Supreme Uprising Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Glorious Return

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In Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Xuantian Zhaoxing stood quietly in his residence with a grim expression.

This grim expression hadnt been caused by the difficulties he had encountered, but by a person. A person who was about to return.

Ever since Luo Yunyang had encountered some problems in the Sky Feather Sect, Xuantian Zhaoxing had become the number one Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall once again. It could be said that the bulk of the resources of Hong Meng Sacred Hall had revolved around him.

After 1,000 years of vicissitudes, and just as Xuantian Zhaoxing thought that Luo Yunyang wasnt going to return, everything changed!

That earthshaking battle against Lie Yunzi had taken place. Luo Yunyang had escaped from the deadly clutches of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers and even captured one of them

These glaring accomplishments had totally eclipsed Xuantian Zhaoxing. Although they had never fought against each other before, he knew that he wasnt Luo Yunyangs match.

There was still an insurmountable gap between him and Luo Yunyang.

Ill catch up with him. I must catch up with him!

A voice screamed in Xuantian Zhaoxings heart. His goal was to become a Yuan Venerate. However, this goal had become rather easy for Luo Yunyang to achieve.

Luo Yunyang could already match up against a Yuan Venerate. Indeed, part of the reason was because he had absorbed the power of Yuan Venerate Wanliu, but Xuantian Zhaoxing himself wouldnt have dared to absorb that sort of energy even if it had been given to him.

Taking in that energy was akin to seeking death for a Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang had paid a hefty price, and it could even be said that this had caused Luo Yunyang to fall into a state of stagnation for the past 1,000 years.

Luo Yunyang could endure this process, but could he, Xuantian Zhaoxing, also endure such stillness?

Countless thoughts entered Xuantian Zhaoxings mind before a soft voice was heard. Xuantian Zhaoxing turned when he heard the voice and saw Profound Calm Zongzi looking at him hesitantly.

Xuantian Zhaoxing had a pretty good relationship with Profound Calm Zongzi. Although in Xuantian Zhaoxings opinion, Profound Calm Zongzi seemed to have a rather ordinary aptitude, he was still considered a hardworking fellow.

Whats the matter? Xuantian Zhaoxing asked Profound Calm Zongzi with a smile.

The Divine Elder has instructed us to welcome Luo Yunyang upon his return! Profound Calm Zongzi was slightly hesitant as he looked at Xuantian Zhaoxing before speaking his mind.

He knew that Xuantian Zhaoxing wouldnt be comfortable learning the news, but he believed that Xuantian Zhaoxing would not be easily defeated by a few words given his cultivation.

Xuantian Zhaoxing nodded without emotion. Got it.

The Divine Elders instructions were absolute in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Even the Seven Great Sacred Emissaries wouldnt dare to disobey the Divine Elder, let alone these Zongzis.

Profound Calm Zongzi mulled this over for a second before speaking to Xuantian Zhaoxing again. If you dont want to be there, I can apply for leave on your behalf. Ill just say youre at a critical juncture of your training.

Xuantian Zhaoxing smiled and said, I dont want to make you lie on my behalf. Furthermore, the Divine Elder will not buy that easily. It is expected of us to welcome Luo Yunyang upon his return. After all, he brought glory to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

After saying that, Xuantian Zhaoxing strode towards the nearby plaza.

Many pairs of eyes turned to look at Xuantian Zhaoxing when he stepped into the plaza. Some people looked delighted, while others seemed to pity him

Xuantian Zhaoxing, who did not care about the looks these people were giving him, shot a glance at Li Jiuyue before walking towards his own spot.

Li Jiuyue, Profound Calm Zongzi, and the rest nodded gently when they saw Xuantian Zhaoxing standing calmly at his position. Then, they shifted their attention to the transportation portal that was situated in the great hall.

According to the Divine Elder, Luo Yunyang would be arriving soon.

The simple pattern on the teleportation portal was lit up with specks of light. As those light spots illuminated brighter, Luo Yunyangs outline started to appear outside of the portal.

Greetings, Chief Yunyang! Led by Xuantian Zhaoxing, all the Zongzis of Hong Meng Sacred Hall greeted Luo Yunyang the moment he came through the transportation portal.

Chief Shengzi!

Although Xuantian Zhaoxing had been the strongest person in Hong Meng Sacred Hall for a long time, he hadnt widened the gap between him and the others, so not everyone had accepted him entirely. As a result, the title of Chief Shengzi hadnt been bestowed on him either.

Luo Yunyang had battled against a Yuan Venerate in the Dual Sky Realm and even captured Yuan Venerate Green Wood of the Mysterious Underworld Race. None of the Shengzis in Hong Meng Sacred Hall could compare to these accomplishments.

