Master left. "The existence who made that move is really intimidating"

Yuan Venerate White Crane, who seemed to suddenly have some misgivings, didnt continue. He pondered for a moment before urging Luo Yunyang. "No matter what, dont tell anyone else about what happened today."

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Although Yuan Venerate Vast Glass combat body had been destroyed, they still hadnt been able to kill off the being that had sneaked into the Human Races domain for an assassination.

This could be considered a considerable blow to the reputation of the Human Race. Fortunately, the assassination target hadnt been killed.

"Yunyang, take a look at your bodys internal condition." Yuan Venerate White Crane advised him.

His bodys internal condition? The words of Yuan Venerate Vast Glass and the way Yuan Venerate White Crane looked at him gave Luo Yunyang a bad feeling. However, he really hadnt sensed that anything was wrong with his body yet.

When Yuan Venerate White Crane said this, Luo Yunyang couldnt care less about anything else. He quickly transferred his attribute points to his Mind to examine his internal universe.

Although it could be said that Luo Yunyangs cultivation had increased considerably when he had advanced to the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, he still discovered with a start that there was lots of residual power in each level of his internal universe.

This power, which belonged to Yuan Venerate Wanliu, was still gathering in his body.

All this gathering energy formed the shape of swords and had already started to occupy every part of Luo Yunyangs internal fifth-level universe. This sword-shaped energy not only possessed vast power, but it also contained an extremely sharp sword intent.

Luo Yunyang frowned when he sensed these sword-shaped masses of energy, which had already started to absorb the energy within his internal universes.

With a thought, he quickly gathered all this energy. It seemed easier to control than the chaotic energy he had used in the past.

In terms of might, these sword-shaped masses of energy were many times stronger than the energy in Luo Yunyangs internal universe.

However, this gave Luo Yunyang an increasingly bad feeling.

"You should have sensed it already!" Yuan Venerate White Crane was able to guess what Luo Yunyang was thinking based on his expression. Therefore, he didnt hide anything either and said straightforwardly, "If this situation were to befall other martialists, it would probably be a joyous occasion. It could even be considered an exceptional opportunity."

"However, in your body, this is a sort of hindrance," Yuan Venerate White Crane said with a sigh, "When a Yuan Venerate turns to dust again, their energy and law comprehension disperse into the sky and land. Eventually, most of the energy will return to the environment and only a small portion will be absorbed by people."

"If these comprehended laws were to be obtained by people, they would naturally be a rare treasure. Even ninth-level Heavenly Venerates rely on the law comprehension of a Yuan Venerate that returns to dust in order to ascend into Yuan Venerate Almighties."

"However, in this case, not only has that energy that was supposed to be dispersed into the sky and earth entered your body, but Yuan Venerate Wanlius various comprehension of Origin Source Laws has also been integrated into your body."

"Laws and power are part of a whole. Splitting them up is a very difficult thing to do. Now, they are all converging within your body at a higher quality than in Yuan Venerate Wanlius body before."

"This also means that it is simply impossible for you to erase them. This sort of power will gradually replace the energy in your body. You have to prepare yourself for it."