Supreme Uprising Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Surpassed

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Sky Origin Zongzi, Sect Master instructed me to inform you that you have to attend no matter what.

Sky Origins cultivation base had entered the Universe 6-Grade.

His status in the sect had also improved significantly thanks to his current cultivation base. Some people even said that Sky Origin Zongzi could become the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master if his cultivation reached the peak Universe Grade.

The current Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master had also started to hand over some of his authority to Sky Origin Zongzi.

Although Sky Origin Zongzi was much weaker than Profound Calm Zongzi, he could still be considered a formidable figure in the current Three Era Supreme Sect.

At least, in the opinion of the ordinary Three Era Supreme Sect disciples, Sky Origin Zongzi was one of the powerhouses. However, at the moment, Sky Origin Zongzi had an awkward look on his flushed face.

Didnt you convey my intention to Sect Master? Sky Origin Zongzi snapped coldly. Im referring to my master.

There were three Sect Masters in the Three Era Supreme Sect, and all three of them were supreme figures inside the sect. However, there were still some differences among the three Sect Masters.

For example, when Sky Origin Zongzi mentioned his Sect Master, he specifically added a reference.

The one I asked for instructions was Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, the calm man said, Although I act boldly sometimes, I would never dare falsify instructions given by the Sect Masters.

Sky Origin Zongzi burned with rage as he glared at the middle-aged man. If death stares could kill, the middle-aged man would have died long ago.

However, that man was as calm and motionless as a rock, which was extremely infuriating yet made Sky Origin Zongzi feel helpless.

Tell Master that Ive experienced Qi Deviation in my cultivation and I cannot move an inch for the next 10 days. Sky Origin Zongzi finally chose to compromise as he sighed softly in disappointment.

Only he knew what he was disappointed about.

The calm man cast a sideways glance at Sky Origin Zongzi before replying faintly, I cant lie to any of the Sect Masters.

I know you cant, and I dont need you to lie because its the truth. Ill give you a reasonable explanation.

The calm man was shocked upon hearing that. He had never thought that this Zongzi would go to such lengths just to avoid that person.

Things would be difficult if that was really the case.

After mulling this over for a moment, the calm man responded helplessly, In that case, Ill report to Sect Master.

No need for that! A cold voice reverberated from the void before the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master came walking over.

The calm man hurriedly paid his respects upon seeing the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master. Sky Origin Zongzi also greeted him, but his actions felt rather awkward.

Leave us! The Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master shot a stern glance at the calm man before he instructed him.

Only Sky Origin Zongzi and the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master were left in the room after the calm man left respectfully.

Suddenly, a tight slap landed across Sky Origin Zongzis face. He had no means of stopping the slap whatsoever. Although he did not caress his face, there was a slight hint of fear on it.

This was the first time in so many years that the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master had hit him.

His master hadnt hit him even when Luo Yunyang had taken away the Eternal Divine Pestle.

However, he had just slapped him across the face.

Do you feel wronged? Do you think I shouldnt have hit you? the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master asked.

Sky Origin Zongzi did not respond, but his expression said it all.

I did not hit you when Luo Yunyang ran away with the Eternal Divine Pestle because it wasnt your fault.

We couldnt even capture Luo Yunyang, so we couldnt blame a junior like you for that, the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master said faintly, Were still responsible for that matter.

However, the reason I hit you now is because you cant adapt to the circumstances! The Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Masters voice became even more incisive. Luo Yunyang wreaked havoc in the Three Era Supreme Sect and eventually left unscathed.

Do you know who is being disgraced? Let me tell you. Its not you. It is us.

However, Luo Yunyang has become the best among all of the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzis now and he is comparable to a Yuan Venerate. Even though we have grievances, we can only hold them in our hearts.

Got that? Besides holding back our emotions, we also need to welcome him with smiles.

As soon as he said that, the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master calmed down a little. You have to remember that you are no longer at the same level as him. You are too far away. So far away that you and I will never be able to catch up.

Thus, well treat him in a humble manner and swallow our anger. If we do not provoke him, he will not try to cause us trouble. Do you understand?

