Supreme Uprising Chapter 916

Chapter 916 : Jiuzis Clone Good Luck

Chapter 916: Jiuzis Clone; Good Luck
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Whats going on with Jiuzi Xuanming? That bunch of old fogies claim that he is a rare, unrivaled genius! How can he not be able to defeat Luo Yunyang? the 1st Mysterious Demon said, sounding exasperated.

Although he was above the 12 Yuan Underworldling flags, he was able to communicate with his aides through a virtual realm because the entire Dual Realm Sky was under the control of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The object of all this grumbling was the 5th Mysterious Demon.

Given the 1st Mysterious Demons strength, all the Mysterious Underworld Beings selected to become Mysterious Demons would basically follow the 1st Mysterious Demon or become his opponents and fall.

Although many people werent happy with this, no big shots of the Mysterious Underworld Race came out to stop this due to the 1st Mysterious Demons innate talent.

Deep down, the 5th Mysterious Demon was a little disgusted by the 1st Mysterious Demons anxious display. However, he kept all this disdain inside. He wouldnt say anything, as he wasnt willing to lose his status.

He was still too far behind compared to the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Even though Luo Yunyang had broken the 1st Mysterious Demons physical body, the gulf between him and the 1st Mysterious Demon was like a chasm that couldnt be crossed.

Right now, he could only assume the status of an attendant to deal with the 1st Mysterious Demon. Even though it was difficult to bear the 1st Mysterious Demon at times, he still treated the 5th Mysterious Demon quite decently. Thus, the 5th Mysterious Demon was willing to keep pace with the 1st Mysterious Demon for now.

Boss, could Jiuzi Xuanming still be keeping some cards up his sleeves? the 5th Mysterious Demon said after pondering for a moment.

Cards up his sleeves? I really do hope he still has a few other tricks, but do you think that he really has any more?

The 1st Mysterious Demon watched from above the battered Jiuzi Xuanming and cried out. Damn, Im left with half a life!

After that lamentation, the 1st Mysterious Demon sighed. What a pity!

It was a pity that he possessed one half of the Great Obliteration Millstone. He had originally thought that he would be unstoppable once he got the full millstone. However, this millstone was already in Luo Yunyangs hands.

This was intolerable. Simply intolerable!

If Luo Yunyang hadnt destroyed his physical body and made him apprehensive, the 1st Mysterious Demon would have already charged over and fought with Luo Yunyang to death.

Boss, Luo Yunyangs sacred image is very special. Based on what I know about the records concerning the Mysterious Underworld Races Sacred Images, this grade of Sacred Image is definitely on par with your 12 Yuan Underworldling Sacred Image.

The 5th Mysterious Demon went on. Even if Jiuzi Xuanming failed, our tribe would definitely dispatch other top individuals over.

The 1st Mysterious Demon snorted. Although he knew that the 5th Mysterious Demon was speaking the truth, he didnt really like listening to it. Hearing the truth like this was making him feel even more vexed!

He looked closely at Jiuzi Xuanming, who was within the large millstone, and discovered that even though Jiuzi Xuanming was in a desperate position, he didnt seem the least bit fazed.

The more talented one was, the more afraid of death one would be.

This saying existed for a reason. Take the 1st Mysterious Demon for example. Although he was decisive and firm when it came to fighting and killing, he would only advance without looking back when his own fate wasnt at risk.

However, once something concerned his life and death, he would feel afraid.

In the 1st Mysterious Demons opinion, he was a genius that countless legends would be written about. Therefore, he couldnt afford to die.

Are there any really impressive people besides Jiuzi Xuanming in our race? Dont tell me that Yuan Venerate beings would be dispatched?

The 1st Mysterious Demon simply didnt show the 5th Mysterious Demon any respect. Instead, he mocked his random laments.

Although the 5th Mysterious Demon was really pissed deep down, he still held it in. While the two of them were talking, they saw that the space Jiuzi Xuanming had created between the two halves of the millstone was already down to little more than a meter.

Once this millstone recomposed itself, Jiuzi Xuanming would surely die.

At Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Middle Hall Master and the Divine Elder were also watching the huge revolving millstone quietly. Although they still couldnt tell the origin of Luo Yunyangs huge millstone, they could sense how powerful it was.

Jiuzi Xuanming shouldnt be this weak! The Middle Hall Master frowned as he spoke doubtfully.

The Middle Hall Masters status in Hong Meng Sacred Hall was extremely high, so even the Divine Elder only felt respect for him.

The Divine Elder coughed lightly. I also believe that Jiuzi Xuanming shouldnt be this weak. However, given the current situation

While the giant millstone revolved once more, it seemed as though only Jiuzi Xuanming could be seen.

His head would be ground and Jiuzi Xuanming, who bragged about being a future pillar of the Mysterious Underworld Race, would cease to exist.

