Supreme Uprising Chapter 92

Chapter 92


Luo Yunyang definitely wasn’t afraid to strike back.

The moment Li drew his sword, Luo Yunyang got ready to control his throwing knife, which was called the Chasing Sun.

Although Li had acted first, Luo Yunyang was absolutely certain that he would be able to slice his neck the instant that he tried to strike.

Right before the throwing knife was about to fly out of Luo Yunyang’s leather bag, two blades flew out like lightning and appeared before him.

Zhang Hu wielded his dual blades like a net, shielding Luo Yunyang’s body.

As sword and dual blades clashed, Zhang Hu was pushed back 30 steps in a flash.

As soon as Zhang Hu had been pushed back, the magnificent sword light that had moved towards Luo Yunyang was completely exhausted.

Zhang Hu didn’t look good. He was so exhausted that he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Lu Tiefeng and Ma Longlei, who had also drawn their weapons, were standing guard in front of him.

“How was it?” Lu Tiefeng asked.

Zhang Hu wiped the blood away from his mouth as he said forcefully, “It won’t kill me.”

“What are you doing, Mr. Li? Are you trying to kill Rising Dragon Army personnel? The Sangu Research Center might be powerful, but the Rising Dragon Army isn’t a force to mess around with either.”

Lu Tiefeng looked around him before he said, “Although we are supposed to follow your orders, our lives aren’t in your hands! If you wish to kill our brother, you will have to go through us and our weapons first!”

The strong fighters of the seven armies hadn’t liked that Li fellow much from the start, so when they saw him try to kill someone without a warning, they couldn’t help but get infuriated.

Even though they were from different armies and there was immense competition between them, there was also a tremendous sense of identity among them.

This meant that, when faced with an external pressure, the soldiers of the eight armies would naturally stick together and watch each other’s backs.

“We were ordered to come here and follow Researcher Qin’s orders. Who are you to say otherwise?” Xiong Ben brandished his huge hatchet as he roared. “If you try to harm my brothers from the eight armies, then you will have to go through my hatchet first!”

“That’s right! You will need to ask my blade’s permission!”

All the soldiers, who had heard the noise, had gathered around Luo Yunyang. Although Luo Yunyang had utmost confidence in his own abilities, the scene still warmed his heart.

He suddenly really felt like a part of them.

Li turned red in the face as he faced everyone’s resistance. He had complete confidence that he could slaughter every single one of these soldiers, but he couldn’t afford to offend the crack troops of these armies.

Although they were all martialists, they would find a way to make him suffer, even if he survived.

Plus, he thought of himself as a superior martialist. How could he stoop so low as to fight with this boorish group of soldiers?

“He he… Researcher Qin, Mr. Li, everyone… Although Mr. Li is to blame for drawing his weapon, our task is to find the first research team. If tension flares up between us along the way, we will be subjected to martial law upon our return. While we fight, we are just wasting the best time window for a successful rescue. How about we put aside our differences and proceed?” the elderly man who had been standing next to Researcher Qin quietly suggested calmly.

“If Researcher Qin has already determined which path is the best, then let’s go that way.”

Mr. Li glanced at the elderly man gloomily, but ultimately nodded his head. “Alright, let’s take that path then.”

The moment he said this, Xiong Ben and the others started smiling. If a bigger group went, then it would be less dangerous.

“Even if we take this path though, we still have to be wary!” Li said, “Since you all feel that I don’t value your lives, I shall be the scout this time!”

Li’s promise to personally scout the path eased the fury that the soldiers of the eight armies felt for him.

“It’s difficult for a single person to handle unforeseen circumstances alone, though. You seem to have guts, kid. Would you dare come with me? Let’s see if there are any cowards in the Rising Dragon Army!” Li proclaimed loudly as he stared at Luo Yunyang.

Xiong Ben’s expression changed. Although he looked really crude, he was actually a very scrupulous person. How could he not see through Li’s sinister plot?

Lu Tiefeng, Zhang Hu and the other soldiers’ faces darkened as well. The atmosphere was rather grave when Lu Tiefeng said, “He is still really young. He lacks experience. How about I accompany Mr. Li instead?

“He he… Seems like there’s quite a bunch of cowards in the Rising Dragon Army!” Mr. Li didn’t even pay any attention to Lu Tiefeng as he kept making snide remarks.

Researcher Qin looked as if she wanted to say something, but she was stopped by the elderly man who had just spoken. Everyone’s eyes turned to Luo Yunyang.

They weren’t stupid. They all knew that Li wanted to save his dignity by trying something on Luo Yunyang. One couldn’t meet their enemy head-on at a time like this. If Luo Yunyang agreed, then Li’s snide remarks would effectively lure him into his trap.