Sky Origin Zongzi, who was breathing heavily, did not respond immediately. However, his masters words kept being repeated in his head.

You are no longer at the same level as him. These words rang out loudly in his head, instantly waking him up from his obsession.

I understand. Sky Origin Zongzi took a deep breath before speaking seriously.

The Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master noticed that his disciples expression had calmed down, so he nodded his head slightly.

15 minutes later, Sky Origin Zongzi and the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master reached a passageway in between the three Sacred Mountains.

This passageway was called Welcoming Passage. Usually, the Three Era Supreme Sect would send disciples of different status to welcome distinguished guests here.

Now, apart from the three Sect Masters, eight Heavenly Venerates were also standing on both sides of the passageway.

Although Sky Origin Zongzi was a Zongzi, he had only seen two out of the eight Heavenly Venerates that were present. He was also very respectful when he greeted the two Heavenly Venerates.

The two Heavenly Venerates he greeted had slightly worried looks on their faces.

Someone was looking over at him. Although he did not look back, Sky Origin Zongzi could sense who it was. After some hesitation, Sky Origin Zongzi raised his head. He felt that he really did not have to fret too much right now.

The disparity between him and Luo Yunyang was so great that it was beyond his control. Rather than not accepting it and becoming a laughing stock, it would be better to stand aside graciously.

When the sound of the bell chimed, Luo Yunyang appeared at the entrance of the passageway. Sky Origin Zongzi took a close look at him.

Luo Yunyangs appearance was largely the same, but Sky Origin Zongzi could sense that the aura exuded by Luo Yunyang was vastly greater and stronger than his own.

Sky Origin Zongzi couldnt find words to describe this deep, vast aura, but he knew that the distance in power between him and Luo Yunyang was too huge.

The uncomfortable feeling he had also vanished completely.

While Sky Origin Zongzi was feeling this way, someone said, Under the orders of Ancestor Yuan Venerate Three Era, the entire Three Era Supreme Sect welcomes Shengzi Luo Yunyang.

Sky Origin Zongzi recognized the familiar voice of Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, who was making the announcement. A figure whose words bore enormous weight was greeting Luo Yunyang respectfully.

Led by Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master, the eight Heavenly Venerates and all the Three Era Supreme Sect disciples paid their respects deferentially. They showed deep respect that welled from the bottom of their hearts.

This greeting made any uncomfortable sentiments Sky Origin Zongzi had disappear completely. All his awkwardness and unwillingness also vanished in thin air.

Luo Yunyang did not notice Sky Origin Zongzi as he turned to look at the Heavenly Venerates that greeted him.

Out of the eight Heavenly Venerates, the one with the highest cultivation was an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate. However, Luo Yunyang felt that there was a considerable gap between him and this person based on his aura.

He raised his arms and gestured. Thank you for going to this trouble.

Yunyang Zongzi, our Patriarch is already waiting in Supreme Hall, Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master said softly.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. Thank you for receiving me, Secr Master. Lets head over. We shouldnt make Yuan Venerate Three Era wait for us.

Like a revered superstar, Luo Yunyang once again ascended Buddha Sacred Mountain. He sensed that Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master still seemed the same, but his mental state was vastly different than before.

The only person worthy of Luo Yunyangs attention on Eternal Sacred Mountain was Yuan Venerate Three Era, who stood outside of the humongous Supreme Hall.

Yuan Venerate Three Era, whose tall physique resembled a huge mountain, chortled heartily the moment he saw Luo Yunyang.

You defeated Lie Yunzi and captured the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being alive. Ive long looked forward to seeing you, young brother. Sure enough, its better to see you with my own eyes than listen to the news.

Luo Yunyang smiled gently while Yuan Venerate Three Era was speaking. I might have troubled you, Yuan Venerate Three Era, by visiting this time.

Ha ha ha What is there to be troubled about? Its the Three Era Supreme Sects honor to be able to receive you, Yunyang. Yuan Venerate Three Eras welcome was enthusiastic. Lets go. Well discuss cultivation for 10 days before letting you view the Three Era Supreme Sects scriptures.