Supreme Uprising Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Five Qis

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The starry sky outside the Sealed Sky City was lit up by sword Qi and weapon-lights.

That day, the Sealed Sky City had inevitably become the focal point of countless Almighties. It had also become a crucial juncture for many tribes and races.

Thundering booms and vast lightning flashes ripped through void after void.

Torrential waves of blood flowed as countless armor-clad soldiers besieged

If the walls of the Sealed Sky City hadnt been thick enough, if the array formations over the Sealed Sky City hadnt been sufficiently strong, if

Despite these many ifs, the Middle Hall Master and the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse were completely relaxed.

There wasnt barbecued meat around, but there was wine. Top-quality wine from their two races. Two coarse-looking cups were being held by the Middle Hall Master and the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse.

Over ten Human and Mysterious Underworld powerhouses stood around them.

Although they glared angrily at one another, they didnt make any moves because they hadnt received such an order from the Middle Hall Master or the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse.

Ha ha ha Three techniques combined as one. Seems like this youngster has already gotten that strand of pure life-force energy from Xuan Ping Sacred Hall. From where they were, Luo Yunyang and Lie Yunzis battle could be seen clearly.

The golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse had spoken up with a hint of admiration in his tone.

The Middle Hall Master looked slightly pleased for a moment. However, his pleasure was quickly replaced by a downcast mood.

He understood the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse, just like the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse understood him. The fact that this person was actually laughing about this signified a problem.

It meant that the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse probably still had a fallback, a backup plan that definitely wouldnt fail.

Meanwhile, the outside of the Sealed Sky City seemed to be really bustling. Even the three Hall Masters had armed themselves and gone into battle. However, the Middle Hall Master was well aware that the actual battle that concerned the Human Races future rested in Luo Yunyangs hands right now.

If Luo Yunyang could bring the Floating Butterfly Goddess back, then everything would be fine. However, if Luo Yunyang didnt bring the Floating Butterfly Goddess, then everything would fail even if they managed to retake the Sealed Sky City.

Xuan Pin Gate was a really important treasure of the Human Race, and the Human Races fortune was tied to it. Any problem that occurred would be a huge obstacle.

Lie Yunzi was just a contemptible buffoon. While it wasnt easy for Luo Yunyang to defeat him in one move, it wasnt a big deal compared to the calamity he would be facing soon.

Who are the five Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates that will be trying to stop Luo Yunyang next? the Middle Hall Master suddenly asked the guffawing golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse.

The golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse didnt look surprised as he met the Middle Hall Masters gaze and said nonchalantly, Looks like this has made you rather uneasy!

Without waiting for the Middle Hall Master to speak, he added, Its the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

The Middle Hall Masters expression turned even more unsightly. Right now, he couldnt even bring himself to hatch any of the plans he had been scheming.

The Middle Hall Master had encountered the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers before. If he were to encounter these five Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates now, a simple wave of his hexagonal sword would instantly turn them to dust.

Unfortunately, he was facing the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse instead of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

You actually sent the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers? Isnt this too The Middle Hall Masters tone was questioning.

However, the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse flashed a faint smile at him.

The Middle Hall Master could tell that the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld Powerhouse believed that everything was under his control.

This made the Middle Hall Master extremely uncomfortable. However, he couldnt think of any other plans either.

What? The Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers? This An old man standing beside the Middle Hall Master lambasted. How could you actually employ such means against a junior that has yet to become a Yuan Venerate? This is too much.

After reaching the cultivation level of a Yuan Venerate, even though these people were mortal enemies, they could still sit down calmly and talk even amid an all-out war.

That junior hasnt yet become a Yuan Venerate, but he isnt any weaker than a newly-ascended Yuan Venerate. Furthermore, we have always advocated sparing no effort in dealing with problems. Dispatching the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers isnt wrong, said a middle-aged Mysterious Underworld being with a slight smile. This was the smile of a victor.

As soon as that middle-aged Mysterious Underworld Being spoke, the image formed from clothes showed that Luo Yunyang had actually come to a sudden stop. He eyed the mountains ahead of him and said, Since you have already come, wouldnt hiding like this affect all your reputations?

