Supreme Uprising Chapter 921

Chapter 921 Above The Yuan Venerate

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Five different colored lights swiveled continuously in the void. Even the granules within each type of light seemed dense and heavy.

While these lights seemed to be moving slowly, they seemed to multiply. Luo Yunyang felt his skin and flesh tightening. He was well aware that if this tightening sensation was allowed to continue, then his body would be destroyed.

All sorts of thoughts went through Luo Yunyangs mind. He rapidly pondered over what sorts of techniques might be useful under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, although these cultivation techniques might be powerful, Luo Yunyang realized that no matter how he utilized them, he still wouldnt be able to break out of the entrapment of these five types of lights.

This move of the Five Qi Mysterious Brothers could be described as simple, yet this simplicity was difficult to decode.

A fine crack had emerged on the Floating Butterfly Goddess porcelain-white forehead. This crack was tiny and looked just like a red dot.

The red dot made her look even more charming.

Its still my fault for implicating you this time. The guilt-ridden Floating Butterfly Goddess glanced at Luo Yunyang and said, If it had not been for me, the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers might not have been mobilized.

There are also power disparities between Yuan Venerates. This is based on the differentiation between how strong and weak their powers of law creation are. In reality, the majority of Yuan Venerates can only create three types of laws or even less.

Luo Yunyangs interest was piqued even though the pressure he was experiencing was becoming increasingly unbearable.

Oh, does this mean that Yuan Venerates also have a grading system like the first and second level?

The Floating Butterfly Goddesss heart felt somewhat timid as she gazed at Luo Yunyang. Given the cultivation of her mind, spending periods of time with a guy wouldnt faze her at all.

The cultivation technique of Xuan Ping Sacred Hall didnt just contain boundless vitality. it also contained a sense of detachment.

This sort of detachment made the Floating Butterfly Goddess not speak encouragingly to most normal people. However, she really felt a slight change in her thoughts now.

If this sort of change had happened in the past, she would have gotten frightened. However, this unusual shift in her thinking made her excited now.

Your way of thinking is too simple, the Floating Butterfly Goddess said softly, To be honest, this sort of grading system wouldnt be wrong.

However, Yuan Venerates arent as simple as that. According to the records of the Xuan Ping Sacred Hall archives, there are basically three types of a Yuan Venerate. Taishi Yuan Venerate, Taichu Yuan Venerate, and Taiyi Yuan Venerate! [1. Taishi, Taichu, and Taiyi are part of the five phases of the universal creation according to Taoism]

All the Yuan Venerates we encounter now are basically Taishi Yuan Venerates!

Taishi Yuan Venerate, Taichu Yuan Venerate, Taiyi Yuan Venerate!

Luo Yunyang felt more enlightened when he heard the titles of these three Yuan Venerates. He then asked the Floating Butterfly Goddess, Besides these three, are there any cultivation boundaries above the Yuan Venerate?

The Floating Butterfly Goddess was rather enjoying this conversation with Luo Yunyang. Although the two of them were in a dangerous predicament, she couldnt help but feel that they shared some unknown but intimate bond.

She smiled gently upon seeing Luo Yunyangs interest. I do not know about that. I have seen four words above the Xuan Pin Gate.

I reckon that these four words should probably be the boundary that comes after. The Floating Butterfly Goddess lowered her voice somewhat at this point. The four words above the Xuan Pin Gate spell out Gong Yuan Zi Bao.

Gong Yuan Zi Bao!

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up. He seemed to have seen these words amongst the fragments of the World Shaking Sky Bell.

However, they had been on different fragments, so Luo Yunyang hadnt been able to confirm the four words had been Gong Yuan Zi Bao. Instead, he had read it as Yuan Gong Zi Bao at the time.

After hearing the Floating Butterfly Goddess say this, Luo Yunyang could determine that these four words should probably be Gong Yuan Zi Bao.

Are the three Hall Masters of Hong Meng Sacred Hall Taiyi Yuan Venerates? Luo Yunyang asked the Floating Butterfly Goddess while withstanding the heavy pressure on his body.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess wanted to laugh, but this massive pressure was making it difficult to even move her lips.

No, the Three Hall Masters are all Taichu Yuan Venerates. However, it is said that the Middle Hall Master can already create six nomological laws and is within range of becoming a Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

If the Middle Hall Master had become a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, we would have been able to escape already. Its a pity that the Middle Hall Master has been stuck at the last step for god-knows-how-many years.

