Supreme Uprising Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Sacred Movements

Chapter 938: Sacred Movements
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Yuan Venerate White Crane stood on a small star, overlooking all the changes in the surrounding sky. For him, 10 days were merely like the blink of an eye.

Who is it? Hiding sneakily around me is not a wise decision. Yuan Venerate White Crane finally shouted towards the void after being silent for quite some time.

Ha ha Yuan Venerate White Crane, long time no see. You must be waiting for that Shengzi of yours, Luo Yunyang! A towering figure emerged.

Yuan Venerate White Crane frowned when he saw the person.

This persons cultivation was similar to his own, and Yuan Venerate White Crane knew him very well. He was an emissary of Da Qian Sacred Hall. It could be said that his status was no different from Yuan Venerate White Cranes.

Yuan Venerate White Crane might have greeted this person with smiles if they had met elsewhere. However, he was really unwilling to see that person at the moment.

Oh, Yuan Venerate Tianshu. Its been a long time! Yuan Venerate White Crane cupped his fists and greeted Yuan Venerate Tianshu. However, his greeting wasnt warm.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu, who definitely sensed the indifference coming from Yuan Venerate White Crane, guffawed. Yuan Venerate White Crane, you seem like you didnt want to see me here, but I had to come anyway.

After all, no one has gone inside the Sacred Soul Sky in a while. Maybe your Shengzi can really capture a Sacred Soul. Even though our Sacred Hall is unable to stop this, we have to take a look ourselves. After all, the Sacred Soul Sky doesnt belong solely to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Yuan Venerate White Crane took a sideways glance after hearing this and saw three figures emerging from the void.

There were both men and women amongst this group, and they had a similar cultivation base to Yuan Venerate White Crane. They also had a similar status to Yuan Venerate White Crane, as all of them were emissaries of various Sacred Halls. Naturally, Yuan Venerate White Crane understood the purpose of their arrival.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu is right. We too have a share of the Sacred Soul Sky. We want to know what Luo Yunyang will obtain from it, a handsome man from Battle Sacred Hall said in an unquestionable tone.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was rather wary of Battle Sacred Hall. After all, besides being very strong, their disciples, all the way to their Yuan Venerates, were exceptionally skilled in battle.

Although Yuan Venerate White Crane didnt feel inferior to them, it wouldnt be good to engage in battle against them for no reason.

Furthermore, it was obvious that the four other Sacred Halls had made a pact. It wouldnt benefit him if he engaged in a conflict with them.

Everyone definitely has the right to do so. Upon saying that, Yuan Venerate White Crane shut his eyes and did not pay attention to those people anymore.

He silently cursed the actions of the four Sacred Halls. It was rather upsetting that Luo Yunyangs huge contribution would be inappropriately handled by them.

He was well aware of the four Sacred Halls intentions, but he felt that the four Sacred Halls had twisted the facts around.

Yuan Venerate White Crane, your Shengzi is going to come out in a short while. I just took a look at the Sacred Soul Lamp illuminating the Sacred Soul Sky and discovered that there are still 100 Sacred Soul Lamps, said a lady from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall. Her voice was gentle, but Yuan Venerate White Crane felt really unhappy upon hearing what she said.

Seems like Xuan Pin Sacred Hall really gained a lot in the Dual Realm Sky! Yuan Venerate White Crane knew that his words werent going to affect anything, but he still couldnt stop himself from criticizing.

Although Xuan Pin Sacred Halls female Yuan Venerate wasnt happy with that, she fell silent after Yuan Venerate White Crane spoke.

After all, the incident that had happened in the Dual Realm Sky had been the greatest blow to Xuan Pin Sacred Hall.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu chuckled and said, What are we rushing for? Theres still a while to go before that Shengzi comes out. We can ask him when he exits.

Im hoping that Yunyang Shengzi is able to obtain a Sacred Soul. This way, he wouldnt let down the Middle Hall Master, who fought so hard for this opportunity.

These words would have seemed perfectly fine if Yuan Venerate White Crane had said them. However, when Yuan Venerate Tianshu uttered them, they felt somewhat filthy.

This guy was simply sowing discord.

Yuan Venerate White Crane glared at this group before turning his eyes to the small mountain peak. Although they couldnt go over, they were sure that Luo Yunyang would come out of that place.

