Supreme Uprising Chapter 91

Chapter 91


Luo Yunyang blushed with shame when he heard Xiong Ben say this. People said that bad news spread 1,000 miles a second, but he hadn’t expected this piece of good news to spread so quickly.

“Some of our brothers have also heard about it. It seems like the source core that genius awakened is really like that.” Lu Tiefeng laughed before he added, “Who knows if it’s true!”

“It would be great to receive a beating from him!” Zhang Hu faced the sky with a sigh. “I heard that there was an instructor at Base 7 who advanced from a third-grade martial master to a second-grade martial master after getting punched by him. Damn!”

The person Zhang Hu was talking about was undoubtedly Xu Zhong. Luo Yunyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over this rumor. Xu Zhong hadn’t become a second-grade martial master with one punch. That had been the culmination of quite a beating.

“Gather up!” a high-pitched voice shouted as they were chatting animatedly.

Although Lu Tiefeng and the others seemed unreliable, they were actually much more reliable than normal people.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang and at least 30 other soldiers had formed eight lines according to where they came from.

Luo Yunyang stood behind Zhang Hu. Although he wasn’t very conspicuous, he could see everything that was going on at the front very clearly.

The spotlessly-white neck of Researcher Qin made her look like a beautiful swan in exercise attire. Hey eyes, which were devoid of emotion, swept over Luo Yunyang and the other soldiers.

Other than the young man from the Sangu Research Center, there was also an old man in his 60s beside her. The old man, who had a small build with a hunched back, looked like a candle flickering in the wind.

However, Luo Yunyang was able to sense a very formidable power coming from him.

When his gaze landed on the old man, the man glanced over at Luo Yunyang.

The instant he looked over, Luo Yunyang looked away. Although the old man looked puzzled, he pulled his eyes away just as quickly.

“Everyone has to obey orders during this search and rescue. Anyone who doesn’t will be charged with a violation of the martial law!” said the young man from the Sangu Research Center as he looked at Luo Yunyang and the others. “My surname is Li, so you can call me Mr. Li. I am the officer with the highest rank here, so you have to follow my orders. I hereby announce the beginning of this operation!”

Although the man’s arrogant, bossy attitude pissed off many people, Lu Tiefeng and the others didn’t show any signs of resistance.

As military personnel, they all had to obey orders.

Although Researcher Qin was a woman, her speed wasn’t slow as they walked. Luo Yunyang could tell that her body wasn’t any weaker than Lu Tiefeng’s or any of the other soldiers’.

After passing through a small path that had clearly been opened recently, Luo Yunyang and the others reached a crevice that was about a meter wide.

The crevice actually looked like a bottomless cave.

“You, you, you, and you Step out!” the Li fellow said as he picked out four soldiers.

The four soldiers were from different armies. Xiong Ben, who had been chatting with Luo Yunyang and the others a while ago, was among them.

Xiong Ben and the other soldiers quickly stepped forward. “If you are 100 meters into the cave and there is still no danger, send us a signal right away!” Li said.

As soon as he gave the order, the four men entered the cavern without hesitation.

They all took out their weapons the moment they stepped into the cave. Ever since the emergence of dire beasts, the weapons that the Eight Armies of the East used had gradually changed from firearms to cold weapons.

The offensive strength of cold weapons was far greater after all.

Xiong Ben, who was in the center of the party, was wielding a huge hatchet. His tall, sturdy built would allow him to provide strong assistance to his comrades faster.

Lu Tiefeng, who noticed the unhappy expression on Luo Yunyang’s face, said softly, “There’s nothing wrong with his orders, so I’m afraid we have to comply.”

Luo Yunyang could detect some determination in Lu Tiefeng’s expression.

Although he had always done whatever he wanted in the Rising Dragon Army’s elite class, right now he sensed a different sort of drive in Lu Tiefeng.

He quickly adjusted his Mind Attribute without saying anything else. His total attribute points now reached 171. Since there was no need for him to do anything, Luo Yunyang raised his Mind Attribute to 150.

Power: 3 (Fire: 0, Ice: 0, Wood: 0)

Speed: 2

Mind: 150

Constitution: 16 (Golden Body: 3)

Luo Yunyang had stopped raising his Mind Attribute. He now had a deeper understanding of the attribute regulator, so he knew that each attribute acted in harmony with the others and each was equally important.

Although he could support his mind power completely right now, if his Constitution got any lower, he would feel exhausted, even if his Mind Attribute remained the same.

Now that his Mind was at 150 points, Luo Yunyang was able to use his mind power to observe his surroundings clearly in his head.

