Supreme Uprising Chapter 911

Chapter 911 Power Of Xuan Pin Incessant Life Force

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Universe Diagram Convergence Refining!

Luo Yunyang vaguely had some impression of this Universe Diagram Convergence Refining. It seemed like Universe Diagram Convergence Refining was a great mystic ability that could refine a large expanse of area into a diagram.

It was fabled that a top Yuan Venerate could refine a Great Cosmos into a map. However, this was only hearsay. Nobody had actually seen this being done.

During his past cultivation, Luo Yunyang had also seen a simple version of Universe Diagram Convergence Refining. Or rather, he had obtained some superficial knowledge of Universe Diagram Convergence Refining.

For example, turning a river or a few mountain ranges into a diagram and using that as a method to deal with enemies.

However, the difference between this and turning the entire Dual Realm Sky into a diagram was just too vast.

Many thoughts ran through Luo Yunyangs mind as he observed the nine sacred images standing tall. He knew he should probably stop this great mystic ability from being used.

However, even though Luo Yunyang knew what he had to do, he was simply unable to stop it. His ability was inferior to Jiuzi Xuanmings, and he had no idea how to stop this Universe Diagram Convergence Refining.

Have you heard of Universe Diagram Convergence Refining? Luo Yunyang pondered this before asking the Floating Butterfly Goddess this question.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess, who was now calmer than ever, said softly, I have studied this mystic ability before.

Then do you know how we can stop the mystic ability that Jiuzi Xuanming is using? Luo Yunyang asked.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess answered bluntly, We simply have no way of stopping it, not only because of the ability, but because of Jiuzi Xuanmings cultivation base.

Then, based on your experience, how long will this Universe Diagram Convergence Refining take?

10 days! The Floating Butterfly Goddess looked around and gave him an answer.

10 days wasnt too long. 10 days was merely like a snap of the fingers for a top-notch powerhouse.

Luo Yunyang frowned when he heard this limit. He would still need at least 21 days to grind away all the Sword Intent in his body.

Meanwhile, Jiuzi Xuanming would only need 10 days to refine the entire Dual Realm Sky into a diagram.

This meant that it would be nearly impossible not to be captured by Jiuzi Xuanming.

Luo Yunyang felt that the word captured was the most appropriate to describe his situation.

At Hong Meng Sacred Hall, everyone, from the Middle Hall Master to the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall elder, was looking dim.

They naturally knew all about Universe Diagram Convergence Refining. Some of them could even use Universe Diagram Convergence Refining. It was exactly because they were familiar with Universe Diagram Convergence Refining that they felt so desperate.

Indeed, they felt desperate. They would need at least 100 more days to breach the defenses of the Sealed Sky City, yet the Floating Butterfly Goddess would become the captive of the Mysterious Underworld Race in 10 days. It seemed as though there was no longer any meaning.

Although they felt a lot of hope for Luo Yunyang, their disappointment was even greater as a result.

What do we do? the stern-looking man said. He wasnt an impulsive fellow, but at this point in time, he no longer cared about the rules. He expressed his doubts directly.

Nobody said anything. At the moment, most of them didnt know what to do either.

Naturally, giving up was something none of them was willing to do. Furthermore, this concerned the Floating Butterfly Goddess, which was far too important.

Losing the Xuan Pin Gate would possibly make the Human Race weaker. At least half of the 36 Great Cosmoses would wither.

The Human Race might not die without vital energy and spiritual essence. However, most humans wouldnt avoid degenerating easily.

The Human Race had done so much to progress and evolve from its weak state. If they started to degenerate now

Such an unbearable outcome was something they werent willing to bear.

After some hesitation, someone spoke. There is no alternative. It wouldnt be of any use even if Luo Yunyang killed the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

The person who had spoken was the old man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. There was a dim look of sadness in his eyes as he looked at his comrades.

One of them, the stern man with the cold light flickering behind him, was consumed by dense killing intent.

He glared at the man and said in a reproaching tone, Its all your fault. If you guys hadnt said that the goddess needed to train, she wouldnt have gone into the Dual Realm Sky.

The old man didnt justify himself to this criticism. He only smiled sadly at the stern man before turning to the Middle Hall Master. Middle Hall Master, I think we have no choice but to make preparations.

