Supreme Uprising Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Xuan Pin Sacred Hall

Chapter 902: Xuan Pin Sacred Hall
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Luo Yunyangs heart fell when he saw the message that said the Sealed Sky City had fallen. After coming to the Dual Realm Sky, Luo Yunyang had started to gain a good understanding of the Sealed Sky City.

Although his understanding of the Sealed Sky City was unilateral, he knew that there were two Yuan Venerate Almighties at the helm of the Sealed Sky City. The array within the Sealed Sky City couldnt be breached easily either, even if six Yuan Venerates were to attack it together

The Sealed Sky City was very important to the Human Race, so many people claimed that the Sealed Sky City was actually an infallible city.

However, this so-called infallible city had actually been breached and conquered.

Luo Yunyangs first thought when he heard the news was that this was impossible.

After all, this was the Sealed Sky City!

However, Luo Yunyang didnt think that this news was fake, as it had been sent directly to his personal communication device.

Since ancient times, the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race martialists had always relied on their own strongholds to kill off one another. Now that the Sealed Sky City, which was the only passage to the Dual Realm Sky, had fallen, many Heavenly Venerates inside had lost their greatest support.

Would they rip the void and leave?

Luo Yunyang felt that this might not necessarily be good either, as the Dual Realm Sky had a special topography. Tearing through space there wasnt easy. Furthermore, the two races had countless prohibiting arrays to prevent the enemy from casually entering and leaving their races territory on both sides of the Dual Realm Sky.

The moment someone forcefully tore the void, that person would be like a fish jumping out of the water. They would be immediately killed.

Terminating oneself in the Dual Realm Sky was a way to leave. However, they would experience a great decline in power and all the treasures on their body would also be given up.

Therefore, this was something many Heavenly Venerates that went there were unwilling to do.

Even Luo Yunyang himself wasnt willing to do so.

Besides these two options, there was also one more option: finding a spatial tear within the Dual Realm Sky and leaving.

This seemed like the safest option, yet it was also very difficult.

Although the records mentioned that spatial cracks had always existed within the Dual Realm Sky, they were difficult to locate and most of them constantly shifted position.

Naturally, this also increased the difficulty of leaving.

Luo Yunyang didnt really panic much over the fall of the Sealed Sky City. Although the loss of the Sealed Sky City meant the loss of a strong backing, a special feature of the Dual Realm Sky would also give him great protection.

It would be very difficult for Yuan Venerate Almighties to enter the Dual Realm Sky.

Luo Yunyang didnt find out why it was difficult for Yuan Venerate Almighties to enter the Dual Realm Sky. However, he believed that all these ancient rules that were passed down shouldnt be wrong.

The Yuan Venerate Almighties inability to enter was probably an opportunity.

While Luo Yunyang was thinking about all this, he suddenly felt the area around him darkening.

12 large flags unfurled in the wind. Each of these large flags had a different image, but all of them were pictures of Yuan Underworldlings.

The images of Yuan Underworldlings on these 12 large flags werent unfamiliar to Luo Yunyang. During his bout with the 1st Mysterious Demon, Luo Yunyang had already experienced how powerful these 12 Yuan Underworldlings were.

The 12 Yuan Underworldlings on the 12 flags were more than 100 times stronger than the 12 Yuan Underworldlings the 1st Mysterious Demon had produced back then.

Each Yuan Underworldings might seemed to surpass a ninth-level Heavenly Venerates might.

Although the 12 large flags were only sealing up the void for now, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that if these 12 Yuan Underworldlings attacked simultaneously, they would definitely use astounding power.

Due to the presence of the 12 Primordial Yuan Underworldling flags, using the method of suicide to leave the Dual Realm Sky had basically become nothing more than an extravagant hope.

The array formed by the 12 Yuan Underworldling flags would definitely trap any Heavenly Venerates consciousness if they tried to use the method of self-termination in a bid to leave this place.

Werent occupying the Sealed Sky City and using these 12 large flags to seal the Dual Realm Sky excessive methods? Would these methods really be used for the sake of killing the Human Race Heavenly Venerates there?

Meanwhile, in an unknown space at Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the three Hall Masters, the Divine Elder, and a few other faintly discernible figures were seated alongside each other.

Hall Masters, the Sealed Sky City was easily breached and occupied. Hong Meng Sacred Hall should probably give us an explanation! a man with a bright, dazzling ring of light behind him said in an imperious tone.

The three hall masters of Hong Meng Sacred Hall had always been high and mighty, but the man who was speaking seemed to be using a reproaching tone.

The Left Hall Master smiled grimly. The Sealed Sky City belongs to the whole Human Race. Our halls also dispatched a Yuan Venerate to oversee it.

The Sealed Sky Citys fast fall only proves one thing: There are traitors among the Human Race.

