Supreme Uprising Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Outside The Sealed Sky City

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The Sealed Sky City loomed up high! The black city walls were like a dense, heavy mountain. However, compared to the large, tall city walls that sent shivers down ones spine, what really scared people was the huge array formation of the Sealed Sky City.

The huge array sealed the sky from the top until the earth below.

Even from a million miles away, Luo Yunyang could feel his body being sealed by a formless power.

Luo Yunyang believed that as long as his actions were the slightest bit abnormal, this powerful energy would strike him from all angles.

This power would definitely exceed an attack from a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Although he didnt know what sort of method this was, Luo Yunyang guessed that it wasnt a method of the sixth-level Heavenly Venerate at the helm, but rather a cumulation of power of the Universe-Grade powerhouses operating this array formation.

Luo Yunyang had already changed into a set of black clothing, so his appearance looked very ordinary.

Even the cultivation base exhibited by his body showed the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts cultivation, which was at the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

In 1,000 years, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts body had already gone from the first-level Heavenly Venerate to the fourth-level Heavenly Venerate.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that this was extremely fast progress. Without the comprehending ability in Luo Yunyangs main body and the accumulated wealth of resources, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts cultivation wouldnt have reached this level either.

Currently, the body Luo Yunyang was using was one of the clones of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, the Primeval Underworld Monarch clone.

Compared to his other clones, such as the Five-Element World Tree, Luo Yunyang preferred using the Primeval Underworld Monarch clone that was created by the condensation of this sea of blood.

The power of this clone was many times stronger than the Primeval Underworld Monarch Luo Yunyang had encountered many years ago.

The surging sea of blood had already become a vast, endless ocean of blood.

Luo Yunyangs real body was hidden within this vast, endless ocean of blood.

Entering the Dual Realm Sky to kill the 1st Mysterious Demon could be considered very dangerous. Although Luo Yunyang had confidence in himself, he ultimately still decided to leave his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast outside the Dual Realm Sky.

In this sort of dangerous place, the advantages of a clone could be displayed better. Even if something happened to Luo Yunyangs real body, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could similarly allow him to exist in this world.

Greetings, sir! A minute later, a team led by a Universe 9-Grade powerhouse appeared before Luo Yunyang.

There were only ten people on this team. Besides the leader, who was a Universe 9-Grade, the cultivation bases of the others were basically higher than the Universe 5-Grade.

Each of these people would be considered a powerful existence even in a Great Cosmos.

Although Luo Yunyang was still controlling this body, he couldnt cover up the coldness of the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

Cold killing intent emanated continuously, causing the group of ten Universe-Grade martialists to feel a sense of fear.

Even the Universe 9-Grade team leader felt a subconscious urge to prostrate himself. However, he eventually managed to control his mental state and say, Sir, we are the 16th squad of the Sealed Sky City. We will have to check all your documents.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Alright. As he spoke, he tossed a written seal over to the Universe 9-Grade powerhouse.

The written seal contained Luo Yunyangs identity information, which was all real. As the squad leader went through the information, he said respectfully, Welcome, Heavenly Venerate Primeval. Please follow me into the Dual Realm Sky.

Escorted by the 16th squad, Luo Yunyang entered the tightly-guarded Sealed Sky City in no time.

Upon passing through the city gates, Luo Yunyang finally saw the object that was making him feel threatened. It was a weapon that looked like a huge crossbow.

There were countless patterns carved into this weapon, and there was a large crossbow every several thousand meters all around the Sealed Sky City.

Luo Yunyang understood that the defensive strength here was at its lowest. After all, this was the Human Races domain. Its actual defensive might was on the other end of the city, which was closest to the Dual Realm Sky.

Sir, you can freely enter the Dual Realm Sky with your seal. We shall bid you farewell here, the Universe 9-Grade leader said after they escorted Luo Yunyang into the city.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands before leaving alone.

What a strong murderous aura! How scary! A Universe 5-Grade powerhouse lamented. I have a strong feeling that the arrival of this person has given us one additional death god.

He was rather arrogant. Why do I feel like he seems impressive but might not actually be?

Alright, stop talking rubbish, you all. Are his affairs something that you can talk about as you please?

The Universe 9-Grade squad leader berated them. Show some respect. A loose tongue can cause trouble.

The group forced themselves to keep their mouths shut as they left with the squad leader. Half a day later, one of the ten team members transmitted a secret message.

