Supreme Uprising Chapter 912

Chapter 912 Surging Power

Chapter 912: Surging Power

A slight chance to live!

The odds werent great, but the Floating Butterfly Goddess had a strong will to live, so this slight chance of survival gave her a glimmer of hope.

The reason she gave Luo Yunyang a strand of the life-force energy formed within Xuan Pin Gate was simple: She did not want it to go to waste.

However, she had never expected Luo Yunyang to say that they both would have a slight chance to live!

Although Jiuzi Xuanming saw Luo Yunyang and the Floating Butterfly Goddess flying off together, he wasnt interested in making any moves.

Instead, he was slowly refining the Dual Realm Sky. His mission would be completed once he was able to refine it completely.

If Luo Yunyang didnt escape from the Dual Realm Sky, the Floating Butterfly Goddess would have the same fate. Hence, he was just like a fisherman leisurely casting his net.

What the heck are they trying to do? In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Left Hall Master also saw Luo Yunyang take flight with the Floating Butterfly Goddess and exclaimed in slight anguish.

The Left Hall Master had always been in charge of disciplinary matters in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. If there was one person that the disciples of Hong Meng Scared Hall feared the most, it would be without a doubt the Left Hall Master.

The Middle Hall Master was also furious. He had already made a decision, and it was hard to change it. Luo Yunyang was simply out of control.

However, the Middle Hall Master was still a Hall Master after all. Hence, even though he looked somewhat more pissed than before, he still remained silent.

The old man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall was frowning too.

What the old man had told the Middle Hall Master wasnt just his opinion. It represented the opinion of the entire Xuan Pin Sacred Hall.

The Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi that had been entrusted with the important task of killing the Floating Butterfly Goddess actually hadnt obeyed the command.

Not only had he not taken action, but he had even tried to flee with their Goddess in the Dual Realm Sky. The entire situation made the old man very uncomfortable.

Could this youngster have succumbed to the beauty of their Goddess? Was that why he could not bear to kill her? If that were the case

Middle Hall Master, is this the standard of the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi? I think he is simply a lecher! the stern-looking man said mockingly.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall controlled the Divine Creation Disc, while Xuan Pin Sacred Hall possessed the Xuan Pin Gate! There shouldnt be much difference between these two based on the two artifacts that they wielded.

However, it was evident from the strength displayed that Hong Meng Sacred Hall was much stronger than Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. Some people even said that Xuan Pin Sacred Hall was simply a subsidiary of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

This infuriated the elites of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall very much. Hence, even though the two sides were allies on the surface, there was in fact plenty of dirty laundry that didnt see the light of day.

Now, the supreme Xuan Pin Gate had started to show signs of damage and even the goddess chosen by the artifact spirit was going to die. This was considered a huge loss for Xuan Pin Sacred Hall.

The stern-looking middle-aged man felt very suffocated. However, even if that was the case, no one present was inferior in terms of status to him. Hence, he could only continue holding his anger in.

Nevertheless, Luo Yunyangs flight with the Floating Butterfly Goddess had become an excuse for him to vent his frustration.

The Middle Hall Masters expression darkened instantly as the Left Hall Master snapped back coldly. Yuan Venerate Qinghua, we dont need you to evaluate Hong Meng Sacred Halls Zongzi.

The Left Hall Master did not even bother using words, as numerous sword-lights formed a disc of light behind him.

Any one of these sword-lights would be enough to obliterate an entire galaxy!

Unfortunately, the middle-aged man knew that this wasnt a place where he could behave atrociously even if he was pissed. He would be getting the short end of the stick if he tried anything.

Hes just a lecher!

Yuan Venerate Qinghua backed off and stood behind the old man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall before he spat these words out.

The elder from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall did not like Yuan Venerate Qinghuas meaningless actions, but Yuan Venerate Qinghua was still his companion. If he completely ruined their reputation in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, then

After a short moment, the old man finally said, Middle Hall Master, time is running out. I think its more important to finish our plan for now. After all, we cannot lose the Xuan Pin Gate!

The Middle Hall Master nodded before taking out the jade talisman hurriedly and issuing a command. His command was strict, as he absolutely could not allow Luo Yunyang to disobey his instructions.

Shortly after the Middle Hall Master completed this action, Luo Yunyang finally replied. Unfortunately, the content of the reply made the Middle Hall Masters face stiffen up.

This is not the end. This was Luo Yunyangs reply to the Middle Hall Masters command. As a result, the Middle Hall Master was extremely infuriated.

