Supreme Uprising Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Return To Pure Sun

Chapter 930: Return To Pure Sun
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On a small mountain located within Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Profound Calm Zongzi was silently practicing his sword technique. Although his cultivation technique was the Present Buddha Divine Scripture, there was also a sword technique recorded in the scripture.

However, the sword technique wasnt too famous.

Profound Calm Zongzi cultivated the sword technique as a form of relaxation. Every time he reached a bottleneck in his cultivation, he would use it to adjust his state of mind.

Not bad! someone commented after the last technique was executed and the sword-light dissipated.

Profound Calm Zongzi was startled. Although he was focused on his sword technique, this didnt mean that he wasnt aware of his surroundings.

Furthermore, his state of mind and senses were very sharp while he was practicing his sword technique. However, he actually hadnt sensed the arrival of the other party, which really surprised him.

Upon instinctively looking in the direction the voice had come from, he saw Luo Yunyang floating high in the sky. Profound Calm Zongzi was so relieved after seeing Luo Yunyang that a smile formed on his face.

Greetings, Senior Brother Yunyang. Although he was shocked, he still greeted him respectfully.

He was very surprised by Luo Yunyangs appearance. According to his estimation, Luo Yunyang would need at least three years of consolidation after condensing his sacred image. However, only a year had passed and Luo Yunyang had appeared in front of him.

This made him feel really surprised.

Luo Yunyang stood calmly in the distance, looking at Profound Calm Zongzi, who was smiling wide, as he said gently, I did not expect Junior Brother Profound to have such a deep interest in the Sword Path. It seems that we can talk with each other in the future.

I just happen to practice a few moves when my heart is distraught. How can I be compared to you, Senior Brother? Profound Calm Zongzi wasnt being modest. He was only telling the truth.

He had never thought of using his sword technique to deal with any opponents, not because he was modest, but because he knew that his sword technique wasnt capable enough to be used in a fight.

Luo Yunyang smiled gently, Ive managed to gain plenty of insight during my training in seclusion, but I also feel that Im lacking in several areas. Hence, I hope Junior Brother can accompany me to the Three Era Supreme Sect so I can take a look at the scriptures left behind in the sect.

Luo Yunyang smiled brilliantly, but Profound Calm Zongzi felt very uncomfortable upon seeing that smile.

He knew that Luo Yunyangs current cultivation was comparable to a Yuan Venerate, so although his sect was helmed by Yuan Venerates, it would be impossible for them to stop Luo Yunyang there.

However, if Luo Yunyang were to enter the Three Era Supreme Sect

Profound Calm Zongzi made a decision after exploring his options. Luo Yunyang would definitely soar to greater heights in the future, so it would be disastrous if the Three Era Supreme Sect were to oppose him.

This might be a good opportunity to resolve the grudges between them and Luo Yunyang if he took the initiative to visit the Three Era Supreme Sect with him.

Although the Three Era Supreme Sect had always been unyielding and unafraid of anything, this didnt mean that the Three Era Supreme Sect would hope to make an enemy out of a strong opponent.

Speaking of this, Senior Brother, you were originally from the Three Era Supreme Sect too. Although there have been some misunderstandings with the Sect, I believe that these misunderstandings can be eliminated easily if you are willing.

Profound Calm Zongzi laughed out loud and added, But you want to return to the sect and consult the scriptures. This is a rather rare opportunity for the Three Era Supreme Sect. Ha ha ha I will do it, but you must know that Im not the one making the decision, Senior Brother. Ill ask Master for permission, but I think that there shouldnt be any problem.

Luo Yunyang nodded with a smile at Profound Calm Zongzi. In that case, thank you, Junior Brother Profound.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang returned to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos with the aid of the transportation portal. He had stayed in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos for nearly 100 years before. Hence, he felt incomparably familiar with everything there.

Although this place didnt feel like home to Luo Yunyang, like the Da Alliance did, he still felt warm and fuzzy about being able to sense the familiar nomological laws within the Pure Sun Great Cosmos again.

Luo Yunyang had never returned to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos ever since he had left the last time. However, his state of mind had undergone major changes compared to when he had first arrived here.

He might have felt fearful and uncertain after arriving in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos before, but he was feeling like a huge dragon that overlooked the entire Great Cosmos now.

Originally, Luo Yunyang had planned to go directly to the Three Era Supreme Sect. However, the familiar feeling of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos made him subconsciously head towards another city.

Back in the Glazed Titan Sect, Luo Yunyang hadnt spent all his time cultivating. He had visited many cities while searching for items that could aid his cultivation.

