Supreme Uprising Chapter 932

Chapter 932 An Ancient Family Equal To Emperors

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Qin Longchuan didnt understand how he was able to walk into this magnificent hall. All his thoughts were a complete mess.

What would happen if the talisman didnt work or if no one recognized it?

However, while Qin Longchuan was worrying, he slowly realized that nobody was focused on him.

Qin Longchuan finally calmed down while his attention shifted to the scene in front of him.

What? Sect Master Yue looks down on me, Tuoba Jun, and my family? a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties said. He had a handsome face and gave off an air of elegance.

However, everyone who knew Tuoba Jun knew that the head of the Tuoba Family was a dangerous person. The people in the most danger were those he took in as concubines.

Although no one knew why the concubines taken in by Tuoba Jun went missing, everyone knew he had taken in more than a dozen concubines in the last thousand years.

Nobody knew where the concubines that disappeared went. Some people said that they were dead, while others said that they would have been better off dead. Some people even said that those concubines had become the cauldron of Tuoba Juns cultivation.

The day of success would be the day the cauldron shattered.

Yue Liuli thought about all this to herself. Although 1,000 years had passed, time hadnt left any traces on her face.

However, her aura had also improved much more than before thanks to her experiences and improvements cultivation-wise.

What she wanted very much to do right now was throw that plate of fruit right in Tuoba Juns face.

Trash! He was a total piece of trash!

However, even though that was what she wanted, she still maintained her smile, as she couldnt afford to offend the Tuoba Family.

She did have the support of the Three Era Supreme Sect, but after Luo Yunyangs incident, the Glazed Titan Sect was no longer favored by the Three Era Supreme Sect.

While the big shots of the Three Era Supreme Sect would not dare to do anything to her because they were afraid of opposition from the subsidiary sects, they continued to suppress the Glazed Titan Sect in secret.

Due to this suppression, the strength and reputation of the Glazed Titan Sect suffered.

Without Yue Liulis painstaking efforts to maintain the sect, the Glazed Titan Sect would have already been completely dissolved.

After drawing a deep breath, Yue Liuli looked at the man sitting beside her and gestured for help with her pitiful eyes.

This man couldnt be considered good-looking given his chubby face and despicable smile. However, his cultivation was already half-way to the Heavenly Venerate, and he was rather confident when he spoke.

Brother Tuoba, Yue Feiyan is a disciple painfully nurtured by the Glazed Titan Sect. She also vowed not to ever marry. Youre the head of the Tuoba Family, but you cant force her against her will!

The mans words decided Yue Feiyans life. This chubby man felt that he had already given quite a bit of leeway.

Tuoba Jun smirked sinisterly while gazing at the chubby man. Old Bear, you will only be recognized if I treat you with respect. If I dont, do you think youre significant compared to my family?

Therefore, you dont have to stand up for a lot of things. You have to consider if youre able to shoulder the responsibility.

Tuoba Juns words were mild, but the true meaning behind his words was like a heavy slap across the chubby mans face.

The chubby mans smile froze instantly.

Although he very much wanted to thrash Tuoba Juns handsome face, he knew that he wasnt capable of doing so.

Furthermore, he was in the Tuoba Familys domain, so he wouldnt be able to walk out alive if he dared act recklessly.

After forcing a smile, the chubby man never spoke again. In fact, he had already decided not to speak up again.

Although Yue Liulis expression had not changed, her heart had sunk to the bottom. She knew that her greatest trump card had just been played. There was no room for bargaining anymore.

However, no matter what, it was impossible for her to give away her beloved disciple as a gift. The martialists from the Glazed Titan Sect that sat around Yue Liuli were looking very sad as well.

They were also reluctant, but they did not have any other choice.

While the hall sank into silence, Yue Feiyan stepped forward and said, I am willing to become a concubine of the Tuoba Family. Please consent to it, Sect Master.

The sides of Tuoba Juns mouth curled upwards. He wasnt too surprised by Yue Feiyans reaction, but he enjoyed seeing people submit to him.

Feiyan, the matter still hasnt

Yue Feiyan interrupted before Yue Liuli could complete her sentence. I have always admired the Tuoba Familys Patriarch. Its a blessing to have such an opportunity. Sect Master, please grant this disciple her wish.

