Supreme Uprising Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Outside The Sealed Sky City

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This is bad! the Left Hall Master said hoarsely as he watched the Dual Realm Sky that had already disappeared.

He was currently leading Hong Meng Sacred Halls top elites in besieging the Sealed Sky City. Both he and the powerhouses that were attacking were filled with resentment.

Or rather, it should be said that they were livid.

The Sealed Sky City had been built by the Human Race, yet the city had now become a fortress that was stopping them.

The Left Hall Master was all too familiar with the various offensive methods of the Sealed Sky City. Some of them had even been personally created and equipped by the Left Hall Master.

However, these methods were now being used to deal with him. These attacks were overwhelming, so he had no choice but to back off time after time.

Everyone was really sullen at this point in time.

However, even though they were sullen, they still had to put all their effort into the attack. All sorts of mystic abilities were being unleashed generously, and cracks had also started to appear in the face of this forceful power.

The main objective of the Left Hall Master and the others was to breach the Sealed Sky City and allow Luo Yunyang and the Floating Butterfly Goddess, who were within the Dual Realm Sky, to return safely.

However, while they were locked in battle with the Mysterious Underworld Race Yuan Venerates stationed in the Sealed Sky City, they saw the changes happening to the Dual Realm Sky.

First, the Dual Realm Sky had become a huge diagram. Then, the Dual Realm Sky, which was situated behind the Sealed Sky City, collapsed!

When the Dual Realm Sky was turned into a picture scroll, there still werent any holes between the Dual Realm Sky and the Sealed Sky City. However, as that huge diagram crumbled, the Sealed Sky City was no longer the only passage out of the Dual Realm Sky.

Four spatial cracks led to the Dual Realm Sky, which was no longer sealed and had already become a space without any vitality.

The Left Hall Master wasnt delighted when he saw these spatial cracks. Instead, he was shocked.

Without the confines of the Dual Realm Sky, they could enter the Dual Realm Sky freely. Unfortunately, the Yuan Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race could do the same.

Quick, go rescue Luo Yunyang! the Left Hall Master shouted. Then, the Right Hall Master, Yuan Venerate White Crane, and the others took flight and rushed over to a spatial tear.

They just needed to enter the spatial tear. Considering the level of their cultivation base, a million miles could be crossed in an instant.

However, as they were rushing towards that spatial tear, a loud roar echoed from within another spatial tear. Brother Left, long time no see! Its time we reminisce about old times!

The person speaking had a Divine Incarcerate appearance. His body was thousands of meters tall and he looked like a mountain as he blocked the way ahead.

The Left Hall Master recognized this Divine Incarcerate powerhouse. In the past, this person had gone all out against him.

The Left Hall Master snorted when he saw this pleased-looking fellow. His hands moved quickly and purple lightning started to gather in them.

The Divine Incarcerate powerhouse roared with laughter when he saw the Left Hall Masters actions. You can create third-level nomological laws? Looks like you have closed that gap considerably.

Unfortunately, you still arent the Middle Hall Master and you cant

This delighted laughter made the Left Hall Master furrow his brows even more. He knew that, given this Divine Incarcerates behavior, this person was trying to incite disharmony between him and the Middle Hall Master.

However, even though he understood, he still felt displeased deep down. As the Left Hall Master clashed with this Divine Incarcerate powerhouse, the Right Hall Master and the Yuan Venerate also encountered their own opponents.

The stern-looking, middle-aged man from Xuan Ping Sacred Hall waved his glimmering blade as he tangled with a six-armed Mysterious Underworld Being that wielded a hammer in each hand.

The two of them were both Yuan Venerate powerhouses. They could create laws and, although their focus was different, their fight was just as ferocious.

Left Hall Master, it is no use getting angry. We are just here to stall you for half an hour. Ha ha ha How about we sit down and properly reminiscence about old times? It would definitely be better than going all out.

The Left Hall Master huffed. The previous clash had let him know that this old adversary from the Divine Incarcerate Race had improved considerably.

Even though his own progress had been great, he still didnt have any clear advantages compared to this person. If things werent so urgent, the Left Hall Master wouldnt tangle with this guy in an all-out fight.

In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Middle Hall Masters expression turned even graver as he watched the Left Hall Master and the others, who were engaged in combat, through the void.

The Dual Realm Sky had been destroyed and whatever methods Hong Meng Sacred Hall had used to observe the Dual Realm Sky were basically gone. They already had no hope of seeing Luo Yunyang. However, the Middle Hall Master could roughly guess what Luo Yunyang and the Floating Butterfly Goddess were about to face.