Although Jiuzi Xuanming hadnt broken through the Yuan Venerate realm all these years, people feared him even more because of this.

However, this terrifying person was actually nearing the end of his life. For the Middle Hall Master and the others, this was simply something great that would fall from the sky and land on their laps.

However, the Middle Hall Master and the others had the same doubt in their minds. Was Luo Yunyang really at such a powerful level?

Luo Yunyang controlled the millstone while his mind was at work. Although he didnt feel that he was inferior, he wasnt blinded by arrogance either.

Jiuzi Xuanmings inability to do anything while being trapped between the projection of the Great Obliteration Millstone should be normal, but Luo Yunyang still felt that something didnt seem right.

How could Jiuzi Xuanming not have any way of hitting back?

The Dafan Sky Mark unleashed by Jiuzi Xuanming might have seemed powerful and overwhelming, but Luo Yunyang felt that it still couldnt be used as a trump card by Jiuzi Xuanming.

Luo Yunyang had no way to prove this. It was only intuition. However, he absolutely trusted his own intuition.

As Luo Yunyang watched the revolving millstone gravely, the Floating Butterfly Goddess, who had been knocked out and stored within Luo Yunyangs internal universe, woke up.

Luo Yunyang was already much less guarded against the Floating Butterfly Goddess. Thus, upon seeing her waking up, he let her fly out of his internal universe.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had been willingly knocked out by Luo Yunyang. Deep down, she knew that everyone had their own secrets and people who discovered other peoples secrets wouldnt end up well.

She also knew that her life was in Luo Yunyangs hands, so she had smartly chosen to be knocked out.

In her heart, the Floating Butterfly Goddess believed that Luo Yunyang would definitely do something extraordinary. However, when she saw the circumstances right before her now, she still felt flabbergasted.

What she saw right now was far beyond what she could have expected.

Jiuzi Xuanming, who she reckoned was unbeatable below the Yuan Venerate level, was now trapped within two halves of a millstone. Only his head could be currently seen.

You You defeated Jiuzi Xuanming? The Floating Butterfly Goddesss voice was a mixture of pleasant surprise and disbelief.

Luo Yunyang shook his head. I think that this fellow couldnt have been defeated so easily, but I am sure it will be difficult for him to escape this current predicament. Take a look. Do you think he is hiding any techniques?

The Floating Butterfly Goddess immediately focused her gaze on Jiuzi Xuanming when she heard Luo Yunyangs worried reply. She too didnt dare believe that Jiuzi Xuanming would be killed by Luo Yunyang just like this. Although Luo Yunyang had displayed a great deal of strength, killing Jiuzi Xuanming like this seemed a little too simple.

If Jiuzi Xuanming only had this much ability, then his grand reputation must have been false.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess scrutinized the scene meticulously. However, she couldnt see any way Jiuzi Xuanming could free himself. As the Floating Butterfly Goddess was pondering this, cracking sounds rang out through the void.

These sounds echoed in succession. In just a moment, the Floating Butterfly Goddess discovered that countless cracks had appeared in the space of the Dual Realm Sky they were in.

These large cracks were thousands of feet long and wide. Even the small ones were several hundred meters long. All these cracks made it seem as though the Dual Realm Sky could crumble and fall down at any moment.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess looked shocked when she saw these cracks. Hold it!

Although she had always been polite to Luo Yunyang because of the position they were in, given the urgent situation, she couldnt care less about formalities!

Luo Yunyang understood what the Floating Butterfly Goddess meant the moment she shouted. Suddenly, more and more cracks appeared on the Dual Realm Sky.

The only thought anyone watching the Dual Realm Sky could have was that the Dual Realm Sky was going to collapse.

It could even be said that the space of the Dual Realm Sky had already started to break.

Ha ha ha It is already too late. When I used Universe Diagram Convergence Refining, it combined with this clone of mine.

As long as my clone crumbles, the Dual Realm Sky will collapse as well, Jiuzi Xuanming said proudly from within the millstone. Although the Dual Realm Sky is a cage, it is also a layer that protects you all. Once the Dual Realm Sky collapses, you shall face the Yuan Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

I can only wish you all the best from here on. Only a tiny part of Jiuzi Xuanmings body remained. With a laugh, Jiuzi Xuanmings voice rang out. Luo Yunyang, if you can escape this, then perhaps you shall be worthy of fighting with my main body. I hope that you can do it.

At these words, the last part of Jiuzi Xuanmings body was crushed. At the same time, the Dual Realm Sky started to collapse violently.

This This was just Jiuzi Xuanmings clone? How can that be? The Floating Butterfly Goddesss voice was shaking.

Luo Yunyang paid no attention to the Floating Butterfly Goddesss unrest. Right now, our priority is how we are going to escape back to the Human Races territory. We are in big trouble without the Dual Realm Sky!