Yue Feiyans words caused many Glazed Titan Sect disciples to clench their fists tightly. They watched the goddess-like Yue Feiyan with fire raging in their hearts. They all wished that they could burn the entire Tuoba Family into ashes.

Sect Master, I have something to say. Qin Longchuan cast aside all his worries and took a bold step forward before saying loudly, I am here to present the decree of a senior. This senior has ordered the Tuoba Family to apologize to the Glazed Titan Sect and punish the disciples that have caused trouble.

Qin Longchuan felt his mind relaxing considerably after saying this. He immediately presented the talisman that looked like a short sword when he finished speaking.

Tuoba Jun was stunned for a moment after listening to what Qin Longchuan had said. However, he sneered when he saw the short sword talisman.

Yue Liulis expression was full of worry and anger. She was worried about the safety of Qin Longchuan and angry that her trustworthy disciple would actually act so recklessly.

Would a random talisman fool the Patriarch of the Tuoba Family? This was really childish.

Not only would it fail, but it would also make the situation worse.

Oh, this senior is really powerful. Bring his talisman over. I want to see exactly who this person is. Tuoba Jun grabbed Qin Longchuan and got hold of the talisman right away.

In his opinion, this talisman was definitely a joke. One that would allow him to deal another blow to the Glazed Titan Sect.

The bad feeling in Qin Longchuans heart intensified before Tuoba Jun even spoke. He knew that what he had been worried about was finally upon them.

However, he had no means of retaliating under the circumstances. The only thing he could do was resign himself to this fate.

Just as he started feeling downcast, an extremely penetrating sword intent erupted forth from the talisman that he was holding very tightly. The sword intent instantly covered the entire main hall of the Tuoba Family.

Even Tuoba Jun felt his entire body get suppressed by the majestic sword intent. All the other disciples of the Tuoba Family were frozen in the void.

Tuoba Jun finally realized that he had found his match. He intended to beg for mercy, but the boundless energy was oppressing him to the extent that he couldnt open his mouth to speak.

Amid that crazy suppression, a body sealed for eons by various treasures within the Tuoba Family residence began to move slightly.

After some changes occurred to the bodys fingers, an invisible palm appeared and started rushing towards the sword intent emanated by this talisman.

Tuoba Jun sighed in relief upon seeing the mighty palm that was filled with energy. He was very confident in his ancestor and believed that things would be easy once his ancestor took action.

However, when the palm arrived to meet the sword intent, the sword intent, which was already boundless, became even more powerful. In an instant, a strong destructive force had covered the entire palm.

The palm was shattered and the martialist that came out of the seal also realized something. This is the Sky Feather Swords 12th Sword. But youre not Yuan Venerate Wanliu. Who are you?

A figure also emerged from the boundless sword intent just as this elder martialist spoke. A figure that looked utterly savage.

The elder from the Tuoba Family did not recognize the figure, but Yue Liuli was able to. She was shocked. Luo Yunyang Youre really Luo Yunyang.

The figure that stood in the sword-light smiled faintly at Yue Liuli and replied, Its me. Sect Master, its been a while.

Yue Liuli felt her heart twitch a little when she saw Luo Yunyang. She forced herself to endure the impulse and said, You flatter me by calling me Sect Master. Youre Hong Meng Sacred Halls Shengzi, so I wouldnt dare allow you to call me that.

Yue Liulis tone was slightly ironic, but this was her way of showing her admiration.

A deep admiration that welled from the bottom of her heart.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Yue Liuli before turning towards Tuoba Jun. Since you thought my decree was fake, I will leave you something to remember me by for the rest of your life.

Luo Yunyang, dont go too far. The Tuoba Family is an ancient family. Were considered equals even when facing an emperor of ancient times.

My family can agree to your request, but you cannot hurt my familys disciples. The person that had blocked Luo Yunyang spoke at the same time.

His voice wasnt loud, but his words were domineering. However, before he could finish, the 12th Sword, which was filled with murderous intent, had already encircled Tuoba Jun.

Tuoba Jun vanished completely in an instant.