Supreme Uprising Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Stride Forward

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Luo Yunyang stayed calm after hearing what Yuan Venerate White Crane had said. He really didnt have any regrets over everything that had happened.

The majority of Yuan Venerate Wanlius power and comprehension of nomological laws had been incorporated into his body and would cause quite the predicament. However, he didnt regret it!

After all, if Yuan Venerate Wanlius power hadnt flowed into his body, Luo Yunyang wouldnt have been able to use the 13th Sword.

If he hadnt unleashed the 13th Sword, he would have already died.

Luo Yunyang didnt regret being on the receiving end of an assassination attempt by Yuan Venerate Vast Glass either, as he had tried to save the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

Deep down, he knew that Yuan Venerate Vast Glass was targeting him. Even if he didnt appear this time, there would always be a next time.

Perhaps he wouldnt have Yuan Venerate Wanliu channel energy voluntarily into his body to allow him to use the 13th Sword next time.

Naturally, he would have no way of holding off Yuan Venerate Vast Glass attack in that case.

What Yuan Venerate is saying is that it will be difficult for my cultivation base to make progress in the future! Luo Yunyang told Yuan Venerate White Crane after mulling this over.

Yuan Venerate White Crane glanced at Luo Yunyang and sighed. If my estimations are right, that should probably be true.

You heard what Yuan Venerate Vast Glass just said and you should probably understand what he meant. He only said this because he has also sensed the changes in your body.

Although the Left Hall Master hasnt said anything, judging by his expression, I reckon that he has no solution either.

Even though Luo Yunyang had mentally steeled himself, Yuan Venerate White Cranes words made his heart shudder.

His goal was to be a Yuan Venerate, so the fact that his cultivation base was unable to progress was an extremely massive blow. Although there were other ways, his body was still the foundation of his cultivation.

Is there really no other way?

It wouldnt be a problem if the power that entered your body didnt fuse with your internal universe. The Yuan Venerate forced a smile. Now, Yuan Venerate Wanlius power and comprehension markings have fused with your internal universe and, because of the pressure you faced from Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, they have also been integrated into every part of your body.

Even using mystic techniques to collapse your internal universe and restart your cultivation wouldnt completely clear all the power that has been incorporated into your spiritual consciousness.

Yuan Venerate White Crane said somewhat sadly, This power belongs to Yuan Venerate Wanliu, so its quality is far higher than the power within your internal universe. Therefore, gathering power to construct a new universe is simply impossible.

This sort of power would immediately destroy your newly-constructed universe. The quality of your power is also far inferior to Yuan Venerate Wanlius, so you wouldnt be able to refine it.

Luo Yunyang knew that what Yuan Venerate White Crane had said was correct. Right now, the power revolving within his internal universe wasnt just extremely incisive. It was also extremely overbearing, as it was crushing and absorbing the primal chaotic power in Luo Yunyangs body.

Without this primal chaotic power as support, it would be very difficult for Luo Yunyang to create a new universe in his body.

However, Yunyang, even though you cant become a Yuan Venerate, the power of Yuan Venerate Wanliu would also give you many benefits.

You just have to make this power and comprehension yours. Even though you wouldnt be able to unleash the 13th Sword of the Sky Feather 13 Swords, you would still be able to use the 12th or 11th Sword without many problems.

Furthermore, because a large portion of the energy in your body originates from Yuan Venerate Wanliu, you would absolutely be stronger than before.

That means that, given your current strength, if you were to take on the 13 Origin Martial Stages, you would probably become a ninth-level Origin Martialist.

Luo Yunyang knew that Yuan Venerate White Crane didnt say all this just to console him. However, if his cultivation were to be stuck at the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, he would never be able to form his own sacred image.

Naturally, he wouldnt become a Yuan Venerate Almighty.

Although he felt disappointed, Luo Yunyang didnt feel desperate. He smiled at Yuan Venerate White Crane. I believe in never giving up hope. There must be a way for me to break through my current condition.

Yuan Venerate White Crane looked at the confident Luo Yunyang and shook his head gently.

Luo Yunyangs current state was really unique. Although Yuan Venerate Wanlius cultivation base was the strongest amongst all Yuan Venerates, it wasnt impossible to suppress it. However, the hard part was that 90 percent of Yuan Venerate Wanlius accumulated cultivation base and energy had already fused with Luo Yunyangs blood, flesh, heart, and mind.

Suppressing this power would mean suppressing Luo Yunyang. Such a suppression would eventually prove ineffective and have a very negative impact on Luo Yunyangs cultivation base.

Hopefully, you will be able to suppress this power and then soar to greater heights, Yuan Venerate White Crane said with a slight smile. However, Luo Yunyang could sense based on these words that Yuan Venerate White Crane was only consoling him.

