Supreme Uprising Chapter 910

Chapter 910 Universe Diagram Convergence Refining

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Where are you going? By the time Luo Yunyang sensed Jiuzi Xuanmings intent, a blood-colored sacred image figure had already appeared in front of him.

Jiuzi Xuanming had nine huge sacred images that each contained a different nomological law power. None of them was inferior to the sacred image of an ordinary powerhouse, yet they were much stronger when their power was combined.

Although there were still a million miles between Luo Yunyang and that blood-colored sacred image, this distance could be covered in the blink of an eye by both Luo Yunyang and Jiuzi Xuanming.


Without any delay, Luo Yunyang quickly changed direction, He knew that if he fought Jiuzi Xuanming head-on, the one dying would be him.

Luo Yunyang didnt want to die. Thus, he would avoid facing Jiuzi Xuanming at all costs.

Ha ha Luo Yunyang, I have waited for you for a long time. A cold sinister voice echoed as yet another sacred image appeared a million miles ahead of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang would basically be obstructed by that figure if he tried fleeing towards it. If he changed directions, he would be obstructed by other figures.

This was like a formation. Jiuzi Xuanming was using this formation, exchanging his power for the superiority Luo Yunyang had in terms of space.

I have waited for you for a long time!

I have waited for you for a long time!

As all these voices spoke, Luo Yunyang and the Floating Butterfly Goddess found themselves surrounded from every direction.

The Floating Butterfly Goddesss expression was even calmer than before as she said gently, You should be really proud of forcing Jiuzi Xuanming to use this great mystic technique. After all, that is Jiuzi Xuanming!

Luo Yunyang didnt look back. However, a thought kept spinning through his mind. After a split moment of hesitation, Luo Yunyang made his decision.

He had always hidden the other function of the attribute regulator very well. However, he could no longer care about it.

He cant catch me, Luo Yunyang said.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess didnt believe Luo Yunyangs words. However, his confident words and unperturbed attitude made her feel at ease.

This feeling came suddenly, so from a rational angle, it wasnt trustworthy.

Still, the Floating Butterfly Goddess was willing to believe that everything he said was the truth.

While all this was going through the Floating Butterfly Goddesss mind, Luo Yunyang once again opened his attribute regulator. Both his attributes and Jiuzi Xuanmings attributes were displayed in his mind.

Luo Yunyang was very familiar with his own attributes, yet he was thoroughly astonished when he saw Jiuzi Xuanmings attributes.

Jiuzi Xuanming: Power: 1,002, Speed: 1,315, Constitution: 1,056, Mind: 1,245, Bloodline: 3.9

Yuan Venerates aside, Jiuzi Xuanmings attributes were the most insane he had ever seen.

Jiuzi Xuanming had reached more than 1,000 Mind, Power, Speed, and Constitution points. Based on Jiuzi Xuanmings display of speed, his speed definitely surpassed the 1,315 figure that was shown by far.

This meant that Jiuzi Xuanming could display even greater speed with this Speed Attribute as a base.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt able to figure all this out. What he could do now was slow him down.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang decreased the Speed Attribute of his own body and clone to decrease Jiuzi Xuanmings Speed Attribute as well.

This meant that Luo Yunyangs Speed Attribute decreased by 738 Yuan and became 1,606 Yuan.

This reduction meant that Luo Yunyangs speed fell considerably. However, Jiuzi Xuanmings reduction was more significant. After this reduction, his Speed Attribute became 577 Yuan.

Luo Yunyang wished to continue reducing it further, but the Speed Attributes could no longer be decreased.

Even though Luo Yunyang didnt know why, he felt that this was already enough.

Luo Yunyang changed direction again.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess, who was wrapped in Luo Yunyangs light, realized another startling truth.

Luo Yunyangs speed was falling!

Indeed, Luo Yunyangs speed had fallen by at least 30%. This This was bad news. This man had spoken very confidently, so why had things turned out this way?

Could they really fail to escape this time?

Luo Yunyang, where are you going? I have already been waiting for a long time! One of Jiuzi Xuanmings sacred images flew upwards after detecting Luo Yunyangs change in direction. Although it was a sacred image, it looked like a real being.

The sacred image turned into a streak of blood light and rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

The spiritual consciousness of this sacred image was Jiuzi Xuanmings spiritual consciousness. In the beginning, Jiuzi Xuanming hadnt sensed any problems.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt change directions anymore and continued charging ahead, making Jiuzi Xuanming feel that something wasnt right.