However, losing the Sealed Sky City isnt that big of a deal. Even if we cant reclaim the Sealed Sky City for the time being, the Level Sky City we built can also withstand a Mysterious Underworld attack.

The Left Hall Master then said coldly, There arent any positive signs from the two Yuan Venerates overseeing the Sealed Sky City. We dont have anyone to give you an explanation.

There was clear killing intent laced in the Left Hall Masters voice. The cold-looking man, who was furious, had an ugly look on his face.

He was about to speak again when the old man standing by his side waved his hand gently. Enough, stop arguing!

The old man was calm and there didnt seem to be any aura coming from his body. Just based on his appearance, he looked like an ordinary old man. However, both the Left Hall Master and the cold man, who had been having a dispute, fell silent when he spoke.

The old man ignored the Left Hall Master and instead looked at the Middle Hall Master. The Sealed Sky City must definitely be taken back as quickly as possible.

The Middle Hall Master replied calmly, Heavenly Elder, you know that this is impossible. The Sealed Sky City has a unique topography and countless arrays have been deployed by us. Even if we all went ahead, retaking the Sealed Sky City would take at least 10 years.

Furthermore, a few of those primordial Yuan Underworldlings will definitely be overseeing the Sealed Sky City now. There is a high possibility that an assault would end in failure.

Thus, our main task shouldnt be to reclaim the Sealed Sky City but to weed out the Mysterious Underworld spies in our midst. Otherwise, we will suffer considerably.

Although the loss of the Sealed Sky City puts us in a less desirable spot, I think that we can still afford to give the Sealed Sky City up.

The Middle Hall Masters words made everyone around ponder in silence. Finally, the old man spoke again. Since the Middle Master has said this, I can only speak honestly.

The Xuan Pin Sacred Halls goddess is currently gaining experience in the Dual Realm Sky.

This generations goddess is really close to the Xuan Ping Sect. The Xuan Ping Sects Law Controlling Primordial Spirit has already fused with her. If she is lost, then

The old man didnt finish speaking, but the three Hall Masters sitting in a lotus position stood up at practically the same time. The Left Hall Master was exasperated. Are all the members of the Xuan Ping Sacred Hall idiots? Why did you let your goddess go to the Dual Realm Sky for training?

Dont you know that this is akin to voluntarily dangling a piece of meat in front of a wolf?

As the Left Hall Master said this, the Divine Elder, who had been silent all this while, suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at the Middle Hall Master and said, The matter of the Sealed Sky City has already been investigated. It was a rebellion led by Lie Yun Palace of the Sky Cloud Great Cosmos.

Lie Yun Palace was one of the three great powers overseeing the Sealed Sky City. Lie Yunzi of Lie Yun Palace was also a well-known figure amongst Yuan Venerates. He used array formations that were already in the Sealed Sky City to enter in secret.

Furthermore, three Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates are hidden within Lie Yunzis internal universe.

The Divine Elder had briefly described the situation. However, everyone could see what had caused the Sealed Sky City to become this way.

Most of the people present had met Lie Yunzi of Lie Yun Palace before. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Lie Yunzi had already become one of the top characters of the Human Race.

This entity had actually been a spy within the Human Race. How could they not feel their blood run cold at the thought?

No wonder they The icy-faced man started to speak resentfully, as though he had just recalled something.

At the same time, the Middle Hall Master spoke up. Since this matter concerns the Xuan Pin Sect, we have nothing to discuss. Gather the forces immediately. We have to retake the Sealed Sky City even if we all must personally make a move.

Although the three Hall Masters of Hong Meng Sacred Hall existed simultaneously, the real decision-maker was the Middle Hall Master. As long as he made a decision, the other two wouldnt object.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to breach the Sealed Sky City in a short time even if we attack them with our full force, the Right Hall Master said. I worry that this goddess will have fallen into the hands of the Mysterious Underworld Race by the time we break the Sealed Sky City.

The Right Hall Masters worries werent unfounded. After all, the Mysterious Underworld Race had already made preparations beforehand. Who knew how long they had concealed themselves? The fact that they had control of roughly half a Great Cosmos meant that this scheme had been put in motion long ago.

They couldnt allow themselves to spoil the ship for a haporth of tar.

Therefore, their best hope was to frantically search for the whereabouts of the Xuan Pin Sacred Halls goddess within the Dual Realm Sky.

However, we cant just do nothing either. The Middle Hall Master spoke before the old man could. While we muster up a full-force assault, we can only hope that the goddess will hold out for some time.

After all, the Dual Realm Sky is an ancient, secret place. Yuan Venerate entities cant enter, which gives the goddess some hope.

Although the Middle Hall Master had put it this way, everyone understood how uncertain and tiny this hope was.