The Left Hall Master and the Right Hall Master did not see Luo Yunyangs reply but they could vaguely sense what Luo Yunyang had answered based on the look on the Middle Hall Masters face.

Thus, they also looked slightly dimmer.

Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall wouldnt care too much about the things happening in the outside world, their requirements for abiding rules were very stringent.

The Middle Hall Master was the Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, so his words were akin to orders. No one could ever defy them.

Luo Yunyang, a mere Zongzi, had actually dared to defy the Middle Hall Masters order. This by itself was a challenge to the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Middle Hall Master? The Left Hall Master looked at the Middle Hall Master gravely.

The Middle Hall Master gestured with his hands and said, He told me that things havent come to an end yet. It means that he still has some tricks up his sleeve.

Tricks up his sleeve? He still has some tricks up his sleeve? Does he really think that he can improve all of a sudden and defeat Jiuzi Xuanming? the Left Hall Master asked, sounding baffled, before continuing his barrage. Hes behaving like a fool!

Everyone in Hong Meng Sacred Hall would tremble in fear whenever the Left Hall Master got p*ssed off.

Both the Right Hall Master and the old man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall stayed silent. In their opinion, Luo Yunyang had no chance of winning.

Their judgment was based on their years of experience, which they firmly believed in.

Give him some time! The Middle Hall Master pondered this for a moment before speaking. As for us, all we can do now is keep attacking the Dual Realm Sky with our full force.

Luo Yunyang wasnt thinking about the reaction he would generate in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He merely brought the Floating Butterfly Goddess along and went ahead with his plan by rushing towards the location where he had been training in seclusion.

In a quarter of an hour, Luo Yunyang arrived in the mountain that his body was cultivating in. After shooting a glance at the Floating Butterfly Goddess, Luo Yunyang tapped her with his finger.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess was also a fifth-level Heavenly Venerate, so she instantly reacted to Luo Yunyangs move. As if she had suddenly recalled something, she did not resist at all.

The Floating Butterfly Goddesss expression remained very calm when Luo Yunyangs finger tapped her body.

Luo Yunyang did not pay attention to the Floating Butterfly Goddess, as he immediately took her into his clones internal universe after making sure she had fainted.

Then, Luo Yunyangs clone entered the location where his body was situated.

A jet-black millstone was rotating gradually outside Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness. The Sword Origin was slowly being ground down into fragments before being channeled rapidly into Luo Yunyangs internal universe with every rotation.

These fragments of ground-up Sword Origin nourished and provided Luo Yunyangs internal universe with a massive amount of energy. Although the Sword Origins grinding process wasnt even 1% completed, it had already given Luo Yunyang the foundation to break through to the sixth level of the Heavenly Venerate.

He could break through and become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate anytime he wanted. However, Luo Yunyang wasnt ready to break through yet.

He had received almost all of Yuan Venerate Wanlius memories, so he was very clear-headed. The most important juncture of a Heavenly Venerate was the condensation of sacred images.

A strong sacred image would create a deeper and better foundation when one advanced and became a Yuan Venerate. Not only would a weak sacred image fail to help one become a Yuan Venerate, but one might even fail to advance to an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate forever.

The condensation of a strong sacred image required a strong cultivation technique, nomological laws, as well as superior strength to support a powerful sacred image.

Many powerhouses were reluctant when they formed their sacred images. Thus, because they lacked superior strength as a brace, they had no choice but to abandon some top-grade techniques.

This was not because they did not want those techniques, but because condensing those techniques into sacred images without enough strength to support the process could result in failure to form sacred images and might also cause it to collapse.

Luo Yunyang had plenty of cultivation techniques. Apart from the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique, he also had the top supreme scriptures of the Three Era Supreme Sect. He already had plans for his sacred image, but he still needed a massive amount of energy regardless of which technique he was going to use.

His body opened his eyes gently when his clone arrived, shot a glance at the clone, and chuckled. Come out.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch did not respond. He simply snapped his fingers before this extremely pure life-force energy flowed out of his body and rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

The moment this wave of pure life-force energy entered Luo Yunyangs body, his eyes started to glow with a strange splendor.

A short while later, his body dazzled even brighter than before and the Great Obliteration Millstone that had been rotating gradually in his mind started to speed up tenfold.

Trails of Sword Origin were ground down into the purest form of power as they filled up the fifth-level universe inside Luo Yunyangs body.

When this energy started to accumulate, the power accumulating in Luo Yunyangs internal universe started transforming into a fluid that surged like crazy inside.

At that moment, Luo Yunyang sensed that the time had come!