Supreme Uprising Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Merits Deserving Of A Reward

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Luo Yunyang, I vow to take revenge! Someones roaring voice echoed through the sky outside of the massive Sealed Sky City.

The person in question was the Green Wood Mysterious Being. He had gone out for glory and ended up getting embarrassed and causing his reputation to fall drastically. Instead of capturing Luo Yunyang, he had been captured by Luo Yunyang. God knew what would have awaited him if the Golden Mysterious Lord had not saved him.

Although he had eventually been rescued, a fire was still burning in his heart. A fire that made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Although the Golden Mysterious Lord didnt say anything, the other powerhouses of the Mysterious Underworld Race, especially the elites who had been insulted by the five brothers, began to watch them with provocative gazes.

Or rather, they were watching the five brothers with complete disdain that was even beneath contempt.

Being looked down upon did not sit well with the Green Wood Mysterious Being, so this made him very sullen.

Thus, he let out his emotions and bellowed ferociously when he left the Sealed Sky City.

This outburst of emotions represented his determination and was his way of venting his frustration. It even salvaged some of his dignity.

However, what surprised him after his outburst was Luo Yunyangs voice, which replied from within the walls of the Sealed Sky City.

Youre welcome to seek me out multiple times. The treasure I got in exchange for you this time still isnt enough!

Luo Yunyangs tone was serious, but the Green Wood Mysterious Being nearly coughed out blood after listening to Luo Yunyangs mockery.

This was too much!

Let me go, or Im going to kill him right now! The Green Wood Mysterious Being glared in exasperation at the figure who stood pridefully on the walls of the Sealed Sky City.

Thick Earth and the other brothers were holding him tightly. They all knew impulse was the devil, and they had to hold Green Wood back.

The many powerhouses of the Human Race who had gathered in the Sealed Sky City would not hesitate to kill Green Wood if he dared charge into the Sealed Sky City.

The reason Green Wood was so agitated was because he didnt want to rush forward recklessly. However, he had to act like he was fuming in order to save himself some face.

Third Brother, revenge is a dish best served cold. Now get back over here! Thick Earth chided.

The other three brothers were also trying to convince Green Wood. In the end, he left after acting like he had listened to his brothers to get out of an embarrassing situation.

Cant you just let them leave without any further embarrassment? After all, the Green Wood Mysterious Being has already been thoroughly disgraced after being captured by you. Yuan Venerate White Crane proposed. His attitude while he was speaking to Luo Yunyang changed greatly.

Yuan Venerate White Crane had treated Luo Yunyang like a kid in the past. Now, however, Yuan Venerate White Crane regarded Luo Yunyang as someone of the same status.

This was because of Luo Yunyangs cultivation base.

In Yuan Venerate White Cranes opinion, Luo Yunyang already possessed the qualifications to stand alongside him by defeating Lie Yunzi and rescuing the Floating Butterfly Goddess, who had seemed destined to fall into the hands of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Luo Yunyang could sense Yuan Venerate White Cranes good intentions. Thus, he replied with a chuckle, Yuan Venerate, although you make sense, those five pr*cks almost forced me into a dead end. If I had not had a treasure that could suppress the five brothers, I would have died at their hands. Furthermore, I knew they wouldnt dare come over. I just wanted to add some fuel to the fire!

Luo Yunyangs banter made Yuan Venerate White Crane chortle heartily. He didnt ask Luo Yunyang what sort of technique he had used to quell the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers. After all, martialists at their level basically had their own secrets. Even the closest friends would need to give each other some space.

Yunyang, do you know that the higher-ups are currently talking about you? Your largest accomplishment this time wasnt capturing Green Wood, but bringing the Floating Butterfly Goddess back. You actually brought her back completely unscathed!

Im afraid youre not aware of this, but bringing the Floating Butterfly Goddess back is an unimaginable merit for the entire Human Race!

Luo Yunyang was astonished when he saw Yuan Venerate White Cranes serious expression. Although he knew he had done something great, he hadnt expected this.

After all, he had merely saved a person!

The importance of the Floating Butterfly Goddess is much greater than you or me. Yuan Venerate White Crane lamented. Brother, this is a rare opportunity, so you must be prepared!

It will be of great help to your strength and future array formations if you make a good choice.

As Luo Yunyang listened attentively to Yuan Venerate White Crane, his expectations grew. This opportunity had to be sizeable if Yuan Venerate White Crane was describing it in such a manner.

While they were having this conversation, the Middle Hall Master and four other seemingly magnificent powerhouses with awe-inspiring might were each seated on one of the five huge thrones in a huge palace in the Sealed Sky City.

