Supreme Uprising Chapter 907

Chapter 907 The Middle Hall Masters Order Jiuzi Xuanming

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In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Three Hall Masters and the Divine Elder were staring blankly at the image that was paused on the screen in front of them. The entire situation had really exceeded their expectations.

They felt hopeful when they saw the two blood-red sword-lights rise up. However, although they were quite hopeful, they still knew that it would be impossible for just a couple of elites to rescue the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

Therefore, even though they were hopeful that there were powerhouses in the two worlds, they still did not think that those Heavenly Venerate elites would be able to rescue the Floating Butterfly Goddess successfully.

The arrival of the 1st Mysterious Demons mighty army had already dashed all their hopes, so much so that the three Hall Masters and other prominent figures had even started to discuss how the Human Race would deal with the Mysterious Underworld Race once they no longer had the support of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall.

They would still have to deal with it, even though it was difficult.

However, just as they were mulling this over, the 12th Sword that was filled with destructive intent suddenly ignited a small hope in their hearts again.

The Sky Feather 13 Swords might not be an impressive technique in their opinion, but the power of the 12th Sword should be invincible in the Dual Realm Sky.

Thanks to Luo Yunyangs 12th Sword, they hoped to temporarily keep the Floating Butterfly Goddess safe. Indeed, just as they had thought, Luo Yunyang had managed to defeat the body of the 1st Mysterious Demon and also seize a treasure from him.

They did not get to see the treasure clearly, so they did not care too much about it. However, they were surprised after determining Luo Yunyangs identity and soon got confused. How could Luo Yunyang be inside the Dual Realm Sky?

Although no one can say that Luo Yunyangs 12th Sword makes him invincible in the Dual Realm Sky, there are only a few people that can match him, the Left Hall Master said, I think we should get him to protect the Floating Butterfly Goddess this time.

Before the Left Hall Master could finish his sentence, the stern-looking man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, who had originally been somewhat at odds with the Left Hall Master, interrupted him. The Left Hall Masters words are very true. The Floating Butterfly Goddess is of great importance and no accident must befall her.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall must contact Luo Yunyang quickly and get him to ensure the safety of the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

The Left and Right Hall Master werent on the best of terms with this person, so they frowned when they heard him speak in such a commanding tone.

However, both of them understood the Floating Butterfly Goddess importance to the Human Race and hence didnt object.

Find out why Luo Yunyang entered the Dual Realm Sky. The Middle Hall Master pondered for a moment before speaking out. Then, get the secret technique to contact Luo Yunyang and tell him that he has to keep the Floating Butterfly Goddess safe for a hundred days no matter what.

One hundred days sounded very easy to say, but both the Left and Right Hall Master couldnt help but frown when they heard this.

They both knew that one hundred days wouldnt pass easily. Although it was difficult for the Yuan Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race to enter the Dual Realm Sky, this did not mean that there was no top-level Heavenly Venerate powerhouse among the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Although Luo Yunyang had received the legacy of Yuan Venerate Wanliu, he was, after all, only a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate.

However, no one dared to object to the orders of the Middle Hall Master, not just because of his prestige, but also because this matter was of utmost importance for the entire Human Race.

Cen Tianlong had been taken to a secret place in just 10 minutes. Cen Tianlong, who was clueless about what was going on, appeared rather excited when he saw the three Hall Masters again.

He and Luo Yunyang had exchanged a secret communication technique before Luo Yunyang had entered the Dual Realm Sky. This technique was mainly used to deal with emergencies.

The communication technique was a piece of jade slip. Although there were mysterious divinely inscriptions carved on it, Cen Tianlong still couldnt discover the secrets even after studying the jade slip for a long time.

He didnt know that the jade slip couldnt transmit messages into the Dual Realm Sky but could send messages to the jade slip that was in the possession of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone shared the same spirit consciousness with Luo Yunyang. They could sense what happened to each other as long as they did not attempt to hide from each other intentionally.

The Middle Hall Master took the jade slip and looked as though he understood what was going on. Although Cen Tianlong did not understand the use of this jade slip, it wasnt powerful enough to hide its trick from the Middle Hall Master.

The Middle Hall Master did not say anything when he realized that Luo Yunyang had left a clone behind. Instead, he activated the jade slip and hurriedly sent a message with it.

Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone frowned immediately upon receiving the message. He was making almost every effort possible to rid his body of the Sword Origin power in it. How could he have the time to care about the Floating Butterfly Goddess?

Hence, Luo Yunyang decided to go his own way and put his main focus on destroying the Sword Origin Power in his own body.

He wasnt going to care about anything else.