Sometimes, he had even spent an extended period of time in some of those cities.

The quaint city, which was bustling with people, still felt a little lazy, and many things seemed to have not changed much compared to 1,000 years ago.

As Luo Yunyang casually watched the commoners that went on with their busy lives, a touch of sentiment welled in his heart.

He casually entered a restaurant and ordered a few fine dishes while having a drink.

1,000 years had passed in a jiffy.

While Luo Yunyang was lost deep in melancholy, a loud pounding noise echoed in his ears.

Luo Yunyang, who was immersed in his feelings, was a little upset. However, as he was about to teach a lesson to the person who had knocked on the table, he heard someone cry angrily, This is too much! This is clearly bullying. The Glazed Titan Sect is also one of the subsidiaries of the Three Era Supreme Sect. How can we endure such unfairness?

The Glazed Titan Sect?

Luo Yunyang had almost forgotten that name, which suddenly brought back so many memories.

It could be said that the Glazed Titan Sect was the place where Luo Yunyang had trained the longest besides the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

However, the Glazed Titan Sect had become a memory after he had left the Pure Sun Great Cosmos with the Eternal Divine Pestle.

This time, Luo Yunyang had never even thought about the Glazed Titan Sect before coming over to the Three Era Supreme Sect. Although he had left the Glazed Titan Sect with pretty good memories, things that belonged in the past should remain in the past in his opinion.

Junior Brother, sit down. Another voice snapped. The Ancestral Master will handle this. We do not have to cause more trouble.

The agitated voice spoke again. The Ancestral Master is handling it. Shouldnt we do something about it?

Obviously, Tuoba Bozhong was taking liberties with Senior Brother Chens wife, and Senior Brother Chen took action because he was mad. Now, Senior Brother Chen has provoked the Tuoba Family. Isnt the truth being completely distorted? How unreasonable is that!

Isnt this because the Tuoba Family has a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate?

The Senior Brother, who had always been calm, was getting a little irritated while listening to this. Thus, he said unpleasantly, Enough! The Ancestral Master has given an order. She will handle this matter well.

After saying that, the Senior Brother added coldly, You dont have to poke your nose into this matter. It has nothing to do with you. Dont sprout nonsense. Remember that useless talk isnt capable of killing!

Senior Brother, although I respect you, I really dont agree with your attitude when it comes to submitting to humiliation. If the Glazed Titan Sect has to endure such things, then theres no point in our sect being honest!

After he said that, a series of thumping sounds were heard from the stairs and a tall, very angry man came flying down the flight of stairs from the floor above.

Luo Yunyang looked at the angry man and shook his head. He really had no intention of paying attention to such matters.

However, as he watched, the man who had rushed down from the floor above was suddenly blasted away by a punch and sent flying close to Luo Yunyang.

Although the restaurant looked ordinary, there were also some array formations in place. Hence, the damage to the restaurant wasnt significant, even though the tall man had landed heavily.

Tuoba Ye, youre too much. A grim-looking man came down hurriedly and spoke angrily upon seeing his Junior Brother lying on the floor.

The man called Tuoba Ye was roughly 30 years old, and his cultivation had reached the early stage of the Universe Grade. Hence, his aura felt much stronger than the cold mans aura.

He glared at the grim man disdainfully.

Too much? So what? Tuoba Ye glared icily at the cold man. Could the Glazed Titan Sect dare start a war with my family?

The mans arrogant attitude showed total contempt for the grim man as well as the Glazed Titan Sect. The grim mans eyes were burning with rage, but he took a deep breath and said, Tuoba Ye, Im afraid youre not in a position to decide if your family should declare war against the Glazed Titan Sect.

I cant decide, but at least I wont act like that female Ancestral Master of yours, who wags her tail like a dog and begs for pity.

Do you know that your Ancestral Master invited a few old friends over to calm the Tuoba Family down?

My familys Patriarch is really generous and kind and heard the plea of your Ancestral Master. However, Brother Chen shall serve our family as a lowly servant for 100 years.

Tuoba Yes words were like a razor-sharp blade piercing the tall man who was on the floor. His eyes were enraged as he scoffed. B*llshit!

Youll know soon enough whether this is b*llshit. He he Youre such a bad-tempered person. Seems like I have to teach you a lesson or two.

Upon saying that, Tuoba Ye glanced around and smirked. He he Im not afraid to tell you that the head of my family has been recently lacking a concubine and is intending to marry Yue Feiyan of the Glazed Titan Sect. We will be a family next time we meet.