Supreme Uprising Chapter 903

Chapter 903 A Sword Sweeps Through The Dual Realm Sky

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Thousands of Mysterious Underworld elite soldiers roared furiously. Every single one of them had a Universe 9-Grade cultivation base. A gathering of so many elite troops could overwhelm any Heavenly Venerate below the fourth level.

On top of that, there was a fifth-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate clad in black armor in the center. As he waved the flag in his hands, the blood of these elite troops gathered to form a giant four-headed, six-winged demonic specter.

As this giant specter took to the air, countless nomological laws gathered to form two weapons in its hands.

The various Yuan Underworlding lords have already given the order to exterminate all humans in the Dual Realm Sky. However, if you see this woman, capture her alive at all costs. Anyone that captures that woman will receive a massive reward!

Let me say this. As long as you help me capture that woman, I will get every single one of you a Heavenly Venerate Divine Fruit. Then, you will all become Heavenly Venerates.

The greatest hope of all these Universe 9-Grade Mysterious Underworld troops was to become a Heavenly Venerate.

If they became Heavenly Venerates, their status would soar.

However, becoming a Heavenly Venerate was really difficult. If one out of 100 of them became a Heavenly Venerate, it would already be a very good result.

Naturally, they had heard of Heavenly Venerate Divine Fruits. However, this sort of top divine fruit was only available to powerful and noble Mysterious Underworld Beings. Insignificant individuals had no chance to taste it.

Upon hearing the words of their leader, everyone got worked up and their morale soared.

Move out! The black-armored Heavenly Venerate smiled while watching his fervent host.

In his opinion, he had already achieved his objective, which had been to boost the morale of his subordinates. As he waved the flag in his hands, the giant specter in the void opened a palm.

While the palm was opened, the black-armored Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerate and his subordinates all landed on the huge palm.

Then, this large palm brought the thousands of Mysterious Underworld elites into the Dual Realm Sky.

He he Mysterious Underworld Troops, we are mighty! the blacked-armored Heavenly Venerate said proudly as he stood at the highest point of the specters palm.

His pride was borne of confidence.

Ranks of troops similar to this host also advanced into the Dual Realm Sky at the same time.

They only had one objective: to wipe out all the Human Race Heavenly Venerates and then capture that unnamed woman.

Although they didnt know what sort of person that woman was, they knew that they would be able to soar to greater heights as long as they captured her.

The 1st Mysterious Demon stood high up, observing the troops entering the Dual Realm Sky from above. A battalion of over 100 third-level Heavenly Venerates stood behind him like a dense, thick mountain.

This team, which was entirely formed of Heavenly Venerate powerhouses, was the 1st Mysterious Demons trump card. Their combined strength wouldnt be any weaker than a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

The Xuan Pin Sacred Halls lady must be found as quickly as possible, the 1st Mysterious Demon said softly, his tone sounding unquestionable. This is about Xuan Pin Gates Artifact Spirit. As long as we capture her, one of the Human Races ultimate treasures in the Xuan Pin Gate will be rendered useless.

The lady that was selected by Xuan Pin Gate will also provide unimaginable cultivation benefits.

As the 1st Mysterious Demon was speaking, he turned his gaze towards the boundless Dual Realm Sky. Has the person who seized the 99th Mysterious Demon been found yet?

A graceful Mysterious Underworld lady appeared by his side the moment he asked this.

Not yet, she said solemnly, I have used many methods, yet I cant determine who it was. Either that person is very lucky, or he has many supreme treasures on his body that render me unable to determine his identity.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon wasnt very pleased with this answer, he knew that this lady had a special status. Even though she was helping him now, this didnt mean that he could treat her badly or humiliate her.

Looks like a big fish has appeared in the Dual Realm Sky. Ha ha ha Say, do you think he regrets it yet?

The 1st Mysterious Demon pointed to the Dual Realm Sky. This person provoked me in order to make a move on me. However, not only will he be unable to do so, but the Dual Realm Sky will also become his eternal grave.

You should all know the circumstances in the Dual Realm Sky. Even Yuan Venerates cant escape from the array formation of those 12 Primeval Yuan Underworldlings easily.

