Supreme Uprising Chapter 905

Chapter 905 A Sword Of Obliteration

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Capturing the goddess of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall would render the artifact that bolstered the Human Race ineffective. Such good news was really delightful.

The 1st Mysterious Demon reckoned his position in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race would ascend to greater heights as long as he captured that goddess.

His rising status would naturally lead to an increase in the resources allocated to him. Things that he could only dream of previously would enter his pocket in large quantities.

Everything would become flawlessly perfect.

As for the Floating Butterfly Goddess, she was also a huge opportunity herself.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was very satisfied with the progress in the last 10 days. More than half of the Human Race elites had died.

The remainder were gathered at this location.

All of them had been trapped and possessed no means of resistance without the support of the Sealed Sky City.

The Human Race will never bend the knee! A tenacious voice reverberated throughout the void before he immediately saw a first-level human Heavenly Venerate glaring fiercely at him.

The 1st Mysterious Demon totally disregarded the first-level Heavenly Venerate. In his opinion, apart from people who cultivated ancient mystic techniques, ordinary first-level Heavenly Venerates like the one before him were simply a joke.

It could even be said that people who cultivated ancient mystic techniques had nothing to brag about in front of him.

After all, his cultivation technique had far surpassed ordinary ancient mystic techniques.

Youll just die if you dont yield. The 1st Mysterious Demon guffawed confidently as he swung his hand. In fact, all of you, with the exception of the Floating Butterfly Goddess, are doomed. As for how you will die Ha ha!

Following his sinister laughter, a figure surrounded by four huge demonic specters appeared.

Most of the people recognized that figure as Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen, a domineering figure in the Dual Realm Sky.

Not only did Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen possess an impressive cultivation base, but he also had tons of mystic techniques at his disposal. Some people had even hoped that he would appear to preside over the situation when everyone had gathered.

After all, a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate could crush all other eighth-level Heavenly Venerates.

However, nobody thought that the person they had placed all their hopes on would actually be in such a plight.

Although they did not know what Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen had experienced, they were able to see based on his expression that he was definitely a captive.

Kill me! Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen glared at the 1st Mysterious Demon with a pair of eyes that were longing for death as though it would be the greatest relief now.

Ha ha! Dying is easy! The 1st Mysterious Demon brandished his arm as the four beast-like specters dashed towards Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen, ripping him into four pieces in an instant.

He was dead!

This was a kind of death that couldnt be fixed by resurrection. After the four Mysterious Demons tore Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen up, all the Heavenly Venerates present saw that the memories and spiritual mark Great Heavenly Venerate Haochen had etched into the river of time and space had also crumbled.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had been extremely calm all this while. She was considered extraordinary for being recognized by the Xuan Pin Gate.

She was a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate, but although she wasnt considered a high-level martliast, her abilities were exceptional. The artifact essence of the Xuan Pin Gate had provided her with many benefits.

However, she felt that she was a bird whose wings had been clipped. She couldnt break free from this tight entanglement no matter how hard she struggled.

She wouldnt have come here to gain experience if she had seen all this coming.

Although there were many thoughts in her head, she still kept her cool. She knew that the 1st Mysterious Demon wanted to capture her, so she had to avoid falling into his hands no matter what it took.

After thinking everything through in her head, the Floating Butterfly Goddess raised her head and looked at the 1st Mysterious Demon.

She felt like she was going to die filled with grievances and hence wanted to know why things had turned out this way.

However, she saw a figure swing his sword at the 1st Mysterious Demon the moment she looked up.

Although she wasnt familiar with that figure, expectations started to gather in her heart when she saw this figure make a move.

She was very much looking forward to that move.

Even though she knew that it would be absolutely futile for that person to make a move, she still wanted to see this move this resistance.

As these thoughts went through the Floating Butterfly Goddess mind, a sword-light was sent slashing towards the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Not too many people paid attention to this slash at first. However, the instant the move was made, everyone, including Mysterious Underworld Race elites, demonic specters, and Human Race martialists, had frozen looks on their faces.

After all, they could sense the creation of nomological laws coming from that slash.

Nomological laws filled with destructive intent were created!

12th SwordObliteration!

Although Luo Yunyangs cultivation had remained stagnant over the years, he was already capable of fully controlling the cultivation base given to him by Yuan Venerate Wanliu.

At this moment in time, he could forcefully execute the 12th Sword. Although it was still slightly weaker than when he had used it to slay Venerate Lord Yuan Yi, the difference wasnt very significant.

