Supreme Uprising Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Great Obliteration Millstone Recombined

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Jin Zhan was flabbergasted. He couldnt believe what he was seeing. It was too too strange!

The domineering 1st Mysterious Demon that had arrived with an impressive force was, in his opinion, a deity that had descended from the heavens. He had never thought that the 1st Mysterious Demon would almost die before he could even display his full power.

Thats right, he had nearly died!

The person who had done this was the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who had been standing by his side. Jin Zhan found it difficult to like this chap, who had bluntly said, I dont care if you die or not. I wont die anyway.

Although Jin Zhan had made preparations to flee during this crisis, Luo Yunyangs words still managed to make him feel very uncomfortable.

He felt very reluctant to follow Luo Yunyang. However, his rationality told him that he would live longer only if he followed this person.

After a slight hesitation, Jin Zhan finally bowed his head before this fate. Although he didnt want to, he eventually still chose to follow Luo Yunyang. If nothing else, he could live a little longer at the very least.

However, just as he felt that everything was coming to an end, the 1st Mysterious Demon appeared and the person he didnt think too highly of suddenly made a move.

Jin Zhan wasnt optimistic about this sneak attack. After all, the 1st Mysterious Demon would have gotten ambushed way earlier if it was possible.

However, he realized that he was utterly wrong when Luo Yunyang made his move.

This person wasnt ordinary. On the contrary, he was outstanding. Jin Zhan felt completely helpless when he saw the move executed by Luo Yunyang.

It was a type of nomological law he had created by himself. According to Jin Zhans understanding, only a Yuan Venerate could create nomological laws.

However, this person had managed to do it. The way he had managed this was exceptional.

Countless Mysterious Underworld Race elites were killed by the sword-light, and the 1st Mysterious Demons body was also turned into ashes.

It could be said that a single sword strike from that person had turned the entire situation around.

Was this enough to kill the 1st Mysterious Demon?

Jin Zhan couldnt calm himself down, as he was still very excited. He wanted to take off and participate in the battle. However, he also knew that someone as insignificant as him couldnt take part in such a battle.

If he did rush forward, he might not be able to support Luo Yunyang and might even cause Luo Yunyang to become passive.

Jin Zhans emotions were stirred up, and the Floating Butterfly Goddess felt the same way. Although her cultivation was not weak, the Mysterious Underworld Race was led by the 1st Mysterious Demon. Thus, she couldnt play much of a role.

However, everything was different now.

If nothing else, the destruction of the 1st Mysterious Demons body was enough to scare those tens of thousands of Mysterious Underworld troops into stiffness.

Besides, the elite who had executed a technique that only a Yuan Venerate could simply did not have to care about being ganged up on by the masses.

After all, the number of opponents was no longer a factor an elite capable of displaying a Yuan Venerate technique cared about.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess was staring closely at the location where the battle was taking place, as this was really a battle that would decide her fate.

She had merely started to digest what the 1st Mysterious Demon had said. Who was Luo Yunyang?

Luo Yunyang did not care what the others around him were thinking. His priority right now was to gain the other half of the millstone that belonged to the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The only way to solve the issue with his body was to obtain this half of the millstone. Only by getting this half of the millstone would he be able to continue soaring up.

He couldnt miss such an opportunity, as he did not know whether he would find such an opportunity again in the future if he missed this.

Rise! With a bellow, a huge dark grayish bell emerged over the space on top of his body. The bell felt massive, but the sun, moon, and stars on the body of the bell seemed dim and overcast.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Luo Yunyang executed the strongest attack of the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique without the slightest fear while he began to mouth the Life-Death Resounding Fate at the same time.

The traceless bell wave shrouded the 1st Mysterious Demon immediately. Luo Yunyangs strength had already improved dramatically, and the power of the bell wave had also increased multifold.

Without his body, the 1st Mysterious Demons power had already been reduced by 90%. Hence, he was very fearful when he saw Luo Yunyang executing the traceless bell wave.

He wasnt sure if he would still be able to revive himself from the long river of time and space if his spirit consciousness was shattered by the traceless bell wave.

Even though he had boundless ambition and aspirations, it would all still amount to nothing if he could not be resurrected.

As a dominant leader of a region, how could the 1st Mysterious Demon allow himself to die here? Hence, he made a decision the moment the traceless bell wave approached.