The Middle Hall Master nodded. I feel the same way.

After he said that, the Middle Hall Master pondered for a moment before saying resolutely, Do you guys really want to give up on the Xuan Pin Gate?

The old man knew what the Middle Hall Master wanted to do. He also knew what the consequences would be once he gave his answer. However, after a slight pause, he still gave the Middle Hall Master a resolute answer. Yes!

The Middle Hall Master met the old mans gaze before he said solemnly, I shall now order Luo Yunyang to think of a way to destroy the artifact spirit Xuan Pin Gate.

You are all crazy! the stern man exclaimed sharply. That is the artifact spirit Xuan Pin Gate. Do you know what sort of consequences will be caused by these actions?

The Middle Hall Master didnt speak, whereas the old man said in resignation, I know, but the consequences will be even worse if we dont do this! The moment the Mysterious Underworld Race obtains the artifact spirit Xuan Pin Gate, they will have control over it.

Do not think that Im saying all this to scare you. Furthermore, we are not aware of the extent of the Mysterious Underworld Races power and what sort of hidden methods they possess.

The old mans voice was calm, but there was firmness in it.

The stern middle-aged man no longer opened his mouth to speak. Although he didnt approve of the old mans view, he had been persuaded by the old mans words.

He knew very well that the moment the situation mentioned by the old man became reality, Xuan Pin Sacred Hall would basically be finished.

Without the Xuan Pin Gate, Xuan Pin Sacred Hall wouldnt even be considered a sacred hall.

The Middle Hall Master nodded. Since this has been decided, I will inform Luo Yunyang to destroy the artifact spirit of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall and the goddess at all costs.

After the old man nodded, the Middle Hall Master took out a jade talisman and quickly transmitted their decision to Luo Yunyang.

The entire secret room fell completely silent.

Luo Yunyang and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could relay information, so he was able to receive the Middle Hall Masters order very quickly. Luo Yunyang frowned when he saw this order.

Although he didnt have much of a relationship with the Floating Butterfly Goddess, the two of them had been escaping Jiuzi Xuanmings pursue all this while. Thus, he felt a little unwilling to kill the Floating Butterfly Goddess without saying a word.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had been observing Luo Yunyang all this time. A few thoughts came to her mind when she saw Luo Yunyang go silent. After pondering for a bit, the Floating Butterfly Goddess asked gently, Did you receive an order to kill me?

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had spoken calmly. Her unperturbed manner made it seem like she wasnt asking Luo Yunyang but confirming this.

Luo Yunyang paused for a moment before nodding. Indeed. I have been ordered to kill you.

I just knew it. The Floating Butterfly Goddess smiled gently. If it were me giving orders on the outside, killing me would also be the best option. However, they also believe that you will be able to destroy the artifact spirit?

Luo Yunyang didnt know what this artifact spirit the Floating Butterfly Goddess was talking about was. Therefore, he didnt reply.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess didnt wait for his reply before she continued. That artifact spirit is joined with me. It would be best if you destroyed it in one go. Otherwise, it would be a big problem.

Although I will be dying soon, you still have a small chance to live. Since you saved me, I shall give you a present.

As the Floating Butterfly Goddess spoke, she tapped her finger on her forehead. Instantly, black essence flew out of the space between her brows and rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

Although it was just a bit of essence, the moment it flew out, Luo Yunyang felt his spiritual consciousness and his bodys cultivation base rising rapidly. He had a feeling that his entire body was going through massive stimulation.

The slowly-revolving Great Obliteration Millstone that was in his body doubled its speed when this energy came into contact with it.

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up when he sensed this essence energy. He immediately grabbed it.

What is this? Luo Yunyang asked the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess smiled as if nothing mattered. Its a strand of life-force energy that forms within the Xuan Pin Gate once in millions of years. Although it wouldnt effectively raise ones cultivation base, it has unimaginable benefits when it comes to breaking through barriers and raising ones potential.

However, it wouldnt be of much use to me. Now, this strand of life-force energy is yours.

Luo Yunyang eyed the Floating Butterfly Goddess as a deluge of thoughts went through his mind. Come with me. Perhaps we still have a slight chance of living.