Luo Yunyang wanted to destroy the 1st Mysterious Demon with one blow. Meanwhile, as the Minor Feather Sword pointed towards the spaceship that the 1st Mysterious Demon was on, the destructive nomological laws immediately enveloped the entire spaceship.


A Mysterious Underworld Race Heavenly Venerate screamed in despair as if suddenly realizing something. Unfortunately, his body had already completely disappeared by the time he screamed.

This obliteration was a nomological law. Furthermore, the technique controlled by Luo Yunyang was equivalent to a Yuan Venerates attack. A Heavenly Venerate would have zero chances of resisting being enveloped by such a destructive nomological law.

The moment the first Heavenly Venerate was destroyed, more than 300 third-level Heavenly Venerate on that large spaceship were also reduced to ashes.

These 300 Heavenly Venerates were trusted followers of the 1st Mysterious Demon. Their combined strength would even make a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate flinch.

Unfortunately, this group of Heavenly Venerates had been killed by a single sword move from Luo Yunyang before they could even react.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon had suffered a sneak attack, his reaction wasnt slow. He managed to conjure 12 huge Yuan Underworlding projections around him the moment his subordinates died.

Every single one of the 12 Yuan Underworldlings was dozens of meters tall. They reacted with the 12 massive Yuan Mysterious Divine Flags that were erected in the sky and were filled with a grandiose might.

Unfortunately, although the 12 Yuan Underworldling projections had the power to reverse time, they still werent actual Yuan Underworldlings. Furthermore, they had been conjured hastily, so the 1st Mysterious Demon only managed to use 30% of their power.

As a result, they immediately collapsed and were turned into pieces by the destructive sword-light as soon as they appeared. However, the appearance of these 12 Yuan Underwordling projections had bought enough time for the 1st Mysterious Demon to throw out a fist as his scales shimmered.

This fist, which was earth-shaking, seemed as though it could turn everything topsy turvy.

Although it could be said that the blow had reached a certain level and could now create nomological laws, it still hadnt exceeded the category of a Heavenly Venerate.

Hence, the overbearing fist was still damaged by the power of obliteration when it collided with it.

It was also at this moment that the 1st Mysterious Demon finally saw Luo Yunyang. Although Luo Yunyang still looked like the Primeval Underworld Monarch, the 1st Mysterious Demon was able to sense Luo Yunyangs true identity.

Its you, Luo Yunyang. Why are you here? So you are the one who captured my younger brother! The 1st Mysterious Demon glared at Luo Yunyang in shock.

He did not fear Luo Yunyang, yet Luo Yunyang had just executed a devastating move that he couldnt withstand.

Luo Yunyang ignored the 1st Mysterious Demons bellow, as the Minor Feather Sword in his hands vibrated before the power of the 12th Sword and surged towards the 1st Mysterious Demon like a raging tide.

The 1st Mysterious Demons body began to crumble.

Among the Mysterious Underworld Race, it could be said that the 1st Mysterious Demon had received the most protection, so his Mysterious Underworld Body had been enhanced with countless treasures. Unfortunately, he encountered the 12th Sword now.

Against the might of the 12th Sword, everything except for the nomological laws of a Yuan Venerate would be destroyed. Hence, in no time, the body of the 1st Mysterious Demon was reduced by more than half, leaving only his head floating in the void.

His head was also enveloped by Luo Yunyangs sword-light.

Although the memories and spiritual mark of the 1st Mysterious Demon were well-hidden in the long river of time and space, he still felt that there would be no hope of resurrection if he were to really die now.

Even though he was considered a genius in the Mysterious Underworld Race, a dead genius was worthless.

After a split moment of hesitation, his head suddenly exploded. As it crumbled, a dark magic mirror flew out of the mind of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The light of the mirror turned the surroundings into a huge range of ancient mountains, standing guard before the 1st Mysterious Demons spirit consciousness.

The 1st Mysterious Demons spirit consciousness, which had turned into a black light, immediately zipped towards the outer sky of the Dual Realm Sky.

The ancient mountainous range collapsed rapidly, and even the black mirror began to darken. However, Luo Yunyang had become extremely anxious. After all, he had already seen the other half of the millstone that was imprinted in the mind of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

It was the other half of the Great Obliteration Millstone!

This half of the millstone was extremely important to him. All his effort to come here would be wasted if he couldnt get hold of this half of the millstone.

Therefore, he couldnt permit the 1st Mysterious Demon to run away!