Supreme Uprising Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Three Faced Sacred Image 10 Pillars Of Divine Lights

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The condensation of a Sacred Image was a key moment for a Heavenly Venerate. Once a Sacred Image was condensed, it could not only be used by a Heavenly Venerate during a battle. It could also be used to absorb energy throughout the void.

The stronger a Sacred Image or the void it was in was, the more energy the sacred image could absorb.

Luo Yunyang had come up with a deducted Sacred Image in the thousand years he had spent training in seclusion. Thus, it came naturally to him now.

Trails of great path nomological laws erupted forth from Luo Yunyangs body. All these were Origin Source Laws that Luo Yunyang had managed to control throughout his years of cultivation.

Every nomological law was connected to the origin source of heaven and earth, represented an extremely powerful secret technique, and was also the equivalent of a supreme cultivation technique.

The condensation of Sacred Images could allow these Origin Source Laws to improve greatly quality-wise! It might even push them to their limits.


With that thought in mind, Luo Yunyang did not flinch as he conjured the three Origin Source Laws he had decided on a long time ago and started condensing them.

The three Origin Source Laws were the top-notch nomological laws of the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell technique. Although Luo Yunyang cultivated various techniques, he still chose the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell as his go-to technique during the condensation of his Sacred Image.

Although the Life-Death Resounding Fate and the Samsara Palm were just as powerful, Luo Yunyang still decided to give up on them.

It wasnt that Luo Yunyang did not want to make his Sacred Image stronger. However, during his deduction, he had realized that while the two techniques had certain aspects that could complement each other, they would still clash against each other for the most part.

Fusing two techniques that were at odds wasnt a good thing during the condensation of ones Sacred Image.

Not only would this not increase his power, but it might even destabilize the Sacred Image and increase the possibility of it collapsing.

However, just as the word condense left Luo Yunyangs mouth, all the nomological laws that seeped out of Luo Yunyangs body started to get entangled all of a sudden.

What was going on?

Luo Yunyang felt his scalp go numb when he sensed the surging energy condensing. He had never thought that he would encounter such a problem while condensing a Sacred Image.

Although the energy in his body seemed boundless and his foundation was deep, the impact on him would still be unimaginable if the nomological laws within his Sacred Images continued to get entangled.

After a while, a hint of fear crept into Luo Yunyang. However, he knew that worrying now wouldnt be helpful.

What he could do now was remove the nomological laws that werent necessary from his Sacred Images.

However, just as Luo Yunyang conjured the technique from his body, he realized that all the techniques he had learned throughout the years had started to get activated at the same time and fuse rapidly together.

Fusion The techniques that were incompatible and couldnt be used together were actually flowing together like water.

What was going on? Was this because of the strand of pure life-force energy?

Luo Yunyang did not think that he was the chosen one that could make all the nomological laws in his body submit willingly to him instantly.

If he wasnt the chosen one, then the most plausible reason behind this would be the strand of pure life-force energy he had obtained from the Floating Butterfly Goddess. Although the pure life-force energy provided him with a lot of benefits by allowing him to crush all the Sword intent in his body faster than it would normally take, just that alone wouldnt have made it so important.

However, this wasnt the time to question the Floating Butterfly Goddess, as she was still unconscious from the blow.

After focusing his mind on condensing his Sacred Image, Luo Yunyang quickly entered a trance.

The Origin Source Laws continued to entangle with one another like weaving dragons, forming what could be described as a wreath that floated atop Luo Yunyangs head.

About 15 minutes later, the wreath that was gradually changing had turned into a very ancient, unadorned bell.

The massive bell was earth-shaking, and even the two characters carved on its body were clear and distinct.

While that was happening, a bronze pillar of light that was hundreds of meters thick fell from the sky above the Dual Sky Realm, heading straight towards the massive bell on top of Luo Yunyangs head.

The Sacred Image could communicate with the void, which possessed the same energy as its nomological laws. Once the Sacred Image was formed, this void would cast down a peculiar divine light. Not only would the light nourish and provide ample supplemental effect to the energy of the Sacred Image, but it could also allow the communication between the Sacred Image and the void to become much tighter.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was still standing in the void. Although he knew that there was nothing there for him even if he stayed, he still couldnt force himself to leave.

He wanted to watch Jiuzi Xuanming capture Luo Yunyang. He wanted to personally witness the look of despair in Luo Yunyangs eyes. More importantly, he wanted to retrieve the Great Obliteration Millstone from Jiuzi Xuanming.

