Supreme Uprising Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Real Or Fake

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It was nearly impossible to sense the flow of time in the Sacred Soul Sky!

However, Luo Yunyang knew that time was slipping away. He had already entered the Sacred Soul Sky five days ago but gained nothing.

Practically every palace had a Sacred Soul that was residing within it. However, whenever Luo Yunyang prepared to make a move, the palace and the people in it would disappear completely.

This situation made Luo Yunyang realize that these palaces did not exist at all in the Sacred Soul Sky. The dancing fairies and the guards wearing golden armor were all fake.

The Purple Qi that stretched for miles and miles and the treasure vaults were just illusions conjured by the Sacred Souls that no longer had any consciousness.

Although the Sacred Souls had no memories, they still retained their habits, which made them continue to enjoy the way of life theyd once had.

For example, they held banquets for a large number of guests and gatherings for many friends, and countless disciples were listening to a sutra.

Scriptures resonated throughout this space systematically like a morning bell. However, Luo Yunyang could not understand what these scriptures were at all

They should be useful for his cultivation, yet the scriptures that echoed in the void were merely a small portion.

Maybe, everything that was happening before his eyes was also part of the memories belonging to the Sacred Souls.

According to what the Middle Hall Master had told him, every Sacred Soul had been extremely strong during its lifetime. Otherwise, it would have been very hard to leave behind their Sacred Soul.

Although there wasnt any consciousness left in the Sacred Souls, all of them had the strongest techniques that had been left behind.

It could be said that fusing with a Sacred Soul was akin to obtaining the Sacred Souls strongest technique. However, one would need to first capture a Sacred Soul in order to fuse with it.

In the history of the Human Race, capturing a Sacred Soul required a Sacred Soul Stone. Although it couldnt be said that using a Sacred Soul Stone to capture a Sacred Soul was a sure-fire means, the success rate was much higher that way.

In terms of probability, the stronger the Sacred Soul was, the lower the chances of it being captured were.

In many cases, a Sacred Soul caused a Sacred Soul Stone to burst.

More importantly, Luo Yunyang did not even have a Sacred Soul Stone right now.

After failing time and time again, he set his sights on two places. One was the sacred mountain that he was on, which dazzled with a golden radiance, and the other was a palace in the distance, where countless Almighties were listening to a lecture.

On the golden sacred mountain, the sound of sutras being chanted was like an undulating dragons roar. Although he knew that the martialists seated there were illusions, Luo Yunyang still felt that they were extremely powerful.

Even though he knew that they were very likely illusions formed from memory, he still felt that they were very lifelike.

However, the reason he selected these two places wasnt because they were the most powerful, but because he felt that these two places were the most suitable for him.

In the middle of the golden sacred mountain were three towering golden bodies. One seemed like it wouldnt disappear for eternity, the middle one was shining gloriously, and the last appeared faintly discernible and its appearance was constantly changing.

Luo Yunyang felt that these three figures were the most suitable for his sacred image the moment he saw them. Since the Sacred Soul had conjured the three golden bodies, this should be the origin of three great scriptures of the Three Era Supreme Sect.

That ancient palace, where many Almighties were listening to a sutra, was Luo Yunyangs backup option.

There were also three figures with varying appearances sitting in that ancient palace. One looked like a teenager, another like a middle-aged man, and the last one like an aged man. However, Luo Yunyang could sense an aura similar to his sacred image coming from their bodies.

Unfortunately, even though they were used to achieve the same goal, Luo Yunyang still felt that the three golden bodies on the golden sacred mountain were more suitable for him.

He did not have a good plan for capturing a Sacred Soul. In fact, there werent any good ideas in the whole Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Without a Sacred Soul Stone, the chances of capturing a Sacred Soul were very slim.

The only thing Luo Yunyang could do was try and use various methods. After five days of experience, he had concluded that although some methods were not really useful, they were still better than recklessly trying his luck as he had before.


Luo Yunyang stood 1,000 miles away from the golden sacred mountain and made his move. The Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell towered over the sky and covered the huge sacred mountain.

When the bronze Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell contacted the golden sacred mountain, the three golden figures sitting on the mountain peak made their moves at the same time.