As the Middle Hall Master got to his feet slowly, the Divine Elder spoke. Sir, dont tell me you are going personally to pick him up?

The Middle Hall Master nodded. Even if I were to go, the odds of rescuing the two of them would be extremely low. However, I definitely have to go this time.

As he spoke, the Middle Hall Master waved his arm. An ancient, withered sword appeared in his hand. At first glance, the sword looked strange, as it was hexagonal and each side of it was carved with different inscriptions.

The Divine Elder sighed when he saw the Middle Hall Master take out the sword. Im not saying that you cant go, but I believe that you wouldnt be of much help even if you did go. I fear that someone would already be waiting within the void for you.

The Middle Hall Master chuckled. You are right. However, if I dont go, Luo Yunyang and the Floating Butterfly Goddess wont even have the slightest chance of surviving.

As he said that, the Middle Hall Master disappeared into the void. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared outside the Sealed Sky City.

The Middle Hall Master only stopped there because someone was obstructing his progress.

Go back! The person obstructing the Middle Hall Master was a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse entirely covered in golden scales. In his arms was a golden spear that glittered with a cold glow.

The Middle Hall Master, who was familiar with this person, eyed that spear and shook his head. I have already arrived. Can I go back?

This game of chess will result in certain defeat for you guys. This young fella is really good at wasting time. That is why he managed to gain a slight glimmer of hope.

The Mysterious Underworld powerhouse added unhurriedly, However, he encountered Jiuzi Xuanmings clone.

The Middle Hall Master met the gaze of this Mysterious Underworld powerhouse and said, Jiuzi Xuanming is not too bad. In the beginning, even I didnt expect this to be a clone.

The Mysterious Underworld powerhouse laughed. The Human Race hasnt produced a genius in many years. When Jiuzi Xuanming breaks through to the Yuan Venerate, all of you will get buried.

Do you remember my earlier suggestion? Its still on the table. As long as you are willing, I can ask that supreme being to allow you to experience reincarnation.

The Middle Hall Master glanced at the golden-clad Mysterious Underworld powerhouse and said indifferently, If you are willing, I too can allow you to be reincarnated.

The two of them suddenly fell silent. Both of them knew that they wouldnt be able to convince each other.

However, the two of them didnt make any moves either. They were standing together, so this was basically a mutual suppression.

This suppression wasnt just limited to them. Outside the Sealed Sky City, many silhouettes had descended from all over the place. Some of them fought fiercely the moment they saw their counterparts, while others shot burning glares yet had no intention of making a move.

A number of them even chatted like friends, just like the Middle Hall Master and the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld Being were doing.

However, as these people gathered, the Heaven and Earth laws in the surroundings of the Sealed Sky City became even crazier. This was akin to an honest person experiencing a great deal of pressure.

This pressure was very difficult to endure, so the person in question would become extremely crazed.

The Middle Hall Master and the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld continued to chat as if they were the closest of old friends who were catching up.

Heh heh I couldnt tell that so many people from the Human Race came this time. Even your allies have been mobilized. Its a pity that we have more people.

The golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld powerhouse spoke with a hint of haughtiness in his voice. The Middle Hall Master replied casually, We have come here just to give Luo Yunyang a chance.

The golden-armored powerhouse nodded. He looked at the Middle Hall Master and said, Naturally, we wont make any moves since you are all here. However, I can tell you one thing. There are four Yuan Venerates in the shattered space of the Dual Realm Sky. Of course, they are merely Yuan Venerates at the initial stages.

The Middle Hall Master sighed and said with a trace of helplessness, Fate is predetermined. What do we have to say?

Naturally, Luo Yunyang was oblivious to the situation outside the Sealed Sky City. Right now, he was within the laws of a Yuan venerate.

Although Luo Yunyang could already tap into his surroundings, the surrounding laws changed drastically while he was facing this Yuan Venerate.

Advancing was retreating!

These words were nomological laws that reversed space. Although Luo Yunyang wasnt greatly affected by these words, it would still be very difficult for him to escape.

Now, Luo Yunyang was facing this Yuan Venerate, who was using some form of reversing law.

So you are Luo Yunyang? The Yuan Venerates sleeves flapped in the breeze.

Based on this persons external appearance, he had to be from the Human Race.

Numerous thoughts went through Luo Yunyangs mind as he spoke. I understand why the Sealed Sky City crumbled after seeing you!