Supreme Uprising Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Inextinguishable Souls Existent Mystic Abilities

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"Why cant this be taken into consideration?" the Middle Hall Master asked coldly. "Is Luo Yunyangs effort not enough?"

He turned to look at the stern man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall and said, "You represent Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. Say something. Is Luo Yunyangs effort insufficient?"

The stern man hadnt said anything during the discussion, as he knew what he would be getting into if he spoke up.

However, he knew that he could no longer hide after hearing what the Middle Hall Master had said and thus replied, "Luo Yunyangs effort is definitely enough."

"I think Yuan Venerate Cangming and Yuan Venerate Zhanxia are afraid that Luo Yunyang might not have sufficient natural endowment and might waste the Sacred Souls."

The stern mans words were ambiguous. This was really just a way to declare his stance. However, the Middle Hall Master was prepared, as he immediately interrupted the stern man. "So youre saying that the effort Luo Yunyang has provided is enough for him to enter the Sacred Soul Sky, right?"

Upon seeing the Middle Hall Master holding on to this issue so aggressively, the stern man realized that there was no way for him to avoid the question anymore. Thus, he responded decisively, "I am on the same page as the Middle Hall Master. Xuan Pin Sacred Hall supports Luo Yunyang based on his efforts. However, were worried about Luo Yunyangs potential and aptitude."

The Middle Hall Master interrupted the stern man before he could finish his sentence. "All of you are worried about his cultivation base, which is understandable."

"However, I believe that you have seen Luo Yunyangs cultivation. Not only did he defeat Lie Yunzi while only at the level of a Heavenly Venerate, but he also matched up very well against the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers, who are the equivalent of a Taichu Yuan Venerate together, and even managed to capture one of them."

"Even if you dont consider this aptitude glorious and shocking, he should still be considered a rare gem amongst us. It could even be said that he is the most talented disciple the Human Race has produced in the last few thousand years. How is he not qualified to enter the Sacred Soul Sky?"

The Middle Hall Master was slightly agitated as he continued his barrage. "His efforts are huge. Nothing can surpass his effort in averting our downfall."

"Luo Yunyangs actions have saved our race from falling. It will be very disappointing news if we keep such disciples out of the Sacred Soul Sky. Furthermore, I wont be the only one whos disappointed."

Yuan Venerate Cangming went silent. He had said that Luo Yunyangs qualifications were not enough, but to put it bluntly, this was just an excuse. The main reason was the new genius that Da Qian Sacred Hall had just nurtured.

Although the cultivation base of the new genius was only at the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, it wouldnt be difficult for him to break through and become a Yuan Venerate. Based on the rules in the past, Yuan Venerate Cangming believed that this disciple of his had the biggest chance of entering the Sacred Soul Sky.

Thus, it was only natural that he would object to the Middle Hall Masters fight to reward Luo Yunyang by letting him enter the Sacred Soul Sky.

After all, the Sacred Soul Sky opened only once in every epoch.

Hence, he couldnt give way at all. After exchanging a glance with Yuan Venerate Zhanxia of Battle Hall, he responded in a deeper tone, "Middle Hall Master. Credit is credit, but the Sacred Soul Sky is something else. You cant confuse the two."

"We will not discount Luo Yunyangs credit this time and will not be stingy with resources and cultivation techniques as a reward. However, the opportunity to enter the Sacred Soul Sky still has to be in line with the rules of our Human Race."

"If you break the rules this time, anyone that contributed enough will want to enter the Sacred Soul Sky in the future. When that happens, our Human Race will no longer be able to persevere its high-end combat power."

Yuan Venerate Zhanxia also had similar intentions for Battle Hall, as they never lacked any talented individuals. Furthermore, the most powerful competitor of the Sacred Soul Sky was a generational genius from Battle Hall.

If Luo Yunyang was given the opportunity, Battle Hall would lose this opportunity. Although Luo Yunyangs contribution was significant, in Yuan Venerate Zhanxias opinion, Luo Yunyangs cultivation might not be stronger than the generational genius from Battle Hall.

While Luo Yunyangs credit was considerable, this had been just an accident. Rewarding him was a must, but it couldnt come at the expense of giving something that couldnt be given away so mindlessly.

"I agree with Yuan Venerate Cangmings opinion. My Battle Hall is willing to provide treasures, including Taishi Treasures, if Hong Meng Sacred Hall and Xuan Pin Sacred Hall cant come up with the rewards," Yuan Venerate Zhanxia said firmly.

A Taishi treasure wasnt a common sight in the Human Tribe. Not even a Taishi Yuan Venerate would possess a Taishi treasure.

Although Yuan Venerate Zhanxias discourse sounded extremely generous, it was laden with ulterior motives. This was also the greatest setback to the Middle Hall Masters proposal.

Both Hong Meng Sacred Hall and Xuan Pin Sacred Hall were able to provide those treasures as a reward. They didnt need Battle Hall to offer those treasures.

Plus, they wouldnt embarrass themselves over such a matter.