There was no danger during the first 100 meters of the cave. Luo Yunyang also noticed some faint traces that he definitely wouldn’t have been able to see under normal circumstances.

For example, he saw some shallow footprints that had only left a faint mark. Luo Yunyang was able to see them clearly and tell which ones belonged to Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan obviously hadn’t been considered very important, as he had remained on the fringes as the team had entered Zulong’s Tomb.

A short while later, Xiong Ben and the others came out and reported no problems. When Li heard their report, he signaled for the team to keep moving forward.

Li kept sending different scouts ahead along the way. He was being extremely cautious, even though it didn’t seem like there was any danger on that path.

However, Luo Yunyang could sense traces of a battle around. He could even sense a spot where someone had fallen.

As they passed through the long crevice, Luo Yunyang and the others suddenly saw the path open up ahead and a large stone hall appear before them.

There was nothing but intricate carved patterns on the walls of the hall. Even Luo Yunyang’s current vision didn’t allow him to spot anything of value.

“They rested here!” Li said after scanning the hall with his eyes.

Researcher Qin nodded. She scanned their surroundings before taking out a notebook and quickly jotting down some notes. A few moments later, she shook her head. “No, this isn’t right! Was my research wrong, or is this place wrong? This is definitely the underground palace’s vermillion bird seat. Why are there water-based constellations here?”

Li glanced at Researcher Qin, who kept shaking her head, before looking at the six exits in the large hall and muttering to himself, “This isn’t easy.”

Then, he pointed at Lu Tiefeng and a few others. “You, you, the lot of you…” In the space of a few seconds he pointed at no less than 12 people.

“Form teams of two and scout out the first 500 meters outside these six exits. Then return and report!”

His current Mind Attribute allowed Luo Yunyang to sense a few hundred meters into each of the tunnel exits. Thanks to his perception, Luo Yunyang could tell that five out of the six paths contained immense danger.

If Lu Tiefeng and the others were unfortunate, only two out of the 12 men that would go in would make it out alive.

As he watched Lu Tiefeng prepare to go in without hesitation, Luo Yunyang muttered, “Slow down. Only one of those six paths leads out. According to my calculations, this is the right path.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a flash of fury flickered through Li’s eyes and a faint glow appeared in Researcher Qin’s beautiful eyes.

The woman clapped her hands lightly. “That’s right! My line of thinking was wrong. The Four Divisions and Five Elements complement each other. The wisdom of ancient people is different from what we imagine in a lot of aspects.”

As she said this, she turned to Luo Yunyang and said sincerely, “Thanks for pointing that out, Little Brother. If you don’t mind, perhaps you could accompany me to investigate Zulong’s Tomb.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t know much about Zulong’s Tomb. He had only voiced his thoughts because his Mind Attribute had detected the dangers along those paths.

As he was about to make a modest remark, Li interrupted him. “It’s best to proceed cautiously regarding this matter, Researcher Qin. This kid doesn’t know anything about the layout of these ancient places. His judgement is clearly just a fluke!”

“Plus, we need to be more careful if we want to enter the inside of the imperial tomb safely. The lot of you, just go ahead and enter the six paths with your teams immediately.”

Researcher Qin put her hands up. “Mr. Li, death awaits in five of these six paths. I am certain that we should not let them go in!”

As the leader of this expedition, Researcher Qin had the final say, yet Li waved his hands around and said, “Please forgive me for not listening, Researcher Qin, but your safety is more important.”

When he was done speaking, he gestured with his hands. “Enter the six paths immediately. Otherwise, you will be accused of insubordination!”

Researcher Qin sighed deeply and retorted in an angry tone, “This persistence in your views will cause them to die for nothing!”

“We are doing this for the sake of the Alliance, Researcher Qin. You aren’t an expert on these matters, so just leave them to me. I can take care of them perfectly well!” Li snorted.

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Luo Yunyang and the sides of his lips curled up into a grin.

Luo Yunyang felt a deep loathing for Li as he watched Lu Tiefeng, who had hesitated for just a second. He was the sort of person that died in the first episode of a TV series.

How was Li being careful? He was clearly just trying to defend his own pride at the cost of Lu Tiefeng and the other 12 soldiers’ lives!

“Don’t you think that you are despicable for doing this?” Luo Yunyang asked bluntly.

“You are slandering a superior, which is a first-class offense. The situation we are in can be considered war, so disrupting the morale of soldiers is an offense punishable by death!” As he said that, Li leapt in the air. The glimmer of a sword headed for Luo Yunyang’s neck.

He had to kill Luo Yunyang to establish his might!