Supreme Uprising Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Armed Suppression

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The four members of Jin Zhans team ran frantically. The most important thing right now was to try and survive.

The fall of the Sealed Sky City and the 12 Primordial Yuan Underworldling formation that covered the entire Dual Realm Sky had struck fear in them.

However, what made them really helpless were the majestic, powerful battalions that had arrived.

Not only did these battalions have powerful commanders, but the conjured demonic specters also possessed immense strength.

In the face of all these demonic specters, Jin Zhan and the others felt like they had absolutely no way of retaliating.


The only thing they could do was run. Run as fast as they could.

After fleeing 10,000 miles away, the four members of Jin Zhans team reconvened. However, they all had suffered severe injuries this time.

Jin Zhan was in a particularly bad condition, as he had lost an arm and an eye.

The reason they had still been able to escape with their lives wasnt because their cultivation base was slightly higher or because this was a good hiding spot. It was because the demonic specters had left to chase after more powerful teams of the Human Race.

Although this had allowed them to escape with their lives, it still made them feel doomed.

Boss, what should we do? asked the only lady in the team. Normally, this lady had quite a high standing in the team.

However, Jin Zhan no longer had a good opinion about her. When they had been fleeing for their lives, the lady had actually tried to divert the attention on her to Jin Zhan.

Although Jin Zhan knew why she had done so, he still couldnt forgive this woman, who had nearly caused him to lose his life.

Jin Zhan smiled grimly. I have no idea. It would be best if everyone escaped on their own.

Jin Zhan definitely wouldnt have said this in the past. However, the current situation had already put them in dire straits.

I reckon that there are at least a few thousand people like us trapped inside because of this Mysterious Underworld Race invasion. If we can make contact with them, perhaps

The person speaking was the teams deputy. However, he didnt get to finish, as Jin Zhan cut him off unceremoniously. I know that there is a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate amongst the people trapped inside! But what would that achieve?

Im not looking down on that ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. However, I fear that he might be surrounded right now. If we try to join them, perhaps the next person to die will be one of us.

The deputys face turned unsightly when he heard Jin Zhans words. He glanced at Jin Zhan and said in dissatisfaction, Only death will await us if we scatter and flee in all directions.

Jin Zhan didnt get angry about his clearly provocative tone. Right now, his priority was to preserve his own life.

As far as everything else was concerned, he no longer had any ideas. The reason he was with the team was because they had already gotten used to the existence of their team members.

What sounded like a ghouls wail came from all directions. Jin Zhan and the others felt like their hearts were about to explode when they heard this wail.

They didnt know what sort of attack this was, but their bodies were reminding them that they would die if they suffered such an attack.

Even though he was very unwilling, Jin Zhan could only use a precious teleportation seal of his to quickly teleport into the distance.

Although the other three werent too happy with Jin Zhan, they still followed him away.

10 days later, Jin Zhan and his team had already met up with many other Human Race martialists on a small gray mountain. Although more than 1,000 Heavenly Venerate martialists were gathered there, which was an extremely strong force, the martialists gathered were all rather frightened.

After all, various gigantic specters were all around them. Every single one of these colossal specters was oozing with killing intent.

Resisting wouldnt do. Anyone with just a tiny bit of intellect knew that resisting was akin to dying.

Everything else aside, just the giant specters congealed by the countless Mysterious Underworld elites and top Heavenly Venerates were something they couldnt deal with.

In the face of these demonic specters, most of them would be chopped down.

Although Jin Zhans cultivation was decent and he had a reputation in the Dual Realm Sky, he wasnt even qualified to participate in the discussion at the top of the mountain.

The people that could be at the peak were all sixth-level Heavenly Venerates and higher beings. In the eyes of Jin Zhan, they were all great beings.

Unfortunately, these great beings couldnt come to a decision.

As Jin Zhans mind was wandering, sounds of an argument came from above. Jin Zhan looked annoyed when he heard this argument.

He scoffed and prepared to use a technique to seal his ears when a figure suddenly appeared before him.