However, if he didn’t agree, Li would insult the honor of the Rising Dragon Army in front of all these people.

“It’s no big deal, Big Brother Lu. Let me go with him.” Luo Yunyang pushed his way past Zhang Hu and strode forward.

Zhang Hu watched Luo Yunyang in admiration as Lu Tiefeng put out his hand and held Luo Yunyang back. “I am the squad leader. You have to listen to me during this operation.”

As he tried to pull Luo Yunyang back, he realized that his body was like a steel pillar that wouldn’t budge.

“Let’s go!” Li looked pleased. As he spoke, he took several large strides towards the path that had been determined to be the safest.

Their two figures disappeared into the path in no time. Before Luo Yunyang had even stepped inside, beads of sweat had started streaming down Lu Tiefeng’s head.

“Brother Luo is in danger.” As he muttered these words, Lu Tiefeng started heading towards the cavern. Suddenly, he was obstructed by the elderly man.

“You should follow the orders, soldier!” The elderly man stared at Lu Tiefeng icily.

As he confronted the old man, Lu Tiefeng felt like he wasn’t facing a person, but a colossal source beast. His steely mentality turned into faint dread under the old man’s gaze.

Researcher Qin frowned, but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Lu Tiefeng continued to mutter to himself as he walked forward.

The old man snorted. “The three of you better behave yourselves. If anything had happened inside, this would have already been over.”

These words seemed to strike a pressure point on Lu Tiefeng’s body, which appeared to sway.

He had failed to protect Luo Yunyang!

He had failed to keep his promise to the Flame Emperor, he had failed the trust of his commanders, he had failed everyone.

As he was feeling remorse, Li had already leapt up with his sword drawn and tried to behead Luo Yunyang once more inside the cavern.

He didn’t even bother saying anything to the young soldier of the Rising Dragon Army. What he wanted was to use his blood to wash off the humiliation he had suffered. Only then would he be able to re-establish his authority.

When the sword light flickered, the young man’s tender face would become a thing of the past.

However, the instant he brandished his sword furiously, a flicker of light appeared in the corner of his eye. The light, which was as quick as lightning, flew eerily towards the sword light he had created.

What was this?

Li didn’t even have time to say his own name. when the glint of a knife suddenly passed through his body. His tenacious body, which could practically withstand a third-grade martial master’s attack, was split into two.

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they make mad! This saying describes you perfectly. You can’t blame me for your own death wish!” Luo Yunyang said indifferently to Mr. Li’s severed head while its eyes were still wide open.

There was a bag made from some unknown type of leather on Mr. Li’s body. When he opened it, Luo Yunyang found about eight card-like objects and over 10 bottles of different shapes and sizes, which were filled with medicine.

Luo Yunyang took all the items and stored them in his own bag before using his mind power to detect a pit not too far away. Then, he kicked Mr. Li’s corpse into the pit.

When all this was over, Luo Yunyang didn’t keep scouting forward. He had enough confidence in his own abilities to operate there, but he felt that following Researcher Qin would be easier. Luo Yunyang had a hunch that she might still have a method of contacting the research team ahead.

Three minutes later, he walked out of the tunnel entrance nonchalantly. Disbelief was written all over everyone’s faces when they saw him come out.

The majority of them sensed that Luo Yunyang had managed to escape a calamity. Although they had felt pity for him inwardly, none of them had given him any hope of surviving.

It seemed like that Li fellow was still worried about the Rising Dragon Army’s reaction. Otherwise, he would surely have done something about Luo Yunyang.

Lu Tiefeng and the other two men felt tears streaming down their cheeks. Luo Yunyang had actually walked out safe and sound. This outcome was definitely the best possible scenario!

There would have been an opportunity for revenge if Luo Yunyang had suffered any injuries, but they wouldn’t pursue the matter now.

“Are you alright?” Lu Tiefeng asked as he tried his best to hide his emotions.

“I’m fine. Can’t you see that I’m perfectly alright?” Luo Yunyang smiled at Lu Tiefeng.

Lu Tiefeng and Zhang Hu exchanged a look. They both felt that it was best not to probe any further. If Luo Yunyang could force himself to smile, then the rest of them would not expose his scars.

Although his face hadn’t been hit, who knew how much his body had suffered?

“Why hasn’t Mr. Li come out yet?” Although the elderly man found this surprising, he didn’t really think much of people like Luo Yunyang. However, when Mr. Li didn’t come out after some time, the old man couldn’t help but ask Luo Yunyang about him.

“Mr. Li hasn’t returned? He was right behind me. He told me to scout 20 meters ahead before I returned.” Luo Yunyang looked as innocent as a harmless white rabbit.