The messages content was a description of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about all this. After going around the Sealed Sky City once, he then walked towards the other end of the city.

Besides the city hall, which was 10,000 fathoms high, there were also faintly discernible mountains on that side. These mountains didnt look like they occupied the space where the city walls were, yet they clearly existed.

Cries of wild beasts would echo from the top of the mountains. The horizon beyond the city walls looked like two pieces of differently-colored paper pasted together.

In the Sealed Sky City, this paper was green, while the color beyond the city gates was dark blue.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the vast mountains and gained a better evaluation of the Sealed Sky City.

Because he possessed the written seal, Luo Yunyang smoothly reached the outside of the Sealed Sky Citys gates.

The area outside the city gates was heavily guarded. Luo Yunyang saw lots of information rapidly flashing across a sparkling jade screen.

Dark River Pool hunting. Forming a team. Third-level Heavenly Venerates or higher beings required.

A party going to Fallen God Slope lacks one member. Great offensive might required.

Information about a Mysterious Underworld Race secret base needed. Looking for ambitious fellows to hunt with.

Luo Yunyang grinned when he saw these notices. After mulling this over for a moment, he randomly accepted the notice to go hunting at Dark River Pool.

The virtual realms in the Sealed Sky City were rather limited, so Luo Yunyang and other comrades that were recruiting could only meet in person.

Thus, in 15 minutes, four martialists in different attire, each above the third-level Heavenly Venerate, appeared before Luo Yunyang.

The leader was a stout man who seemed to be in his 30s. This martialist gave of a plucky, tough vibe.

His eyes lit up slightly when he saw Luo Yunyang. Ha ha ha Brother Primeval, looks like you have accepted this assignment. This is just great. Thanks to you, our Jin Zhan Team is once again full and ready to roll.

The four others scrutinized Luo Yunyang while Luo Yunyang appraised them. Because Luo Yunyang never restricted the aura of his body, they could sense his fourth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base.

A fourth-level Heavenly Venerate could be considered an expert in their midst.

Once again full? Luo Yunyang asked the stout man with some doubt.

Our team always had five people. During our previous hunt, we lost one member and were down to four. We are full once again with your addition, a stern-looking man said somewhat haughtily, We are all veteran hunters who have even killed a fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate before.

He then glanced at Luo Yunyang, What about you?

I just came here. Luo Yunyang looked at the stern fellow as he replied in a similarly cold fashion.

A flash of hesitance appeared in the eyes of the smiling Jin Zhan. Clearly, he wasnt very willing to accept a rookie like Luo Yunyang.

The stern-looking fellow spoke up bluntly. Leader Jin, lets swap him. I dont wish to bring rookies in here. After all, we all need large quantities of resources. Otherwise, we wouldnt be putting our lives on the line.

Jin Zhan hesitated. Meanwhile, a tall charming lady by Jin Zhans side said, Leader Jin, what we need is a comrade who can support our attacks.

Although his cultivation is not too bad, he is still a rookie. He wouldnt be able to avoid making mistakes.

Luo Yunyang didnt join teams often. However, he had never imagined that he would be avoided in the Sealed Sky City. He didnt care much about this Jin Zhan team, so if these people didnt let him join them, Luo Yunyang would walk away.

While he could say for certain that he was unrivaled in the Dual Sky Realm thanks to his cultivation base, he would definitely be a major player here.

Brother do you have any special moves? Jin Zhan asked Luo Yunyang after hesitating for a moment. His three comrades knew that Jin Zhan clearly wanted to give Heavenly Venerate Primeval a chance.

Scram! Luo Yunyang glared at the other three.

He had merely wanted to find a party to explore with and get used to the environment here. He was pissed with Jin Zhan and his team for being picky, so he no longer thought this way.

Jin Zhans face turned red when this was said.

Although Jin Zhan couldnt claim to be an unrivaled entity, he still had a reputation amongst the hunters in this area. How dare a rookie actually berate him this way?

This made Jin Zhan extremely displeased.

However, he suddenly looked over and clapped his hands. Brother, we are a team. Lets just prepare to set out.

Luo Yunyang, who didnt sense any ill intentions in Jin Zhans laugh, watched Jin Zhan with slight skepticism.

Brother, the fact that you have been able to survive so far with that temper of yours definitely means that you have some skills that surpass most people. Therefore, I have decided to let you join our team, Jin Zhan said earnestly.

Luo Yunyang only had one thought when he heard this: Had he run into a fabled cheap person that day?