It seemed like there was really no hope of him obtaining a Sacred Soul.

Luo Yunyang knew that this was his last chance while he was facing the golden sacred mountain. However, he no longer intended to seize his opportunity.

Capturing a Sacred Soul was so difficult that Luo Yunyang had given up on the idea of capturing one.

He had exhausted all his techniques, but every method had failed. The Sacred Soul was incorporeal and traceless, and capturing one was a really tough ask.

Luo Yunyang set his sights on the massive golden sacred mountain once again as he listened to the chanting sutra. He looked slightly disappointed as he watched the three huge figures shimmering in golden luster.

Although his Tyranny Punch was very strong and accomplished, he knew what he truly needed.

I wonder if this Sacred Soul has any attributes!

This idea came to his mind as Luo Yunyang was randomly brainstorming.

The attribute regulator could display the attributes of various objects. It was unknown if the Sacred Soul had any attributes. If it did, then was it possible to capture the Sacred Soul by adjusting its attributes?

He was immediately delighted when this idea popped up. His attribute regulator had rarely let him down throughout all these years. This time, he remained very hopeful.

When he opened the attribute regulator, the attributes of the Sacred Soul on the golden sacred mountain were reflected in his mind.

Power: 0 Speed: 0 Mind: 0 Constitution: 0

Luo Yunyang felt like crumbling when he saw all the zeros displayed. He could have accepted it if there had been zero power, speed, and constitution.

However, even the mind attribute included zero points.

How could this be? All the Sacred Souls in the Sacred Soul Sky could conjure different scenes and had even retaliated when Luo Yunyang had executed his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell against the three golden figures.

The strike had almost punctured Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell. How was it possible to do this and not have any power attributes?

Luo Yunyang wondered whether his attribute regulator was broken when he saw all the zeros.

You have three minutes left. Please be prepared. The machine voice spoke in Luo Yunyangs ears.

Three minutes. It seemed like these three minutes were going to be wasted. While Luo Yunyang felt regret after finally being able to throw a punch, he also felt that coming to the Sacred Soul Sky had been the right thing to do.

What now? Should I just waste the last three minutes?

After pondering this for a moment, Luo Yunyang suddenly thought of a crazy idea. He couldnt care less, so he just lowered his various attributes.

Although he did not know if this would do anything, he still tried to lower his attributes. However, the moment he attempted to lower them, he realized that the attributes of the Sacred Soul of the golden sacred mountain were still at zero, even though his own attributes were being reduced by dozens.

In other words, Luo Yunyangs actions were fruitless.

His time was running out, and it really seemed like he was going to return empty-handed. Although he was rather reluctant, he knew that he had to accept this fact.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to leave, another idea popped up. Would it be possible to add an attribute for both him and the Sacred Soul?

Luo Yunyang casually added one attribute to both his and the Sacred Souls mind attributes.

The increase in Luo Yunyangs mind attribute was insignificant, but the mind attribute of the Sacred Soul turned into one instantly.

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up the moment that happened. He suddenly felt that his opportunity had arrived.

Without the slightest hesitation, Luo Yunyang rapidly added one point to his constitution, power, and other attributes.

The corresponding attributes of the Sacred Soul also increased by one point.

Power: 1 Speed: 1 Mind: 1 Constitution: 1

Although Luo Yunyang did not understand why a Sacred Soul without a physical body would have a constitution, this did not prevent him from making a move. He threw a punch almost instantly towards the golden sacred mountain.

The three golden figures on the mountain retaliated once more. Although their power attributes had increased by one, this was a rather insignificant improvement to their offensive power.

In an instant, the sacred mountain collapsed and everything was reduced to nothing.

This was exactly what had happened before. However, Luo Yunyang sensed an aura that was trying to escape as the sacred mountain collapsed.

He hadnt been able to sense this aura in the past because it was incorporeal. However, Luo Yunyang could locate it clearly now.

It had power, mind, and speed

Where do you think you are going? Luo Yunyang shouted before he conjured the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell and sent it crashing towards the aura.

When the massive bell struck, Luo Yunyang felt his body get enveloped by a surge of energy before being transported out of the Sacred Soul Sky in an instant.