What was this fellow up to? Could he have no way out? Was that why he was doing this?

As Jiuzi Xuanming had this thought, he suddenly discovered that Luo Yunyang had slowed down considerably and had actually broken out of the sacred images entrapment.

This sacred Image had only covered two-thirds of the distance. This meant that it couldnt stop Luo Yunyang!

How could this be? Jiuzi Xuanming had steadfast faith in his own speed and control ability, but the current circumstances had caused the confidence he had to vanish completely.

While Jiuzi Xuanming was puzzled, the people observing this chase were dumbfounded.

The 1st Mysterious Demon, who was standing above the void sealed by the 12 Primordial Yuan Underwordling flags, was particularly shocked. As he watched the slower Luo Yunyang and Jiuzi Xuanming, he had only one thought in his mind: Were these two competing in laziness?

They were competing about who was slower, who was lazier, who was

The 1st Mysterious Demon wondered whether he was going crazy as these thoughts went through his mind.

He thoroughly respected Senior Jiuzi Xuanming. However, as he observed Jiuzi Xuanmings current actions, he felt that he could no longer admire him.

Although he hated Luo Yunyang to the core, this fellow had beaten him by relying on his own ability. The 1st Mysterious Demon respected Luo Yunyang for it.

Now, the two people he respected werent competing in terms of who was faster but were actually comparing who was slower. This was extremely unbearable for the 1st Mysterious Demon. Why were these powerful, capable beings using such a sick method to compete?

What was even more unbearable was that Jiuzi Xuanmings formation for trapping Luo Yunyang had become a joke.

Luo Yunyang, I have waited a long time for you!

Although these words still came from the mouths of the Sacred Images, they felt like mockery.

He and the entire Mysterious Underworld Race were being mocked.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess was also astonished. After passing through the blockade of two Sacred Images, there was a look of disbelief on her face.

Why werent they able to escape the clutches of Jiuzi Xuanming when they were faster? They could now go through since their speed had decreased all of a sudden.

Was Jiuzi Xuanming being lenient with Luo Yunyang? The Floating Butterfly Goddess thought about this for a moment before quickly rejecting the notion.

As someone who was involved in this situation, the Floating Butterfly Goddess knew how important she was. She was extremely valuable not just to Jiuzi Xuanming, but to the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

Someone like Jiuzi Xuanming couldnt possibly be lenient when it came to a matter of such importance.

If Jiuzi Xuanming wasnt being lenient, then Luo Yunyang was using some sort of method. However, Luo Yunyang had been with her all along. How could he have used a technique?

Furthermore, this method wasnt targeted at them. Even Jiuzi Xuanming, who was pursuing the two of them, had been affected.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess couldnt understand it, and neither could Jiuzi Xuanming. He was still using his maximum speed, but he could sense that his speed had fallen.

Indeed, Luo Yunyangs speed was falling. However, his own speed had gone down even quicker. Despite trying to discover the source, Jiuzi Xuanming couldnt sense why his speed had fallen.

Jiuzi Xuanming definitely would have sensed it if Luo Yunyang had used a technique or method, yet he hadnt felt anything whatsoever.

After unsuccessfully failing to stop Luo Yunyang 10 consecutive times, Jiuzi Xuanming stopped trying to block off Luo Yunyang. If an entity like him had failed 10 times in succession, this was basically impossible. Continuing would be useless.

Luo Yunyang, I dont know what sort of method you used, but I have to say that it makes me very uncomfortable. However, you are too naive if you think that you will escape my grasp just by relying on this method. Today, I shall show you how great the gulf between us is. The instant he said that, Jiuzi Xuanmings body glowed with bedazzling lights.

In just a second, these lights illuminated the entire Dual Realm Sky.

Arent you very good at escaping? Then I shall just make sure you have no path of escape! As he said this, Jiuzi Xuanmings body and the nine sacred images moved their hands at the same time. An abstruse seal rapidly fused into the void of the Dual Realm Sky.

Luo Yunyang didnt know what method Jiuzi Xuanming had used. However, he had a feeling that this was an extraordinary skill.

Universe Diagram Convergence Refining! This is Universe Diagram Convergence Refining! the Floating Butterfly Goddess exclaimed.