He could only recover what he had lost by taking back the Great Obliteration Millstone. Although Jiuzi Xuanming might not return it, the chances of it happening would dwindle if he left this place.

Sacred Image Divine Light!

The 1st Mysterious Demon looked on coldly as the light pillar tore through the sky and descended. The only person in the Dual Sky Realm that could break through to the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate right now was undoubtedly Luo Yunyang.

After all, most of the other humans had already died. As for the Floating Butterfly Goddess, although she was alive, her cultivation was lacking.

Wasnt it rumored that Luo Yunyangs cultivation had stagnated for the past 1,000 years after absorbing Yuan Venerate Wanlius energy? What was going on here?

However, the doubt in his heart instantly turned to faint delight. Six pillars of light from six different voids had entered his Sacred Images when he had condensed them.

The strongest Sacred Image had been condensed by the ancient 12 Yuan Underworldling Technique before reinstating the might of the Ancient Mysterious Ancestor.

Only a handful of people in the history of the Mysterious Underworld Race had condensed six Yuan Underwordlings as Sacred Images.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was one of these exceptional people. Hence, this was always something that the 1st Mysterious Demon could be rightfully proud of.

Its just a single Sacred Image Divine Light. Although it looks stronger than each and every one of my Sacred Image Divine Lights, it is still a lot weaker than the combination of my six divine lights.

Jiuzi Xuanming, who had used the Universe Diagram Convergence Refining, also saw this. His extremely calm expression was a stark contrast to the 1st Mysterious Demons grouchy dissatisfaction.

It seemed as if this was all insignificant to him.

He continued to refine the Universe Diagram Convergence at his own pace, quietly awaiting to reap his reward.

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Middle Hall Master and the Divine Elder were the only ones left to oversee the situation. The two of them also saw the descending Sacred Image Divine Light.

I know that Luo Yunyang chap is not simple. This sort of challenge is not going to stop him, the Divine Elder said casually.

The Middle Hall Master was also quite familiar with Luo Yunyangs situation. I know about Luo Yunyangs situation. However, I never thought that he could forcefully break down the energy left behind by a Yuan Venerate and even manage to advance by condensing his Sacred Image. While the power displayed by the Sacred Image isnt weak, it isnt that strong either!

The Divine Elder grinned. I think Luo Yunyang shouldnt be so weak. After all, he infused himself with most of Yuan Venerate Wanlius power. If an ordinary Heavenly Venerate were to receive it, even condensing a sacred image would be a very tough task.

Suddenly, another Sacred Image Divine Light descended from the void and headed towards Luo Yunyangs location while the two of them were still conversing.

Although the Dual Sky Realm was covered by 12 Primordial Yuan Underwordling Flags, it wouldnt be very beneficial to use the 12 Primordial Yuan Underworldling Flags to oppose the Sacred Image Divine Light. After all, it might damage the flags.

The new Sacred Image Divine Light seemed weaker, but the razor-sharp energy infused in it felt greater than the first.

In other words, the might of the second Sacred Image Divine Light wasnt inferior to the first.

The 1st Mysterious Demon looked a little pale when he saw the second Sacred Image Divine Light. Luo Yunyangs first Sacred Image Divine Light wasnt better than the combination of his six Sacred Image Divine Lights. However, when the second Sacred Image Divine Light appeared, the 1st Mysterious Demon felt like his six Sacred Image Divine Lights were a tad inferior.

It seemed like the 1st Mysterious Demon wasnt treated with any respect, as various pillars of light began to fall from the void towards Luo Yunyangs location.

Four pillars, five pillars

The void in the Dual Sky Realm only calmed down after the 10th Sacred Image Divine Light completed its descent. After the coverage of the 10th Sacred Image Divine Light, a figure with three faces and six pairs of limbs emerged from the void in the area Luo Yunyang was in.

The Sacred Image with the three faces and six pairs of limbs overlooked its surroundings. Although all three faces looked exactly the same, anyone would feel that the three of them were sort of different if they looked at them.

The first face was as unadorned as eternity, the second face was tyrannical and overwhelming, and the last face looked largely unchanged but felt totally different every time one looked at it.

However, the items in their hands were extraordinary compared to the three faces, which seemed like they represented different times.

The face that was tyrannical and overwhelming held a massive bell, and the unadorned face held a longsword on its left hand and an 18-story gold pagoda on its right.

As for the last face, which was constantly changing, its left hand was dragging a millstone that was about a foot wide.

Although the Sacred Image was only a projection, its appearance still sent a wave of overwhelming dominance toward anyone who saw it.