Supreme Uprising Chapter 90

Chapter 90: A Young Master

Combat squadrons were the most valiant fighting teams in the Rising Dragon Army. The Green Dragon Combat Squadron was the sixth in rank combat squadron in the Rising Dragon Army.

Although its rank wasn't considered very high, it let the Green Dragon Combat Squadron enjoy an extraordinary status.

Outside the final safe zone of Chang'an City, about five kilometers away from Zulong Mountain, three men in Rising Dragon Army uniforms were sitting on three rocks and chatting idly.

"Damn! What do our superiors want?" a short, stocky man asked with a moan. "We set off a long time ago, yet now we have to wait because some other people will be joining us?"

"What are they coming for? Don't they trust their own brothers?"

Seated beside him was a tall man with a red face that seemed to give off a sense of righteousness.

"Alright, stop complaining. Our combat squadron might be independent, but we are all still soldiers of the Rising Dragon Army."

Although the shorter man was unhappy, he was a little afraid of the taller man, so he stopped grumbling and talking drivel.

Suddenly, the last man, who was a tanned, coarse-looking fellow that looked like an old farmer, said, "The latest order was given by the Flame Emperor himself."

The other two men's expressions changed immediately, unconsciously turning solemn.

To these people, the Flame Emperor was like a god-like existence. Their expressions were full of respect as they looked at their leader.

"What did the Flame Emperor say?" the short guy asked.

"He said that the person coming is very important to the Rising Dragon Army. No matter what happens, we have to ensure that he doesn't get hurt in any way," the tanned man said. Then, he added in a firm voice, "I promised him on the spot that even if I, Lu Tiefeng, lost my life, I would make sure that no harm would come to that person."

The other two fellows fell silent. Both of them knew the tanned fellow very well.

They had been risking their lives and limbs together for years after all.

Lu Tiefeng always meant what he said and would make every possible effort to achieve his goals. If he promised to do something, he would definitely accomplish it, even if he lost his life along the way.

"Damn it, Big Brother Lu. If you have already put it this way, what more can we say? We'd do anything for the Rising Dragon Army!" the short man shouted resolutely.

As the men were speaking, a car suddenly drove over fast. The person driving was a Lieutenant Colonel. His face appeared strained, as if someone had kidnapped his wife and was asking for ransom.

"I'll be heading back, Luo Yunyang," Lee Xiaoyong said the moment Luo Yunyang exited the car. Then, he left as quickly as he had driven over.

Luo Yunyang's slightly youthful face made him look inexperienced in his full Rising Dragon Army uniform.

He actually looked like a new recruit.

This was the first thought that popped into the mind of the short man when he saw Luo Yunyang for the first time. This was exactly the sort of person they disliked taking along on missions.

Most of the time, new recruits were inexperienced and impulsive. Too often, these two flaws proved fatal.

"I am Luo Yunyang. I have been ordered to report to Squad Leader Lu Tiefeng," Luo Yunyang said earnestly as he eyed the three men.

"Greetings, Luo Yunyang. I am Lu Tiefeng. Welcome to our squad!" Lu Tiefeng sized Luo Yunyang up meticulously before pointing at the short man. "This is Zhang Hu. He wields dual blades. You can call him Dual-Blade Zhang."

The main purpose of dual blades was naturally offence. The calluses on Dual-Blade Zhang's hands proved this point.

"This is Ma Longlei. You can call him Brother Ma. He is our navigator and an expert in all sorts of traps. As for me... I like tough battles."

Although Lu Tiefeng's words were thorough, they were also a little awkward. After he introduced himself, he looked at Luo Yunyang. "What are you adept in and what martial skill level are you at?"

Luo Yunyang didn't find anything wrong with Lu Tiefeng's question. A squad leader had to be familiar with the members of his own squad after all.

"I must be a third-grade martial master. My best skill is my Forceful Eagle Claw Technique and Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques!"

Actually, Luo Yunyang had only cultivated the Forceful Eagle Claw Technique once. He had done so by looking at the secret manual the Eagle King had given him.

Lu Tiefeng and Ma Longlei's eyes met for a brief second. In that moment, they both saw a hint of astonishment in the other person's expression.

Although they were members of the Green Dragon Combat Squadron, they were only first-grade martialists. Meanwhile, this fella, who was just a kid, was actually a martial master.

"What a lucky fellow! Seems like you are the elite martialist of the legends!" Zhang Hu's tone had a clear hint of hostility. "You might be an elite martialist, but in this squad, you have to listen to Big Brother Lu, newbie. Otherwise, we won't play nice!"

A first-grade martialist being this impolite to a martial master was a rare occurrence in the Da Alliance.

Luo Yunyang smiled. "I'm a squad member, so I will naturally listen to the squad leader."

