Supreme Uprising Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Three Combined As One

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Lie Yunzi had a murderous gleam in his eyes!

Lie Yunzi was considered someone who wielded great power and influence in his Great Cosmos. He also had his own special place when it came to discussing official matters with Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Now, this youngster from Hong Meng Sacred Hall who had no sense of propriety had called him trash. This was simply intolerable!

His status in the Mysterious Underworld Race wasnt in any way inferior compared to his status in the Human Race. In fact, it had even risen. He had also been granted many of the items that he had yearned dearly for.

Even so, nobody was allowed to uncover the scar in the depths of his heart.

To hell with you, you vile being! Lie Yunzi said icily as he brandished his palms. A large, purple Sky Splitting Palm blasted out toward Luo Yunyang.

This attack might seem ordinary, yet as the palm came down on him, Luo Yunyang felt like he had already entered another void.

This was a realm where all the laws were entirely under Lie Yunzis control.

Luo Yunyang felt slightly inconvenienced by the current situation.

After all, he had already far surpassed ordinary ninth-level Heavenly Venerates in terms of power. He sneered as the Sacred Image above his head flew forth.

The Sword was waved and Close, Yet Worlds Apart was unleashed. Two different nomological laws belonging to Lie Yunzi and Luo Yunyang collided in the void.

Lie Yunzis eyes lit up when he sensed the power within the Close, Yet Worlds Apart technique. He knew Luo Yunyang was extraordinary, but he had never imagined that this person could actually match his blow.

Not bad. At least you have gained some of Yuan Venerate Wanlius knowledge. However, Yuan Venerate Wanliu is no match for me, and neither is a kid like you! Today, I shall show you the difference between you and an actual Yuan Venerate. A long violet spear had appeared in his hands.

Three Cloud Splitting Strikes, First StrikeAll Things Die!

Boundless electricity gathered at the tip of the violet spear before being shot out. Wherever the spear pointed, destruction ensued. The Floating Butterfly Goddess was a well-known figure amongst fifth-level Heavenly Venerates. However, as she stood by Luo Yunyangs side, she was well aware that she simply wouldnt be able to retaliate.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had always been aware of the vast gulf between Yuan Venerates and Heavenly Venerates. However, this was the moment when she was the most aware of it.

If I were to face Lie Yunzi, Im afraid my body would be shattered with just a mere thought from him.

Can Luo Yunyang deal with this?

As the Floating Butterfly Goddess was extremely worried about Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyangs three-faced Sacred Image moved. The Sacred Image with the huge bell moved! The huge bell chimed soundlessly and a massive bell wave rippled out and actually formed a boundary.

When the overwhelming All Things Die technique entered the range of the vast bell waves, its power was reduced to half.

Then, the pagoda being wielded by the three-faced Sacred Image flew forth.

Most of the time, this pagoda had been mainly used as a defensive treasure. However, this time, Luo Yunyang was using it to smash someone brutally.

Boom, boom, boom!

The golden pagoda and the violet spear expended in the void. A frenzied power deflected the violet spear away, but cracks had started to appear on Luo Yunyangs golden pagoda.

Luo Yunyang still appeared calm, yet his face was tense. While this exchange seemed to reach a stalemate, Luo Yunyang was well aware that there was still a gulf in terms of power between him and Lie Yunzi.

If this fight continued, Luo Yunyang would have no way of winning even if he didnt fall right away.

Not too bad. Take my next move! Three Cloud Splitting Strikes, Second StrikeUniversal Collapse!

Lie Yunzis eyes glowed as he floated in the void like a god of war. While he shouted, the violet light of the spear shimmered. Space itself started to crumble wherever the spear pointed.

This power also belonged to a Yuan Venerates power of nomological laws. As the spear pointed at him, Luo Yunyang felt like his body was about to crumble.

Cracks started to appear on his sacred images.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Luo Yunyang rang the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell even more vigorously. He wanted to use these bell waves to expel the effects of this crumbling law.

Luo Yunyang, its no use. My Universal Collapse can ignore any defense, Lie Yunzi said leisurely as he glanced at the cracks that had started to appear on Luo Yunyangs body.

Ignore any defense? As Luo Yunyang pondered this remark, he replied icily, You are just talking big. If your Universal Collapse really bypassed any defenses, then the three Hall Masters wouldnt be in charge of the Human Race. How come Ive never heard you challenge the three Hall Masters?

Lie Yunzis face tightened when he heard Luo Yunyangs words. Although he had already betrayed the Human Race, deep down, he still felt reverence for the three Hall Masters.

It wasnt that he didnt want to challenge the three Hall Masters, but rather that he didnt dare!

The stuff he had said about the Universal Collapse was only half-true. It wasnt true that nobody would be able to withstand it. If the opponent Lie Yunzi faced had a higher level of creating laws, the Universal Collapse would be blocked.