Naturally, Luo Yunyangs appointment as Chief Shengzi was only to be expected.

Luo Yunyang looked at Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others and suddenly understood why the Middle Hall Master had asked him to enter the transportation portal first. He also knew very well about the Middle Hall Masters intentions. There were two important points. One of them was to establish his own status.

The second one was to motivate Xuantian Zhaoxing and everyone else. In other words, he was like a whip that lashed ferociously at Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others.

No need for formalities. Luo Yunyang wasnt polite or proud of himself. He merely responded indifferently. After all, he had always disregarded such things.

Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others were also observing Luo Yunyang. Although they did not show any dissatisfaction when they paid their respects, deep down, they felt a tinge of desire. A desire to improve and surpass Luo Yunyang.

If Luo Yunyang can do it, so can I.

The Middle Hall Master, Yuan Venerate White Crane, and the rest also emerged from the transportation portal. The Middle Hall Master saw the looks on the faces of Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others.

He was pleased with the arrangements he had made.

Yunyang, follow me. Ill take you to Tianzi Treasure Vault. Yuan Venerate White Crane, who noticed the Middle Hall Masters gesture, quickly approached Luo Yunyang.

The eyes of Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others felt like they were burning when the words Tianzi Treasure Vault were said. Naturally, they knew what was hidden in the treasure vault.

However, they had only heard rumors about Tianzi Treasure Vault. They had never entered it themselves before. To them, the greatest reward for becoming a Yuan Venerate was to choose a treasure in Tianzi Treasure Vault.

Their ultimate dream had been achieved by Luo Yunyang effortlessly.

This disparity was unbearable for them.

Luo Yunyang didnt even care about these looks of envy, even though he knew that Yuan Venerate White Crane had announced this on purpose. He was extremely confident in himself and he believed that the likes of Xuantian Zhaoxing and the others could no longer catch up with him.

To put it bluntly, he was already on a different starting line than Xuantian Zhaoxing and the rest. He had left his former companions far behind.

After passing through a series of seals, Luo Yunyang finally reached the front of a building that looked like an ordinary stone house. If this stone house had been in a city, it would have looked simple and crude. However, in a location heavily protected by Hong Meng Sacred hall, its value was totally different.

This is Tianzi Treasure Vault. Yuan Venerate White Crane looked at the irregular stone house and shook his head. Back when I first came here, I thought that Tianzi Treasure Vault was too shabby.

Luo Yunyang chuckled, as he also had the same thought upon arriving. Tianzi Treasure Vault was indeed very different from what he had imagined.

Yunyang, dont judge the treasure vault by its appearance. It actually contains plenty of awesome items. I heard that the greatest function of this stone house is its ability to block out the glow of treasures. You have to rely on your luck when you head in to pick your item.

Yuan Venerate White Crane pondered for a moment before adding, Let me give you a piece of advice. Your offensive and defensive capabilities are rather decent, so I suggest you find a treasure that improves your speed. After all, speed can save your life, especially in many critical and dangerous situations.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yuan Venerate White Crane and nodded. He too had a plan. If he couldnt get a treasure that made his heart skip a beat, then a treasure that could increase his speed would be his next choice.

A hole suddenly appeared in the stone house that had originally seemed door-less when Yuan Venerate White Crane incorporated a token engraved with patterns into the house. When Luo Yunyang stepped through the entrance, he felt like he had entered a small warehouse.

On the two rows of racks, which werent very large, were hundreds of different items in various shapes and sizes. Offensive weapons, such as swords and halberds, occupied the majority of the space.

Luo Yunyang had the Sky Feather Sword and the World Shaking Bell, so he wasnt lacking offensive items. The World Shaking Bell and the 18-Level Pagoda were also defensively sufficient, so Luo Yunyang was not very interested in defensive treasures.

After browsing for a bit, he reached a rack used to store speed treasures.

These treasures did not emit any glow. Even his mind powers couldnt determine anything based on them.

Luo Yunyang knew this was because of the special matter in the stone house that could hide a treasures glow as well as its uses.

Then, he saw a pair of shabby earthy-yellow boots. Luo Yunyang glanced at the boots and lost interest immediately.

In fact, Luo Yunyangs speed was already amazing, but it would be a pity for him to give up on such a rare opportunity. Hence, he chose a treasure that could improve his speed.

After looking away from the yellow boots, he found himself staring at an old battle chariot that looked like a toy.

The battle chariot was made of bronze and, although it did not emit any divine light, it looked incredibly imposing.

Luo Yunyang felt an inexplicable sense of liking for the bronze battle chariot when he saw it. However, before he could make a decision, he felt his heart thumping all of a sudden.