Supreme Uprising Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Dark River Pool Black Clothed Death God

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The Dark River Pool was three million miles away from the Sealed Sky City. This was an abyss and a killing ground that looked like a gathering of blue and green light.

Although this abyss was described as a pulling force, the area of this abyss actually covered a million square kilometers.

"There is a dark river within this abyss. Besides all sorts of rare fishes, there are also countless strange treasures inside this dark river. Some people earn riches every time the dark river appears."

"Unfortunately, the time when the dark river appears isnt fixed. The location where it appears isnt certain either. Hunters like us need to be really lucky in order to encounter this abyss."

Jin Zhan looked at Luo Yunyang and said softly, "However, with benefits comes danger. All else aside, just the various whirlpools in the dark river will kill us if we arent careful."

"Of course, most importantly, Mysterious Underworld powerhouses can also appear and pose a considerable threat to us."

Luo Yunyang nodded his head gently. Although he didnt really approve of this team much, they had one advantage: They were very familiar with the region where the blue and green lights converged.

"The Mysterious Underworld fellows might appear savage, but if you are bold and scrupulous, you basically have nothing to fear if the opponent is of a similar level."

Jin Zhans words were clearly addressed at Luo Yunyang. After all, Luo Yunyang was a naive rookie in the eyes of these people.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head in response to Jin Zhans words.

The other three members of the team were rather cold to Luo Yunyang. Each of them stood quietly at the fringes of the abyss, surveying the surroundings.

"We will wait idly here. Based on our past experiences, a few Mysterious Underworld powerhouses will appear in this abyss each year," Jin Zhan whispered to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He didnt have much interest in hunting down Mysterious Underworld powerhouses for merit points and exchanging treasures for these points.

His body didnt like treasures, as he was at the helm of the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Furthermore, even though he hadnt returned to Hong Meng Sacred Hall, his status hadnt changed.

Thus, Luo Yunyang could also gain considerable benefits through Hong Meng Sacred Halls means.

Under Jin Zhans orders, the five of them quickly split the workload. Luo Yunyang simply wasnt interested in any of this. His workload was also the lightest, as Jin Zhan had allocated the simplest job to the rookie.

He was the tail. When the hunt was in progress, his job would be to rush in whenever there was a problem to try and solve it.

Luo Yunyang didnt object to what was probably a dispensable option. His motive for joining this team was to familiarize himself with the surroundings.

Jin Zhan and the others were indeed veteran hunters. In a month, their team had hunted and slain three Mysterious Underworld powerhouses, and their spoils were rather considerable. Luo Yunyang hadnt even needed to make any moves so far.

Although Jin Zhan didnt say anything, the stern middle-aged man often had a look of disapproval on his face whenever he saw Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt care. He was already preparing to leave. Staying in Jin Zhans team any longer wouldnt be of much help to him.

"Brother Primeval, our loot was not too bad this time. The heads of three first-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates can be exchanged for quite some resources."

Jin Zhan glanced at Luo Yunyang and said softly, "We did say that everything would be split equally amongst the team. However, brother, you also know that you havent contributed at all. If we divided the spoils this way, the others would be unhappy, which would be a problem for our future cooperation."

"Therefore, I think that you should be more generous and take a little less than the regular allotment. This way, we will have a longer and more prosperous working partnership."

Luo Yunyang simply didnt care about all these merits. However, upon hearing Jin Zhans concerned tone, he smirked.

"I dont accept," he said icily.

Jin Zhans smile froze. He had originally thought that Luo Yunyang wasnt too bad and had said all this in hopes of continuing this partnership.

Although he was the team leader, he still couldnt resolve all the issues of the team with just words. Many times, everyone needed to negotiate.

Jin Zhan already knew that their three comrades intended to replace Luo Yunyang. This was the reason he had expressed his opinion. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually say such things.

Although he was really displeased with what Luo Yunyang had said, Jin Zhan mulled this over for a moment before relenting. "Brother Primeval, in that case, we can only go ahead with the stipulated arrangement. However, merely watching wont provide you with many benefits in the future."