Thunderous laughter echoed throughout the mountainous area as Luo Yunyang said that.

Ha ha ha! Hiding? This is the first time the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers hear someone tell us this. A tall, large green Mysterious Underworld man walked forward slowly.

The scales on his body seemed to have some sort of natural, veined markings. The moment he walked out, it seemed as if a path linking through his body appeared.

Luo Yunyangs face stiffened when he saw this Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate. However, he wasnt afraid by any means.

Luo Yunyang frowned as he looked at the other positions.

He did not frown because the other four Mysterious Underworld powerhouses looked the same as the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse in front of him. He frowned because even though they looked the same, each of them had scales of a different color.

Gold, brown, black, red, green!

Five different colors, five Yuan Venerates! Although they had different colors, the fact that they were standing together made it seem as though they were the same person wearing different clothing.

Luo Yunyang glanced at these five Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates and sensed that they definitely werent easy to deal with. As Luo Yunyangs gaze turned to these five Mysterious Underworld Beings, the Floating Butterfly Goddess also saw the five Yuan Venerates.

She exclaimed in shock, Impossible!

Luo Yunyang knew that the Floating Butterfly Goddesss knowledge and experience were far superior compared to his own. Although he was a Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, his knowledge regarding the powerhouses of various races was still lacking compared to the Floating Butterfly Goddess.

They are the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers! As if sensing Luo Yunyangs intent, the Floating Butterfly Goddess enunciated every word. These five Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates can basically be considered an individual being.

The Floating Butterfly Goddesss voice was shaky. According to the records I have browsed in the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall archives, the Mysterious Underworld Race unearthed a bronzed coffin in a sacred underworld lane. It was rumored that the coffin contained a Mysterious Underworld Almighty from an ancient time.

The Mysterious Underworld Race is different from the Human Race. Even if a body is dead, they can use special means to inherit the bloodline power left behind by top-notch powerhouses.

It is said that the Mysterious Underworld Race spared no effort to open the bronze coffin but didnt find the Almightys physical body they had been hoping for.

Or perhaps it should be said that the physical body they had hoped for had long dissipated in the coffin. All that was left in the coffin was five inharmonious essence Qi.

The Mysterious Underworld Race Almighties made a decision to pour these five different types of essence Qi in the Mysterious Underworld Sacred Womb, hoping that it could absorb the essence Qi left behind by this Almighty and produce a being that could reach the standards of Jiuzi Xuanming.

Unfortunately, these five types of essence Qi were already inharmonious and incompatible within the coffin. Things were still the same in the Sacred Womb.

Ultimately, the Sacred Womb split into five and produced the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld beings.

Although the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld beings have all become Yuan Venerates, it is difficult for them to progress further because they each specialize in one type of Origin Source Law. However, when these five join forces, all ordinary Yuan Venerates are simply no match for them.

Many years ago, the Right Hall Master encountered these five and tried to capture them. However, he wasnt able to break their defenses and he had to let them go in the end.

Although these Five Yuan Venerates wouldnt reach the peak, they were unrivaled entities in this cultivation grade. Luo Yunyang felt his heart turning numb when he heard the Floating Butterfly Goddesss introduction.

As he contemplated this, the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld beings had already surrounded him. The one who spoke was the green Mysterious Underworld being once again. You have probably just heard about our origins. Therefore, I feel that your best choice right now is to give up and surrender.

How could Luo Yunyang be willing to surrender without a fight? Just as he prepared to make the first strike, five-colored lights flew forth from above the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld beings. These lights were simply the nomological laws they controlled.

Our nomological laws are very simple. Enjoy them! The green Mysterious Underworld being teased him.

As the green Mysterious Underworld being spoke, the five-colored lights formed a halo in the void that spun rapidly towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang felt like he was trapped in a huge swamp as the halo spun around him. That massive attraction force made it difficult for him to even move.

The five-colored halo of light revolved continuously while the restrictive force became much stronger.