Supreme Uprising Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Great Strength Increase

By sunset, a house with three rooms and a large garden had become the new residence of the Luo household.

"My big bro is amazing!" Luo Dong'er scurried between rooms excitedly. Her delighted tone made Luo Yunyang feel a sense of accomplishment.

His mother Shen Yunying was preparing food. The Golden Deer stew she was cooking in the kitchen gave off an intoxicating fragrance.

Golden Deer Meat was good stuff. Luo Yunyang drooled just at the thought of it. The only downside was that it was really expensive.

Half a kilo cost 3,000 dayuan!

Luo Yunyang had bought 2.5 kilos, so he had spent 15,000 dayuan. Meanwhile, their new house had only cost 20,000 dayuan.

He had bought a house and a few kilos of Golden Deer Meat...

The whole thing seemed like a joke, but it was actually reality. According to the grades of different dire beasts, Golden Deer was the lowest D-grade dire beast.


Luo Yunyang picked up two pieces of Golden Deer Meat for his mother and little sister. Then he opened his mouth and swallowed a piece of meat.

An immense, delicious flavor flooded his mouth. The instant the piece of meat was in his mouth, he felt a current surge out from within his body.

This current was twice as powerful as the one he had felt when he had eaten a grade-six energy bar.

Many young men born into rich families would eat dire beast flesh and drink dire beast blood to cultivate. How strong could these sort of people be?

That was what Luo Yunyang was thinking about as he ate. He immediately turned his attention to the Golden Deer Meat.

Shen Yunying and Luo Dong'er only had one piece each before they were not able to eat anymore.

Just the energy of one bite of Golden Deer Meat made them feel bloated.

"Listen to mom, Dong'er. Your brother is going to go cultivate!" Luo Yunyang stroked his little sister's head tenderly before heading to the garden.

The small garden was surrounded by stone walls. The space wasn't that big, but it still felt like heaven for Luo Yunyang, who performed the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move and the Coiling Dragon Formation.

Although they were only two moves, Luo Yunyang was extremely serious as he practised them. As he used them, some form of heat was slowly assimilated by his body.

His cultivation wasn't as difficult this time. In one hour, all the energy within his body had been absorbed. When he was done, Luo Yunyang went into his room.

He had a brand new bed and brand new sheets. Everything was brand new!

Luo Yunyang didn't take out the item he had been looking forward to. Instead, he opened the attribute regulator in his mind.

Power: 1.4

Speed: 0.7

Mind: 1.1

Constitution: 1.5

Luo Yunyang was rather satisfied with the result. He had eaten one kilo of Golden Deer Meat and undergone a round of cultivation. He had come close to gaining 100 kilos of strength and 0.1 Constitution Points.

He just didn't know if the remaining Golden Deer Meat would produce the same result.

He knew that he owed this result to the fact that this was the first time he had eaten as much Golden Deer Meat as he liked.

Of course, the Ape-Dragon Blueprint had also liberated him further.

Luo Yunyang took out the body-forging medicine, but he didn't take it right away. Instead, he fished out the medicine's manual and read it meticulously.

"C-grade dire beast blood essence, sunflowers, concealed winter grass..."

A vial of body-forging medicine actually required a lot of ingredients to make. The only ingredient Luo Yunyang recognized was the concealed winter grass.

The plant, which was found in the deepest mountain recesses, cost no less than 3,000 dayuan apiece.

Of course, this was something he had read in a book.

Body-forging medicine was extremely violent. However, the longer one persevered, the more they benefited from it. A person could only inject a body-forging medicine of the same type once in their lifetime.

If they had any more, it wouldn't have any effect.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang had to endure it as long as he could.

In half an hour, the medicine's absorption strength was 15%.

In one hour, it was 30%.

In two hours, it was 50%.

In three hours, it was 70%.

The minimum recommended absorption period was half an hour.

Although it would be very painful, it was important for Luo Yunyang's future.

If it was really unbearable, he could take a suppressing pill. The pill would stop the absorption and expel the medicine from his body.

The manual's instructions were etched into Luo Yunyang's mind clearly.

How long would he be able to hold out? Based on his willpower, Luo Yunyang believed that he would be able to endure it for at least an hour.

In that case though, the medicine's absorption strength would only be 30%.

In order to last longer, he would have to adjust his attributes. The medicine had nothing to do with his power, so he adjusted his Power Attribute to zero.

There was no use being nimble and agile during this procedure.

Pain tolerance only required a strong Constitution, and reducing his Mind Attribute would help numb the pain.

Luo Yunyang had already thought about this. He would adjust his Mind Attribute to 0.1 and convert all his other Attribute Points into Constitution Points.