Luo Yunyang continued to cultivate on his own after making up his mind, while the Middle Hall Master guessed Luo Yunyangs intention after receiving no reply from him.

Cultivators often thought only about themselves. Hence, the Middle Hall Master felt that Luo Yunyangs reaction was rather normal.

However, the Floating Butterfly Goddess was too important. It would be a catastrophe for the Human Race if Xuan Pin Sacred Hall lost its strength. Hence, the Middle Hall Master sent a message through the jade slip again.

The content of the message was firm, as though it was a command given to Luo Yunyang. The Middle Hall Master would treat Luo Yunyang as a traitor of the entire Human Race if he did not protect the Floating Butterfly Goddess whole-heartedly.

However, Hong Meng Sacred Hall would definitely not be stingy with his reward

once he completed this mission.

Although Luo Yunyang had never seen the Middle Hall Master, the bits and pieces of information he had heard during his time in Hong Meng Sacred Hall and the memories of Yuan Venerate Wanliu about the Middle Hall Master made Luo Yunyang calm down to listen to the threatening command issued by the Middle Hall Master.

The status of a Master in Hong Meng Sacred Hall ought to make Luo Yunyang think twice before acting.

At the same time, Luo Yunyangs body was also at a critical juncture. Hence, he decided to send his clone over after a brief moment of hesitation.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch clone could transform into a myriad of things in the first place. Hence, it immediately assumed Luo Yunyangs appearance.

Luo Yunyang was not worried about the difference in strength, as his attribute regulator could allow the Primeval Underworld Monarch clone to be as strong as he was.

After the place where his body was located was completely sealed from the outside world, the Primeval Underworld Monarch clone took flight at once and flew towards the void.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess and the others werent too far away. They wanted to leave, but after searching for a while, they realized that they had no way out.

Therefore, they could only gather and hope that Luo Yunyang could rescue them from the mire. The Floating Butterfly Goddess had become one of the leaders of the group, not only because of her own status, but also because of her excellent planning and controlling capabilities.

Hence, a rudimentary small force had begun to form hurriedly.

When Luo Yunyang flew to the area where the Floating Butterfly Goddess and the others were located, an erratic voice that sounded like a ghoul began to reverberate crazily around that area.

Many elite Heavenly Venerates clutched their chests tightly, as if they had suffered a major blow, when the voice was heard.

Some of them even had frenzied looks filled with murderous intent on their faces.

Luo Yunyangs brow furrowed in concern when he heard this sound. He was proficient in the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell and was no stranger to sound wave attacks.

He almost felt that something unusual was happening to his mind when he heard this sound.

The moment Luo Yunyang started pondering what had just happened, a massive figure that was thousands of miles away began to stride towards him.

In a flash, the figure transformed into nine figures in the void. When Luo Yunyang focused his attention again on the figure striding towards him, it turned into a single figure again strangely.

One, nine, one, nine!

While the figure constantly split in nine and recomposed itself, Luo Yunyangs expression turned grave. He had discovered that these figures were extremely real, regardless of whether there was one or nine.

The strength displayed by the unknown intruder was at the peak of the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate in both cases.

Luo Yunyang did not recognize the person that had appeared. However, if that person had appeared there, it meant that his cultivation definitely wasnt that of a Yuan Venerate.

Although Luo Yunyang was only a clone now, thanks to the help of his attribute regulator, the strength of his clone was no weaker than his own. Furthermore, his opponent wasnt a Yuan Venerate.

Are you Luo Yunyang? The figure that was constantly splitting and reforming had appeared before Luo Yunyang in the blink of an eye.

He was a Mysterious Underworld being. One that looked extremely peaceful. However, although he had a faint smile on his face, this smile could easily make one tremble in fear.

Luo Yunyang had a hunch that this Mysterious Underworld being was a hundred times more terrifying than the 1st Mysterious Demon.

You are Jiuzi Xuanming! the Floating Butterfly Goddess exclaimed as her voice trembled in horror. Arent you already dead? Why are you here?

The Floating Butterfly Goddess, who had been calm at first, now seemed to be shaking in fear as she looked at the figure.

How can I be dead when the Middle Hall Master has yet to die? That faint voice had an unquestionable tinge to it.

Luo Yunyang went rigid as soon as he said this. The words Middle Hall Master were huge to Luo Yunyang. However, Jiuzi Xuanming spoke as if he had a lot of issues with the Middle Hall Master.

What sort of person was the Middle Hall Master, and who was this person who had so many issues with the Middle Hall Master?

Although he wasnt a Yuan Venerate, at second glance, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that this person was probably more terrifying than an ordinary Yuan Venerate!