Supreme Uprising Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Sacred Soul Sky

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Luo Yunyang walked out of the Three Era Supreme Sect accompanied by Yuan Venerate Three Era. This time, Luo Yunyang asked the Three Era Supreme Sect not to hold a fancy send-off.

As much as Luo Yunyang adored the feeling of being received with an impressive welcome and being adored by the crowd, he knew that things should not be done excessively or more dramatically than necessary.

Brother Yunyang, your fist intent has been accomplished. Im looking forward to your impressive technique! Yuan Venerate Three Era was beaming as he teased him slightly.

Luo Yunyang grinned, Thank you for your encouragement, Yuan Venerate Three Era. I also hope that Ill be able to execute this fist-strike soon.

Yuan Venerate Three Era chuckled at Luo Yunyangs response. According to my estimations, you should be able to execute that technique very soon.

The two of them arrived at the foot whilst talking. After they bade each other farewell, Luo Yunyang took flight and left.

Yuan Venerate Three Era watched Luo Yunyang with a complex look in his eyes. His expression was a mixture of admiration, envy, and jealousy

That was right, there was even a trace of jealousy in his expression.

Hes finally gone! A Heavenly Venerate in long robes strolled over with a relaxed look on his face.

Yuan Venerate Three Era glanced at the Heavenly Venerate and gestured with his hands. Junior Brother, dont gossip behind someones back. Beware of the trouble your words might invite.

The Heavenly Venerate in the long robes laughed this off. What is there to be afraid of about this Senior Brother? Furthermore, he has no intention of becoming enemies with us. He also returned the Eternal Divine Pestle. The Heavenly Venerate handed the Eternal Divine Pestle over as he said that.

Yuan Venerate Three Eras eyes lit up when he saw the Eternal Divine Pestle. Since Luo Yunyang has returned the Eternal Divine Pestle, this means that he no longer intends to harp on his past grievances with the Three Era Supreme Sect.

Relay my orders: No one is allowed to cause any trouble for the Glazed Titan Sect in the future!

Although Yuan Venerate Three Era didnt really pay attention to anything, all that had happened in the Three Era Supreme Sect still couldnt escape his eyes.

The Heavenly Venerate acknowledged this immediately. Ill relay your orders right away.

Yuan Venerate Three Era sighed gently after seeing that Heavenly Venerate leave with the Eternal Divine Pestle. Then, he also vanished completely into the void.

Luo Yunyang didnt care what decision Yuan Venerate Three Era made. He was still indulging in the enlightenment he had achieved over the past two years.

Tyranny Fist. This was the name Yuan Venerate Three Era had given to the technique that Luo Yunyang was creating. However, the name was only partially correct.

Luo Yunyang was going to name the fist technique that he was creating Supreme Tyranny Fist.

He had been conceiving the idea of this fist technique for a while but still hadnt been able to execute it until now.

Thats right. It was still lacking something and hence couldnt be executed.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt in a hurry. After all, this was the most suitable technique for him and he had largely completed most of it. The best thing would be to let nature take its course.

Luo Yunyang had been ready and would have come out of his seclusion even if Yuan Venerate White Crane had not contacted him, as he felt that he had already reached the pinnacle of his comprehension. There wouldnt be many more benefits for him if he continued to meditate.

Yuan Venerate White Crane had already been waiting for a long time in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. He smiled when he saw Luo Yunyang come over.

Yunyang, it seems like you gained quite a bit from your training this time!

Luo Yunyang exchanged a few conventional greetings with Yuan Venerate White Crane before asking, Are you going to accompany me to the Sacred Soul Sky this time?

Yuan Venerate White Crane appeared slightly awkward when he asked this question. How should I put it? When it comes to a major event like entering the Sacred Soul Sky, you will need at least three Hall Masters to go with you.

However, the three Hall Masters have been rather busy these past few days. Therefore, in the end, Im the only one going with you.

Before we leave, the Middle Hall Master has a message for you. He says you should just consider the Sacred Soul Sky an experience and treat it like normal.

Of course, the Middle Hall Master also wants you to make some preparations on your own. When the quota for entering the Sacred Soul Sky officially opens, youll be able to have some kind of advantage.

Luo Yunyang could understand the underlying meaning of Yuan Venerate White Cranes words. He meant that the three Hall Masters werent hopeful about Luo Yunyang capturing a Sacred Soul this time.

Hence, they wouldnt even see him off. However, Luo Yunyang knew that it was useless to express his determination verbally. After all, he could only prove it with his true ability.