Jin Zhan thought he had seen wrongly when he first saw this figure. However, as he studied it properly with both eyes, he discovered that he hadnt been mistaken. That person!

Black robes, abundant killing intent, everything seemingly manifesting towards him This was the great being that had parted ways with them to deal with his own problems.

In the past, Jin Zhan would have been hesitant about whether or not to greet this person. However, he didnt hesitate one bit before he walked over now.

Greetings, sir. Although he knew the other partys name, Jin Zhan didnt dare address him that way for the time being.

Luo Yunyang was a little surprised to encounter Jin Zhan. However, he realized that this wasnt that unexpected. After all, Jin Zhan also frequently hunted in the Dual Realm Sky.

Jin Zhan, is anything the matter? Luo Yunyang, who wasnt warm to Jin Zhan, asked nonchalantly.

Luo Yunyangs indifferent attitude was well within Jin Zhans expectations. If he had possessed Luo Yunyangs ability, perhaps he would have been even colder than Luo Yunyang was.

Sir, may I ask whether you think there is a possibility of us escaping from this? Jin Zhan forced out the question he wanted to ask.

Deep down, Jin Zhan already knew the answer. However, the reason he asked was because he was just unwilling to accept his own answer, or perhaps because he hoped for a better answer.

I can. I dont know about you! Luo Yunyang didnt have a favorable impression of him, but he harbored no ill will towards Jin Zhan. Thus, he smiled slightly as he watched the giant demonic specters in the void.

It was because of this smile that he had spoken a line of truth.

This line was a truth that simply struck Jin Zhan hard.

Jin Zhan felt a ball of fire raging in his heart as he saw Luo Yunyang smiling. He really felt like burning the fellow before him to a crisp.

Unfortunately, no matter how angry he was, he could only suppress this anger, as the person before him was someone most people couldnt hope to compare to.

This was a death god. A death god that could exterminate him with just a sword.

Sir, it is really dangerous for us. If you could look after a lowly person like me, I would be eternally grateful.

Luo Yunyang put up a hand but didnt say anything. Jin Zhan felt a lot more relieved. The other party hadnt said no. Perhaps when he encountered danger, this person would lend him a hand.

If he helped him out, the probability of Jin Zhan surviving would increase considerably.

Those big shots are still arguing. This really is Jin Zhan looked towards the palace at the top of the mountain.

This palace was a treasure one of the powerhouses carried with him. It had not been brought out to be used as a location for these powerhouses to discuss.

Although this palace possessed powerful isolation arrays, these experts were so powerful that the isolation arrays crumbled continuously because of the argument taking place within.

Naturally, the content of the argument was also leaked. Jin Zhan believed that the individuals inside werent oblivious to this situation. They just didnt have the time to worry about other people listening in.

As Jin Zhan was talking, a black warship slowly inched over.

A large, imposing figure stood stably at the front of the warship. Although he wasnt moving, a pressure that felt like a crushing mountain killed off all the courage Jin Zhan and the others had to try anything.

Ha ha ha I am the 1st Mysterious Demon. Greetings, Miss Floating Butterfly Goddess. A calm yet overbearing voice reverberated in the void.

The Human Race Heavenly Venerates that heard this all looked at the 1st Mysterious Demon. Although most of them hadnt heard of the 1st Mysterious Demon, the aura emanating from him struck fear in their hearts.

After a bout of silence, the palace used for the discussion suddenly lost its roof and walls.

A tall, elegant, beautiful lady in flowing purple robes was quietly sitting in a lotus position on a high platform. She was an image of simplicity and grace, yet many people involuntarily had intense favorable opinions when they laid their eyes on her.

You have even determined my name already, 1st Mysterious Demon. Looks like the spies in the Human Race have a considerable status.

The lady in purple, who was the Floating Butterfly Goddess, had a calm expression on her face, as though she felt no threat.

The 1st Mysterious Demon threw his head back and roared with laughter. It doesnt matter what you say, goddess. You are already defeated. Only death awaits your subordinates. We have limited time, so I would like to invite you to leave with me.

Victory was within his grasp, so the 1st Mysterious Demon didnt notice the excited expression of someone among the crowd.