Based on Yuan Venerate White Cranes experience, what Luo Yunyang wanted to do was really difficult. Even Yuan Venerate White Cranes hands would be tied if such a situation occurred to him.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that getting rid of Yuan Venerate Walius residual power within his body was a very difficult task, he still believed that he could do it. Furthermore, even though it was very difficult and his cultivation base couldnt rise easily, he would still have the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

If the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts strength could increase, erasing Yuan Venerate Wanlius power in Luo Yunyangs body might be possible. At most, he could still cultivate the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast until the Yuan Venerate level.

After understanding things clearly, Luo Yunyang looked at Yuan Venerate White Crane, who was preparing to leave. Sir White Crane, regarding the matter with Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, could you make your presence known so that anyone still having ideas about the Rising Sky Feather Sect will reconsider?

Naturally, Yuan Venerate White Crane said, The Rising Sky Feather Sect is also a decent place to settle down at.

As soon as he said that, he waved his sleeves and brought Luo Yunyang along to the sky above the Sky Feather Sacred Mountain. Right now, the Sky Feather Sacred Mountain no longer had that overwhelming murderous aura it used to a while ago.

Everyone, from Great Heavenly Venerate Soaring Snake to Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and other Rising Sky Feather Sect disciples, was waiting anxiously.

The current problem was already out of their league. After all, a Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate had been involved in this battle.

That Yuan Venerate had made a sneak attack from Great Hong Meng Sacred Hall Green Woods internal universe. Now, many top-notch Great Heavenly Venerates that had come to attack the Rising Sky Feather Sect were worried that they would be taken away by Hong Meng Sacred Hall for an investigation.

Even though that old-looking Yuan Venerate had already returned, he stood there stony-faced, not caring about anything around him. This made many people feel that something wasnt right.

Thus, even prideful fellows like Yan Chijian didnt dare do anything that might trigger the old man.

Greetings, Yuan Venerate White Crane. Yan Chijian and the others bowed respectfully when Yuan Venerate White Crane and Luo Yunyang returned.

Yuan Venerate White Crane nodded at Yan Chijian and the others before he turned to the old Yuan Venerate. Brother Huitong, I suggest we conclude the matter here.

Although Yuan Venerate White Cranes words were open to negotiation, his tone was unquestionable. While Yuan Venerate Huitong had been full of confidence previously, he no longer dared refute Yuan Venerate White Cranes words.

After all, he would have to give Hong Meng Sacred Hall an explanation regarding Great Heavenly Venerate Green Wood and the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall wouldnt go so far as to take its anger out on him, he knew deep down that he couldnt fully escape the blame regarding this whole fiasco.

I agree with what Brother White Crane says. Just one more thing There are very few traitors like Green Wood in our entire Great Cosmos. I hope Yuan Venerate White Crane can help put in a good word in front of the Left Hall Master.

Yuan Venerate White Crane chuckled. Naturally. The fact that Yuan Venerate Vast Glass is hiding in the Human Tribes territory is like a needle pricking our back. Even though we werent able to capture or kill him, the Mysterious Underworld Race had to see one of their spies return.

We havent suffered that huge a loss in this regard.

Yuan Venerate Huitong smiled when he heard Yuan Venerate White Crane say this. He shot a glance at Sky Feather Sacred Mountain before saying, Thank you, Brother White Crane. I shall bid you farewell.

Yuan Venerate Huitongs departure showed his stance. After he left, Yuan Venerate White Cranes attention turned to Yan Chijian and the others. I believe that these were the actions of Great Heavenly Venerate Green Wood and a tiny group of people. However, according to the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, everyone will have to come with me.

Please rest assured that Hong Meng Sacred Hall wont be unjust.

Yuan Venerate White Crane then turned to Luo Yunyang. Yunyang, you can oversee the Rising Sky Feather Sect and investigate whether there are any remaining elements of Great Heavenly Venerate Green Woods faction.

Yan Chijian and the others had no choice but to go with Yuan Venerate White Crane even if they were unwilling. After all, daring to disobey this summons would be akin to making the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall an enemy.

In other words, they would become traitors of the entire Human Race.

As many ninth-level Great Heavenly Venerates were leaving, the Rising Sky Feather Sects tense atmosphere cooled down considerably. Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw the surroundings return to their peaceful state.

This sigh of relief was also a sigh of lament.

A large bell suspended at the highest point of the Rising Sky Feather Sect rang out 81 times.

With these 81 chimes, the Rising Sky Feather Sect announced to the entire land that Yuan Venerate Wanliu had returned to dust and there was one less Yuan Venerate in this Great Cosmos.

However, the attention of most higher-ups of the Human Race was on the fleeing Yuan Venerate Vast Glass. Many great sects also started to look into whether there were any Mysterious Underworld Race spies among them.