Although the Middle Hall Master was sitting on a slightly larger throne, the difference was minute.

This time, Xuan Pin Sacred Hall must pay the price for its actions! The simple-looking man glared at the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall martialist with a silver light halo behind him.

A deep scar could be seen on the arms of the stern middle-aged man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, and fresh black blood was gushing out of the blade scar.

Yuan Venerate Cangming, you are asking Xuan Pin Sacred Hall to reflect on this. Are you trying to say that Da Qian Sacred Hall had no part in this? Lie Yunzi is one of Da Qian Sacred Halls extended disciples. If it hadnt been for him, our Goddess would not have had to go through this.

The words of the stern man were razor-sharp and menacing. Da Qian Sacred Hall should be the one giving us an explanation for this matter!

Da Qian Sacred Halls Yuan Venerate Cangming completely disregarded the stern mans words and scoffed. You and your b*llshit! Even though Lie Yunzi is a peripheral member of Da Qian Sacred Hall, you put someone whose safety concerns the entire Human Race in a dangerous position.

A look of dissatisfaction appeared on the Middle Hall Masters face as he listened to the accusations of both Da Qian Sacred Hall and Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. Obviously, the Middle Hall Master disliked this form of denunciation.

Alright, stop it. All of us are somewhat to blame for this matter! The Middle Hall Master turned to look at the man on his left, who seemed shrouded in darkness, and said, After this, Dark Hall has to perform a proper investigation. We must discover the traitors among our own people.

Yes. The man shrouded in darkness agreed at once.

The Middle Hall Master turned to his right to face a woman who looked like a war goddess and said, The Sealed Sky City suffered a devastating loss this time. Without the Dual Sky Realm acting as a barrier, the times ahead will only get more dangerous. Battle Hall also has to make some preparations.

The woman responded firmly, Battle Hall will definitely get the job done.

The Middle Hall Master nodded slightly. Although he wasnt very satisfied with the attitude of the two halls, he could only do so much for now. Although Hong Meng Sacred Hall nominally led the entire Human Race, the five Sacred Halls were actually independent of one another.

Nevertheless, Hong Meng Sacred Hall was always the strongest, so it seemed like the Middle Hall Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall lorded over everything. However, in reality, the four other Halls werent much weaker than Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Well then, the decision has been made. We should now talk about Luo Yunyangs reward. He rescued the Floating Butterfly Goddess and contributed greatly to the Human Race this time around. The Middle Hall Master turned to look at the stern man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall before he added, I think Xuan Pin Sacred Hall should know best.

The stern man was clearly annoyed but he eventually nodded and replied, Yes, Xuan Pin Sacred Hall will remember his effort forever.

The Middle Master Hall, who did not mind these lackluster words, grinned and said, Great effort begets great rewards. Furthermore, I think everyone would be unhappy if such a great effort was not rewarded properly.

Yuan Venerate Cangming of Da Qian Sacred Hall snorted in response, clearly showing his annoyance with the Middle Hall Masters manners. However, he couldnt find a good reason to object either.

Luo Yunyangs effort was simply too great to ignore.

After all, if something had happened to the Xuan Pin Gate, it would have been a big deal. The Human Races territory would have shrunk rapidly and many people would have perished in the catastrophes that would have ensued.

What sort of reward do you have in mind? Cut the crap and speak your mind! The woman from Battle Hall sounded impatient.

Anyone that could be impatient with the Middle Hall Master was an extraordinary person, but it seemed like the Middle Hall Master had long gotten used to this sort of attitude.

What I meant is that. Shouldnt we open up the Sacred Soul Sky and let Luo Yunyang enter it once? The Middle Hall Master sounded a little unsure when he made this suggestion. Obviously, the Sacred Soul Sky was not an ordinary place.

No way. I refuse! Yuan Venerate Cangming protested in anger. Although Luo Yunyangs efforts were meritorious, they werent meritorious enough to allow him to enter the Sacred Soul Sky.

All the Sacred Souls in the Sacred Soul Sky possess the Human Tribes supreme combat capabilities. You You should know what those Sacred Souls represent!

Im against using this as a reward for Luo Yunyang. Id be fine even if you gave him half of a Great Cosmos as a reward. However, dont even think about the Sacred Soul Sky!

The woman from Battle Hall sounded off immediately, Forget about it!

The Middle Hall Master had known that there would be objections to his suggestion, but he had not expected the objections to be so intense.

He hadnt been so sure about this suggestion at first. However, after listening to the fierce objections of these two, he felt that he needed to do his best and fight for Luo Yunyang.