Luo Yunyang no longer had any intention of staying in this team. Therefore, he put on an unyielding front. "I just want to claim what rightfully belongs to me."

Jin Zhan shook his head and left. The exchange between them had caught the attention of the other three, and the stern-looking man was now glaring angrily at Luo Yunyang.

Clearly, he wasnt very happy with Luo Yunyangs display of greed.

"Boss Jin has really chosen the wrong person this time." The beautiful lady was exasperated.

"He really cant differentiate between good and bad. Looks like we ought to find a replacement when we get back," the stern-looking man said.

Jin Zhan didnt say anything. Although he was still willing to work with Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyangs choice had made him very unhappy.

As they were speaking, a faint flash of killing intent flickered across Luo Yunyangs eyes. When this killing intent appeared, a voice said, "You guys wont be going back."

Although Luo Yunyang and the others could understand what these words were implying, this voice didnt belong to a human.

Jin Zhan and the other martialists all had ugly expressions on their faces.

They had suddenly seen a tall, black Mysterious Underworld Being oozing a powerful aura. Based on this aura, the cultivation base of this Mysterious Underworld Being had to be at least at the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Fifth-Level Heavenly Venerate, One Thought One Realm.

Although Jin Zhan and the others had a tacit understanding when cooperating and claimed that they had a combat ability equivalent to a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, a vast gulf still existed.

"Damn, I have already waited a long time for you. Today shall be the day you all die." The large Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate moved his arms and a surging black blaze formed many black lotus flowers that floated over in Luo Yunyangs direction.

Every single one of these black lotus flowers contained a realm.

As the black lotuses descended, the stern-looking man soared into the sky. He wanted to avoid being trapped in these black lotuses as soon as possible.

This was already a life-and-death situation. Although they were all in a team, each of them could only rely on themselves to stay alive.

After all, a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate simply wasnt someone they could deal with.

However, despite escaping for many miles, he suddenly discovered that his body was already in a black lotus flower. The thousands of miles he had escaped to hadnt changed the reality within the black lotus flower.

The stern-looking man couldnt help being scared witless when he was caught in this situation. Although his comrades all unleashed their strongest techniques, unfortunately, they were still caught up in the realms formed by the black lotus flowers.

When the black lotus flowers they were in shattered, death would await them.

The only one amongst those five that didnt move was Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang watched the black lotus flowers enveloping him calmly. As the lotus was about to shatter, he suddenly drew his sword.

Blood-red sword-light sliced through the air. This sword strike didnt produce a very long sword gleam or a furious killing intent. However, it cut through the bindings of the black lotus flower and cut at the fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate.

The sword swept past the fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate, cutting him in two.

His soul and everything else were severed in half with that one slash.

Beads of cold sweat broke on the foreheads of Jin Zhan and the others as they watched Luo Yunyang slowly sheathe his sword. Only now did they become aware of how powerful their team member actually was.

If such a person joined their team, the teams fighting ability would be at least ten times stronger.

"Sir" Jin Zhan looked at Luo Yunyang fearfully.

Luo Yunyang didnt have a favorable opinion of Jin Zhan and the others, yet he had no intention of killing them either. He calmly met Jin Zhans gaze. "Whats the matter?"

"That We failed to recognize a formidable person. We really"

Luo Yunyang didnt let Jin Zhan finish. "Alright, what you failed to see is none of my business."

"Now, you can continue dealing with your own affairs. You dont have to worry about me." Luo Yunyang paid no attention to Jin Zhan and the others as he started strolling deeper into the abyss.

"We shall part here."

Jin Zhan and the others couldnt help but shudder as they heard his indifferent voice. They all knew that although they had fatefully crossed paths with this powerful being named Primeval, their days together had come to an end.

The stern mans head was dripping with perspiration. Although Luo Yunyang didnt look at him, he still felt as if there was a sharp sword pressed against his back.

Fortunately, this person hadnt pointed out his faults.

"In the future, no one is to randomly mention this great person. Got it?" Jin Zhan met the gaze of the stern-looking man before instructing the team.

"If we offend this great person, our lives" Jin Zhan trailed off gloomily. The rest of the team members felt themselves shiver.