Luo Yunyang took out the medicine and injected it into his body by following the instructions. The instant the medicine entered his bloodstream, he felt as if there was a ball of fire inside his body.

His skin and flesh were burning. It felt as if his entire body had been ignited.

Immense pain suddenly flooded his mind.

This wouldn't do. If this pain went on, Luo Yunyang was afraid he might not even be able to endure this for an hour. As he thought about it, he made some adjustments by using his attribute regulator.

Power: 0

Speed: 0

Mind: 0.1

Constitution: 4.6

The immense pain subsided a bit. So much so that Luo Yunyang felt a sort of numbness blur the painful feeling.

He had felt like he was being sliced apart by a knife before, but now he only felt a small unease.

One hour, two hours, three hours

Luo Yunyang had lowered his Mind Attribute, so everything seemed hazy to him. Time passed without him realizing it.

He had no idea how much time had passed. He could not feel the pain in his own body anymore.

He believed that the body-forging medicine in his body had been exhausted, so he restored all his attributes to normal.

Luo Yunyang commanded the attribute regulator mentally and then jumped off his bed.

He suddenly felt incomparably sturdy. Every single muscle he flexed seemed to be full of vitality.

He could even feel the fibers of his 639 muscles wriggling like small worms.

Although this wriggling motion was insignificant, when Luo Yunyang made a fist, all the connected muscle fibers started generating force like little snakes converging in his fist.

Luo Yunyang picked up the strength-measuring ball. He had barely grasped it lightly, when a myriad of colors suddenly flashed across it.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet!

Eventually, it turned back to its original color and did not react in any other way.

It was broken!

Luo Yunyang looked at the measuring ball in his hand sadly. His sister had saved her allowance to buy it for him as a present. How could it have broken just by being grasped?

Luo Yunyang reduced his power and grasped the measuring ball hopefully, watching it for a reaction. Nothing again.

He had broken it by gripping it!

Luo Yunyang put down the measuring ball and quickly opened the attribute regulator.

Power: 3.3

Speed: 1.2

Mind: 1.4

Constitution: 2.8

The figures made Luo Yunyang's eyes glow. He had never doubted that the body-forging medicine could increase one's power, but he had not expected such a large increase.

Lian Yubi had used the same body-forging medicine, but his strength had only increased by 250 kilos. Luo Yunyang's strength increase was almost 1,000 kilos.

Besides Power, the other attribute that had improved the most was his Constitution, which had also been doubled. Luo Yunyang felt like his body was heavier than usual.

He was surging with power as he walked around the small garden. The sun had not come out yet. He didn't want to wake up his mother and sister, so he didn't practise the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. Instead, he practised his horse stance quietly.

The fundamental horse stance was what Luo Yunyang and the other students practised the most. As he got into the horse stance now though, Luo Yunyang felt a power gather and surge through his body.

However, that wasn't all. When he got into the horse stance, he felt his mind become clear as day.

I should have probably finished absorbing the body-forging medicine's effects. My strength has already reached the peak of a second-class martialist. I should be able to cultivate the third diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint now, the move that tempers one's tendons, the Tail-Swaying Storm Dragon.

As sunlight broke through the darkness, Luo Yunyang heard the first sound of activity in the house. It sounded like his mother had already gotten out of bed. Luo Yunyang no longer had any qualms about practising the moves on the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

He started practising the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move and the Coiling Dragon Formation immediately.

Although his mastery over these moves didn't increase, every time he trained and used them, he felt the strength in his body become even more active. It seemed like a different feeling every time he unleashed it.

"Hey, Big Bro! Here's a towel!"

Luo Yunyang had been cultivating for an hour, when Luo Dong'er came running over with a towel.

Luo Yunyang took the small towel and wiped his face. He felt delighted. He could feel that his strength had improved again.

Luo Yunyang did not eat at home. This wasn't because he disliked his mother's cooking, but rather because the food at home wasn't enough to satisfy his hungry stomach.

After reminding his mother to report at the bank, he left and ran to school.

"Good morning, Brother Luo!"

"Good morning, Big Bro Yunyang!"

"Morning, Senior Yunyang!"

Everyone, regardless of gender, greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully when they saw him. A number of girls who considered themselves good-looking gazed at him adoringly.

"Look, it's Lian Yubi and Xiong Zhenshan!" Shen Yulang, who had just started talking to Luo Yunyang, pointed ahead of them.

"Student Yunyang, there is a matter I need to discuss with you." Xiong Zhenshan had a large smile plastered on his face.

"I heard that you are a second-class martialist, Teacher Xiong. How about you give me some pointers on cultivation?" Luo Yunyang said with a grim smile. "Let me punch you three times, and I will forget about the whole incident!"