Hence, he returned Yuan Venerate White Cranes smile and replied, Then Ill thank the Hall Masters for their concern.

The two of them were familiar with each other, so Luo Yunyang casually spoke to Yuan Venerate White Crane for a while before boarding Yuan Venerate White Cranes spaceship.

The speed of his spaceship was very fast, yet even so, it still took the spaceship three full days to arrive at the destination.

Yunyang, I can only take you till this point. Hold on to this token well. After exiting the spaceship, Yuan Venerate White Crane pointed at a mountain peak tucked among the stars in the distance and said, Youll be able to enter the Sacred Soul Sky when you reach that mountain.

Luo Yunyang sensed the uncertainty in Yuan Venerate White Cranes tone.

He scrutinized Yuan Venerate White Crane carefully before asking, Are you really sure about that?

Yuan Venerate White Crane raised his hands and said, Im not too sure about this, as Ive never entered the Sacred Soul Sky either. I just passed on exactly what the Middle Hall Master told me, so dont blame me if its wrong, okay? These are the Middle Hall Masters orders.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yuan Venerate White Crane, who acted like he was just following orders, and felt that things seemed a little too unreliable.

However, regardless of what he was thinking, Luo Yunyang still took the token and strode toward the mountain.

The mountain peak in the starry sky looked extremely barren.

Luo Yunyang scanned the small mountain peak at least three times when he heard Yuan Venerate White Crane mention it. Unfortunately, he found nothing.

If Luo Yunyang had to describe it, he would say that this small mountain peak was just an ordinary mountain peak without any mysticism.

Luo Yunyang arrived at the peak of the small mountain with a few steps. The token, which had originally not had any luster, began to illuminate faintly when he reached the peak.

The light coming from the token glowed brighter and eventually enveloped his entire body. Just as Luo Yunyang was about to use his mind to scout out his surroundings, he discovered that the small mountain peak had disappeared.

He realized that he had arrived outside a rundown gate.

Or rather, a gate archway. Unfortunately, all the pillars of the archway had been broken. Even the carved jade plaque made of white jade on the archway had only one remaining word.

All the other characters had become holes that were about a foot wide.


Luo Yunyang felt strange when he saw that word. He felt that the fist-intent that was being conceptualized had actually been pulled out by that word.

The feeling was so mysterious that it caused him to have an impatient impulse.

It was this feeling that moved Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness. Just as Luo Yunyang was about to take a seat and try comprehending this word, he heard a voice say, You can remain in the Sacred Soul Sky for 10 days with that token.

Whether you get the favor of the Sacred Souls will depend on your ability. After 10 days, you will automatically be sent out of the Sacred Soul Sky.

This voice broke Luo Yunyangs chain of thought, so he was rather annoyed by it.

He glanced at his surroundings and realized that there was no one around him. Not even a shadow could be seen.

After pondering for a moment, Luo Yunyang glanced at the word Sky again. However, it had already become an ordinary word without any divine glow and no longer drew out the fist-intent brewing deep down.

Not willing to give up, Luo Yunyang continued to stare at the word. However, the results were the same.

15 minutes later, Luo Yunyang decided to give up.

He expected to see a wasteland after stepping across the shattered plaque.

However, he realized that he had been very wrong upon entering the Sacred Soul Sky. Ahead of him were massive palaces that radiated divine light; palaces bathed in golden luster; palaces shrouded by dense mist; and palaces that emitted Purple Qi from miles away

There were countless palaces, every single one of them different. Every palace exuded an extraordinary divine force.

Luo Yunyang stared at the palaces and mumbled to himself. Could every palace contain a Sacred Soul?

He definitely wouldnt be able to affirm his theory merely by looking at them. Hence, he took to the sky and flew towards those palaces.

He wanted to see exactly what was in them.

A short while later, Luo Yunyang arrived outside one of the palaces. When he studied the exterior, he saw a group of fairies in purple robes dancing lightly and gracefully while a large figure was sitting in a lotus position in the main hall.

The figure seemed to sense Luo Yunyang too. His eyes, which had initially been following the dance, suddenly turned towards Luo Yunyang.

That gaze made Luo Yunyang feel as if his surroundings had been caught up in a thunderstorm.The figure staring at him seemed to wield lightning and thunder.

Luo Yunyang immediately thought to himself, The purple-robed figure is so darn strong Could he be one of the Sacred Souls?

As Luo Yunyang thought about it, the purple palace and the dancing ladies disappeared completely.

It seemed as if they had never existed before!