If 10 million of our Mysterious Underworld troops entered, they would allow us to go through the Dual Realm Sky like a sieve. I want to take a good look at this person when we capture him.

The lady smiled faintly. Perhaps this is a big fish with ill fortune. He wanted to deal with you, yet he never expected that he would suffer like this.

The 1st Mysterious Demon roared with laughter. The Underworld Shrine has said that a son of every era possesses boundless luck. Looks like I am the lucky son of this era.

The lady didnt object to the 1st Mysterious Demons somewhat unbridled claim. Instead, she paused for a moment before replying, Perhaps you are right. You were able to gain that unrivaled opportunity on the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground after all.

Although you wont tell me what that opportunity was, I know that it was definitely one that will allow the Mysterious Underworld Races status to rise.

At this point, the lady said earnestly, The person who split the opportunity equally with you has encountered huge difficulties, whereas you will be able to capture the goddess of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. This seems like your inexorable destiny.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon wouldnt let these words get to his head, his eyes shone even brighter.

You are right. I am the son of an era. Luo Yunyang exists merely to serve as my foil.

The pleased 1st Mysterious Demon took another look around before ordering with a wave of his hand, We should also set forth.

At the 1st Mysterious Demons order, a huge black warship appeared in the void. The warship operated by the 1st Mysterious Demon and the others descended towards the Dual Realm Sky.

In no time, the Dual Realm Sky was filled with a thick murderous aura.

Although the Dual Realm Sky had been sealed so tightly, there were still some set-ups within it that allowed one to view the approximate situation inside.

These setups wouldnt be of much use to observe small skirmishes. However, they were suitable for observing the strength and formations of the Mysterious Underworld Races troops.

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the three Hall Masters and the others were watching the projections. The atmosphere was very heavy as they saw the imposing warships and the giant specters.

These specters and Mysterious Underworld troops were simply trash-like existences to them. If they wanted to, they could kill off all these beings with a mere thought.

Unfortunately, despite the level of their cultivation base, it was still nearly impossible for them to cross over into the Dual Realm Sky. After all, there were countless Mysterious Underworld powerhouses outside the Sealed Sky City. The existence of these powerhouses shattered all their hopes.

How despicable! They are actually mobilizing a big military force, the cold-looking man said through gritted teeth.

He was a powerhouse of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, so he was aware of the importance of that goddess. Under the circumstances, the possibility of that goddess escaping was nearly zero.

Thus, he was aggrieved and full of resentment.

The three Hall Masters didnt pay attention. However, they looked slightly dim.

Reporting, sirs. We have already more or less identified the Human Race powerhouses in the Dual Realm Sky. There is a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, four eighth-level Heavenly Venerates, and nine seventh-level Heavenly Venerates amongst them, Yuan Venerate White Crane said.

Although this fighting strength wasnt weak, these people simply wouldnt stand a chance against the large force of the Mysterious Underworld Race

Sirs, besides the goddess, to our knowledge, there arent any Zongzis from Hong Meng Sacred Hall in the Dual Realm Sky. Furthermore, there arent any talented individuals from other great sects in the Dual Realm Sky either. Therefore

The Three Hall Masters were silent. They were pondering another problem. What should the Human Race do the moment the Xuan Pin Gate encountered trouble?

As an ultimate treasure of the Human Race, the Xuan Pin Gate was of great importance. Without the boundless vitality of the Xuan Pin Gate, the spiritual essence in the Human Races 36 Great Cosmoses would rapidly wilt.

The wilting spiritual essence would eventually cause the decline of the Human Races power. This was a huge problem.

Dont tell me that Xuan Ping Sacred Halls goddess will really

As the cold-looking man was muttering to himself, he suddenly saw a blood-red sword-light filled with killing intent sweep across 100,000 miles.

As the sword-light swept through, a gigantic lion-headed specter with a dragons body was sliced in half.

The blood-red sword-light didnt stop after slicing through the gigantic specter. It continued and, in the blink of an eye, shattered the specter of a giant bull.

That gloomy, cold man suddenly got worked up!

He had seen hope.

The three Hall Masters were also puzzled yet excited. They exchanged glances, asking the same question in their minds.

Who was this?