As the bell chimed, the Sacred Image Luo Yunyang was using suddenly tossed out the black millstone.

The millstone expanded rapidly and finally turned into two mountains that met the violet spear head-on.

If the sacred image formed by condensing the Great Obliteration Millstone really depicted two mountains, they would instantly be shattered by the nomological laws created by Lie Yunzi the moment the violet spear got near the sacred image.

Unfortunately, they contained the cultivation technique of the Great Obliteration Millstone, so even the Universal Collapse only caused some cracks to appear on them.

Nevertheless, the huge millstone continued to smash down and cracks appeared on Lie Yunzis violet spear.

Luo Yunyangs huge millstone, on the other hand, had split into four segments and started falling towards Luo Yunyangs Sacred Image.

Go, go, go!

Only this thought was in Luo Yunyangs mind at the moment. After taking Lie Yunzis second strike, he felt his seventh-level internal universe surging frantically. Vast power had already caused a crack to run through the seventh-level universe.

Take this move! Although Luo Yunyang had already decided to go, he knew that if he fled in such a pathetic manner, then Lie Yunzi would definitely pursue him to the very end.

If it came to that, it would be very difficult even if Luo Yunyang hid away.

Thus, Luo Yunyang chose to unleash a strike back at Lie Yunzi.

The six arms of Luo Yunyangs sacred image swayed at practically the same time. The Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell that it dragged, as well as the millstone, sword and pagoda, were all unleashed by Luo Yunyang simultaneously.

Lie Yunzi watched coldly as Luo Yunyang attacked. In his opinion, Luo Yunyang was simply just like a cornered beast taking a stand.

Although he had many sorts of sacred images, Lie Yunzi felt as though they were flashy but hollow on the inside. All these sacred images might look decent, but they were in fact lacking cohesive strength.

This sort of attack was merely empty.

However, Lie Yunzi had just smirked when the long sword, giant bell, pagoda, and divine millstone actually gathered strangely.

In Lie Yunzis opinion, these four weapons had been inharmonious right from the start. However, they were now completely in sync and had been combined as if they were not different in any way.

A strange huge sword with three faces appeared in the void this time. An ancient bell flickered on one of its faces, as though it was capable of tearing the sky and earth apart. The 18-story pagoda flashed with boundless eternity intent on the other side. Meanwhile, the giant millstone seemed to revolve slowly amidst all the glowing lights.

As the three-faced sword appeared, Luo Yunyang immediately sensed that the power of Luo Yunyangs attack had increased a hundredfold.

No, the increase was probably greater than 100 times.

Lie Yunzi had sensed that the sacred image weapons condensed by Luo Yunyang werent ordinary. However, the weapons of the three divine scriptures had been combined, and the intent of Past, Present, and Future created an unceasing, uninterrupted might.

This power was overwhelming! It was unstoppable!

A deluge of thoughts was going through Lie Yunzis mind. Although he speculated that he might not definitely lose if he moved head-on against it, the consequences of facing it directly would be kind of unbearable.

Immediately, he acted like a streak of lightning and backed away frantically.

Unfortunately, even though his retreating speed was quick, the speed of Luo Yunyangs huge sword seemed to have transcended time and space as it appeared at the position where Lie Yunzi was retreating.

These variations made Lie Yunzi even more apprehensive. Just as the three-edged sword once again approached him, Lie Yunzis body immediately turned into 100 streaks of light that scattered in all directions.

In the end, Lie Yunzi still chose to evade this move!

He was facing a Yuan Venerate and forcing him to flee!

This outcome would definitely make any Heavenly Venerate go crazy. Luo Yunyang wrapped the Floating Butterfly Goddess in the ray of light and sped in the direction of the Sealed Sky City the moment Lie Yunzi chose to evade his attack.

Although he wasnt aware of the circumstances of the Sealed Sky City at the moment, Luo Yunyang knew that the Sealed Sky City was the only path that would lead him and the Floating Butterfly Goddess to survival.

As Luo Yunyangs figure vanished rapidly, Lie Yunzi reappeared in the void and stared venomously in the direction Luo Yunyang had run off to.

He was well aware that he had disgraced himself completely. He was the one who had surrendered, so his position in the Mysterious Underworld Race was awkward. This situation could result in his position being called into question.

You think you can cheat death just because you escaped my grasp? Heh heh Five Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates lay ahead. I dont believe that you alone can escape from their hands!

Lie Yunzi muttered to himself before saying icily, Luo Yunyang, even a rare genius like you wont escape such a calamity! Even if you survive this, you wont be able to escape your ultimate death. You are nothing but an insignificant ant! Only I, Lie Yunzi, can survive!