The Middle Hall Master was actually at the peak of Taichu Yuan Venerate. Luo Yunyangs admiration and respect for the Middle Hall Master grew stronger.

The Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers are only Taishi Yuan Venerates, but the combined strength of their law creation is comparable to the Taichu Yuan Venerate level. Therefore, we really are at our wits end.

If the combined strength of the five of them was comparable to a Taichu Yuan Venerate, then how powerful would the Primordial Underworld Ancestor that these five were derived from be?

Luo Yunyang vaguely felt that he had already encountered a corner of this world. Although this corner wasnt all that big, some of the things within it had thoroughly shocked him.

However, while Luo Yunyang had so many thoughts in his mind, he suddenly thought about what the Floating Butterfly Goddess had just said.

Her words made his eyes light up and an idea popped into his head.

Ha ha ha! Ive got it! Luo Yunyang chortled happily.

What have you thought of? The Floating Butterfly Goddess subconsciously had Luo Yunyang on her mind as her heart pounded. She felt a sense of infatuation while watching Luo Yunyangs confident smile.

This feeling was sudden, yet it really tugged at her heartstrings.

I have thought of a way we can return. How dumb of me! I cant believe I forgot that they are actually five people! Luo Yunyang said delightedly as he watched the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess eyed the cheerful Luo Yunyang and smiled gently. They were five right from the start!

Ha ha ha Five people. It is great that there are five of them! Feeling like he had just escaped a narrow death, Luo Yunyang hugged the Floating Butterfly Goddess and tried to twirl around in the void.

After all, this was a narrow escape.

Unfortunately, the excited Luo Yunyang forgot that he was surrounded by the Qi of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers. Even though he could hug the Floating Butterfly Goddess, twirling was beyond what he was capable of doing under the current circumstances.

He still can act like this at such a time? This youngster seems like he is really decent! the golden-armored Mysterious Underworld powerhouse, who was watching the image with the Middle Hall Master, said with a smile.

If he is willing to become a part of our Mysterious Underworld Race, I can give him that opportunity and let these lovebirds keep their lives.

The Middle Hall Masters face darkened. He didnt take kindly to this remark.

Furthermore, there were also two Xuan Pin Sacred Hall powerhouses beside him with dark expressions.

Although they all knew that they were really helpless, the unpleasantness they felt couldnt just dissolve like this.

Their goddess coming back while this young fellow died at the hands of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers wouldnt be too much of a problem.

The Floating Butterfly Goddess had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would be like this!

She flushed upon sensing the manliness oozing out of Luo Yunyang. Although she knew that this sort of thing wasnt beneficial for her, she rather enjoyed the feeling.

While she was experiencing this unprecedented happiness, the Floating Butterfly Goddesss gaze lingered on Luo Yunyang for just a short moment and her entire body shuddered, as if her heart had been set ablaze from an arrow shot by Luo Yunyang.

As soon as he calmed down, Luo Yunyang also became aware of the awkward situation he had caused. As he felt embarrassed and didnt know how to explain himself, the Floating Butterfly Goddesss voice rang out gently by his ear.

I am glad!

Luo Yunyang, who originally hadnt thought anything of it, suddenly felt as if everything around him had come to a standstill when he heard these words. He knew that trying to explain anything now was already unnecessary.

Ha ha ha Youre being so lovey-dovey. Too bad you wont be lovebirds in this lifetime because the only path for you is death, kid. However, we will take you away, little lady.

This means that, amongst the two of you, the little lady will live on, whereas you will have to die.

Luo Yunyang glared at the green Mysterious Underworld being who was laughing his head off. Dont get ahead of yourself. Listen to me, five pieces of trash like you alone wouldnt be enough to kill me.

Both of us shall return and all the Mysterious Underworld Races plans will just be a waste of time!

The Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers were prideful individuals. Although they were merely ordinary Taichu Yuan Venerates, their combined strength could reach the level of a Taishi Yuan Venerate.

In their eyes, Luo Yunyang was merely a lamb raised for slaughter. Although this fellow was in their hands and didnt seem to have any way of struggling, his words were unbridled. The five of them couldnt help but find it laughable.

Brat, if you are able to escape, the five of us will immediately get as far away from you as possible the moment we encounter you in the future.

He he he Im just afraid that you simply dont have this type of ability. The green Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate spoke again in that goading tone. That was merely the warmup. Now, we shall grind you to dust and see whether you can continue talking!

The Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers formed hand seals together and the light rings of five different colors instantly became more powerful and resplendent.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyangs eyes started to glow with eager anticipation!