Behind them, the individuals Luo Yunyang had determined were the powerful martialists evolved from the memory of the Sacred Soul also made their moves.

They all struck with their left hands!

Their execution was very simple, as if they were only blasting out with their left fists. However, the moment this strike was unleashed, almost all their energies gathered on the bodies of the three huge golden figures.

Eventually, all the energies converged on the huge golden figures and formed a golden palm that encompassed this boundless amount of energy as it smacked against the seventh-level Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell that Luo Yunyang had condensed.

The echoing chiming of the bell could be heard a million miles away. Then, cracks started to appear on the bronze body of the bell.

The Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell wasnt shattered. Instead, it was sent flying by the mighty palm. That palm felt like it was capable of shattering heaven and earth with its domineering might.

Luo Yunyang had a feeling that this was what he had always been silently conceiving when he saw the palm.

He was already at a bottleneck. He actually felt that he had reached a dead end. However, everything suddenly became clear now.

A smile crept onto his face as he looked at the massive golden sacred mountain that was still standing in the Sacred Soul Sky.

As this smile lingered for a moment, Luo Yunyang threw a punch.

Although his punch was also ordinary, when he moved his fist, it felt as if the punch contained the endless heaven and earth and countless techniques that had fused into one.

When the punch was sent out, a surging boundless fist-mark that contained at least 10 different nomological laws flew over at the golden sacred mountain.

Although Luo Yunyang hadnt used his attribute regulator for this punch, it was already at its peak.

A peak that encompassed the Three Eras, the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique, the Great Obliteration Millstone, and various other top-level techniques. His cultivation would take a great leap forward as long as he was able to make the most of this peak.

The golden sacred mountain dissipated along with the high-level martialists. When everything had completely disappeared, Luo Yunyang finally saw a lifeless pile of rubble.

That dazzling golden radiance, those thousands of martialists

Everything had disappeared completely after Luo Yunyangs punch.

Luo Yunyang was extremely satisfied with his punch. Although he believed that he could have completed the punch he had conceived without receiving the hint from the three golden figures on the sacred mountain, he felt that it would be difficult for him to improve the power of his punch even if he had a long time.

After this punch, the surroundings became completely silent and many gazes from all directions were now fixed on Luo Yunyang.

Wheres the Sacred Soul? Luo Yunyang sobered up quickly and began to scan his surroundings.

There was no longer any trace of the golden sacred mountain, the three golden figures, or the many martialists. It was as if the Sacred Soul had completely vanished.

Although Luo Yunyang had a strong mind power, it was still tough to use his mind power to search the Sacred Soul Sky.

Furthermore, the Sacred Soul was very strong. Hence, Luo Yunyang failed to detect anything despite searching for a bit.

He reckoned that he had wasted another day. He finally understood a little why Dark Halls suggestion would be accepted by the other Halls.

This suggestion simply had no possibility of success. The reason the Middle Hall Master would accept such a suggestion should be because he planned to let Luo Yunyang come in and familiarize himself with the situation.

After failing to find the golden sacred mountain, Luo Yunyang shifted his focus to the treasure hall that was filled with countless Almighties who were listening to a sutra. Although using the three incarnations of youth, middle age, and old age to correspond with the Three Era Technique wasnt as suitable as the three golden figures, Luo Yunyang had no other choice.

Beggars couldnt be choosers.

He executed the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell in a similar fashion this time. However, unlike the previous occasion, he executed it with even more precision now. For example, the black Great Obliteration Millstone complemented the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell the moment it was executed, and the 18-story pagoda was also used simultaneously with the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell

However, the three figures gathered and turned into a ball of green air that delayed the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Sacred Image for a moment before disappearing without a trace.

Being unable to do anything despite seeing two really suitable Sacred Souls right before him was really depressing.

As Luo Yunyang was pondering whether to seek out other solutions, he incidentally turned his head and realized that a golden sacred mountain had appeared within the palaces.

The scenery of the golden sacred mountain was the same as before, and there were absolutely no changes.

Luo Yunyang gritted his teeth as he sensed the provocation of this Sacred Soul.


Luo Yunyang gritted his teeth and continued trying to capture the Sacred Soul of that golden sacred mountain. However, he failed painfully each time.

Once, twice, thrice