A huge black giant millstone suddenly emerged as it enveloped the boundless sky. As it rotated, the bell wave, which had originally been heading towards the 1st Mysterious Demon, was silently ground into powder.

However, although this black giant millstone looked extraordinary, it had also started to shrink during the collision with the traceless sound wave.

The moment the traceless bell wave was shattered, the 1st Mysterious Demons spirit consciousness also began to flee into the distance.

Luo Yunyang was excited when he saw the giant millstone that appeared in the void. Although the 1st Mysterious Demon was about to escape into the void and avoid his pursuit, his goal had already been achieved.

Whether or not the 1st Mysterious Demon had refined the millstone didnt pose a problem for Luo Yunyang. Hence, his body quickly landed above the giant millstone when it appeared.

The black millstone inside Luo Yunyang also began to rotate and emit a ray of light to envelop the millstone left behind by the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The two giant millstones made a complete whole to begin with. Hence, they couldnt wait to resonate with each other the moment they met. Although the giant millstone obtained by the 1st Mysterious Demon had been refined, it wasnt controlled by the 1st Mysterious Demon at the moment and, thanks to the attraction of Luo Yunyangs millstone, it was able to quickly enter Luo Yunyangs mind.

Luo Yunyang heaved a long sigh of relief when the millstone entered his body completely. He had entered the Dual Realm Sky for hundreds of years and all his suffering during these years had been worth it just for today.

The day had finally come!

The 1st Mysterious Demons spirit consciousness had escaped far away. It wasnt clear which technique he had executed, but his spirit consciousness had turned the size of a person as he stood on top of the head of a Yuan Underwordling that looked like a giant skeletal beast.

Luo Yunyang, I will not rest until I settle this score with you! The 1st Mysterious Demon sounded exasperated and bitter.

This was very humiliating for him. This was supposed to be an easy battle that would end in the obliteration of his opponents. However, because of Luo Yunyangs appearance, a thoroughly shocking turnaround had occurred.

He had lost the precious body that he had carefully polished for years and the precious millstone that was considered one of his most important trump cards. His reputation and ability would be questioned because of this battle.

Come if you dare! Luo Yunyang looked at the 1st Mysterious Demon and spoke lightly, as there was no need for him to be concerned about the threats of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was livid as he watched Luo Yunyangs confident reaction. However, he knew very well that he would die if he really rushed down to fight with Luo Yunyang now.

After all, the current situation already showed that it was nearly impossible to defeat Luo Yunyang by relying on his strength alone.

Retreat! the 1st Mysterious Demon roared at the Mysterious Underworld Race elites.

In fact, the Heavenly Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race had realized that things had gone south even before the 1st Mysterious Demons command. Although the Mysterious Underworld Race had control over the two exits of the Dual Realm Sky, they would be defeated without a doubt if they faced Luo Yunyang inside.

Hence, the troops that were conjuring those massive specters immediately scattered in all directions after receiving the command of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

What they had to do now was save their lives and other people.

Luo Yunyang did not pursue the Mysterious Underworld beings as he watched them flee. He did think about it, but he did not want to make any moves, as the Great Obliteration Millstone had just merged into his body. Making any strenuous moves wouldnt benefit him at all.

Hence, in an instant, most of the elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race disappeared without a trace.

Although the Floating Butterfly Goddess wasnt happy that Luo Yunyang had allowed the elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race to flee, she knew that she couldnt question Luo Yunyang.

I am the Floating Butterfly of the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. Unless I am mistaken, you must be Luo Yunyang, Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. The Floating Butterfly Goddess smiled at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang gently nodded at the Floating Butterfly Goddess and asked, Is anything the matter?

Brother Yunyang, the Sealed Sky City has now fallen into the hands of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Although we are temporarily safe, we are still being sieged by the Mysterious Underworld Race.

As far as I know, although Yuan Venerates cannot enter these two worlds, the hidden strength within the Mysterious Underworld Race is enormous. They definitely arent going to leave us alone here. I think it wont be long before they attack you again, Brother Luo.

Do you have any good ideas? Luo Yunyang shot a glance at the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess shook her head and said, I dont have a good idea for the time being, but I think that at difficult times like this, we should work together to find a way to escape.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the solemn Floating Butterfly Goddess and shook his head gently, Take your time to discuss among yourselves and let me know if there are any conclusions.

Upon saying that, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and took flight.