The Middle Hall Masters expression stiffened. Although he had known right from the start that this wasnt going to be easy, he had never expected it to be this tough.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall wouldnt be stingy after what Luo Yunyang had gone through. However, the Sacred Soul Sky was the ultimate treasure of the entire Human Tribe and all five Sacred Halls had to fight for a place to enter it.

One could brag that their disciple was a once-in-a-millennium genius, while others could say that their disciples had boundless potential or were late bloomers

Luo Yunyangs situation had strengthened the Middle Hall Masters fighting spirit greatly and made him ignore the aggressiveness of Yuan Venerate Zhanxia. Instead, he continued to look at the stern man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall.

"Ill ask again. Does Xuan Pin Sacred Hall have any objections to Luo Yunyang entering the Sacred Soul Sky?"

The stern man was a person with a strong personality. Given his temperament, he should have flipped a table in anger.

However, he did not dare do so now.

After all, Luo Yunyang had just rescued their goddess. It would be a huge blow for his prestige and Xuan Pin Sacred Hall if he opposed Luo Yunyang right now.

Furthermore, Hong Meng Sacred Hall would not treat them nicely anymore if anything were to happen in the future.

"We do not object." The stern man finally voiced his opinion.

Not objecting didnt mean that he agreed to it. Everyone present could understand what the stern man actually meant, as he had been forced to make such a choice.

The Middle Hall Master scoffed at the reply, feeling very unhappy with the mans decision. However, he couldnt coerce the stern man too harshly, as the two of them had a similar status.

"After listening to all your opinions, objections, and approval, I think that Luo Yunyangs efforts are definitely sufficient for entering the Sacred Soul Sky."

The voice of the powerhouse from Dark Hall was calming, yet it was filled with unquestionable strength.

"In that case, why dont we give that youngster a chance? Let him enter the Sacred Soul Sky without bringing in a Sacred Soul Stone."

Enter the Sacred Soul Sky without a Sacred Soul Stone?

This suggestion made everyone tense up. The Sacred Soul Sky was the location where traces of souls belonging to great deceased Almighties of the Human Race resided.

Those savage souls had no will but still possessed supreme mystic abilities. One could capture a savage soul by using a compatible Sacred Soul Stone and obtain the supreme mystic abilities left behind in the savage souls by those ancient Almighties.

Those souls were savage, so the mystic abilities left behind were usually very minuscule.

However, the Almighties that had left them behind had been on the verge of dying when they had done so. Hence, the abilities they had left behind were the strongest abilities they had possessed.

It could be said that capturing a sacred soul from the Sacred Soul Sky was akin to having a technique that could save a Yuan Venerates life.

Although those sacred souls had no will, it was still very difficult to capture them. Even a Yuan Venerate would need a Sacred Soul Stone.

A single Sacred Soul Stone would need one epoch to develop, which made it extremely precious. As a result, the competition for a place to enter the Sacred Soul Sky became intense.

Furthermore, the environment inside the Sacred Soul Sky was special. The sacred souls might collapse due to excessive disturbance if there were too many people inside. Hence, the quota for entering the Sacred Soul Sky had become extremely precious due to those reasons.

If Luo Yunyang was not given a Sacred Soul Stone to enter the Sacred Soul Sky, it would be up to fate whether he captured a sacred soul.

Dark Halls suggestion instantly made the eyes of Yuan Venerate Cangming and the others light up. They wouldnt dispute the reward for such great merit as long as Luo Yunyang did not receive a Sacred Soul Stone.

The stern man from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall smirked when he heard the suggestion. Although he felt that the suggestion was a little unfair to Luo Yunyang, he wasnt willing to part with the quota of the Sacred Soul Sky.

Hence, after Yuan Venerate Cangming and everyone else agreed in unison, he responded, "This quota is only part of the reward. Xuan Pin Sacred Hall will definitely send another share to express its gratitude."

Although the Middle Hall Master wasnt happy with the suggestion of the man from Dark Hall, he knew this was the only way out of the situation.

Xuan Pin Sacred Halls actions made him feel slightly comforted. "Great, in that case, its settled."

After half a day, Yuan Venerate Cangming and the others left hastily. Only the Middle Hall Master strolled out casually with a wide smile.

Yuan Venerate White Crane greeted him respectfully. "Greetings, Middle Hall Master."

"Alright, skip the formalities." The Middle Hall Master raised his arm and gestured. "Luo Yunyang, you did pretty well this time. Not only did you save the Human Race from a major crisis, but you even improved the reputation of Hong Meng Sacred Hall."

"The Left Hall Master, the Right Hall Master, and I have already talked over this. For your efforts and credit, well grant you early access to train for 100 years at the Divine Creation Disc. In addition, you can choose any treasure in Hong Meng Sacred Halls Tianzi Treasure Vault."

Yuan Venerate White Crane was flabbergasted. Every treasure inside Tianzi Treasure Vault was not inferior to a Taishi treasure.

He had only entered the Tianzi Treasure Vault once throughout the years, and that was when he had just ascended to a Yuan Venerate. Although he had made a lot of contributions after that, he had never gotten to enter Tianzi Treasure Vault again.

"Please be prepared. The Sacred Soul Sky will be open for you in three years," the Middle Hall Master eventually announced after thinking for a moment.