Supreme Uprising Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Three Eras As One Unrivaled Fists

Chapter 935: Three Eras As One; Unrivaled Fists
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Atop a mountain peak, Luo Yunyang and Yuan Venerate Three Era sat on two mats talking about cultivation.

The two of them were basically discussing the Three Era Supreme Techniques of the Three Era Supreme Sect. Although Luo Yunyang was very familiar with the three different techniques, he was still able to achieve a better understanding after being enlightened by Yuan Venerate Three Era.

For example, he learned about utilizing the Three Era Bodies to fight different battles as well as how to merge the Three Era Bodies into one.

However, what really benefited Luo Yunyang the most was the explanation of Yuan Venerate Three Era about the origin of the Three Era Supreme Scripture.

Luo Yunyang had stopped over in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos for more than 100 years, and most of the time he had spent there he had been in the Three Era Supreme Sects subsidiary, the Glazed Titan Sect.

It could be said that Luo Yunyang knew quite a bit about the history of the Three Era Supreme Sect, including many legends about the Three Era Supreme Scripture.

The most accepted thing to say was that the old Patriarch of the Three Era Supreme Sect had managed to achieve enlightenment one day and created three different supreme techniques.

Achieved enlightenment in one day? Ha! Although my masters cultivation was very strong, it was still very difficult for him to create such top-notch techniques in a short time.

Yuan Venerate Three Era, who had obviously heard of such legends, scoffed at those rumors. Of course, the people that were spreading these tales were usually disciples.

He hadnt reacted this way because he was magnanimous, but because he saw Luo Yunyang as someone with a similar status as him.

Hence, he found the rumors created by his juniors ridiculous.

Luo Yunyang asked the Patriarch to explain. He merely looked on silently at Yuan Venerate Three Era and waited for him to continue.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall would leave behind a shrine for every top-notch technique. The Three Era Supreme Sect techniques should rank among the best.

However, if you were to compare my rankings with other Yuan Venerates, I would rank 100th at most. One might even say that I rank even lower than that. Yuan Venerate Three Eras calming voice suddenly sounded a tad emotional. Brother Yunyang, do you know what the ranking of my master was amongst Yuan Venerates before he passed away?


Yuan Venerate Three Era seemed slightly worked up while he was talking about the ranking of his master. Although my master was a Taichu Yuan Venerate, he was able to rank 4th. You can imagine how strong that old man was.

Although Luo Yunyang did not know how strong the strongest Yuan Venerate was, he could feel that Yuan Venerate Three Eras master was very powerful based on these words.

Brother Yunyang, do you know why my master was that powerful? And why I am only able to remain in the Three Era Supreme Sect even though I inherited his legacy?

Yuan Venerate Three Era appeared to be confiding in Luo Yunyang with sincerity as he added, Because my master managed to obtain a Sacred Soul back then. He obtained a Sacred Soul that carried a technique of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

I heard from my master that the Sacred Soul he obtained had a significant flaw in the Three Era Supreme Sects technique. Hence, it was hard for it to blossom into its fullest potential.

Yunyang, if you have the chance to enter the Sacred Soul Sky in the future, it would be best to find the Sacred Soul that contains the Three Era Supreme Scripture. Youll be able to head to the pinnacle if you can achieve that.

Sacred Soul!

Luo Yunyang had not expected that all three techniques of the Three Era Supreme Sect would come from the Sacred Soul. He still had some precautions against Yuan Venerate Three Era, yet after listening to this, he felt that Yuan Venerate Three Era had no reason to lie to him.

He had an opportunity to enter the Sacred Soul Sky, but not many people knew about this. Furthermore, according to the rules of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, this information wouldnt be spread.

The possibility of Yuan Venerate Three Era knowing about this wasnt huge.

As Luo Yunyang thought to himself, Yuan Venerate Three Era shifted the conversation to cultivation.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang entered a small scripture hall in the Three Era Supreme Sect. Only Heavenly Venerate elites of the Three Era Supreme Sect could enter this scripture hall.

Luo Yunyang flipped through the scriptures of the Three Era Supreme Sect, which were basically offensive techniques that could complement the three types of techniques.

In fact, these techniques were not very beneficial to improving Luo Yunyangs offensive techniques until they became much stronger.

Luo Yunyangs thoughts began to spin harder after he read most of the scriptures. He was thinking about the conversation that hed had with Yuan Venerate Three Era towards the end of their discussion.

The strongest technique in the Three Era Scripture is Three Eras As One. However, everyone follows a different path after Three Eras As One.