Lu Tiefeng heaved a big sigh of relief. He had originally imagined that someone that could make the Flame Emperor call out would probably be a young master. However, he hadn't expected that he would be a young master with a cultivation base that exceeded theirs.

This sort of young master was much harder to handle than an ordinary young master.

"Let's go! We should head to the gathering point ahead." Lu Tiefeng shot Ma Longlei a look as he spoke. Ma Longlei quickly started walking ahead.

Ma Longlei's movements convinced Luo Yunyang that he was indeed an expert. Lu Tiefeng was already being really careful, even though they had barely even left the safe zone. Luo Yunyang now had even more confidence in his abilities.

They didn't encounter any dangers during their five-kilometer walk. When they reached the bottom of a slope, they saw 20-30 people gathered there.

The majority of these people were clad in uniforms of the Eight Armies of the East. All it took was a single glance for one to tell that the people there were each army's crack troops.

It seemed like they were all familiar with each other, and there was quite a number of people that smiled and greeted Lu Tiefeng.

"Old Lu! You guys came!"

"I heard that you were jilted recently, Dual-Blade Zhang. Ha ha ha! Falling out of love is normal. Don't be so sad. When you go through a few more break-ups, you will become more experienced."

These greetings, albeit boorish, united everyone and showed that the people there were comfortable around each other.

"That's too much noise! Shut up, all of you!" a cold voice yelled suddenly. The person who had spoken was a man in his 20s in a set of casual clothes who looked like a cold, strict fellow.

The long sword on his back made him look like a tree in the wind.

The man was currently staring disdainfully at Lu Tiefeng and the others. "If you guys keep making so much noise, I'll shut your mouths up."

When Zhang Hu, who had been in a slightly irritable mood, heard these words, he nearly charged at the man and drew out his blades.

"Alright!" Lu Tiefeng waved his hands around before he said, "Where is Researcher Qin? We have to report to her."

When Lu Tiefeng spoke, many people turned their attention to a woman tapping away on a laptop.

The woman was wearing plain gray exercise attire.

Women didn't tend to like this sort of attire, as it concealed their curves and exposed all their flaws. However, the lady in question seemed to have a nice body and beautiful features.

The man with the sword shot Lu Tiefeng a look of contempt as he said, "You guys should find a place to rest first. Can't you see that Researcher Qin is busy? If you make a ruckus, I will have to become unpleasant."

Lu Tiefeng glanced at the woman before he signalled for Zhang Hu, Luo Yunyang and Ma Longlei to go over and sit with a friend of his.

Lu Tiefeng's friend was a chap who looked like a black bear. His limbs and face were huge, and his thick stubble made him look especially formidable.

"Old Xiong, who is that fella that's roaring away like a badass, as though everybody here owes him money?" Zhang Hu, who knew the bear-like fellow very well, asked quietly.

The instant Zhang Hu said this, the young man looked over. Luo Yunyang could sense a hint of killing intent in his gaze.

These two lines had actually made the man want to kill someone. Luo Yunyang, who could clearly sense his killing intent, started disliking that fella even more.

"Who else could it be? I heard that he is an elite member of the Sangu Research Center. He came here especially to protect Researcher Qin."

Although Luo Yunyang wasn't very familiar with the Sangu Research Center, he suddenly recalled seeing the words Sangu on a bottle of strengthening medicine.

It had probably been some other company with a similar name.

"What's the relation between the Sangu Research Center and Sangu Medical?" Luo Yunyang asked the bear-like man with a smile.

"He he... I didn't expect the Green Dragon Combat Squadron to actually accept a new member. Hello, Little Brother. I am Xiong Ben, but you can just call me Old Xiong. Sangu Medical is just a company that belongs to the Sangu Research Center."

Old Xiong's eyes suddenly flickered. "Alright, there's no point talking about this useless stuff. Let's talk about something more pleasant. Dual-Blade Zhang, for example. I heard that you fell out of love again, you little brat. Want Big Brother to share some techniques about sweeping through the field of love?"

Although Zhang Hu liked being called Dual-Blade Zhang, Old Xiong had purposely touched on a sensitive subject, so being called Dual-Blade Zhang had only made him feel even more miserable.

"Stop bragging, Old Xiong! Everyone knows that you don't have a daughter-in-law yet. People say that your son might remain a virgin for his entire life! Ha ha ha!" Ma Longlei didn't look like someone who liked to joke, but whenever he opened his mouth, he shut everyone up.

Xiong Ben scratched his head and changed the topic. "Anyway, I heard that a top-notch martialist of the Rising Dragon Army awakened a special source core. Whenever he hits someone, the target's vitality is replenished 100 times over."

"Is that really true? How can there be a weirdo with such an odd source core?"