Supreme Uprising Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Leaving A Sword

Chapter 931: Leaving A Sword
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Tuoba Ye, shut your trap! The grim-looking Glazed Titan disciple was fuming.

Yue Feiyan was like a dreamy goddess for many disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect. Even this particular disciple, who was a formidable disciple of the Glazed Titan Sect, was very fond of Yue Feiyan.

The thought of his beloved goddess becoming someone elses concubine immediately sent his emotions into a turmoil and caused him to lose his calm, collected rationale.

Shut up? Just because you asked me to? Ha ha! Dont you have an elder called Yue Kaiming? He was the one that spoke rudely and got smacked till he lost all his teeth. Tuoba Ye mocked him.

Now, I want to

What did you say? Luo Yunyang, who was sitting quietly, asked icily.

Strong martialists preyed on the weak, and Luo Yunyang had seen plenty of such cases. Although he had a relationship with the Glazed Titan Sect, he had already discarded those sentiments after leaving the Pure Sun Great Cosmos.

Hence, he hadnt cared too much when the Glazed Titan disciple had clashed against Tuoba Ye.

However, Luo Yunyang couldnt sit still after hearing that Tuoba Ye had beaten up Yue Kaiming.

Luo Yunyang did not really have a relationship with too many people in the Glazed Titan Sect, but Yue Kaiming was one of the few people he had been close to.

This senior brother was genuine and honest and he had even persuaded Luo Yunyang to drop his cultivation of the Glass Flame Technique.

However, Luo Yunyang had crafted plans of his own back then and hence ignored his senior brothers kind warnings.

Luo Yunyang had taken off after taking the Eternal Divine Pestle from the Three Era Supreme Sect and had not had time to bid farewell to his senior brother. Time had flown by, and 1,000 years had passed ever since.

A wave of anger surged within Luo Yunyang when he discovered that his senior brother had been beaten up and lost all his teeth.

Didnt you hear what I said? Are your ears damaged? Tuoba Ye had always been surly and unreasonable. Furthermore, he had no impression of Luo Yunyang, so he naturally didnt fear him.

Of course, the fact that Luo Yunyangs cultivation was too high for Tuoba Ye to sense anything also played a part.

Luo Yunyang smirked but did not have any time to waste on Tuoba Ye. With a mere thought, a glazed figure illuminated the void and waved its hand, sending a palm towards Tuoba Ye.

The palm was so powerful that it gave off a feeling that was hard to resist.

When Luo Yunyang executed the palm, Tuoba Ye felt like his consciousness was being controlled and he couldnt retaliate in any way.

The massive palm landed and smashed Tuoba Ye to the ground. He wanted to get up, but unfortunately, he couldnt muster up any strength no matter how hard he struggled.

This was an expert. An expert beyond what he could have imagined. This was the only thought in Tuoba Yes mind. He was bitter yet fearful at the same time.

The two disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect stared at Luo Yunyang in surprise. Although this was the first time they had seen the formidable technique executed by Luo Yunyang, they found it familiar as they were witnessing it.

Glazed Titan!

The grim-looking senior brother greeted him excitedly without any hesitation. Junior Qin Longchuan pays his respects to you, senior. May I ask if the move you just used was the Glazed Titan Sects Glass Flame Technique?

Thats right. It was the Glass Flame Technique. Luo Yunyang met Qin Longchuans gaze and replied, I know what youre going to say. I have a talisman here. Take it and make a trip to the Tuoba Family.

Get the entire family to offer an apology and kill Tuoba Ye and that other brat you were all talking about!

Leave Yue Liuli to handle everything else! After he said that, Luo Yunyang made a grabbing motion towards the void and a bronze short sword appeared in his hand.

The style of the short sword resembled the Sky Feather Sword, and it contained a trace of aura that belonged to Luo Yunyang.

Qin Longchuan took the short sword from Luo Yunyang with both hands. Although he did not recognize the short sword, he knew that based on Luo Yunyangs cultivation, this item would be able to solve a lot of problems.

Thank you, Senior! Qin Longchuan hesitated for a moment before speaking out. Can you let me know your name? It would be good if I could answer when the elders asked

Luo Yunyang glanced at Qin Longchuan hesitantly before saying, Take this sword to Yue Liuli if she asks. Shell immediately know who I am.

Then, Luo Yunyang took a step and vanished completely into the void.