Any ordinary person would think that this was gibberish. However, these words were able to stir up Luo Yunyangs emotions.

Luo Yunyangs three-faced sacred image could sweep everything before it and was seemingly invincible. However, the Three Era Sacred Image also had a considerable flaw.

For example, during Three Era As One, he could congregate the power of all three sacred images into a single fist, but the punch would be unable to display a comparable amount of power to a punch executed individually by each of the three-faced sacred images.

For example, the sacred image that wielded the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell was considered the strongest, but when Luo Yunyang executed Three Eras As One, that power would still be based on the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell.

However, the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell repelled the power of the other two sacred images. If Luo Yunyang were to base his power on the other two sacred images, the power of the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell would act in reprisal, which would affect Luo Yunyangs cultivation adversely.

Everyone would follow a different path.

Luo Yunyangs current cultivation was a lot stronger than the cultivation of those Sect Masters. Although he couldnt create his own nomological law, he could still break the nomological laws created by Taishi Yuan Venerates with his strength.

Should he put everything into the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell or

Luo Yunyang went through the scriptures in the tiny scripture hall initially. However, towards the end, he started to meditate silently.

Thanks to Luo Yunyangs status, no one in the Three Era Supreme Sect would dare to disturb him, even though he was meditating there.

Yuan Venerate Three Era did not interrupt Luo Yunyang when he found out that Luo Yunyang was at a critical juncture. He even asked the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect not to alarm him.

Luo Yunyang had left a huge impact on the disciples of the entire Three Era Supreme Sect when he had first entered. Many disciples even trained vigorously in seclusion because of Luo Yunyang.

Many of them had been spurred on by him.

However, over time, the members of the Three Era Supreme Sect started to forget Luo Yunyangs incident. This wasnt because the disciples were forgetful. The main reason was that, as a disciple of the Three Era Supreme Sect had mentioned, this person was just like a god. He was high and mighty, so common folk could only look up at him.

Two years passed!

Discussions about Luo Yunyang among the disciples of the Three Era Supreme Sect had started to lessen. Some people even felt that the powerhouse who had come into their sect to learn techniques had already left.

In the beginning, many people were not convinced. However, gradually, the people that believed this increased.

That day, Sky Origin Zongzi was guiding his disciples. Although he had not taken over the position of the Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master, he had started to groom his own disciples because of his cultivation base.

If nothing else, one of his disciples would inherit his position in the future and become the Zongzi of Eternal Sacred Mountain. Sky Origin Zongzi did not pay attention to whether Luo Yunyang had left or not because he knew that this person was way ahead of him. There was no way he could compare to Luo Yunyang on any terms.

Hence, he paid less attention Luo Yunyang. After all, they were at different levels.

Remember, if you want to cultivate, you must achieve the optimum result! Sky Origin Zongzi said sternly while his disciple nodded.

As Sky Origin Zongzi felt unsatisfied with his disciple, he suddenly sensed a huge pressure coming down from the sacred mountain. He felt like his entire body was going to explode in the face of this immense pressure.

Something major has happened. Although Yuanzhong Zongzi did not know what had happened, the pulverizing pressure that forced him to his knees made him feel terrified.

He felt as if his entire body was being pulverized by this pressure.

The pressure felt extremely overwhelming and contained a tenacity that could obliterate anything in its path. It was also penetrating and incisive

When all these sensations converged, they formed a tyrannical sensation that felt like it could shatter and suppress everything.

In fact, even though the person who had sent out this aura didnt make any moves, the Heavenly Venerates that were near him were all close to collapsing.

Sky Origin Zongzi wasnt a foolish man. He forcibly supported his body for a moment before he understood that there was actually only one person who could do this.

Luo Yunyang. The only person who was capable of doing this was Luo Yunyang!

You dont have to be afraid! Yuan Venerate Three Era walked over. He shot a glance at the aura that engulfed the sky and flicked his arms, causing an invisible barrier to form around the mountain peak where Luo Yunyang was located 10,000 miles away.

If this situation had to be described, it would mean that the space was already forcefully separated from the space where Sky Origin Zongzi and the others were situated.

Cracks were developing on the void, but a surge of energy rapidly repaired those cracks.

Many eyes were on the mountain when a figure suddenly emerged from it.

As soon as that person walked out, the overwhelming atmosphere vanished completely.

Congratulations, Yunyang. You really did soar to greater heights this time! Yuan Venerate Three Era flew over and congratulated him.