In his opinion, it was fate that he had met Qin Longchuan.

However, he wouldnt spare any more effort to deal with the rest of the matters pertaining to the Glazed Titan Sect.

Qin Longchuan and his fiery-tempered junior brother felt as if they were in a daze when they saw Tuoba Ye lying on the ground like a ragdoll.

They had been furious about how their sect had been treated yet helpless while facing Tuoba Ye. However, the person they had barely caught a glimpse of had now left, and they were in possession of a short sword.

A short sword that could act as a keepsake.

Senior Brother, do you think this keepsake will work? the fiery-tempered Junior Brother asked nervously.

Yes, why wouldnt it? Qin Longchuan took a deep breath before adding, I dont think that Senior would lie to us.

Okay, lets get to the Tuoba Family. I hope we can make it in time. Qin Longchuan took flight immediately and flew in the direction of the Tuoba Family.

Qin Longchuan and his junior brother were very familiar with the base of the Tuoba Family. After all, they hated every member of the Tuoba Family to the very core.

They had already arrived at the residence of the Tuoba Family 15 minutes later. However, they were immediately stopped by the disciples of the Tuoba Family just outside the gates.

You two are disciples of the Glazed Titan Sect. Scram. This isnt a place for you. Bugger off right now. The Tuoba Family had always looked down on the Glazed Titan Sect. Even the few Galaxy-Grade disciples who stood guard at the mountain gate yelled arrogantly at Qin Longchuan and his younger brother.

Qin Longchuan glared back coldly. His cultivation was already at the peak Celestial Domain Grade, so it was extremely humiliating that those Galaxy-Grade martialists had berated him and looked down on him.

However, he knew that it was really not the right time for him to lose his temper. After mulling it over for a moment, Qin Longchuan responded, I have come to the Tuoba Family under the orders of a senior. You will be the one suffering if you offend the senior by delaying this matter.

Qin Longchuans words immediately changed the attitude of the guards. They looked down on the Glazed Titan Sect, but if Qin Longchuan was telling the truth, then the few of them really couldnt offend such a person.

After they exchanged sideways glances, a lanky disciple replied, Very well. Since you put it this way, Ill let you pass for once. However, dont blame us for ill treatment if we find out that youre lying.

Qin Longchuan knew that he had to show he wasnt afraid now. After all, their ability to enter the Tuoba Family residence might be affected as a result.

In just 15 minutes, two figures could be seen flying in from a distance. The two figures, which were like lightning, instantly appeared in front of Qin Longchuan.

One of the figures was a woman wearing a yellow garment, whose skin was as smooth as jade. Qin Longchuan knew that she was the top female disciple of this generation of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Feiyan. Qin Longchuan felt his heart clench slightly when he saw Yue Feiyan frowning.

Standing beside Yue Feiyan was a frivolous man. He sneered and said, The Glazed Titan Sect has mediocre strength, yet they are so great at telling lies.

Tsk tsk A seniors order? Was it one of the Glazed Titan Sect elders that asked you two to deliver a message?

Qin Longchuan was stunned, as he didnt know the identity of the senior. However, judging from the moves executed, the person in question should be an elder of his sect.

While he pondered this, the man chuckled and said, Just go in since youre here. Were going to become a family in the future anyway. The Tuoba Family wont punish you even if these are merely empty boastful words.

After all, I know what both of you are thinking. Junior Sister Yue No, Concubine Yue should also be aware of it.

Yue Feiyan was angered by the comment but she endured it and didnt say anything.

Yue Feiyan did not respond to this man. Instead, she landed beside Qin Longchuan and used voice transmission. Why are the two of you here to cause trouble? Do you know that youre only making things difficult for the Sect Master?

Qin Longchuan, who was upset about being blamed, still kept his cool and replied, Junior Sister, we really met a senior who asked us to bring this talisman here

Senior? Ha ha ha You two even brought a talisman. Im so scared! The man joked. Unfortunately, you cant get a hold of the Three Era Supreme Sects top seal, the Three Era Earthshaking Seal. If you do, the Tuoba Family will never make things difficult for you guys again. I will even apologize and see all of you off respectfully!

Yue Feiyans face turned pale as she gritted her teeth and stayed silent. Qin Longchuan, on the other hand, gripped the short sword even more tightly.

A worrying thought filled his mind. Was the talisman going to work?